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Female of the Species - [doctor who fanfic]
The TARDIS decides she has enough fuel for one more little trip before insisting on taking the Doctor and Martha to Cardiff for a pit-stop. That one little change will affect so much. Female!Doctor. word count: 180K
fic  ten  jack-harkness  series-4  fanfiction  master  adventure  donna-noble  genderswap  doctor-who  thedoctor  martha-jones  fem!doctor  from delicious
march 2013
Artificial, Unplanned and Unwanted - [doctor who fanfic]
The Doctor and Amy make a casual stop-off at an intriguing place called the Acorn Centre where they encounter a pleasant nurse who changes their lives forever. With Amy pregnant, the Doctor is in denial. 11th Doctor.
fic  eleven  wip  hurt/comfort  drama  accidental-pregnancy  fanfiction  au  amy-pond  love  angst  family  pregnancy  friendship  protective!doctor  doctor-who  lovely  baby  hurt!amy  from delicious
march 2013
Survivors of Gallifrey - [doctor who fanfic]
The sequel to Turn Your Back, Look Away and Blink. The Doctor, Rose and Timothy continue their travels, but something is looming over the horizon. An old enemy will rise and threaten the life the Doctor and Rose have built. Uptopia and End of Time rewrite word count: 34,000
fic  ten  jack-harkness  bad-wolf  ten/rose  sequel  rose-tyler  romance  fanfiction  master  het  doctor-who  thedoctor  martha-jones  from delicious
march 2013
Turn Your Back, Look Away and Blink - [doctor who fanfic]
Rose Tyler has been living in her alternate world for five years until she encounters the weeping angels who send her back to November 1, 1913 before the universe split. John/Rose/Ten Reunion story, AU Human Nature and Family of Blood. Now revised. word count: 50,000
fic  episode:humannature/thefamilyofblood  doctor/rose  ten/rose  rose-tyler  romance  fanfiction  rose-returns  author:Lumendea  het  doctor-who  thedoctor  martha-jones  from delicious
march 2013
Daddy - [bleach fanfic]
Ichigo swallows several pills Grimmjow drops from a bottle as they duel, & shrinks into a child. As punishment, Aizen makes Ichigo Grimmjow's liability. A heated battle for possession of little Ichigo between Shinigami & Espada begins. word count: 60K
father-son-relationship  fic  de-aged!ichigo  superfamily  protective!grimmjow  ichigo-kurosaki  fanfiction  au  bleach  father!grimmjow  family  grimmjow  de-aged  complete-cast  from delicious
march 2013
Just Rewards - dracoqueen22 - Bleach [Archive of Our Own]
-It may not have been what Ichigo pictured for himself, but he wouldn’t have it any other way. (Just Rewards) -This is his punishment, but somehow, Gin feels more like it’s the reward. (The prequel to Just Rewards)
gin/ichigo  fic  slash  post-winter-war  adult  ichigo-kurosaki  ichimaru-gin  romance  fanfiction  established-relationship  bleach  hot  nc-17  from delicious
march 2013
Moonlight - [bleach fanfic]
Sequel to 'My Prey'. Ichimaru decides to take a little vacation to the Kurosaki family house for some fun but how long will he be able to stay without the shinigamis or Aizen finding out? Ichimaru/Ichigo
gin/ichigo  bottom!ichigo  fic  bleach  humour  wip  nc-17  ichigo-kurosaki  ichimaru-gin  romance  first-time  fanfiction  from delicious
march 2013
Mangaka - [bleach fanfic]
Years after the war, powerless and abandoned, Ichigo discovers an old enemy has made a new life. word count: 5,000
gin/ichigo  bottom!ichigo  fic  angst  slash  bleach  nc-17  ichigo-kurosaki  ichimaru-gin  drama  romance  fanfiction  from delicious
march 2013
Cerulean Skies - [bleach fanfic]
I'm dying, these feelings are suffocating me, I'm drowing and can't find air...dreaming of clear cerulean skies. IchiAiz... read to ch 12
fic  Aizen-sousuke  ishida  slash  mpreg  AiIchi  wip  ichigo-kurosaki  ichimaru-gin  fanfiction  angst  bleach  kidnapping  Aizen/Ichigo  nc-17  from delicious
march 2013
Husband to None and Father of One - [bleach fanfic]
With Rukia's execution halted, the Karakura gang breathed a sigh of relief, only to reel back in horror as the true mastermind has finally made his move. Why is Aizen so interested in the Substitute in the first place? As chaos runs free, only time will tell. AU after Rukia's execution.
fic  reincarnation  Aizen-sousuke  father-son-relationship  gen  wip  ichigo-kurosaki  fanfiction  au  amazing  bleach  family  lovely  father!aizen  favourite  complete-cast  from delicious
march 2013
Flowers and Letters From a Dying Man, - [sekaiichi hatsukoi fanfic]
15, Ritsu found out he had cancer. 25, he meets Takano-san again and faces the decision of telling him about his illness or keep him in the dark until the day he dies. Previous Title: A Purple Lilac and 12 Years Worth of Letters.
fic  slash  ritsu/takano  takano  terminal-illness  wip  tragedy  hurt/comfort  romance  fanfiction  love  angst  ritsu  nc-17  pining  from delicious
march 2013
Mind Games - [bleach fanfic]
A serial killer known as 15 has an obsession with a young detective Ichigo. 15 wants to play mind games and drive Ichigo over the edge before consuming him completely. Ichigo wants 15 strapped to a table with a needle in his arm. READ WITH CAUTION PLEASE! word count: 40,000
gin/ichigo  fic  murder  graphic  slash  characterdeath  violence  ichigo-kurosaki  adult  ichimaru-gin  child-abuse  fanfiction  bottom!ichigo  dissociative-identity  bleach  kidnapping  author:constantsnow  nc-17  horror  mental-illness  rape  torture  from delicious
march 2013
These Melodies - [bleach fanfic]
