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ORG Zine | The Culture Paradox - the challenge of Digital Rights and Museums
Nick Poole of Collections Trust:

"In managing these rights, museums find themselves balancing four priorities:

Ensuring that the interests (both moral and economic) of the rights holders are respected;
An increasing expectation that they will generate revenue through the sale and licensing of images;
The public expectation that digital versions of heritage collections will be freely accessible online; and
The lack of resources to support the costs of digitisation and metadata
This, then, is the paradox. Failing to digitise is failing to deliver our public mission, but there isn’t enough public money to pay for it. Making ‘orphan works’ freely available online risks undermining the creators who depend on income from licensing their works, yet nobody is in a position to pay for collective licensing on the scale required"
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june 2012 by jtrant
The Art of Linked Data: Architecting Recollection - semanticweb.com
In this column “The art of Linked Data” a few of us at Zepheira will try to bring observations, reflections and practical advice from various projects applying Linked Data and thus Semantic Web principles across diverse domains.  At Zepheira we help organizations implement sophisticated Web solutions with a specialty in combining the reasoning power of people with the mechanical processing of computers.<br />
<br />
Imagine a situation where a scientific researcher is trying to organize a variety of material for a project or paper; that material might be coming from various sources, in various formats, and with shifting context throughout. There might be related research papers (citations and references), contact information for peer researchers, information about organizations who have sponsored the research with grants or research budget, the actual scientific data collected during the research, and more.
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september 2011 by jtrant
News: updated sustainability case studies at Strategic Content Alliance blog
In 2009, Ithaka S+R published twelve detailed case studies of online digital resources, exploring the strategies project leaders were using to sustain those projects for the long term. All of the case studies have been updated in 2011. Read on to find out more and download the case studies.<br />
It is striking to note the cavalcade of business know-how and other associated sustainability advice and guidance – printed, electronic and events being aimed at organisations such as colleges, universities, libraries, museums etc as a result of the current perfect storm of reduced funding, recession and rapid technological change.<br />
These case studies are truly unique, as they cite real world financial information, something conveniently overlooked by many other publications. We have revisited a cross-section of emergent internet business models and how these are being applied not just at a particular moment in time, but over a two year period from 2009-2011.
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september 2011 by jtrant
Australian finds portrait of posh relative - in Hackney Musuem - News - Hackney Gazette
"Mr Deamer’s cousin had managed to view the painting herself thanks to Hackney Museum’s new Collections Online catalogue, which allows visitors to see any of the 7,000 artefacts in the museum in Reading Lane.<br />
<br />
Cllr Jonathan McShane, cabinet member for community services, said: “We have some fantastic objects in our collection that showcase the wonderful stories from Hackney’s past.<br />
<br />
“For someone to find a painting of their very great grandfather is amazing and shows why it’s important that the council makes its collections available to anyone who wants to see them.”<br />
<br />
Collections Online is fully searchable by keyword or with advanced search tools for more in-depth research. To search the collections, visit http://museum.hackney.gov.uk/home."
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august 2011 by jtrant
IDIA - Ball State University - projects : Microsoft Surface Museum Collection Portal
IDIA students and staff have designed a custom MS Surface application for browsing and searching an art museum's collection - connecting the art objects on display with the vast archived content of a museum's collection that is typically not seen.
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july 2011 by jtrant
BBC - BBC Internet Blog: Your Paintings: Opening up the nation's art collection
Today we announced the public beta launch of Your Paintings, a unique new initiative to make the UK’s entire national collection of oil paintings available to view online for the first time.<br />
Many people don’t realise that the UK has tens of thousands of paintings in its publicly funded museums and institutions that are not currently viewable by the public, either because they are in storage or are kept in buildings that are inaccessible to the general public. The vast majority of these paintings have never been published online.<br />
Unlocking our cultural heritageNow, in partnership with the Public Catalogue Foundation (a charity established to document this national resource) and hundreds of galleries and collections across the country, BBC Online’s Your Paintings site will begin making these artworks available to view by anyone, anytime, for free.
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june 2011 by jtrant
Open Objects: 'Share What You See' at hack4europe London
A quick report from hack4europe London, one of four hackathons organised by Europeana to 'showcase the potential of the API usage for data providers, partners and end-users'.
