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Mobile Marketing Set to Create Havoc and Opportunities
"More people worldwide own mobile phones than toothbrushes." http://t.co/1wpT5t0x #mtogo #mw2012 #infographic
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may 2012 by jtrant
Untitled (http://www.imls.gov/news/national_leadership_grant_announcement.aspx#IN)
congrats to et al. MT IMLS National Leadership Grant support for museum mobile tools TAP & TourML
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september 2011 by jtrant
More on mobile tech impacts in museums (extended Mashable remix)
RT : New blogpost: More on mobile tech impacts in museums (extended remix of the Mashable article)
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september 2011 by jtrant
How Tech Is Changing the Museum Experience
Museums are exploring digital and mobile technologies to enhance visitor experience. Initiatives go beyond technology within exhibits and installations, but also include more pervasive uses of tech to create interactive experiences for visitors throughout a museum, as well as remote experiences for those who cannot get there.<br />
Here, we highlight what three museums are doing to make the experience interactive, educational and engaging.
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september 2011 by jtrant
Rebooting Museums (5) | HiLobrow
In Season 1, Episode 12 (“The Hand of God”) of Battlestar Galactica, the remaining ships of the Colonial Fleet are in dire straits; their fuel resources are dangerously low. Commander Adama decides to make an uncharacteristic move by risking an attack on a Cylon tylium (fuel) refinery. Why take this risk? He declares, in a conversation with President Roslin, “Sometimes we just need to roll the hard six.” However, he chooses to do so while isolating the majority of the fleet — he restricts who he puts into harm’s way. Adama’s argument is that sometimes high risk / high reward experiments are what survival requires.
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july 2011 by jtrant
The AGO goes mobile
The AGO's recently released iPhone app (designed by Tristan Interactive) offers a great way to get a little culture when you're stuck fiddling around on your phone looking for something to do. Along with the usual information regarding upcoming exhibitions, floor plans, and visitor hours, there's two features in particular that make this a nice addition to one's app collection: 1) audio guides and 2) an impressive sample of the gallery's permanent collection.The former is of course, only really useful when you're at the gallery, but the latter is a wonderful little guilt-free time waster. Although it'd be nice to see a more extensive collection of photographs and contemporary art in general, the European and Canadian collections offer lots to look at with more than 800 pieces to browse between them (the Modern and Contemporary section, on the other hand, only features 39 pieces). ...
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june 2011 by jtrant
Research on tablets for learning : MuseumMobile Wiki
Here at the British Museum’s Samsung Digital Discovery Centre, we are about to acquire a set of Samsung Galaxy Tabs for a large scale education project. The project will involve museum visits by 700 secondary school students (age 12-13) in June/July 2011. The students will complete a two-part activity: Completing an AR/web-based game activity on the Tabs in the galleries; Making films in our digital center based on the data they collect through the game.Since we have such a large number of participants doing the same activity in a short space of time, we are keen to use this as an opportunity to gather research data on how technology facilitates learning in museums and the use of Tabs in galleries. (We are less interested in evaluating the film making activity.) It would be incredibly helpful to have input on what our research questions should be and how to structure our study.Our intial brainstorm yielded the following questions ...
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june 2011 by jtrant
Prototyping moveME – a location-aware indoor mobile App with tracking
And although there’s two companies involved with RFID in their names, this project is not about RFID at all – but instead is developing and trialling a mobile platform which, combined with indoor location awareness, is able to deliver customised content to visitors and also deliver valuable spatial analytics data back to the museum to assist with future exhibition design and spatial configuration.<br />
Julian Bickersteth and Christopher Ainsley delivered a paper, Mobile Phones & Visitor Tracking, at Museums and the Web 2011 that outlined the broad premise of the project in April.<br />
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june 2011 by jtrant
Venice Biennial 2011 AR intervention
The international cyberartist group Manifest.AR wishes to inform the general public, the President and the Curator of the 54th edition of the Venice Biennial that we are extending the Giardini with extra pavilions. We have construct these new pavilions using Augmented Reality (AR) architecture and are showing a selection of AR artworks from renowned artists working in this contemporary medium and new spatial
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june 2011 by jtrant
iPads on Tour - Museum-Ed Blog
At the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, iPads are going on tours with the express purpose of enabling tour guides to use multimedia to enhance their tours. The program was actually a research project, and below is a down and dirty list of the things we learned throughout the project.
