A short-term intervention study - Impact of airport closure due to the eruption of Eyjafjallajokull on near-field air quality - Research Portal, King's College, London
We show that the airport closure resulted in an unambiguous effect on NOx and NO2 concentrations close to the airport, even though the ban only lasted six days. Furthermore, we estimate the annual impact airport emissions have on mean concentrations of NOx and NO2 for different years and compare these estimates with a detailed dispersion modelling study and previous work that was based on the analysis of monitoring site data. For the receptor most affected by the flight-ban approximately 200 m south of the airport we estimate the airport contributes about 13.5 mu g m(-3) NOx (approximate to 23% of the total measured NOx concentration), which is similar in magnitude to detailed dispersion modelling estimates of 12.0 mu g m(-3), but approximately twice that of other estimates based on the analysis of ambient measurements. Other measurement sites showed more mixed results due to the prevailing meteorology at the time of the ban, which affected the extent to which these sites were affected by the flight-ban.
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Quand baisser la limite permet de rouler plus vite - La Presse+
En janvier 2014, la capitale française a réduit de 80 à 70 km/h la limite de vitesse sur les voies rapides la ceinturant. Alors que de nombreux automobilistes craignaient de voir leurs allées et venues traîner en longueur, c’est précisément le contraire qui s’est produit. Le matin, la vitesse moyenne observée sur le « Périph’ » est passée de 32,6 km/h en 2013 à 38,4 km/h l’an dernier, une amélioration de 18 %. À l’heure du retour à la maison, les voitures roulent en moyenne 12 % plus vite.


Comment expliquer ces résultats ? En baissant sa limite de vitesse, Paris dit avoir réduit l’« effet accordéon ». Ce phénomène survient quand les voitures freinent et accélèrent à répétition dans un bouchon de circulation.
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13 hours ago
What's the Speed Difference Between Front/Rear Panniers and BikePacking Bags? Results - CyclingAbout
I tested four different bag configurations on the velodrome. I used Ortlieb Backroller Plus 21L panniers for both the front and rear pannier testing. When testing both front and rear sets, I used the Backrollers on the rear rack and added some Frontrollers to the front. My bikepacking kit consisted of a Revelate 12L saddle bag, half frame bag, top tube bag and handlebar sling with drybag. The overall weight for all setups was identical.
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13 hours ago
After 12 Rejections, Apple Accepts App That Tracks U.S. Drone Strikes
Five years ago, I made a simple iPhone app. It would send you a push notification every time a U.S. drone strike was reported in the news.

Apple rejected the app three times, calling it “excessively objectionable or crude content.”

Over the years, I would occasionally resubmit the app, changing its name from Drones+ to Metadata+. I was curious to see if Apple might change its mind. The app didn’t include graphic images or video of any kind — it simply aggregated news about covert war.
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New Parenting Study Released - The New Yorker
A recent study has shown that if American parents read one more long-form think piece about parenting they will go fucking ape shit.

The study was conducted by Susan Waterson, a professor of behavioral psychology at the University of Massachusetts and the author of zero books, because, Waterson says, “another book at this point would just be cruel.
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The Invisible Visible Man: A Cheshire epiphany, cheap driving - and why Brexit means no respite from clogged roads
there was more traffic in 2016 on Great Britain’s roads than in any previous year and that traffic volumes rose 1.2 per cent on 2015. The rise is all the more impressive for occurring against a backdrop of falls or only slight rises in traffic volumes in London, much the biggest city...
I’m just as struck by the poverty of the debate about how to tackle this crisis as I am by the sheer unpleasantness of the conditions. Whereas the UK a decade ago was engaged in an earnest - albeit ultimately unproductive - debate about how to charge for road use, there is currently no serious debate about what to do. It has become expected at each budget or autumn statement that the Chancellor of the Exchequer will continue the freeze on fuel duty, even though it has contributed to an 18.9 per cent decline in average petrol prices over the last three years.
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RT : Here's a smart plan for nudging communities into boosting cycling. Free new study
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Integrated strategies to accelerate the adoption of cycling for transportation
RT : Here's a smart plan for nudging communities into boosting cycling. Free new study
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Grave accident de la circulation au centre de Belfort - France 3 Bourgogne-Franche-Comté
Peu avant cet accident, une patrouille de la Police Nationale avait repéré place Yitzhak Rabin une grosse cylindrée allemande roulant en plein centre de Belfort à une vitesse estimée entre 150 km/h et 200 km/h. Les policiers mettent en marche leur gyrophare mais le chauffard refuse d'obtempérer, il accélère même et grille un feu rouge. La patrouille le perd de vue et prévient la salle de commandement qui diffuse alors le signalement. La Police Nationale précise qu'il n'y a pas eu de course poursuite car la voiture les a semés dès la demande d'obtempérer.
Des policiers arrivent alors sur le pont Michelet et repèrent à ce moment-là la Mercedes qui vient de s'encastrer dans un mur après avoir percuté une voiture conduite par une femme âgée de 67 ans avec à ses côtés son petit-fils âgé de 15 ans.
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Given a state-of-the-art deep neural network classifier,
we show the existence of a universal
(image-agnostic) and
very small perturbation vector that causes natural images
to be misclassified with high probability. We propose a sys-
tematic algorithm for computing universal perturbations,
and show that state-of-the-art deep neural networks are
highly vulnerable to such perturbations, albeit being quasi-
imperceptible to the human eye. We further empirically an-
alyze these universal perturbations and show, in particular,
that they generalize very well across neural networks. The
surprising existence of universal perturbations reveals im-
portant geometric correlations among the high-dimensional
decision boundary of classifiers. It further outlines poten-
tial security breaches with the existence of single directions
in the input space that adversaries can possibly exploit to
break a classifier on most natural images
agnotology  mathematics  software  images 
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Easier said than done – David Graham – Medium
I pointed out that in a book review in the British Medical Journal (“The Paradox of Progress,” BMJ, May 27, 1995; 310:1418) Douglas Carnall wrote:

Not everything that can be counted, counts; and not everything that counts can be counted. Sir George Pickering’s splendid epigram apparently graced Einstein’s wall, and it is a good summary of the spirit of James Willis’s personal and anecdotal foray into the philosophy of holism.