Companion piece to ‘Written Notes’. In this place that is too white and much too silent, Kurosaki Ichigo finds solace in music and melodies as he loses the abilities to track time and to judge what is right and wrong. Set in the distant future, AizenIchi. word count: 30,000?
fic  Aizen-sousuke  slash  nel  AiIchi  ichigo-kurosaki  hurt/comfort  Ulquiorra  fanfiction  au  amazing  love  amnesia  haunting  childlike!ichigo  bleach  Aizen/Ichigo  futurefic  friendship  grimmjow  from delicious
march 2013
Lovelock - [bleach fanfic]
Ichigo is pushed into gatecrashing a fancy party by his roommates. While trying to escape, he is delayed by a charming stranger, with whom he almost instantly connects with. AU. AizenXIchigo. word count: 140,000
fic  Aizen-sousuke  slash  violence  AiIchi  human-au  ichigo-kurosaki  adult  hurt/comfort  romance  fanfiction  shinji  love  bleach  Aizen/Ichigo  lovely  nc-17  attempted-murder  first-time  complete-cast  from delicious
march 2013
Weekend Getaway [bleach fanfic]
While at a club, Ichigo meets Sosuke Aizen who invites him to go away for the weekend. He turns him down, but Aizen is a hard man to refuse. Ichigo ends up being pulled into a world he isn't sure he wants to be a part of. Yaoi, AU, Aizen x Ichigo word count: 200,000
author:Raicheru  fic  Aizen-sousuke  slash  AiIchi  human-au  long  romance  Ulquiorra  fanfiction  protective!aizen  au  love  bottom!ichigo  angst  bleach  Aizen/Ichigo  kidnapping  lovely  nc-17  grimmjow  from delicious
march 2013
Lazy Bastard - [bleach fanfic]
Ichigo has had a crush on Stark for some time now and it takes a random offer of a ride home for him to finally act on it. Warnings: AU, yaoi, swearing. Oneshot word count: 5,000
fic  slash  adult  romance  fanfiction  starrk(coyote)  au  bottom!ichigo  bleach  nc-17  first-time  ichigo/starrk  pining  from delicious
february 2013
Heavenly Light - [bleach fanfic]
AU: Ichigo was a person who appreciated honesty more than anything. He despised secrets and lies, because all they did was harm innocent people and a web of lies is what he soon finds and the only one with answers: Aizen. current word count: 70,000
bad!soul-society  Aizen-sousuke  fic  good!aizen  slash  AiIchi  powerful!ichigo  ichigo-kurosaki  romance  fanfiction  au  amazing  love  Aizen/Ichigo  nc-17  complete-cast  from delicious
february 2013
Cherry Lips - [bleach fanfic]
AizenxIchigo yaoi AU Ichigo's friends make him cross dress for the sake of cheap booze. A Yakuza, Sousuke Aizen, sees Ichigo and thinks he is a woman. He asks him out on a date which Ichigo is forced to accept. word count: 25,000
author:BonneNuit  fic  Aizen-sousuke  yakuza!aizen  slash  possessive!aizen  AiIchi  human-au  crossdressing  adult  ichigo-kurosaki  romance  fanfiction  au  bottom!ichigo  love  bleach  Aizen/Ichigo  nc-17  from delicious
february 2013
The replacement captain: Ichigo Kurosaki - [bleach fanfic]
Two years post-winter war, Ichigo Kurosaki finally recovers his lost powers as a shinigami, however the return of his powers does not go unnoticed by the soul-society.
fic  post-winter-war  violence  nelliel  wip  powerful!ichigo  ichigo-kurosaki  long  romance  fanfiction  bleach  rukia  family  nc-17  rukia/Ichigo  complete-cast  captain!ichigo  from delicious
february 2013
The Truth about Climate Change - [ bleach fanfic]
The REAL cause behind Global Warming is revealed! AND the reason why Yamamoto never gets a day off...Just, crack. Ukitake, Shunsui, Hitsugaya and Yama-jii.
kyoraku  fic  yamamoto  bleach  humour  crack  ukitake  hitsugaya  fanfiction  from delicious
february 2013
To be a King once more, - [bleach fanfic]
AU - What if, after the Winter War, it is not the Soul Reapers that restore Ichigo's powers, but Ichimaru and the surviving Espada?
fic  bleach  post-winter-war  arrancar  wip  ichigo-kurosaki  ichimaru-gin  fanfiction  complete-cast  captain!ichigo  from delicious
february 2013
Finding Home, - [Harry Potter + Avengers Cross]
When Harry finally accepted the fact that he had stopped aging, ten years had passed and he knew it was time to leave. AU. word count: 61,000
fic  hp  harrypotter  tony-stark  thor  master-of-death!Harry  fanfiction  amazing  avengers  crossover  awesome  friendship  bruce-banner  author:cywsaphyre  from delicious
february 2013
Rules of Conduct - [harry potter fic]
A potion study gone terribly wrong causes Hermione and Fred to see each other in a whole new way. soul-switching
fic  hp  bodyswap  fred/hermione  hermione  humour  fred-weasley  romance  fanfiction  complete-cast  from delicious
january 2013
Hermione Granger and Ministerial Decree 7391 - [harry potter fic]
Hermione Granger always assumed she'd one day officially become a Weasley. However, when the Ministry implements a Marriage Law she finds herself compelled to join the Weasley family sooner than she anticipated and in a way she never would have imagined.
marriagefic  fic  hp  hermione  harrypotter  friendship  marriage-law  romance  fanfiction  complete-cast  from delicious
january 2013
Engaged Before the First Date - [harry potter fic]
When the Ministry decides to enforce a marriage law, Hermione finds herself engaged to George Weasley. The two are already bonded by a secret only they share, and they grow even closer as they face their impending marriage vows.
marriagefic  fic  hp  hermione  harrypotter  marriage-law  nc-17  hurt/comfort  romance  fanfiction  from delicious
january 2013
I Must Not Cause Trouble - [harry potter fic]
Someone once told me that laughter was the way to true love. It wasn't until a midnight meeting with George Fabian Weasley that I started to realize just how right they were. Starts half way through OOTP.