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may 2011 by jtrant
In a sculpture garden, what are you most interested in doing using your smartphone?
RT : What do you want to be able to do w/ your smart phone in a sculpture garden? Tell us:
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may 2011 by jtrant
Thoughts from Museums and the Web 2011 | Thinking about exhibits
of note: Thoughts from Museums and the Web 2011 | Thinking about exhibits
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april 2011 by jtrant
Explorer - Mobile Navigation and Interpretation at the American Museum of Natural History | conference.archimuse.com
paper online : Explorer - Mobile Navigation and Interpretation at the American Museum of Natural History
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march 2011 by jtrant
User-Generated Content: Where’s the Opportunity for Mobile? | Frankly, Green + Webb
"And for me this was the important bit: involving amateurs didn’t mean letting go of standards or expertise.  While the projects were profoundly different Phil and Kevin both spoke about the need to guide their participants to deliver quality.  I was particularly struck by Phil’s description of the impact made by changing the standard heading ‘comments’ to ‘annotations’ and the way in which Kevin had created pleasurable online activities that in effect ‘trained’ participants.<br />
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march 2011 by jtrant
Museums vs Android – A look at the state of Android apps for cultural institutions & how to improve things
Museums vs Android – A look at the state of Android apps for cultural institutions & how to improve things
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february 2011 by jtrant
IAAPA - FUNWORLD Magazine January 2011
The aquarium uses a service offered by a company called Guide by Cell. On our map, visitors receive the following instruction: “Use your phone to get connected! We’ll send you text alerts about unscheduled feedings and other exciting opportunities throughout the day. Text feeding to [five-digit short code].” Once they do this, they receive a confirmation text that they have opted in to be alerted to the various unscheduled feedings throughout their visit.
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february 2011 by jtrant
Melbourne Museum launches app world-first - Australian Macworld
Please touch the exhibit takes users on a tour through 10 Melbourne Museum experiences. The app grants  virtual visitors access inside the glass display cases, to create an interactive experience with the assortment of the museum’s objects on show.
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february 2011 by jtrant
Museums & Mobile | Online Conference | March 22-23, 2011
quote: The first day includes interactive online workshops with museum professionals who have developed and implemented mobile experiences at their museums. Participants will learn first-hand about what worked well and what could have be done differently, and will pick up practical and actionable guidelines for the development and operation of their own effective mobile experience. The day will be shaped around case study presentations exploring the four themes of: project planning & strategy, the design of effective on-site experiences, the design of engaging off-site experiences, and appropriate technology solutions.<br />
<br />
Remember, all live sessions will be recorded and made available online for conference delegates shortly after they take place so that delegates can enjoy the program, regardless of availability or time zone!
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february 2011 by jtrant
quote: EpiCollect.net provides a web application for the generation of forms and freely hosted project websites (using Google's AppEngine) for many kinds of mobile data collection projects.<br />
<br />
Data can be collected using multiple mobile phones running either the Android Operating System or the iPhone (using the EpiCollect mobile app) and all data can be synchronised from the phones and viewed centreally (using Google Maps) via the Project website or directly on the phones.<br />
 <br />
EpiCollect.net provides a web application for the generation of forms and freely hosted project websites (using Google's AppEngine) for many kinds of mobile data collection projects.<br />
Data can be collected using multiple mobile phones running either the Android Operating system or the iPhone (using the EpiCollect mobile app) and all data can be synchronised from the phones and viewed centrally (using Google Maps) via the Project website or directly on the phones.
