Let’s Rethink What a ‘Bike Lane’ Is
Make room for scooters. Lucy Nicholson/Reuters Let’s Rethink What a ‘Bike Lane’ Is Andrew Small 11:37 AM ET How about “light individual transport lane”?…
from instapaper
august 2018
Discover.typography by H&Co
Recomendación de Santi.
Showcase de fuentes y sus más diversas combinaciones.
typography  fonts 
june 2016
Spotify Duotone Photo Effect Photoshop Tutorial - YouTube
In today's video tutorial we're going to play around in Adobe Photoshop to create a vibrant duotone photo effect inspired by the recent Spotify rebranding. A simple Gradient Map does most of the work, but I'll take you through some extra steps to help you achieve the best results.
tutorials  Design 
april 2016
Google Maps API Styled Map Wizard
herramienta para colorear mapas y facilitar su vectorización
maps  vectors  design 
march 2016
Adsvise - The ultimate social & digital ad size guide
especificaciones y tamaños para posteos y recursos en las diferentes redes sociales
advertising  socialmedia  specs  ads  tools 
february 2016
Primer | Marketing Lessons from Google
This is beautifully designed gold mine of knowledge and rainbows! Congrats on the launch guys! I've already liked the first version but this one just blows my mind! Super polished 👌🏻
marketing  learning  apps 
september 2015
Book Collections - Bookicious
book recommendations from founders and leaders
books  recommendations 
september 2015
Save time by getting detailed answers and resources delivered to your inbox by a trusted network of researchers.
research  tools  assistant  productivity 
september 2015
Colour management and UI design
Most people who design web sites or apps in Photoshop will, at one point or another, have had issues trying to match colours in images to colours generated by HTML, CSS or code. This article aims to solve those problems once and for all.
photoshop  color  UI  Design 
july 2014
"Pensar o Brasil" é um programa composto de uma série de entrevistas realizadas pelo Instituto de estudos Brasileiros da Universidade de São Paulo(IEB-USP). Esta série propõe um debate interdisciplinar sobre o Brasil atual. O programa do dia 25 de abril de 2014, apresentado pelos professores Ana Paula Simioni e Jaime Oliva, traz como convidada e entrevistada a antropóloga e professora da Universidade de São Paulo Lilia Schwarcz.
academic  USP  politics  brazil 
june 2014
"Pensar o Brasil" é um programa composto de uma série de entrevistas realizadas pelo Instituto de estudos Brasileiros da Universidade de São Paulo (IEB-USP). Esta série propõe um debate interdisciplinar sobre o Brasil atual. neste programa, apresentado pelos professores Jaime Oliva e Ricardo Antas, traz como convidado e entrevistado o agrônomo e professor emérito da USP José Pereira de Queiroz Neto.
academic  USP  brasil  politics 
june 2014
Revista Observaciones Filosóficas - Umberto Eco: Sobre Semiótica y Pragmatismo
The Harvard Review of Philosophy: La mayor parte del trabajo académico se ha centrado sobre el campo de la semiótica. ¿Qué es exactamente semiótica? ¿Cuáles, en…
semiotics  from instapaper
may 2014
Umberto Eco y el análisis semiótico-estructural de los fenómenos socioculturales
Fernando Becerra Artieda Las reflexiones sobre los signos y sus modos de funcionamiento en el mundo social, desde su nacimiento hasta mediados de la década del…
semiotics  UCS  from instapaper
may 2014
Frida Kahlo’s Passionate Hand-Written Love Letters to Diego Rivera | Brain Pickings
“no es amor, ni ternura, ni cariño, es la vida entera” | Brain Pickings via
love  letters  from twitter
may 2014
productos recomendados por Santi
shopping  bagpacks 
april 2014
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