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Try, Try Again - kellifer_fic - Marvel Avengers Movies Universe
Steve has been in love with Tony Stark for what feels like his whole life, but is really only since high school. A year's break and college finds Steve hopeful for a change, but Tony's still as brash, charming and beautiful as ever. It doesn't help that Tony has started noticing Steve in return. Can Steve bury his old insecurities and give Tony a chance?

word count: 15,693
tony-stark  steve-rogers  bigbang  pepper-potts  slash  author:kellifer_fic  author:kell  darcy-lewis  bucky-barnes  clint/coulson  clint-barton  peggy-carter  highschool  misunderstanding  pining  steve/tony  avengers  au  college-fic  from delicious
november 2012 by jumpmybones

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