As I wrote at the time, “I’m sure there are much more authoritative sources than that. If Einstein displayed that quote on his wall (I’ve seen accounts that said he had chalked it on his blackboard at Princeton), did it lead people to mistakenly attribute it to him — and if so, are we perpetuating an error on a massive scale? Is there a way to determine whether it was Pickering or Einstein who actually said that — and does it matter?”

This sparked some internal debate, and Google quietly killed Quotes of the Day.
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Preface to the 2017 edition | International Cloud Atlas
Since the International Cloud Atlas (ICA) was last updated (four decades ago in the case of Volume I; three in the case of Volume II) our understanding of some types of clouds and other meteorological meteors has advanced, and technology has fundamentally changed our world. We have witnessed the creation of the internet, email and mobile telephones with digital cameras. Yet the cloud atlas has only been available in print format.

Accurate and consistent cloud and weather observations remain critically important for weather, climate and hydrology, so ensuring that observations are globally standardized remains an important need. In the absence of on-line access to the ICA, alternative atlases began to appear on the web, and with them returned a threat to the global standardization of cloud classification, a key reason for the original development of the ICA in 1939.
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Pink Trombone
speech synthesis browser app
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Le Télégramme - Nutrition. Le Cern teste pour vous
Tester des pilules minceur, des compléments alimentaires, c'est le boulot du Cern. Le Centre d'enseignement et de recherche en nutrition, s'implique aussi dans la recherche pour lutter contre l'obésité ou les maladies cardiovasculaires. Le bâtiment n'a rien du laboratoire high-tech que l'on imagine volontiers. C'est même plutôt l'inverse. Perché au deuxième étage d'une vieille bâtisse de la rue de Kerlin, à deux pas de Bodélio, le Cern se fait discret. Pourtant, régulièrement, le Centre d'enseignement et de recherche en nutrition passe des annonces pour trouver des volontaires pour une étude sur les Oméga 3, pour tester un complément alimentaire, pour vérifier les propriétés de tel ou tel aliment ou encore pour lutter contre le cholestérol ou l'hypertension.
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RT : Des pour notre é. Doc Bernard SCHMITT. Film « la cuisine au plancton » de P.Mollo.Salle de l'Erm…
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Strasbourg: Après la mort d'une cycliste, le conducteur d'un véhicule garé sur la piste cyclable condamné
Sur la route de son travail avenue de Colmar en août 2015, une cycliste de 25 ans avait été tuée en se déportant de la bande cyclable. En évitant un véhicule garé sur sa voie, elle avait été happée par un poids lourd. Moins de deux ans après sa mort, les conducteurs des deux véhicules étaient jugés au tribunal de Strasbourg fin janvier.

Ainsi que le rapportent les Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace, les juges ont finalement condamné ce mercredi le chauffeur de la camionnette - qui était selon ses dires garé là pour décharger du matériel d’un chantier à proximité - à six mois de prison avec sursis pour homicide involontaire. Le conducteur du camion a écopé de la même peine.
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4 days ago
La voiture : grosse arnaque.
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4 days ago
Creating a teal future. A few stumbling steps at a time.
I just published “Creating a teal future. A few stumbling steps at a time.”
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Transport Secretary proves worth of segregated cycle lanes by dooring cyclist (video) - Cycling Weekly
Classic dooring. Best overtake driver's side, whatever lines may have been painted to lure cyclists into danger, *especially* when motors are at standstill, and passengers likely to think "Oh sod it, I'll just hop out here."
Stay out of the door zone! Always! (And avoid any "infrastructure" which places you in it)

"Undertaking" is a well-chosen term. If you're not doored on the way to the junction, you can be crushed by a left-turning vehicle when you reach it.
Certainly you should only overtake when it is safe to do so. It is after all, the most dangerous manœuvre in the book. Waiting your turn is often the best option. Waiting for policies to reduce the number of motor vehicles, or even the amount of poisonous smoke they blow in your face, will obviously take a little longer.
cycling  dccomment 
4 days ago
Piers Morgan trolls cyclists on Twitter – and Lance Armstrong hits back | road.cc
Dashcam footage is de rigueur in Russia these days: only chance you've got of a successful insurance claim apparently. The cops there aren't interested in "moving traffic violations." So bring it on Piers. I suspect your internal schema of appropriate road behaviour may be found wanting when it meets daylight.
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4 days ago
Why your next bike should be a touring bike | road.cc
Good article. My only disagreement is over its promotion of front racks and panniers. They're best avoided, though if you're planning a tour with family, I guess you'll have to accept the additional burden. Front panniers suck aerodynamically, and the heavier steering tires the upper body significantly. There's no need to weight the front of the bike to keep the front wheel on the ground going uphill, even if you're fully loaded at the back.

