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But Loving Him Is Red - theappleppielifestyle - The Avengers (2012)
"It is- it is not just destined, Steve Rogers. It will reach through the decades, through entire universes if it has to. It will scour the galaxies without rest until the two of you are standing next to each other. Migardians-

Migardians call them soulmates, I believe."
Through the decades, through layers of realities, through superheroes and tangles of string- it will always be them.

word count: 25,500
lovely  author:theappleppielifestyle  het  parallel-universe  pining  romance  tony-stark  steve-rogers  thor  natasha-romanov  clint-barton  agent-coulson  complete-cast  darcy-lewis  fluff  slash  first-time  marvel  soulmate  domestic  bonding  avengers  from delicious
november 2012 by jumpmybones
What Lies Inside - Penumbren - Marvel 616
When the Avengers discover Captain America in the Arctic sea, they find more than just a new team member: Tony Stark discovers his fated mate. The problem is, Steve Rogers is a man out of his own time and apparently straight, and Tony's not about to force anything on the man he loves--even if it means his own death. Besides, Tony's spent his entire life keeping secrets. How can he possibly tell Steve that he's really Iron Man, let alone a werewolf?

word count: 21,000
bonding  steve/tony  tony-stark  steve-rogers  thor  bigbang  first-time  werewolf!tony  werewolf!fic  soulmate  angst  adult  nc-17  fanfiction  fic  slash  avengers  au  author:Penumbren  from delicious
october 2012 by jumpmybones
Towards The Crimson Dawn - ArtemisDiana - The Avengers (2012)
Tony's always carried the weight of Knowing on his shoulders, has always been able to see the threads tying soulmates together. He revels in watching them come together, in watching their bonds tie so tightly that they'll never be alone. He wants that for himself, wants to feel someone at the other end of his thread. But in all his years, his thread has never reacted, never led him to the other half of his heart, and he has almost given up hope. Until the night Steve Rogers wakes from the ice, that is.

word count: 24,000
bigbang  author:ArtemisDiana  steve/tony  tony-stark  steve-rogers  het  thor  rhodey  bruce-banner  insecure!tony  angst  hurt!tony  hurt/comfort  get-together  avengers  agent-coulson  agen  clint/coulson  clint-barton  pepper-potts  happyhogan  fantastic-four  complete-cast  steve/sharon  love  romance  first-time  slash  adult  nc-17  fanfiction  fic  soulmate  tony-feels  from delicious
october 2012 by jumpmybones
Something of Tomorrow - twilightscribe - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
Your soul-mate's name appears on your wrist the moment they're born. Steve's wrist has been blank his entire life. Tony's gone through life with the name of a dead man on his. The first thing Steve notices when he wakes up in the 21st century is the fact that his wrist now says Anthony Stark. Things get a little hectic after that.
complete-cast  author:twilightscribe  pepper/happy  pepper-potts  steve/tony  tony-stark  steve-rogers  fluff  angst  love  romance  fanfiction  fic  r  het  soulmate  au  avengers  slash  wip  from delicious
august 2012 by jumpmybones
In All the World - wallhaditcoming - The Avengers (2012), The Sentinel, Marvel [Archive of Our Own]
In a world where Sentinels, people with five heightened senses, bond mentally and spiritually with Guides, people gifted with empathetic powers, Tony Stark has spent thirty-three years overwhelmed by the emotions of those around him and running from his own. Sentinel Steve Rogers wakes up sixty years out of his own time and struggles to deal with the massive amount of new sensory input while trying to find his footing in a New York very different from the one he knew. When they finally find each other, how will their bond change them?

word count: 15,000
author:wallhaditcoming  rhodey  pg-13  empathy  first-meeting  first-time  slash  fanfiction  fic  bonding  soulmate  nick-fury  agent-coulson  clint-barton  clint/coulson  the-sentinel  crossover  marvel  au  avengers  steve/tony 
may 2012 by jumpmybones
Soul Mates Chapter 1: Prologue: Unusual Vacation, a bleach fanfic - FanFiction.Net
Summary: It is said that absence makes the heart grow fonder. The truth of this simple saying hits home with both Ichigo and Orihime late one night while Ichigo is away in Soul Society, as both find themselves longing for the other despite the platonic nature of their relationship. But this is no ordinary yearning.