word count: 200,000
love  fic  hp  adventure  harrypotter  lovely  author:Wizards-Pupil  long  romance  fanfiction  from delicious
january 2013
A Matter of Mutation - [Harry Potter + X-Men: The Movie Cross]
Harry always knew that he was different, a freak, but one day everything he knows changes when he makes the man go away. Most likely Slash. Powerful but socially inept Harry. Not a childhood fic.
fic  hp  x-men  crossover  harrypotter  wip  nice-dursleys  romance  mutant!harry  fanfiction  from delicious
january 2013
The Sea's Daughter: The Lightning Thief - [Harry Potter + Percy Jackson and the Olympians Cross]
AU: Fem!Harry. Percy Jackson wasn't the only demigod child of Poseidon, there was one other. With the war against Voldemort finally over, what does it mean for Olympus? Is Percy the child of Prophecy, or is his older sister? The Forgotten Daughter Sequel.

word count: 90,000
percy-jackson  fic  adventure  het  half-blood!harry  sequel  hades  romance  poseidon  fanfiction  from delicious
january 2013
The Forgotten Daughter - [Harry Potter + Percy Jackson and the Olympians Cross]
HP/PJO Crossover: AU: Fem!Harry. Melinda Potter thought she had no family alive, she never believed she was special. belittled and abused by her relatives she hadn't counted on finding a home at Hogwarts, and a family along the way. She hadn't counted on being a Half-Blood in more ways then one.

word count: 170,000 approx
love  fic  angst  hp  crossover  genderswap  harrypotter  het  long  fanfiction  from delicious
january 2013
Down the Rabbit Hole and Through the Mirror - [Doctor Who + Harry Potter Cross]
During the chaos at the Department of Mysteries, Harry ends up falling through the Veil instead of Sirius. It's just his luck that at the same time in another universe the Void had been opened and the Walls of Reality were weak. AU post Doomsday and OOTP.

read to ch 3
ten  fic  hp  crossover  post-doomsday  harrypotter  wip  doctor-who  post-OotP  fanfiction  from delicious
january 2013
Scarred Drums - [Doctor Who + Harry Potter Cross]
Death couldn't hold them, Time will be rewritten, Darkness shall fall, Light shall fade and the sound of the drums will echo throughout the magical world, and those who sought to control him will know him as... The Master. Master!Harry x Hermione

read to ch 7
fic  hp  crossover  hermione  harrypotter  het  wip  doctor-who  master  harry-is-the-master  fanfiction  from delicious
january 2013
Taking Advantage, - [Doctor Who + Harry Potter Cross]
The Doctor loves surprises. Harry Potter is the only wizard with the Vortex in his blood. Someone gets implicated in intelligent design.