How to keep your gear down to two rear panniers, a rackbag, and a wee barbag is a separate article, but it can be done.
cycling  transport  dccomment 
4 days ago
Ride supporting safe cycle route cancelled - because road is too dangerous | road.cc
It's quite simple. The speed limit on that road needs to be reduced until it is safe for all users.
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4 days ago
The $35,000 copper-plated, python skin-wrapped bicycle ... made in 'Motor City' Detroit | road.cc
This will be a great bike for people who enjoy polishing copper regularly.

Given the price tag, buyers will probably employ someone to do this, which will create jobs.

All good.
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4 days ago
Middle finger councillor who ran cyclists off road fined | road.cc
Back in the old days—about three hours ago—this thread contained 28 comments, some lavishly illustrated. The site's lawyers—and Parish Councillor Atkinson—are surely happier with it now.
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4 days ago
One in three admit to driving with handheld phone | road.cc
The problem is that the legislators made a major error when they brought in the handset ban: because they went against the studies that showed that the distraction is the problem, and gave the massive concession to the mobile phone industry of allowing hands-free sets--even though such calls are also distracting.

Had this exemption not been allowed, then a simpler campaign against all distraction whilst driving would be possible. That concession was the thin end of the wedge, and now we have the drivers of 40 tonne lorries watching feature films on the dashboard's built-in screen, or bus drivers placing bets on-line using an app on their "smart"phone. I even overtook a priest weaving and slowing in a queue of traffic recently; but he was merely distracted by a well-thumbed breviary.

The main problem is that driving is very boring and passive, and not unsurprisingly, people start to wonder if they could fill up the time doing something more interesting. If it can be automated, this is certainly one solution.
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4 days ago
Changes to Nottingham tram route after crashes involving cyclists | road.cc
It is quite simple. Install this rubberized product http://www.strail.de/index.php?id=197&L=1 (link is external) between the rails at the troublespots.
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4 days ago
Cambridge to get its first true "Dutch" roundabout | road.cc
Such designs rely on drivers to respect the priority of cyclists on the arms of the roundabout even as they displace the cyclist more peripherally in the driver's visual fields. If the junction is a collision blackspot because drivers currently fail to respect the priority of cyclists using the conventional layout, I'm not clear why this will change with the new design. It may even make it more difficult for drivers to anticipate the movements of cyclists.

Still, if the design reduces motor vehicle speeds, it may be safer. If the unfamiliarity of the layout makes drivers pay more attention, ditto. If a reduction in roadspace for motor vehicles results in an overall reduction in motor traffic, it may even be progressive for the environment.

As long as cyclists who desire brisk progress are still at liberty to take to take their place in the traffic on the classical line on the road, then little is lost.

Motor traffic reduction via parking taxation/congestion charging, better policing, strict liability, and proper collision enquiries are more important elements of policy to reduce road danger though.
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4 days ago
Going the distance —how to ride further without breaking yourself | road.cc
Good article. Sensible advice. One thing I've found over the years is that it's well worth concentrating on not going too fast in the first hour, especially if you're trying to improve a time. Setting out on a nice morning, maybe with a slight tailwind, it's easy to feel fresh early on, ride a bit too fast, and get over-knackered later. "Hurry slowly" is the watchword.

In the first hour of any long ride, I consciously force myself to spin easily, changing down to a slightly smaller gear should I have the slightest inkling of morning friskiness. Only then, if I'm in a hurry, do I press on a bit, gently at first, putting in increasing intervals with a little aerobic effort. And it's only in the last 10-20% of the ride that it's advisable to attempt riding at maximum effort—your body will then tell you if that's not possible.

As I said to that gendarme who kindly wondered what I was doing stumbling round a village stadium in the dark (trying to find a tap to refill my bidon) : "Le secret de la longue distance ce n'est jamais faire effort." He then directed me to the gents at the back of the church.
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4 days ago
Car sent crashing off busy Newcastle road after bike comes off roof rack | road.cc
Bikes falling off vehicles is one of the commonest causes of crashes on the French autoroute system, I heard at a meeting recently.
Riding to the start would be good prevention obviously.
cycling  dccomment 
4 days ago
How to wear a cycling cap + video | road.cc
I'd like to propose a new rule: that any cycling journalist citing the "rules" is awarded the Phillippa Space prize for services to cliché and inflated word countery, and docked ten shillings from their wages. I suppose these "rules" might once have been amusing as a satire of the vanities of sporting cyclists; what irony that they are now cited as though they were written to be obeyed.
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4 days ago
Justice for Cyclists: inquiry seeks evidence from cyclists | road.cc
@Lela Your pessimism about the UK's political system is understandable. But if Ruth Cadbury can stand up and say "We asked for examples, and it was like opening the floodgates..."; is capable of producing a useful synthesis of all the issues raised; can get strict liability legislation on the statute books; funding for better policing and driver education; new truck safety regulations; well, maybe your life'll be better in future.
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4 days ago
Video: Motorist hits cyclist while attempting to squeeze past on busy A-road | road.cc
The driver veers slightly to the left and into the path of the cyclist just before the collision, which suggests distraction at the wheel. Phone? Texting? Changing the cassette? Reprogramming the GPS? Seems likely from where I'm sitting.
Such poor decision-making, which is at base the fault of the driver for failing to respect the virtual 1.5m box that should exist around every cyclist. It should also be noted that the very last place to attempt overtaking manoeuvres is at junctions. Absolute folly.
A ban and test re-sit for the driver seems the just measure for such cases, plus an audit of the driving school and examination centre that passed them fit to drive in the first place. Someone obviously forgot to explain that that pedal in the middle is a footbrake, and that's what you use until there's a good moment to overtake.
That said, had the cyclist had taken an assertive primary position in his lane of choice, and veered ever so slightly towards the middle of the road as the motorist approached, he would have cut himself a little margin to duck into when the pass turns out to be close.
cycling  dccomment 
4 days ago
Tires with Smooth Tread by Jobst Brandt
Commercial aircraft, and especially motorcycles, demonstrate that a round cross-section tire, like the bicycle tire, has an ideal shape to prevent hydroplaning. The contact patch, a pointed canoe shape, displaces water exceptionally well. In spite of this, hydroplaning seems to be a primary concern for riders who are afraid to use smooth tires. After assurances from motorcycle and aircraft examples, slipperiness on wet pavement appears as the next hurdle.