And when Orihime wakes up to find herself in Ichigo's inner world, everything changes.

word count: 100,000
long  violence  adult  nc-17  first-time  hurt/comfort  bleach  hollow-Ichigo  author:XtremeGal87  fanfiction  fic  soulmate  pining  romance  love  het  Orihime-Inoue  ichigo/Orihime  Ichigo-Kurosaki  IchiHime 
may 2012 by jumpmybones
Catalyst Chapter 1, a bleach fanfic - FanFiction.Net
Summary: With captain-level shinigami in her family, it is no surprise that Kurosaki Karin has potential. But it isn't family which triggers her change. Instead, a chance encounter with a young shinigami captain leads to startling revelations.

read to chapter 22
HitsuKarin  Hitsugaya/Karin  hurt/comfort  protective!toshiro  friendship  drama  romance  long  shinigami!karin  winter-war  soulmate  het  wip  karin-kurosaki  fanfiction  hitsugaya  bleach  author:etiena 
april 2012 by jumpmybones
Finding John - IronicNarwhal - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Sherlock Holmes has met exactly twenty-four Johns in his life. They have all been the wrong John. He's getting tired of waiting, staring at the inscription on his finger and wondering when his John will turn up, if ever.

word count: 5,400
author:IronicNarwhal  fanfiction  mycroft/lestrade  mycroft-holmes  lestrade  pining!sherlock  angst  john/sherlock  johnwatson  drugs  drug-addiction  first-meeting  bondmates  soulmate  magical-realism  sherlock-bbc  fic  romance  sherlock/john  sherlock  au 
march 2012 by jumpmybones
shadow_legacy: The Poetry of a Heartbeat
Summary: When Eve's bite purges the vampire cure from Dean's body and turns him permanently, he is left with two options -- feed, or die. For a hunter, this should be an easy choice, but what Dean doesn't count on is just how far his brother is willing to go to save him. When all is said and done and the hunger has been sated, Dean must come to terms with what he is and accept the fact that, even as a monster, he is still worthy of the faith that Sam has always had in him.
spn  supernatural  slash  sam  dean  bobby  castiel  sam/dean  season-6  minibang  author:morganoconner  first-time  angst  vampire!dean  vampirefic  love  soulmate  fic  fanfiction  creature!fic  bloodplay  claiming  marking 
october 2011 by jumpmybones
glasslogic - The Cause Sanguine - Master Post
Summary: Dean is lonely and depressed following the death of his father in a hunting accident. Guilt and grief are causing his life to spiral out of control, so he takes a rare moment of sobriety to walk away from everything and move to a remote cabin in the wilds of Montana. But it’s a very different world up there for him than the town-to-town drifting he has known all his life. Overhearing gossip one night in a local bar, he gets into an argument over the reality of werewolves and stumbles out into the woods in an ill-advised attempt to prove his point. But things never go smoothly for Dean, and what he finds changes everything he understands about hunting, his father, and even his own purpose in life. Dean has seen and done a lot in his time on the planet, but nothing has ever prepared him to navigate the strange roads of a relationship with someone who is only human three nights a month.
love  angst  bonding  sam  dean  sam/dean  slash  boys-not-related  author:glasslogic  fic  fanfiction  bigbang  nc-17  adult  werewolf!fic  werewolf!sam  first-time  romance  hurt/comfort  language  violence  spn  spnslash  supernatural  bobby  soulmate  au 
september 2011 by jumpmybones
Abandon the Search for Truth; Settle for a Good Fantasy - "Not Alone" Part 1
Summary: Everyone has a mate and during his or her prime years instinct helped them seek them out. Jensen spent his years searching lazily at first but by then end desperate. Now he's nearly thirty and about to be legally proclaimed 'Widowed Before Mating' Because after early fifteen years of hunting for his mate without success, it's clear that he or she has died. Jensen doesn't want to be bitter about it he just wants his mate, because somewhere in him he knows he is still out there.

