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The Met’s Exhibition Catalogs Are Revived for a Digital Life - NYTimes.com
"etermined to “bring the Met’s scholarly heritage into the digital age,” as he put it, the museum on Friday began MetPublications, an online resource that will allow users to search more than 600 catalogs, journals and museum bulletins by title, keyword, publication type, theme or collection. Of that number, 368 are out-of-print catalogs and publications that can be previewed and searched. Also available on the site are 272 titles still in print. It will be possible to obtain on-demand copies of 140 out-of-print books and to get paperbound editions with digitally printed color reproductions through Yale University Press. “What’s value-added is the extent the team has cross-linked to all the Met’s artworks,” Mr. Campbell said. MetPublications includes a description and table of contents for almost every book as well as information about the authors, reviews of the books and links to related publications and art in the museum’s collections. There will also be links to buy in-print books"
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january 2013 by jtrant
What’s Inside This Mysterious 100-Year-Old Package?
On August 26, 1912, a man in central Norway wrapped a mysterious package and wrote a note on the brown paper parcel that read: “May be opened in 2012.” The man, Johan Nygaard, was the first mayor of the small town of Otta and left no hints as to the package contents.

One hundred years later, the Gudbrandsdal museum prepares to open package in an event that will be streamed live online.
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august 2012 by jtrant
What Big Media Can Learn From the New York Public Library - Alexis Madrigal - Technology - The Atlantic
The library still lends books, but over the past year, the NYPL has established itself as a beacon in the carcass-strewn content landscape with smart e-publications, crowdsourcing projects, and an overall digital strategy that shows a far greater understanding of the power of the Internet than most traditional media companies show.<br />
<br />
Biblion, a storytelling app whose iPad icon features the lion head, is the flashiest of these efforts. It presents a slice of the library's 1939 World Fair Collection in a format that, while controversial, pushed the traditional boundaries of the ...<br />
<br />
Then there is the library's slick crowdsourcing projects, which allow users to digitize beautiful old menus from New York's restaurants and plot historical maps of the city onto the GPS-enabled digital maps of ...
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june 2011 by jtrant
Building a web community: lessons from the Open Exhibits Design Summit by Chad Person | Open Exhibits
Thursday morning's session on building web communities featured three speakers who contributed research findings, identified existing resources, and pinpointed areas for improvement when considering how to build an online community.
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march 2011 by jtrant
Is the Virtual World Good for the 'Real' One? | DMLcentral
Online communities are not the problem -- in fact, they may be part of the solution. Many worry that youth who spend significant time on fan sites or in online communities tied to hobbies, sports or other interests will become socially isolated -- or, as in the digital age Good Samaritanism cartoon, they may focus more on needs of those in virtual communities than on the needs of those right next to them. We found the opposite to be true. Controlling for their prior level of engagement with civic life, when youth were highly involved in interest-driven online communities they increased their volunteer and charity work in the offline world and increased their work with others on community issues.
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march 2011 by jtrant
The lost art of editing | Books | The Guardian
Editors are supposed to edit: well, of course. What else would they do? And why should Private Eye, in the process of tweaking a few authors' noses, alight on those who labour behind the scenes and accuse them of incompetence? The answer lies in the changing role of the editor, in the turning wheel of the publishing industry and in the expectations of readers.
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february 2011 by jtrant
online fundraising | Museums Association
Rebecca Atkinson explores the opportinities online campaigns and fundraising websites offer, and looks at some of the dos and don't son raising money online
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february 2011 by jtrant
Rhizome | Moving the Museum Online
Michelle Kasprzak on Adobe's "Museum of Digital Media" + other online galleries @rhizomedotorg
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february 2011 by jtrant
The VIP Art Fair Hits Some Roadblocks, But Pulls Through - WSJ.com
quote: The first major online art fair opened last weekend, but it got off to a troubled start. In the VIP Art Fair's first days, its website slowed to a crawl, shut down temporarily and lost a key interactive feature. One online critic renamed VIP: "Very Inactive Page."<br />
<br />
The problems started at the opening last Saturday. Some collectors had trouble logging in. Dealers complained that they lost changes they made to their online inventory, couldn't show artworks to clients in virtual "back rooms" and had trouble reaching new collectors because of delays in the fair's instant-messaging system.<br />
<br />
The site began to run more smoothly Monday after going offline briefly for repairs. To increase speed, the fair's messaging feature was permanently disabled. Fair organizers say the problems were a result of intense traffic over the chat system.<br />
<br />
On Friday, the fair reported that its artworks had been viewed 6.2 million times.
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january 2011 by jtrant
BBC News - BBC to cut online budget by 25%
"The changes, which will see BBC Online's budget cut by £34m, will also result in the loss of up to 360 posts over the next two years. .... The BBC also published a list of things it would not do in future.<br />
<br />
These commitments include not to launch a social networking site, publish local listings, run online-only music sessions or pay for exclusive online sports rights."
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january 2011 by jtrant
Digital Learning Network — Blog
Interested in Museum Digital Learning?  This event offers you a chance to play and explore what digital learning has to offer!<br />
<br />
The day will give you:<br />
<br />
1. An overview of onsite, outreach and online digital learning technology<br />
<br />
2. Case studies on how digital technology is supporting learning onsite, offsite and online.<br />
<br />
3. Hands on session where you can get your hands on using digital technology using the British Museum galleries and the state of the art Samsung Digital Discovery Centre.<br />
<br />
4. The opportunity to discuss, share ideas, and actively contribute to the best of what is happening with Digital learning in museums and in outreach<br />
<br />
This will be followed by an Unconference, giving everyone the opportunity to discuss, share ideas, and actively contribute to the best of what is happening with Digital learning inside museums and in outreach.
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january 2011 by jtrant
Maybe it's time to muzzle the trolls - The Globe and Mail
When readers write print letters to magazines or newspapers, they are generally curated and edited before publication. Why should online posts be any different? If anything, moderation there is more crucial – last month, website Retrevo published the results of a survey on “poster’s remorse” that found that one-third of respondents had posted something too hastily and regretted it – to say nothing of the comments that people should regret but aren’t self-aware enough to.
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june 2010 by jtrant
Competition for Google: A German Library for the 21st Century - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International
What points out is: are museums sabotaging Europeana user experience for sake of control, metrics? Link HT @SimonTanner
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february 2010 by jtrant
DLIST - Controlling Access to and Use of Online Cultural Collections: A Survey of U.S. Archives, Libraries and Museums for IMLS DRAFT VERSION 4/7/2009.
This report describes the results of an Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) funded study to investigate the use of technological or policy tools to control patron access to or use of digital collections of cultural materials created by U.S. archives, libraries and museums. The technological and policy tools serve primarily to control copying or other reuses of digital materials. The study had the following goals: 1. Assess what technical and policy tools cultural institutions are employing to control access to and use of online digital collections. 2. Investigate motivations for controlling access to or use of collections (e.g., copyright, privacy, protecting traditional restrictions, income generation etc.). 3. Investigate discouragers to the implementation of access and use control systems (e.g., preference for open collections, lack of resources, institutional mission, etc.). 4. Gauge interest in implementing technical systems to control access ...
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april 2009 by jtrant
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