word count: 50,000
fic  hp  slash  harrypotter  timetravel  long  romance  fanfiction  married  crossover  doctor/harry  doctor-who  nc-17  from delicious
january 2013
Finding Family and Home Chapter 1, a Doctor Who + Harry Potter Crossover fanfic | FanFiction
When Harry and the Doctor meet by accident, can they change the course of each others lives for the better? With Harry in his life how will the Doctor's changing relationship with Rory and Amy be different. And with the Doctor in his life how will Harry's life shape out differently from the expectation upon him after the war finishes. Harry/11th Doctor slash
eleven/harry  fic  hp  slash  crossover  rory-williams  harrypotter  eleven  wip  doctor-who  fanfiction  amy-pond  from delicious
january 2013
Riding the Storm - [Doctor Who + Harry Potter Cross]
What if another Time Lord had survived the Time-War, an exceedingly familiar Time Lord, an old enemy who hadn’t escaped quite as far as the End of The Universe, but a little closer to Earth. As for Harry Potter, well he’s is about to discover the truth...

read to ch 9
ten  fic  hp  slash  harrypotter  wip  master  fanfiction  doctor  amazing  crossover  doctor/master  hermione  humour  luna-lovegood  doctor-who  harry-is-the-master  neville-longbottom  from delicious
january 2013
That Which Holds The Image - [Doctor Who + Harry Potter Cross]
Harry Potter faces a boggart that doesn't turn into a Dementor or even Voldermort, but into a horror from his childhood. Now the boggart isn't even a boggart anymore. There's no imitation. That which holds the image of an Angel, becomes itself an Angel.

word count: 40,000
amazing  weeping-angels  hp  adventure  crossover  ron-weasley  hermione  harrypotter  eleven  doctor-who  horror  doctor  from delicious
january 2013
Harry Potter & the Olympians: Tides of War - [Harry Potter + Percy Jackson and the Olympians Cross]
After his adventure in the Chamber of Secrets Harry discovers his parentage is more unique than he thought. He is taken to a camp in America for kids like him where he will become involved with a quest to prevent world war 3.

read to ch 7
grover  fic  hp  harrypotter  wip  hurt/comfort  annabeth-chase  fanfiction  percy-jackson  adventure  crossover  hurt!harry  half-blood!harry  from delicious
january 2013
Finding Family - [Harry Potter + Thor Cross]
Loki fell off the Bifrost. Lily Potter had a beautiful baby boy with dark hair, green eyes, and a mischievious streak a mile wide.
fic  harry-is-loki  hp  lily-potter  harrypotter  wip  thor  fanfiction  avengers  crossover  loki  humour  family  james-potter  from delicious
january 2013
My Inspiration - [bleach fanfic]
An AU where Ichigo is a writing assistant working for famous, bad-ass novelist Grimmjow Jeagerjaques.CH.21: To Ichigo Kurosaki. My Love. My life. My Inspiration.
grimmjow/ichigo  fic  author:confusion-no-hime  grimmichi  slash  ichigo-kurosaki  adult  romance  fanfiction  au  love  bottom!ichigo  get-together  bleach  nc-17  grimmjow  to-read  first-time  attempted-murder  pining  from delicious
january 2013
The Sum Of All Your Fears - [Harry Potter + Avengers Cross]
The Chitauri found him after he fell. They promised him revenge and the boy from his dreams, the boy with the lightning bolt scar that Loki couldn't remember. The Tesseract invaded his mind, polluting it, emptying it, until all that remained was fear and anger and he didn't know who he was anymore. But Harry would save him. Because that's what heroes did. AU Slash

word count: 20,000
mind-control  avengers  hurt/comfort  romance  crossover  author:Aisling-Siobhan  love  harry/loki  father-son-relationship  daddy!tony  bottom!harry  adult  nc-17  angst  harrypotter  loki  thor  tony-stark  au  slash  fanfiction  fic  from delicious
january 2013
Ocean [bleach- byakuya/Ichigo]
Their love was like an ocean. They had loved, and grieved, and fought, and won. But they had lost their reason to live along the way. Now, they have found one again. Each other. The Soul Society is witness to a quiet love story. Ichigo/Byakuya. Post-war.

word count: 4,000
lovely  get-together  developing-relationship  friendship  author:Tango-Dancer  hurt/comfort  romance  Ulquiorra  soul-society  Ichigo-Kurosaki  captain!ichigo  post-war  post-winter-war  from delicious
january 2013
His Pride - [bleach]
Byakuya saves Ichigo from a near fatal attack and later finds himself on a mission to protect his pride. It all starts with a dream...