word count: 9,065
lovely  underage  mating  j2  jensen  jared  jared/jensen  rps  rpf  cw-rps  spn  supernatural  animal-traits  slash  kink  au  first-time  love  romance  virgin!jared  soulmate  public  nc-17  adult  bottom!jared  hot  author:the_miss_lv  fic  fanfiction  knotting 
august 2011 by jumpmybones
Abandon the Search for Truth; Settle for a Good Fantasy - "Not Alone" Part 1
Summary: Everyone has a mate and during his or her prime years instinct helped them seek them out. Jensen spent his years searching lazily at first but by then end desperate. Now he's nearly thirty and about to be legally proclaimed 'Widowed Before Mating' Because after early fifteen years of hunting for his mate without success, it's clear that he or she has died. Jensen doesn't want to be bitter about it he just wants his mate, because somewhere in him he knows he is still out there.

word count: 9,065
lovely  underage  mating  j2  jensen  jared  jared/jensen  rps  rpf  cw-rps  spn  supernatural  animal-traits  slash  kink  au  first-time  love  romance  virgin!jared  soulmate  public  nc-17  adult  bottom!jared  hot  author:the_miss_lv  fic  fanfiction  knotting 
august 2011 by jumpmybones
Because Reality Has Cubicles - Fic: Unchangeable (Jared/Jensen) part 1
Summary - Jared's basically the sweetest guy on the planet, except for the fact that he is actually a giant fire-breathing lizard.

word count: 13,000
soulmate  j2  jensen  jared  hot  jared/jensen  nc-17  adult  kink  author:bewaretheides15  slash  rps  rpf  cw-rps  au  love  underage  highschool  lovely  adopted!brothers  dragon!au  dragon!jared  supernatural  spn  fic  fanfiction  first-time 
august 2011 by jumpmybones
Like Snickers - The Lengths I Would Go To Master Post
Summary: Jensen is the Greek god Apollo in modern day America, perhaps not-so-secretly yearning for the kind of love emulated in the art that he patrons. Jared is a young matchmaker cursed to see soul mates but never find his own. Against all odds (but maybe with a little push by fate), they meet and fall in love.

word count: 315,000
fic  fanfiction  epic  long  au  bigbang  bigbang2011  jared/omc  j2  powers!jared  powers!jensen  hallucinations  illness  angst  schmoop  god!jensen  CMM  misha  author:insertcode11  nc-17  adult  rps  rpf  cw-rps  slash  hurt/comfort  hurt!jared  amazing  bottom!jared  romance  love  pining  soulmate  torture  sweet  attempted-rape  to-read 
august 2011 by jumpmybones
Welcome to the Madhouse
Summary: If his Father had never shown him the face... the face with the adorable dimples and caramel-brown hair, this never would have happened. If he hadn't been consumed with bubbly laughter and long, long legs, he never would have left. Gabriel gave up halfway through the 16th century. Castiel didn't even know he was supposed to be looking.
series:dream-a-little-dream  fic  fanfiction  lovely  au  love  destiny  soulmate  archangel  angels  adult  nc-17  spn  spnslash  slash  romance  angst  violence  chuck  sam  gabriel/trickster  sam/gabriel  crowley  dean  castiel  amazing  first-meeting  author:mia6363  supernatural  hurt/comfort  humour 
april 2011 by jumpmybones
sherlockbbc_fic: Prompting: Part XI
Prompt was: soulmate!AU
I imagine an AU where everybody walks along in pairs. Like, everybody has a soulmate they meet and early in life and they just know it's the right person because once they touch, they can immediately feel each other's feelings and hear each other's thogughts.

Everybody except Sherlock. People find him strange for this (Anderson, Donovan) or worry for him (Mrs Hudson, Mycroft). But he likes to be alone, other people just annoy him, and what's so great about sharing your thoughts with someone, anyway?