Benefits of smooth tread are not easily demonstrated because most bicycle riders seldom ride near the limit of traction in either curves or braking. There is no simple measure of elapsed time or lean angle that clearly demonstrates any advantage, partly because skill among riders varies greatly. However, machines that measure traction show that smooth tires corner better on both wet and dry pavement. In such tests, other things being equal, smooth tires achieve greater lean angles while having lower rolling resistance.

Tread patterns have no effect on surfaces in which they leave no impression. That is to say, if the road is harder than the tire, a tread pattern does not improve traction. That smooth tires have better dry traction is probably accepted by most bicyclists, but wet pavement still appears to raise doubts even though motorcycles have shown that tread patterns do not improve wet traction.
cycling  technology 
5 days ago
Future Internet | Free Full-Text | Designing a Softwarized Network Deployed on a Fleet of Drones for Rural Zone Monitoring | HTML
this paper proposes a video monitoring platform as a service (VMPaaS) for wide rural areas not covered by Internet access. The platform is realized with a FANET, whose target is providing connectivity backbone, and a set of drones equipped with high-resolution cameras, each transmitting a video stream of a portion of the considered area. This platform, thanks to its flexibility due to the application of the cloud/fog and the SDN/NFV paradigms, allows, on the one hand, third-party users to contribute to the whole service by installing new cameras on the area or launching new video-transmitter drones that automatically connect to the platform, and on the other hand, users to connect to the platform and, through their terminal, choose one or more cameras to receive video flows of interest.
drones  networking 
5 days ago
Guest Post: In Praise of Globes | mathbabe
If you take the Gall-Peters map of the world and cut out the maps of Suriname and Iceland, then the relative areas will be correct; Suriname will be about 1.6 times as large as Iceland. However, both will have bad distortion in the aspect ratio in opposite direction; the north-south span Suriname will appear substantially larger than its east-west span; and the north-south span of Iceland will appear very much smaller than its east-west span. Both of these are terrible maps of their individual countries. If you are used to looking at maps of Iceland and then look at Iceland on the Gall-Peters map, it will look seriously wrong, for good reason.

On the other hand, if you take a Mercator map of the world and cut out the maps of Suriname and Iceland, then each one by itself is exactly the right shape; each is a fine map of its individual country. However, Iceland will be 3 times the area of Suriname instead of 2/3 the area.
5 days ago
Cycling in France dictionary - French cycling terms - Freewheeling France
Our list below is intended to cover all the key cycling words in French. Like our France bike hire listings, it's a work in progress, and we'll be continually adding new words and phrases – please get in touch if there are any French bike words or phrases that you'd like to know, or if there are some missing that have come in handy for you when you've been cycling in France.

And feel free, too, to print it out and take it with you.
cycling  france 
5 days ago
The Construction of Discourses of Electric Vehicles in the Global Online Media – Andrew Brindle
The search was electric vehicles. The methodological approach, which combines corpus linguistics with discourse analysis, focused on word frequency, salience and words in context in order to study language patterns in the corpus of texts. The analysis found that prevalent discourses were related to the technological advances made in areas related to the battery unit, charging capability and travel range of the vehicles, as well as the growing infrastructure necessary to support such means of transport and the lowering of prices. Thus, rhetorical arguments were presented which positioned electric vehicles as a comparable alternative to internal combustion engine vehicles. The research found that an emphasis towards lower greenhouse gas emissions in electric vehicles was not made, thus, the environmental benefits of electric vehicles was not highlighted.
driving  environment  corpus 
6 days ago
Edinburgh tram tracks injure 200 cyclists who cost £1m to fix | road.cc
Injuries caused be the tram tracks over the last seven years have resulted in a bill for the NHS of more than £1m, and the vast majority happened to cyclists.

Prof Chris Oliver, a consultant at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, has counted 252 tram track incidents, 191 involving cyclists.

The trauma and orthopaedic surgeon says that 119 men and 72 women were injured, with the most common incident being a wheel caught in the tracks, followed sliding on a track, which was particularly likely in wet weather.
cycling  tram  pqpc 
7 days ago
London Datastore
Number of licensed vehicles (in thousands) at year end broken down by type including , cars, motor cycles, light goods, heavy goods, buses an coaches, and Other.