word count: 90,000 approx
get-together  drama  adult  nc-17  byakuya/ichigo  byakuya-kuchiki  Ichigo-Kurosaki  author:Ayame99  complete-cast  fighting  violence  injury  first-time  love  romance  bleach  slash  fanfiction  fic  from delicious
january 2013
Return To Innocence - [bleach]
Ichigo dies in the World of the Living. Upon arrival in the Soul Society, he learns that he has regressed physically back into a child. With the mindset of a 5 year old, he turns to an unlikely person for help and protection. Ichigo/Byakuya Story.
parental!byakuya  fanfiction  fic  lovely  wip  bleach  rukia  renji  Ichigo-Kurosaki  soul-society  fighting  young!ichigo  friendship  de-aged  pg-13  author:Krynnalexia  from delicious
january 2013
To Love A Little Ichigo - [bleach]
After drinking something from the twelfth division Ichigo has turned nine again! That's not the only problem, he has to stay in Byakuya Kuchiki's manor! Even Byakuya has a problem of his own, that's falling for the little guy!
long  wip  rukia  bleach  author:ShadowWolf-XIII  byakuya-kuchiki  friendship  love  soul-society  Ichigo-Kurosaki  young!ichigo  de-aged  nc-17  humour  romance  fanfiction  fic  from delicious
january 2013
Minutes to Midnight - [bleach]
Eventual Gin/Ichigo. Sequel to Falling Inside the Black. Ichigo adjusts to life in Hueco Mundo and slowly finds the path he wants to take. AU after Chapter 295.
lovely  urahara  long  author:Dracoqueen22  friendship  starrk(coyote)  vizard!ichigo  first-time  adult  nc-17  gin/ichigo  Ichigo-Kurosaki  ichimaru-gin  aizen  bleach  au  love  romance  fighting  violence  complete-cast  good!aizen  slash  fanfiction  fic  from delicious
january 2013
The Red Sun Sets, the Black Sun Rises - [bleach]
In the aftermath of the Winter War, two individuals have their lives torn from them. Genryusai is forced to retire, while Ichigo is forced to leave the Living World. IchixSui
long  author:Sedor  love  violence  angst  romance  yoruichi  powerful!ichigo  complete-cast  ichigo/soifon  soifon  soul-society  captain!ichigo  wip  fanfiction  fic  soutaichou!ichigo  from delicious
january 2013
Death Is Only The Beginning - [bleach]
9-year old Ichigo lived and died about 100 years ago. Sent to district 78 of South Rukongai, Inuzuri, you can guess who he'll meet. He was the one who changed her world. But now he's going to change it, right from the very beginning. Perhaps in death, they'll find happiness. It is but the next great journey...
rukia/Ichigo  Ichigo-Kurosaki  lovely  wip  byakuya-kuchiki  rukia  renji  bleach  soul-society  author:Captain-Hair  violence  r  romance  au  friendship  fanfiction  fic  from delicious
january 2013
To Find a Purpose in Death - [a bleach fanfic]
Follow Ichigo's journey as a Hollow in Hueco Mundo with no memories of his previous life. Watch him as he struggles to choose between his loyalty to a man who's goals are unknown and between doing what he believes is the right thing to do. Ichi/Nel.

word count: 100,000+ read to chapter 20
wip  awesome  bleach  author:Bruuz  fighting  adult  nc-17  complete-cast  Aizen  morality  violence  epic  long  arrancar!ichigo  powerful!ichigo  nelliel  ichigo/nel  Ichigo-Kurosaki  het  from delicious
december 2012
Feeling Hollow - [a bleach fanfic]
Instead of visiting the Vaizard, Ichigo realizes that fighting and defeating his inner hollow isn't the only way to deal with his problem. Could the two possibly form an alliance?

word count: 70K(ish) read to ch 8
long  wip  urahara  rukia  violence  author:Daricio  lovely  bleach  complete-cast  Ichigo-Kurosaki  partnership  hollows  hollow-Ichigo  friendship  adventure  fanfiction  fic  from delicious
december 2012
Not Quite as Planned, - [bleach fanfic]
Ichigo was a bit slow to pull Zangetsu out as his Inner World crumbled. The result ends up not quite as Urahara had intended.

word count: 50K
powerful!ichigo  adventure  ishida  zaraki-kenpachi  Ichigo-Kurosaki  complete-cast  arrancar!ichigo  bleach  death  violence  nc-17  author:cerokun  au  fanfiction  fic  from delicious
december 2012
Devastating Consequences: Becoming Vasto Lord - [bleach]
SUMMARY:As the Winter war ends so does Ichigo, only to be reborn as a powerful being of unmesuarable power. The true war is on the horizen and the Espada are far from destroyed. Arrancar Ichigo!

read to ch 54
powerful!ichigo  long  wip  bleach  friendship  Ichigo-Kurosaki  tia-harribel  starrk(coyote)  romance  angst  complete-cast  hollows  vasto-lorde!Ichigo  arrancar!ichigo  fanfiction  fic  author:only4bass  death  violence  r  from delicious
december 2012
Wizard and Zanpakuto, [Harry Potter + Bleach Cross]
While fighting Aizen, Ichigo makes a sacrifice, becoming a zanpakuto. When he survived the killing curse, Harry's soul was disconnected from his body, becoming a shinigami. Every sword needs a wielder. Every warrior needs a sword.
wip  r  zanpakuto!ichigo  shinigami!harry  hp  harrypotter  Ichigo-Kurosaki  bleach  crossover  adventure  supernatural  fanfiction  fic  angst  from delicious
december 2012
Falling to Stranger Charms, - [Harry Potter + Lord of the Rings Cross]
Eternity is a gift that comes with a price, but Harry never wanted it in the first place. How much more will he have to give up before he can finally find a stable home and just let himself be happy? Legolas already knows the answer and is just waiting for Harry to come round and listen. HP/LG