And then he meets John, and experiences first hand just why having a soulmate is so amazing.
soulmate  au  sherlock  sherlock-bbc  sherlock/john  slash  angst  fic  mycroft/lestrade  johnwatson  john/sherlock  telepathy  donovan  fanfiction 
february 2011 by jumpmybones
Virgin Sacrifice by CMM
Poor Jim is such a man-whore in so many of these tales that I wanted to write one where he was not so sure of himself, especially with another man. I also wanted to try an AU, so here is the (hopefully) happy result. And I've always thought that Gary Mitchell was a jerk in any universe, so he stays true to character here.
first-time  romance  angst  t'hy'la  soulmate  virgin!kirk  fic  fanfiction  author:CMM  startrek  startrek2009  kirk  spock  kirk/spock  gary-mitchell  nc-17  adult  bottom!kirk  vulcan!biology  vulcan!kiss 
january 2011 by jumpmybones
skyehawke :: archives :: :: Story :: The Veela Enigma
What if some of Draco's ancestors, pretending to be purebloods, concealed the truth about their veela heritage? You'd end up with one very confused Draco Malfoy, who's fallen head over heels in love with Harry Potter and has no idea why. Complete.

word count: 187,794
long  epic  angst  hurt/comfort  hurt!draco  veela!draco  draco-malfoy  harrypotter  harry/draco  soulmate  bonding  mating-cycle  fic  fanfiction  jealousy  possessive!draco  romance  love  ron  hermione  humour  r  slash  hp  author:jennavere  kink  bondage  bottom!draco 
december 2010 by jumpmybones
the_dreamwalker: Carpe Diem
He has everything he never thought he would or could have, every wish fulfilled. But unfortunately his everything has a metaphorical hourglass tattooed on his chest.