Vehicles are allocated to a local authority according to the postcode of the registered keeper. This is the keeper's address for privately owned vehicles or the company's registered address for company owned vehicles. Significant changes in the number of vehicles from year to year can often occur when a companies with a large number of vehicles change their registered address.
Other vehicles includes rear diggers, lift trucks, rollers, ambulances, Hackney Carriages, three wheelers and agricultural vehicles.
Data from DFT Table VEH0104 and VEH0105.
cycling  driving  London 
7 days ago
Study: The Latest Evidence That Bike Helmet Laws Don't Help Rider Safety - CityLab
Helmet laws were always a victim-blaming distraction from the real issue of bad driving and disrespect for cyclists, so research results that discredit helmet compulsion as an effective public health measure are hardly surprising. Looks like it's time to jump ship and demand "better infrastructure," while ignoring, of course, the real problem: too many motor vehicles, negligently driven.
Vancouver? Illegal to even cycle two abreast there, I read. Mustn't delay the motorist for even a moment, must we? I do understand that as a major oil producing country, each new cyclist is bad news for your economy. Best put the cyclists off the road on to some annoying narrow cycle lanes with plenty of stop lines and long waits at tricky junctions. If you can ensure the cycle track surfacing is inferior, whilst banning cyclists from using the nice smooth direct road alongside, so much the better. Make sure you include plenty of car parking alongside so they'll get doored now and again. Do route cyclists up on to the sidewalk from time to time: it's an effective way of making cyclists more generally disliked by pedestrians, further diverting attention from the real problem.
Yes, more cycle infrastructure is certainly the answer: for committed Fordists.
cycling  dccomment  pqpc 
7 days ago
Greenpeace emails a petition to switch cars from diesel to electric. Fordists everywhere!
OnYerBike  from twitter
7 days ago
Stop the EMA Backsliding on Open Clinical Data [Updated] - Open Enterprise
Back in April, I noted that we had potentially a big win in the form of the opening up of drug safety data in the light of recent scandals that have seen big pharma companies hiding adverse effects of their products, often with fatal results. As I warned, we weren't there yet, since the drug companies really don't want their dirty washing for all to see, and they have been lobbying extremely hard to water down the provisions. And in fact, it seems they have succeeded, as the All Trials Web site explains:

The good proposals in the European Medicines Agency’s (EMA) draft policy on sharing clinical trial data could be at risk.

The EMA has produced a further draft of the policy which would introduce barriers to access to clinical trial data that would make the job of researchers who want to scrutinise it almost impossible.

The policy introduces terms of use which say that researchers can access the data on screen only with printing, sharing or saving of the data forbidden.
drugs  linkrot  openmedicine  open  eu 
8 days ago
Acco - Tôlerie et chaudronnerie acier-carbone, inox, aluminum
Acier, aluminium, inox, depuis 1985, IDRA Novacco met son savoir-faire et sa capacité technique au service de la production de petites, moyennes et grandes séries en tôlerie et chaudronnerie, pour des éléments de quelques grammes à plusieurs tonnes.

Axe majeur de son développement, l'innovation fait d'IDRA NOVACCO l'un des leaders de la transformation des métaux à plat et du soudage robotisé. Elle lui permet de couvrir de nombreux secteurs d'activités : pharmacie, chimie, agroalimentaire, agriculture, construction navale, nautisme (plaisance, loisir, tourisme), véhicules industriels, BTP, traitement de l'eau, équipements portuaires et aéroportuaires, mobilier urbain…
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8 days ago
Where are England's steepest streets? - BBC News
Many people believe Jenkin Road - which featured in the 2014 Tour de France route - is Sheffield's steepest, but its 11.02° gradient is actually puny compared to nearby Blake Street's sinew-straining 16.6°.
cycling  uk  sheffield 
9 days ago
Where are England's steepest streets? - BBC News
"Where is England's steepest street?” Vale Street, Bristol, has a 40% gradient. (Hardknott is 30%.)
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9 days ago
Mandatory bicycle helmet laws in Australia: is it time for a change?  | Croakey
we graphed comparative state-level Australian Bureau of Statistics census data on rates of commuter cycling from 1976-2011. The graph shows a steady increase in rates of cycling to work in WA, followed by a steep decline upon introduction of MHL which has never recovered.
helmetwars  australia 
12 days ago
Diesel : Renault soupçonné d’enfumage à grande échelle - Libération
En cause, le système de dépollution par recirculation des gaz d’échappement (EGR) low-cost qui équipe la plupart des diesels Renault. Ce dernier semble bien moins performant que celui du rival PSA Peugeot-Citroën, qui a misé, lui, sur un système catalytique plus cher mais apparemment plus efficace. De plus, Renault bride son système de dépollution pour ne pas affecter les performances du moteur de ses véhicules. La marque joue sur l’ambiguïté d’un règlement européen de 2007 qui interdit l’utilisation de logiciels bridant l’efficacité d’un système de dépollution, sauf en cas de «protection du moteur […] et pour le fonctionnement en toute sécurité du véhicule». «Ce système antipollution est censé fonctionner dans une plage de température d’admission d’air de 17 à 35 degrés. Mais, au démarrage, la température est souvent inférieure et dès qu’il y a du trafic elle est systématiquement supérieure. Résultat, la plupart du temps, dès que la voiture roule, il n’est pas opérationnel», pointe Lepitre de FNE.