word count: 20,000
harry/legolas  confessions  pg-13  crossover  legolas  angst  love  romance  pining  transformation  immortal!harry  harrypotter  lotr  slash  fanfiction  fic  from delicious
december 2012
Harry Mewter, [Pokémon + Harry Potter Cross]
Harry decides he wants to try Animagi, and persuades Hermione to help... this changes them... a lot. Crossover, of sorts, with Pokemon. Mew!Harry. Not as stupid as it sounds.

read to ch 20
magic  animal-transformation  author:Alex-Ultra  wip  pg-13  mew!harry  Pokémon  animagus  ron-weasley  hermione  hp  harrypotter  crossover  fanfiction  fic  from delicious
december 2012
The Promise of a New Dawn, [Harry Potter + Lord of the Rings Cross]
Harry as an elfling on Arda. A new world, a new life, a new chance. A new hope to finally find that which he had been searching for for such a long time. Can he truly start afresh, or are the shadows of his past too lasting to shake off?

read to chapter 23
lotr  hp  harrypotter  crossover  aragorn  complete-cast  friendship  hurt/comfort  family  r  author:Whispering-Darkness  wip  young!harry  harry-is-an-elf  lovely  fanfiction  fic  from delicious
december 2012
Emerald and Obsidian god of death, [Harry Potter + Bleach Cross]
Harry is raised as Ichigo's little brother after being rescued from the Dursleys. Unfortunately for Harry the wizarding world isn't quite ready to give up its savour. Can the brothers stay strong against Aizen, Voldie AND Dumbles?
lovely  romance  adventure  r  long  wip  shinigami!harry  protective!Ichigo  family  friendship  slash  rukia  Ichigo-Kurosaki  complete-cast  bleach  harrypotter  hp  crossover  fanfiction  fic  from delicious
december 2012
Harry Potter and the Setting Sun, - a Harry Potter + Twilight Crossover fanfic | FanFiction
After being expelled, Harry built a new life in Forks. Now he must deal with an army of vengeful vampires, illness, and the return of the love that abandoned him. With all this on his plate, will he ever go back to Britain? SLASH by Early-Frosts.

word count: 200K (ish)
protective!edward  friendship  twilight  lovely  long  marriage  slash  hp  harrypotter  edward-cullen  vampire!harry  complete-cast  cullen-family  werewolves  hurt/comfort  angst  terminal-illness  romance  love  violence  adult  r  fanfiction  fic  author:early-frosts  from delicious
december 2012
The Immortal Hero, - a Harry Potter + Lord of the Rings Cross
The war is over but Harry has been left broken and bleeding. He’s given the chance to start again in a new world, but can he remain separate from another war when once again the people he cares about are in the middle of it?

word count: 70,000 (ish)
young!harry  supernatural  violence  turture  angst  aragorn  harrypotter  hurt/comfort  pg-13  author:Ravenclaw-Girl28  harry-is-an-elf  lotr  fanfiction  fic  family  crossover  adventure  from delicious
december 2012
Price of a Soul, a Harry Potter + Kuroshitsuji Cross
Since his earliest memories, Harry always felt like he was being watched; like someone was waiting for him. On the eve of his eleventh birthday, Harry meets a man with red eyes who offers him freedom from his hellish life. But the price is Harry's soul.
fanfiction  fic  sebastian-michaelis  harrypotter  hp  kuroshisuji  crossover  au  from delicious
december 2012
Malleus Daemonium, - a Harry Potter + Kuroshitsuji Crossover fanfic | FanFiction
Harry Potter stumbles upon a little black book while studying for the Third Task. What he finds will alter the events to come, some in more ways than others. What does our favorite butler have to do with it?
author:Mischivous-Purple-One  wip  r  supernatural  drama  fanfiction  fic  sebastian-michaelis  kuroshisuji  complete-cast  hp  harrypotter  crossover  from delicious
december 2012
Deathly Hollowed, - a Harry Potter + Bleach Cross
The Boy-Who-Lived lives no more and the wizarding world is left without their savior... or are they? Harry-is-Ulquiorra fic!
dark  friendship  amazing  wip  powerful!harry  supernatural  angst  Harry-is-Ulquiorra  Ichigo-Kurosaki  Orihime-Inoue  Ulquiorra  torture  violence  r  author:Ice-Vixen-X  complete-cast  harrypotter  hp  fanfiction  fic  bleach  crossover  from delicious
december 2012
Harry Potter and The Apprentice of Death, a Harry Potter + Bleach Cross
The night Harry's parents die, the last Soul Reaper Death himself goes to collect Harry's soul only to find that he is not dead, and that he has high spirit energy. Death takes Harry under his protection, and trains him to become a Soul Reaper.
author:Lord-Claw  powerful!harry  friendship  r  long  hp  shinigami!harry  bleach  harrypotter  crossover  wip  fanfiction  fic  harry-growing-up  supernatural  mystery  au  from delicious
december 2012
Beauty of the Swan, - a Harry Potter + Lord of the Rings Cross
Summary: HP/LoTR Crossover. Slash. Eventually Legolas/Harry. Legolas of Mirkwood is strong, handsome, and intelligent - a regular Prince Charming. Too bad the only person he has ever wanted refuses his love because he treated Harry badly as an Elfling.
harry-is-an-elf  author:ArwendeImladris  author:putigress2012  jealousy  nc-17  harry/legolas  legolas  lotr  crossover  fanfiction  fic  romance  angst  wip  slash  hp  harrypotter  from delicious
december 2012
Firefly Chapter 1, a Harry Potter + Avatar Crossover fanfic | FanFiction
FINISHED - EPILOGUE TO COME. When they went to sleep, they hoped of a better future. But with Gaia insane and Magic as dead as his friends, Harry has no reason to stay. Escape and exist was all he had in mind when he stowed away on a ship to Pandora. Not another war.