Because James Kirk is human, and he will lose him all too soon. Spock knows only too well that he can’t keep Jim with him forever, because every one of his bouts of laughter and screams of ecstasy are gifts from life that he must learn to make the most of now, while Jim is in his grasp.
kirk/spock  kirk  spock  established-relationship  angst  love  slash  r  romance  fanfiction  fic  amazing  lovely  soulmate  author:the-dreamwalker  startrek2009  startrek 
october 2010 by jumpmybones
littlebirdtold - Eye of the Storm - Part 1/5
Three months into their five-year mission, Spock is still with Uhura, and Spock and Jim are at each other's throats when the Enterprise is sent to investigate another lightning storm in space. They encounter a Vulcan ship, commanded by Captain Spock and his very illogical First Officer Jim Kirk who, to everyone's shock, are happily married and in love with each other. The other Kirk disapproves of the fact that his counterpart is letting Uhura have what should be 'rightfully his' and is determined to 'set things right,' but the problem is no one appreciates his meddling.
This is the story of how Jim, Spock and Uhura fought 'destiny' and the other Kirk.
angst  love  romance  lovely  slash  adult  nc-17  bottom!kirk  needy!kirk  hot  fic  fanfiction  au  jealousy  jealous!spock  jealous!kirk  jealous!uhura  possessive!spock  smart!kirk  first-time  hurt/comfort  mccoy  enterprise!crew  hurt!kirk  au-counterparts  established-relationship  telepathy  touchtelepathy  mindmeld  SizeKink  hung!spock  amazing  author:littlebirdtold  kirk  spock  kirk/spock  soulmate  startrek2009  startrek 
october 2010 by jumpmybones
annenburg - Amalgamation: Master Post
As a half-Vulcan, Spock never expects to imprint. It's rare enough for a full-blooded Vulcan to imprint, so why should he have it easy? But he does imprint – on the delinquent who sabotaged his Kobayashi Maru. And everything he once knew is about to change.
nc-17  adult  spock  kirk  fic  fanfiction  author:annenburg  lovely  angst  first-time  accidental-bonding  bonding  slash  intersexed  hermaphrodite  unrequited-love  soulmate  destiny  masturbation  romance  love  first-meeting  startrek2009  startrek 
october 2010 by jumpmybones
Ties That Bind by Elise Madrid
Kirk and Spock return to Earth when Starfleet agrees to review their courts martial after Komack’s disgrace. Originally published March 2004 in Beyond Dreams 7. Sequel to "The Exile."
near-death  romulans  hurt/comfort  hurt!spock  fic  fanfiction  slash  love  established-relationship  bondmates  soulmate  author:Elise-Madrid  startrek:TOS  mccoy  uhura  chapel  sulu  omc  ofc  romance  telepathy  series:evolving-universe  nc-17  adult  bottom!kirk  startrek  kidnapping 
june 2010 by jumpmybones
Two Souls With But A Single Thought - Two Souls, PG, Kirk/Spock
Two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one. An Academy fic.
prompt at [info]st_xi_kink_meme, which asked for Academy fic, in which Jim and Spock become close friends and Jim’s heart is broken when Spock dates Uhura, and they eventually work it out
angst  love  friendship  t'hy'la  soulmate  mindmeld  telepathy  tarsusIV  nightmares  kirk/spock  kirk  spock  mccoy  uhura  spock/uhura  fic  fanfiction  academy-fic  au  pining!kirk  hurt/comfort  hurt!kirk  sweet  fluff  pg-13  author:scraplove  startrek2009  startrek 
may 2010 by jumpmybones
Tangled Destinies: Taken « www.KeiraMarcos.com
Jim and Spock attend a physics conference at the Vulcan Embassy, Jim’s grandmother tries to get him to agree to an arranged marriage, and the boys develop a mutual dislike for the mall.
love  romance  telepathy  mindmeld  bonding  t'hy'la  jealousy  relationship  1/4betazoid!Kirk  kirk/spock  kirk  spock  oc  omc  ofc  humour  series:tangled-destinies  amazing  hurt/comfort  violence  pike  mccoy  t'pring  fic  fanfiction  au  highschool  sarek  amanda  vulcan!biology  vulcan!control  vulcan  slash  epic  author:keira-marcos  established-relationship  sarek/amanda  touchtelepathy  soulmate  attack  long  hurt!kirk  startrek2009  startrek 
may 2010 by jumpmybones
absolutehope - Fic: Imprinting is Good for the Soul
Written for the [info]st_xi_kink_meme prompt here which wanted the werewolf “imprinting” (instant recognition of one’s soulmate) as a Vulcan trait.
imprinting  bondmates  bonding  soulmate  fic  fanfiction  het  girl!kirk  kirk/spock  spock  love  sweet  lovely  marriagefic  first-meeting  author:absolutehope  startrek2009  startrek 
april 2010 by jumpmybones
must my spine be aligned to sprout wings? - Dreaming Through The Noise: Master Post
Spock remembered far too well the first night he heard Jim's mental voice - close to dawn on a dreamless night and he was pulled away from his bed, to a dark, alien kitchen and a terrified, alien mind.
amazing  angst  hurt/comfort  hurt!kirk  hurt!spock  t'pring  PonFarr  spock  bonding  bondmates  kidfic  au  slash  kirk/spock  kirk  love  friendship  mindmeld  violence  fic  fanfiction  r  sarek  omc  amanda  pike  mccoy  mentions-of-abuse  soulmate  author:danse-amore  startrek2009  startrek 
march 2010 by jumpmybones
the music keeps playing... - Mind If I Stay?
Kirk and Spock get into a habit of falling into bed together, just to cuddle, after dangerous missions. Kirk is perfectly content with the arrangement, while Spock is wondering WHY THERE IS NO SEX. Basically the entire story takes place in bed.
kirk  spock  reluctant!kirk  kirk/spock  k/s  love  friendship  t'hy'la  angst  soulmate  hurt/comfort  emotional  hurt!kirk  hurt!spock  romance  mindmeld  vulcan!biology  vulcan!kiss  fic  fanfiction  slash  startrek2009  startrek 
january 2010 by jumpmybones
Paper Moon - How High the Moon, Part 1/5
After the destruction of Vulcan, Spock shielded his mind to protect it from his broken bond with T'Pring. Little did he know another bond had already formed in its place. For a kink meme prompt for soulbonding.
soulmate  kirk/spock  kirk  spock  angst  hurt/comfort  hurt!kirk  telepathy  touchtelepathy  bondmates  bonding  love  romance  slash  k/s  bottom!kirk  mindmeld  fic  fanfiction  hurt  depression  nc-17  adult  amazing  sweet  startrek2009  startrek 
january 2010 by jumpmybones