Il y aurait donc «tromperie» manifeste du consommateur sur le fonctionnement du système et sur la réalité des émissions de NOx. Toute l’ambiguïté de l’affaire porte alors sur l’efficacité du «contrôle» au moment de l’homologation des véhicules, qui semble lui aussi visé par l’instruction des juges du parquet de Paris. En France, c’est l’Utac, un organisme privé, qui est chargé par les autorités de procéder aux essais d’homologation dans ses centres de Mortefontaine (Oise) et Montlhéry (Essonne). Or, la plupart des véhicules testés passent ce contrôle comme une lettre à la poste car les constructeurs maîtrisent parfaitement le processus de mesure d’émissions polluantes : «Le problème, c’est que le banc d’essai fonctionne avec une température moyenne d’admission de l’air de 23 degrés qui est pile-poil dans la fourchette où le système de dépollution fonctionne parfaitement, poursuit Lepitre. Cela arrange les constructeurs. Il faudrait pouvoir tester les diesels entre - 7 °C et + 45 °C et là, l’homologation Euro 6 serait bien plus difficile à obtenir.»
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12 days ago
Cycleways and congestion – getting beyond the windscreen mentality | cyclableblog
let’s say that cars have become about 10 percent bigger (in terms of road space occupied) over the last, say, 20 years. There are 2,600,000 cars registered in London. If we work out the average extra space occupied (length x width) by those cars we get a figure of about 2,127,000 square metres.

A little bit of calculator work shows that this is 4,123 times as much space as occupied by all the London cycleways (assuming 3.5 metres wide and 18km in length).

This is almost certainly a considerable underestimate for a number of reasons. First, the motor vehicle space requirements boom has been most marked among popular car models. The space requirement of the Ford Fiesta has grown 20 percent, that of the VW Golf GTi by 25 percent, of the VW Beetle by 23 percent, of the Fiat 500 of by 47 percent and of the Mini a whopping 75 percent, so taking a 10 percent increase is conservative. Second, the calculation applies just for like to like models and doesn’t take into account the immensely popular new types of vehicle such as the ‘people carrier’ and the ‘SUV’
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12 days ago
Wartime Demands Led to Sloppy Asbestos Use
For much of the 20th century, efforts to put the genie back into the bottle were thwarted by an asbestos industry that knew of the dangers of its commodity but constructed an elaborate conspiracy of silence.

What asbestos industry executives knew and when they knew it is a matter of public record, having come to light in the late 1970s after the first asbestos-disease lawsuits were filed.

But those executives had an accomplice: the U.S. government, which also knew asbestos was hazardous but turned a blind eye to the dangers throughout most of the 20th century...
working in an American shipyard during World War II would prove to be almost as deadly as fighting in the war.

During World War II, 16.1 million Americans were called to arms. The combat death rate was about 18 per thousand service members. About 4.3 million Americans worked in shipyards during the war. For every thousand wartime shipyard employees, about 14 died of asbestos-related cancer, and an unknown number died of an asbestos disease called asbestosis, or complications from it.

``In the highest levels of government, there was a conscious political decision to sacrifice lives of (shipyard workers) for the war effort,'' says Samuels, who, at 71, serves as vice president of a worldwide organization dedicated to advancing occupational health and safety issues.
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14 days ago
It seems like a mistake to view these people as important. They are the nearly inevitable results of those times &…
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15 days ago
Le projet d’aéroport de Notre Dame des Landes est-il justifié ?
On parle également beaucoup de la nécessité de construire une seconde piste afin de pouvoir absorber l’augmentation du nombre de passagers. Qu’en est-il exactement ?

L’intervalle minimum entre 2 avions à l’atterrissage est de l’ordre de 2 minutes, soit un espacement aux vitesses d’approche courantes d’environ 8 kilomètres. Lorsqu’il faut, en raison d’une piste unique, intercaler les atterrissages et les décollages, c’est toujours un mouvement toutes les 2 minutes, ce qui correspond à 30 mouvements par heures ou 720 mouvements par jour ou encore 262800 mouvements annuels.

Ceci est bien évidemment un maximum théorique, qu’il convient de ramener à la réalité.

Les avions ne volent pas, surtout en moyen courrier, tout au long des 24 heures. La période utile correspond, en gros, à la tranche 07H00-23H00 soit une amplitude 16H00 utiles.

Ensuite, la densité de trafic n’est pas uniforme tout au long de cette amplitude. Il y a des « heures de pointe » souvent liées aux connections avec d’autres vols. On peut estimer que la moyenne horaire sera de l’ordre de 15 mouvements par heure soit 240 mouvements par jour avec 120 arrivées et 120 départs.
16 days ago
Pointe du Van yesterday. Raw and foggy.
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17 days ago
Majority of People in Britain Accept Climate Change is ‘Happening Right Now’, Survey Shows | DeSmog UK
most people understand that the climate is changing and that these changes will be seen through more extreme weather, the number of people who still remain sceptical is the highest in the UK, at 14 percent, compared to just eight percent of people voicing scepticism in France and nine percent in Norway.

The report is quick to point out, however, that scepticism is “not very widespread” and that across the four countries “a clear majority think that climate change is at least partly caused by human activity”.

But while it seems most people understand the science behind climate change, many are still not sure about how many scientists agree about the reality of climate change and it being caused by human activities.

In Britain, for instance, just 30 percent of people think the vast majority of scientists agree about climate change and 28 percent think most scientists do. Meanwhile only five percent think just a small minority of scientists agree.
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17 days ago
At £131,000, Katie Hopkins should realise trolling on Twitter is an expensive hobby - The i newspaper online iNews
Monroe sued for libel, claiming that the suggestion created by the two tweets, to the effect that she supported the desecration of war memorials, was defamatory and had caused serious harm to her reputation. Hopkins, rejecting an offer to settle and refusing to apologise, fought. She, unlike Monroe, did not give evidence during the hearing, depriving Monroe’s barristers of what would have no doubt been some corking cross-examination, but arguments were made on her behalf. Unfortunately for her, following the form book, she lost.