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february 2011 by jtrant
Richard McCoy — Beta testers wanted for New Public Art Documenter Mobile App
Will you try this mobile app if just once?  It’s called “EpiCollect,” and it’s for data collection; EpiCollect was designed for people to create their own projects to collect data on whatever they’re interested in.  The app works on both Android and iPhone platforms.  I don’t have a link to the app, you have search for it in the Android Marketplace or on iTunes.<br />
<br />
With EpiCollect I’ve created a project that allows anyone in the world to document public art, and then share it on the project web page.  This project is called “PublicArtDocumenter,” and it’s an outgrowth of our efforts with WikiProject Public Art. There are just a few entries so far, but you can check em out here:
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january 2011 by jtrant
Archives & Museum Informatics: Museums and the Web 2007: Papers: Mitroff, D., and K. Alcorn, Do You Know Who Your Users Are? ...
"Most visitors do not intuitively understand the difference between “collections” and “exhibitions”"
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january 2011 by jtrant
China Heart goes live – a mobile storytelling experience
RT : China Heart iOS launches tonight + is in the AppStore | + you don't have to be in Oz to play!
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january 2011 by jtrant
BBC News - Today - Kew app leaves user 'delightfully lost'
a debate about the "pros and cons of mixing technology with nature". <br />
<br />
are apps interface or interference?
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january 2011 by jtrant
2011: Second Wave of Children’s Mobile Apps Is Coming | GeekDad | Wired.com
includes list of <br />
"Attributes of a Second-Wave Educational App<br />
...<br />
1. The app can only exist on the mobile device.<br />
2. The app maximizes the opportunities presented by the technical capacity of the mobile device<br />
3. It allows children to create<br />
4. It connects children to each other and to the outside world<br />
5. It looks beautiful
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january 2011 by jtrant
tatehandheldconference / Jason DaPonte Keynote
Jason is going to present his top predictions for future trends in the mobile space (both technology and behaviour) and then will ground that by looking at how musuems/galleries might apply that.<br />
 <br />
Jason DaPonte has over 10 years experience working at the junction where media and technology collide - and he loves it.  He spent the last 3 years working in the midst of the mobile content and services explosion as Managing Editor of BBC Mobile and now offers mobile consultancy via THE SWARM.  At the BBC, he oversaw the content across mobile web, apps, messaging and A/V offerings as well as looking at emerging areas including mobile broadcasting and out-of-home entertainment and information services. Before that, he was an Executive Producer for BBC ONLINE and chaired the BBC Future Media Editorial Forum and was a mentor and facilitator on the BBC Creative Network. 
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january 2011 by jtrant
Museums & Mobile | The Survey Results are In!
"This year’s survey received an amazing response: 738 to be precise ..."<br />
<br />
"an ongoing international research initiative that tracks the museum community's use of and ambitions for mobile technology tools ... "
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january 2011 by jtrant
Groundbreaking use of iPads at the Gerhard Richter exhibition | East Midlands | Creative Boom Magazine
Visit New Walk Museum & Art Gallery in Leicester to experience Contemporary Art combined with new technology. This groundbreaking project includes the use of iPads as an on-gallery resource for visitors to the Gerhard Richter exhibition helping them to interpret Contemporary Art. A first for any UK museum and art gallery.<br />
<br />
The iPad hosts a Digital Interpretation Guide that was developed by young people through a series of workshops with artists and designers to create a body of work that interprets the works featured in the ARTIST ROOMS: Epoch - Gerhard Richter exhibition on show at the museum until 27th February 2011.
museum  ipad  interpretation  exhibition  museweb  #mtogo  mtogo  from delicious
january 2011 by jtrant
National Museum of Australia adopting iPads for exhibitions - National Museum of Australia, mobile, iPad, apple ipad, Apple - Computerworld
The National Museum of Australia is considering broadening the use of iPads to deliver greater multimedia and interactive content with its exhibitions.<br />
<br />
According to the museum’s manager, information technology and services, Chris Gill, the organisation is already trialling the use of iPads in areas responsible for exhibitions and now intends to use the tablet PCs for its forthcoming The Irish in Australia offering in March.
museweb  ipad  exhibition  interpretation  museum  #mtogo  mtogo  from delicious
january 2011 by jtrant
PSFK » PSFK’s Future Of Mobile Tagging
"key trends in the mobile tagging space, so as to inspire marketers and their creative agencies about their future use of technologies that include QR codes, barcodes and Microsoft Tags ..."