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1/4betazoid!Kirk  academy-fic  accidental-bonding  adopted!brothers  adult  agen  agent-coulson  amanda  amazing  angels  angst  animal-traits  archangel  attack  attempted-rape  au  au-counterparts  author:absolutehope  author:alowl  author:annenburg  author:ArtemisDiana  author:bewaretheides15  author:CMM  author:danse-amore  author:Elise-Madrid  author:etiena  author:glasslogic  author:insertcode11  author:inukagome15  author:IronicNarwhal  author:jaylee  author:jennavere  author:keira-marcos  author:littlebirdtold  author:mia6363  author:morganoconner  author:night_plane  author:Penumbren  author:peppervl  author:scraplove  author:tacotheshark  author:technicallysane  author:the-dreamwalker  author:theappleppielifestyle  author:the_miss_lv  author:twilightscribe  author:wallhaditcoming  author:XtremeGal87  avengers  bigbang  bigbang2011  bleach  bloodplay  bobby  bondage  bonding  bondmates  bottom!draco  bottom!jared  bottom!kirk  bottom!spock  boys-not-related  bruce-banner  castiel  chapel  cheating  chuck  claiming  clint-barton  clint/coulson  CMM  complete-cast  creature!fic  crossover  crowley  curse-fic  cw-rps  darcy-lewis  dean  depression  destiny  domestic  donovan  draco-malfoy  dragon!au  dragon!jared  drama  drug-addiction  drugs  emotional  empathy  enterprise!crew  epic  established-relationship  fanfiction  fantastic-four  fic  first-meeting  first-time  fluff  friendship  gabriel/trickster  gary-mitchell  get-together  girl!kirk  god!jensen  h/c  hallucinations  happyhogan  harry/draco  harrypotter  heartbreaking  hermaphrodite  hermione  het  highschool  hitsugaya  Hitsugaya/Karin  HitsuKarin  hollow-Ichigo  hot  hp  humour  hung!spock  hurt  hurt!draco  hurt!jared  hurt!kirk  hurt!spock  hurt!tony  hurt/comfort  Ichigo-Kurosaki  ichigo/Orihime  IchiHime  illness  imprinting  insecure!tony  intersexed  iron-man  j2  jared  jared/jensen  jared/omc  jealous!kirk  jealous!spock  jealous!uhura  jealousy  jensen  john/sherlock  johnwatson  k/s  karin-kurosaki  kidfic  kidnapping  kink  kirk  kirk/spock  knotting  language  lestrade  long  love  lovely  magical-realism  marking  marriagefic  marvel  masturbation  mating  mating-cycle  mccoy  men  mentions-of-abuse  mindmeld  minibang  misha  mycroft-holmes  mycroft/lestrade  mystery  natasha-romanov  nc-17  near-death  needy!kirk  nick-fury  nightmares  oc  ofc  omc  Orihime-Inoue  parallel-universe  pepper-potts  pepper/happy  pg  pg-13  pike  pining  pining!kirk  pining!sherlock  PonFarr  possessive!draco  possessive!spock  post-apocalypse  powers!jared  powers!jensen  protective!toshiro  public  r  relationship  reluctant!kirk  rhodey  romance  romulans  ron  rough  rpf  rps  sam  sam/dean  sam/gabriel  samkirk  sarek  sarek/amanda  schmoop  season-6  series:dream-a-little-dream  series:evolving-universe  series:tangled-destinies  sherlock  sherlock-bbc  sherlock/john  shinigami!karin  short  SizeKink  slash  smart!kirk  soulmate  spn  spnslash  spock  spock/uhura  startrek  startrek2009  startrek:TOS  steve-rogers  steve/sharon  steve/tony  sulu  supernatural  sweet  t'hy'la  t'pau  t'pring  tarsusIV  telepathic!kirk  telepathy  the-sentinel  thor  to-read  tony-feels  tony-stark  torture  touchtelepathy  truth-potion  uhura  underage  unrequited-love  vampire!dean  vampirefic  veela!draco  violence  virgin!jared  virgin!kirk  virgin!tony  vulcan  vulcan!biology  vulcan!control  vulcan!kiss  werewolf!fic  werewolf!sam  werewolf!tony  wingfic  winnona  winter-war  wip 

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