The Judge had little trouble in finding that the tweets had a “defamatory tendency” – that is to say, that they would have “tended to have a substantially adverse effect on the way that right-thinking members of society would treat” Monroe...
Taking the evidence into account, including Monroe’s evidence of abuse she had suffered as a consequence of the tweets, the Judge found that serious harm had been caused to her reputation, and real and substantial injury caused to feelings, and awarded £24,000 in damages. And that’s not the worst of it. The costs bill looks set to be gargantuan. £107,000 in costs has been ordered to be paid by Hopkins on account pending a full assessment, which may well see that figure climb even higher. Estimates of £300,000 have been tossed around, and that’s before you factor in Hopkins’ own legal costs.
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17 days ago
France Vélo Tourisme - Voie vertes et itinéraires à vélo
Découvrez les itinéraires et parcours vélo en France !

France Vélo Tourisme a concocté ce site web futé pour découvrir la France à vélo, sans C02, pour savourer le vélo tourisme en famille ou entre amis, pour préparer vos balades, parcours, vacances, voyages, randonnées ou week-end à vélo sur les pistes cyclables, voies vertes et autres vélo routes de nos belles provinces de France.
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17 days ago
Untitled (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZnotSJ_4bU&feature=youtu.be)
La rue devant une école primaire fermée aux véhicules motorisés 0830-0915, 1515-1600 Bientôt r du Ballet ?
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17 days ago
Henry de Lesquen est-il un personnage créé de toutes pièces ?
Henry de Lesquen, le candidat d’extrême-droite à la présidentielle, n’est pas un personnage créé de toutes pièces. Une vidéo parodique publiée lundi 6 mars a pourtant été prise au 1er degré par de nombreux internautes.
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17 days ago
Asphyxié par le nucléaire, le groupe EDF dans la tourmente - Greenpeace France
C’est d’abord sur la question des coûts liés au démantèlement des centrales et au traitement des déchets que le bât blesse : EDF les sous-estime drastiquement. L’entreprise devrait dès aujourd’hui mettre 50 milliards de côté.

Mais si le groupe ne le fait pas, c’est peut-être parce que cela entraînerait irrémédiablement sa faillite. Ce n’est pas qu’une histoire de chiffres : le groupe en est tout simplement incapable et ne peut pas compter sur l’Etat, et donc sur les contribuables, pour renflouer ses comptes.

Un petit jeu qui lui permet en tout cas de tromper sur sa santé financière – et qui inquiète par son irresponsabilité.
nukes  finance 
17 days ago
What kind of policing do we need? | Road Danger Reduction Forum
There is a long history of cyclists being concerned about segregated cycle lanes/tracks on the basis that they would marginalise and “ghettoise” them. Part of this is based on the fact that much supposed “provision for cyclists” has been inadequate by today’s standards: inconvenient and potentially more hazardous for cyclists. Part of it is that, even with a network of high quality protected cycle lanes, most cycling will still be on the public highway in the immediate vicinity of motor vehicles: so drivers still have to be aware that they cannot expect cyclists to be somewhere else on most of the roads they use.

This worry is that provision for cycling based on the principle of segregation on main roads holds a fundamental danger for cyclists. It will allow drivers to think that cyclists are a problem to be got “out of the way” (e.g. where drivers feel they have a right to proceed at whatever speed they feel is right for them). The RDRF view is that we should proceed with the current nominal official commitment, most notably in London but also elsewhere, towards networks of segregated cycle lanes as a means of encouraging people scared of the hazards of cycling to cycle. That doesn’t stop us from being wary and watchful of attitudes based on seeing cycling as a problem to be got “out of the way” of drivers.

There are other reasons for cyclists not using existing cycle “facilities”. They may be blocked by parked cars or debris. As such, Cycling UK has successfully defended the right not to use them . Many will not be fit for purpose under the current best practice design standards. Many cyclists have had the experience of being hooted at by irate drivers for not using a supposed “facility” which it was not appropriate for them to use.
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18 days ago
No Easy Answers | Jacobin
It is of course true that national elections tend to be fought primarily on questions of domestic policy. But one of the most important elements of Corbyn’s platform has been his rejection of Labour’s deeply ingrained Atlanticist tradition.

Jones mentions the Labour leader’s opposition to the Iraq war; he might also have noted that Corbyn was one of the few British MPs to oppose NATO’s intervention in Libya from the start. More recently, Corbyn, and his colleague Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry, have strongly challenged British support for the Saudi war in Yemen.

Labour’s foreign-policy stance has generated more controversy than anything else under Corbyn’s leadership. But at a time when Britain’s “special relationship” with the US requires the utmost servility towards Donald Trump, the call for an independent line has the potential to win broad popular support — as Jones has recognized, by involving himself prominently in Britain’s anti-Trump protests of recent months.
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20 days ago
Which country has the world's best healthcare system? | Society | The Guardian
Healthcare is a costly item in national budgets, but who gets the best value for money, and who the best outcomes? We compare the systems in some of the world’s leading countries for healthcare.
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20 days ago
L’accessibilité vélo du Mont-Saint-Michel… le point en ce début d’année 2017. – Vélocité Avranches
A titre expérimental donc, il avait ainsi été prévu que l’accessibilité vélo du Mont sans restriction s’étende au mois de mai, juin et septembre 2017.

Dans cette perspective, seuls les mois les plus estivaux, juillet et août, auraient connu des restrictions d’accès de 10h00 à 18h00.