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january 2011 by jtrant
Mobile Crit Room | conference.archimuse.com
glad to see you like the idea of the "mobile crit room" at Museums and the Web 2011
#mtogo  #mw2011  mtogo  mw2011  from twitter
december 2010 by jtrant
IPhone and Android Apps Breach Privacy - WSJ.com
Few devices know more personal details about people than the smartphones in their pockets: phone numbers, current location, often the owner's real name—even a unique ID number that can never be changed or turned off.

These phones don't keep secrets. They are sharing this personal data widely and regularly, a Wall Street Journal investigation has found.
museweb  privacy  mobile  mtogo  #mtogo  iphone  apps  wsj 
december 2010 by jtrant
British Museum: Passport the Afterlife augmented reality trail
pics of @britishmuseum "#AR trail through ancient Egyptian galleries on the #junaio platform" /via @smannion #mtogo
musweb  museum  augmentedreality  AR  mobile  egypt  mtogo  #mtogo  #AR  #junaio  junaio 
december 2010 by jtrant
Mediamatic.net - My guide
"Contemporary Art Museum Interactive Guide.

My guide is an interactive guide made for smart phones that uses the museum as an interactive playground where visitors can generate paths and connections through their activities.
With My Guide the visitor can take pictures, tag the artworks, add notes, sketch on others notes, and share the captured experience via social networks to the artists itself, museum curators and friends.
By doing so the visitors modify the museum content and influence the possible interactions between the artworks and the exhibition space itself."
museum  mobile  myguide  tour  iphone  mtogo 
december 2010 by jtrant
Research and Reports | Frankly, Green + Webb
Smartphones And Their Potential To Support Family Learning in the Cultural Sector
musewb  mtogo  smartphones  mobile  museums  family  museweb 
november 2010 by jtrant
Museum Without Walls
"Museum Without Walls™: AUDIO is a new kind of interpretive program for Philadelphia’s public art. Each audio program is told by a variety of people from all walks of life who are connected to the sculpture by knowledge, experience or affiliation. Nearly 100 “voices” at 35 stops explore 51 sculptures along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and Kelly Drive."
mw2011  philadelphia  local  public  geospatial  audio  mobile  mtogo 
november 2010 by jtrant
Connected Devices: Does the iPad Change Everything? | Nielsen Wire
he Nielsen Company recently surveyed more than 5,000 consumers who already own a tablet computer, eReader, netbook, media/games player, or smartphone to get a better sense of who is using these devices and how they are using them. Download a summary of the findings or contact us for information about acquiring a full copy of Nielsen’s Connected Devices Playbook.
mtogo  museweb  museum  mobile  apps  ipad  nielsen  survey  analytics 
october 2010 by jtrant
The Handheld Guide: Experimenting with Mobile Technology in Museums | Technology in the Arts | Blog, podcast, and workshops exploring arts management and technology
There has been a lot of buzz lately about mobile technology with the release of mobile apps by some major museums like MoMA, The Brooklyn Museum, and the Museum of Natural History. Reviews have been mixed, but the discussion about the way mobile technology should be used in museums has definitely picked up speed.
mtogo  museweb  museum  mobile  tours  review 
october 2010 by jtrant
SI Web and New Media Strategy - Vantage Point
Where mobile web meets the cellphone tour through the latest tagging technology and the humble object label
museweb  mobile  mtogo  nmai 
october 2010 by jtrant
iArt – Museums and iPhone Apps | B2C Marketing Insider
An inside look at consumer marketing news and trends
ping.fm  mtogo 
october 2010 by jtrant
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