word count: 80,00(ish)
eywa  transformation  fanfiction  fic  wip  tsu'tey  family  avatar  adventure  romance  friendship  angst  au  hp  harrypotter  crossover  r  slash  from delicious
december 2012
Twilight's Bloom, - a Harry Potter + Twilight Cross
As of Ch.14 Monkshood: Paradise happens with few people; the moment you start adding people, that’s when paradise starts to crumble and real life kicks in. Edward/Harry; Jacob/Draco

words: 300K?
drama  author:concubine99  long  twilight  mpreg  adult  nc-17  romance  magic  violence  love  angst  draco/jacob  jacob-black  edward/harry  edward-cullen  draco-malfoy  hp  harrypotter  cullen-family  complete-cast  possessive!edward  protective!edward  fanfiction  fic  crossover  slash  wip  from delicious
december 2012
Starting Over, - a Harry Potter + Twilight Cross
After the war, Harry loses almost all his friends to the manipulation of the Ministry. With his career in full swing, he decides to head to Forks, Washington with his new family, leaving the press and the Wizarding world. Slash. Now Complete.

word count: 120K
edward/harry  long  complete-cast  cullen-family  edward-cullen  neville-longbottom  ocs  omc  luna-lovegood  draco-malfoy  protective!edward  fanfiction  fic  mates  crossover  hp  harrypotter  author:expelius  angst  love  romance  hurt/comfort  r  adult  slash  au  from delicious
december 2012
When Fiction Becomes Reality, - a twilight fanfic
Bella is a writer whose most successful book is one she wrote about Edward, her high school crush. Edward is now an A-list actor and has signed on to star in a movie based on Bella's creation.

word count: approx 150K
edward/bella  Bella-swan  edward-cullen  friendship  love  get-together  pining  adult  nc-17  writer!bella  celebrity!edward  author:BITTENEV  humour  romance  twilight  human!edward  human-au  au  het  fanfiction  fic  from delicious
december 2012
Second Try, - a Harry Potter + Twilight Cross
Amnesiac Harry tries to adjust to life in Forks with minor mishaps and major misunderstandings happening along the way. Danger is lurking just around the corner, but he has brand new allies now. SLASH!

read to ch 29
author:SoulMalady  edward/harry  edward-cullen  complete-cast  adventure  fanfiction  fic  adult  amnesia  angst  romance  slash  hp  twilight  harrypotter  crossover  au  wip  from delicious
december 2012
Wish Upon A Star by: Lissy
One night, a lonely Edward Cullen wishes on a falling star to help him find his mate. He never expected the star to take a physical form to try to grant his wish, nor did he expect to start to develop feelings for said star. [Twilight/Harry Potter crossover. Edward/Harry.]
edward/harry  adult  mates  romance  love  angst  complete-cast  edward-cullen  author:Lissy  twilight  harrypotter  hp  star!harry  au  crossover  slash  fanfiction  fic  from delicious
december 2012
A Fire to be Kindled - kepteinen - Multifandom
It makes perfect sense, of course. The serum gave Steve the perfect body, so why wouldn’t it also give him the perfect mind? In the quietness of his own mind, Tony can admit he’s a little stung Steve didn’t tell him, but he’s not really surprised.