Nous nous étions accordés sur le contenu du protocole d’expérimentation.
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20 days ago
Théatre : LE CAUCHEMAR DU PREFET - Zone A Défendre
Lundi 3 avril, à 20h30 Salle du Carré des Services, 15 rue d’Arras à Saint-Herblain (Tram 1 Arrêt Romanet) Réservations 07 82 00 10 72 Tarif plein : 10 € ; Tarif réduit : 6 € (enfants, demandeurs d’emploi, bénéficiaires du RSA, moins de 26 ans et scolaires). Chèque à l’ordre de “Mémoires futures”.
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20 days ago
Nantes. En auto, ils percutent deux jeunes femmes qui les avaient éconduits | Presse Océan
Un Nantais d'une vingtaine d'années a été mis en examen pour des violences volontaires aggravées, mardi à Nantes. Il est le propriétaire d'une auto qui, dimanche au petit matin, a délibérément percuté deux jeunes femmes qui se promenaient dans la rue. Le suspect, interpellé lundi, n'était pas seul dans la voiture. Son complice est activement recherché.

Selon les premiers éléments de l'enquête, les deux hommes ont croisé leurs victimes dans la rue, baissé les vitres de leur véhicule et commencé à draguer les jeunes femmes. Ces dernières les auraient éconduits. Pour se venger, les deux hommes auraient alors fait demi-tour au rond-point suivant avant de foncer sur les jeunes femmes. Ces dernières ont été grièvement blessées aux jambes. L'une d'elle s'est déjà vue notifier 45 jours d'incapacité de travail. Son amie 10 jours.
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20 days ago
RT : Luckily there was no shortage of green cars at this year. Like this one.
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20 days ago
Congestion charge has led to dramatic fall in accidents in London | UK news | The Guardian
Research to be presented at the Royal Economic Society’s annual conference later this month found that traffic accidents have fallen in the capital by an astonishing 40% since 2003. The work is the first study of its kind and is likely to be examined closely by other cities that have flirted with the idea of imposing a similar charge.

The £5 charge was hailed as a triumph of economics that forced those contributing to congestion to pay. The resulting fall in traffic confirmed predictions that the charge – increased to £8, then £11.50 – could change motorists’ behaviour.

With fewer cars on the roads in central London, motorists can go faster. This could have increased the risk of accidents. However, the research team led by Professor Colin Green of the economics department at Lancaster University found that the charge has instead resulted in a substantial reduction in the number of accidents and fewer fatalities.
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20 days ago
Reposting from a friend for all those Americans out there:
In case anyone is getting sidetracked by Russian spy drama and the 'Obama bugging', meanwhile the following bills have been introduced:

1. HR 861 Terminate the Environmental Protection Agency
2. HR 610 Vouchers for Public Education
3. HR 899 Terminate the Department of Education
4. HJR 69 Repeal Rule Protecting Wildlife
5. HR 370 Repeal Affordable Care Act
6. HR 354 Defund Planned Parenthood
7. HR 785 National Right to Work (this one ends unions)
8. HR 83 Mobilizing Against Sanctuary Cities Bill
9. HR 147 Criminalizing Abortion (“Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act”)
10. HR 808 Sanctions against Iran
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21 days ago
Language Log » Annals of email porn filtering
I have a German friend who lives amid farmland out east of Edinburgh, and keeps chickens as a hobby. When I visited recently, there was much excitement because one of a clutch of fertile eggs in a small incubator in the living room was beginning to hatch. A tiny beak appeared, and eventually a bedraggled baby bird struggled out and started clambering drunkenly over the shells of its brothers and sisters. Yesterday, after a few weeks had elapsed, my friend wrote to let me know that the tiny creature had been male, and was now an adolescent Cuckoo Maran cockerel.
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21 days ago
Basic income isn’t just a nice idea. It's a birthright | Global Development Professionals Network | The Guardian
Once a fringe idea, basic income is now speeding its way into the public imagination. Finland is running a two-year experiment in basic income. Utrecht in the Netherlands is conducting a trial, too. Y Combinator is trying it out in Oakland in the US. Scotland looks likely to follow suit. And cash transfer programs have already proven to be successful in Namibia, India, and dozens of other developing countries, sparking what some scholars have billed as “a development revolution from the global South”. In Brazil, to cite just one example, cash transfers helped to cut poverty rates in half in less than a single decade.

But the success of basic income – in both the north and south – all depends on how we frame it. Will it be cast as a form of charity by the rich? Or will it be cast as a right for all?

Thomas Paine was among the first to argue that a basic income should be introduced as a kind of compensation for dispossession.
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23 days ago
Elsevier selling access to open access again - Ross Mounce
PaywallWatch shames publishers who charge for then paywall the article anyway eg
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23 days ago
Paywall Watch
PaywallWatch shames publishers who charge for then paywall the article anyway eg
openaccess  from twitter
23 days ago
Translation job boards: is there a better way?
when you take a soup pot and throw in ingredients such as:

The language industry (in the US, at least) having no barrier to entry
Clients needing/wanting a fast and easy way to connect with translators
Clients seeing a way to potentially find a good translator who’s not expensive
More and more people seeing freelance work as a viable “real” career path
More clients needing more content translated on tighter deadlines
Beginning translators needing a point of entry into the industry
More part-time and hobbyist translators who don’t want or need to earn a full-time living from translation
More translators using productivity enhancements such as TM, MT, and speech recognition, and figuring that they can charge less per word and earn the same hourly rate

It’s not hard to see where the perfect storm comes from. And despite each new job board’s assurance that it’s going to do things differently, we have yet to see a real sea change in that market. I definitely hear from freelance translators who have found good clients on job boards, but I feel like that’s the exception rather than the rule. But my question in this post is, is there a better way?
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23 days ago
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