(Or: the one where Steve is smarter than Tony, and neither of them deal well.)

word count: 15,600
author:kepteinen  reed-richards  marvel  steve/tony  tony-stark  steve-rogers  clint-barton  natasha-romanov  complete-cast  bruce-banner  pg-13  futurefic  humour  romance  avengers  fluff  insecure!tony  hurt!steve  angst  slash  fanfiction  fic  genius!steve  from delicious
december 2012
Hit By Destiny, - a twilight fanfic
Bella wants to die, and almost gets her wish fulfilled when she gets hit by a shiny Volvo. She is left with serious injuries, and the only thing keeping her from dying is the person who hit her. All Human.

word count: 400,000
edward/bella  edward-cullen  Bella-swan  author:ocdmess  depression  violence  dark  love  romance  bullying  complete-cast  hurt!bella  near-death  hurt/comfort  blood  kidnapping  adult  nc-17  suicidal-thoughts  angst  het  fanfiction  fic  from delicious
december 2012
Do The Right Thing, - a twilight fanfic
When a bust goes wrong, FBI Agent Edward Cullen is faced with a terrible choice. No one knows of his secret affair with comatose victim Bella Swan, nor that the child she carries is his. How can he do the right thing when he doesn't know what that is?

word count: 100,000+
adult  nc-17  het  edward/bella  edward-cullen  fanfiction  fic  amnesia  pregnancy  misunderstanding  angst  love  established-relationship  complete-cast  jasper-hale/whitlock  human-au  au  from delicious
december 2012
Bella Swan: Kidnapper, - a twilight fanfic
Um. Hi. I don’t really know how to say this, but I have your kids with me, and I was thinking maybe you would like them back. So yeah… call me.

word count: 70,000
edward/bella  twilight  author:Kambria-Rain  love  romance  adult  nc-17  fanfiction  fic  kidfic  edward-cullen  Bella-swan  humour  het  au  from delicious
december 2012
Fading Light, - a Harry Potter + Twilight Cross
Summary: Harry Cullen, formerly Harry Potter, is a two hundred year old vampire. As he meets his soon to be sister-in-law, Bella Swan, he realises that his past isn't as buried as he thinks. As The Order of the Phoenix, a group of talented vampires, seek Bella's death, he has several choices to make that could decide the fate of his world.

word count: 23,000
vampire!harry  wip  alice-cullen  jasper-hale/whitlock  complete-cast  twilight  edward-cullen  hp  harrypotter  adventure  supernatural  pg-13  author:The-Morrigu  crossover  cross  au  from delicious
december 2012
Piano Man, - a Harry Potter + Twilight Cross
Harry needs a break from the attention of being a hero. The minister helps him out by sending him away with a baby, a housemate, and a guard. Amidst highschool and romance, Harry learns that he can let himself be taken care of.

word count: 150K(ish) read to ch 39
coming-out  homophobia  long  draco/jacob  jacob-black  edward/harry  draco-malfoy  edward-cullen  wip  violence  frist-time  angst  complete-cast  twilight  author:DarkestAngel13  crossover  hp  harrypotter  adult  nc-17  love  romance  slash  fanfiction  fic  from delicious
december 2012
A Lack of Color, - a harry potter fanfic
Part 1 Complete. In his fourth year, Harry falls for fellow Hogwarts student and Triwizard champion, Cedric Diggory. Part 1 in The Love So Green Collection

word count: 100+K
author:beakanoma  get-together  first-time  adult  nc-17  complete-cast  coming-out  homophobia  hermione  ron-weasley  love  romance  hp:gof  credric-diggory  harry/cedric  harrypotter  hp  slash  fanfiction  fic  from delicious
december 2012
Forever Dawn, - a Harry Potter + Twilight Cross
I couldn't even remember ever waking up. For I, Harry Potter, left all the senses of a brand new day on that graveyard.

Harry Potter was broken when the love of his life Cedric Diggory was killed, three years ago. Now 17, Harry moved to a small town in Forks, Washington to start anew. What will happen if he found a new reason to live? Will he delved into his future or will the past continue to hunt him in more ways than one?

word count: 41,000 read to ch 12
harry/cedric  fanfiction  fic  wip  twilight  crossover  adult  nc-17  harrypotter  edward-cullen  romance  hurt/comfort  grief  angst  slash  author:cirdec  from delicious
december 2012
Late Delivery - tsukinofaerii - The Avengers (2012)
When Tony was little, he once wrote a letter to Santa begging for the one thing he wanted most in the world. What Tony didn't know is that Santa always delivers... eventually.

word count:6,909
avengers  au  slash  pg-13  steve-rogers  steve/tony  fanfiction  fic  marvel  author:Tsukinofaerii  natasha-romanov  christmas  pepper-potts  tony-stark  howard-stark  from delicious
december 2012
Not Gonna Get Us: Divine Goddess, - a Harry Potter + Twilight Crossover fanfic | FanFiction
EDWARD/GIRL!HARRY. "When I first met you, I thought if i kept my distance...stayed away, then I wouldn't hurt anybody. Espescially you" "Its a little too late for that, dont you think?" rating may change HIATUS
edward/harry  crossover  adventure  r  romance  mates  pining  hurt!harry  hurt/comfort  angst  ron-weasley  hermione  complete-cast  edward-cullen  harrypotter  twilight  girl!harry  genderswap  het  wip  fanfiction  fic  hiatus  from delicious
december 2012
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