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june 2011 by jtrant
Recollection: A Collaborative Tool For Sharing And Visualizing Cultural Data | Fast Company
A new service from the Library of Congress lets you build maps, graphs, timelines, and trees from the collective digital and digitized history of an entire nation.<br />
As digital tools move on, standards change, and interoperability fails, we lose access to older information. As our history becomes harder to access, only the newest information rises to the top, leaving us with a collective digital memory that is foggy on anything but the most recent past.To correct this problem, the Library of Congress is debuting Recollection, a free platform developed by the LoC's digital preservation program, with help from information architecture company Zepheira, to preserve and present digital history.
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june 2011 by jtrant
Recollection: A Collaborative Tool For Sharing And Visualizing Cultural Data | Fast Company
A new service from the Library of Congress lets you build maps, graphs, timelines, and trees from the collective digital and digitized history of an entire nation.<br />
As digital tools move on, standards change, and interoperability fails, we lose access to older information. As our history becomes harder to access, only the newest information rises to the top, leaving us with a collective digital memory that is foggy on anything but the most recent past.To correct this problem, the Library of Congress is debuting Recollection, a free platform developed by the LoC's digital preservation program, with help from information architecture company Zepheira, to preserve and present digital history.
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june 2011 by jtrant
Digital Images of Yale’s Vast Cultural Collections Now Available for Free
Scholars, artists and other individuals around the world will enjoy free access to online images of millions of objects housed in Yale's museums, archives, and libraries thanks to a new "Open Access" policy that the University announced today. Yale is the first Ivy League university to make its collections accessible in this fashion, and already more than 250,000 images are available through a newly developed collective catalog.
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may 2011 by jtrant
Wayne W Bishop - Code
The great thing about iOS applications is the fit and finish.. Although Google's Android OS is available on more devices, the user experience of an iOS or Mac app, if developed correctly, can be amazing.<br />
<br />
While developing my own iPad app I've looked to other apps in the hopes of building a fantastic user experience. My conclusion is that a focused effort towards animation and design should allow my project to stand out.<br />
<br />
If you've ever set the volume or brightness on a Macbook, iPad or iPhone you have seen the animation I will talk about here. For this article I'll walk through how you can apply the same "fading dialog" technique so your apps look polished and professional. 
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may 2011 by jtrant
How can Art cope with the onslaught of digital? | Tate Blog
"There were a number of interesting themes that emerged through the evening. It is fair to say no-one disagreed with the title. By the end of the evening, it was less about ‘Does Art…’ and more about ‘How will Art respond to the onslaught of digital?’<br />
Note to self; you will better answer that question talking to people outside of your own industry. We learned more from the Guardian’s experiences than we would have done seeking answers from the art establishment.<br />
There was, of course, no consensus. This is not surprising. Within the digital space there rarely is. More troubling was a perspective in some quarters, firstly, that the digital ‘thing’ could be resisted, and secondly, that it would detract from the experience of seeing the real thing."
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march 2011 by jtrant
Recollection: Serving Local Preservation Partner Needs through a National Linked Data Platform: Part 2 - semanticweb.com
The Library of Congress’ National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program works to catalyze and sustain a national network of digital preservation partners. From the beginning of the project one of the key ideas has been that the partnership, now with 185 partner organizations across 45 states, needed to work toward a distributed architecture. To that end, NDIIPP has worked with its’ partners to connect different platforms for storage and verification, data and metadata management, and access and discovery of preserved digital materials.<br />
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march 2011 by jtrant
News - Museums Australia
RT : Powerhouse Museum to continue operating Collections Australia Network site w reduced service levels
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march 2011 by jtrant
Regional museum web unravels | The Australian
CAN enabled all these tiny museums to list in a centralised database what was in their collections; the catalogue took about 15 years to bring online and had not been available previously.<br />
Veteran heritage consultant Kylie Winkworth says researchers, writers and cultural tourists use the site, not just museums and historical societies.<br />
"A lot of Australian stories are based in the regions, and yet the state and national collections do not represent [them]," she says.<br />
She argues CAN's demise illustrates the chronic disregard of regional cultural organisations, the groups that were heartened by the appointment last year of Simon Crean as Minister for the Arts as well as Minister for Regional Australia, Regional Development and Local Government.
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march 2011 by jtrant
Information Seeking Behavior in Digital Image Collections: A Cognitive Approach
Krystyna K. Matusiaka, <br />
aKrystyna K. Matusiak is Digital Collections Librarian, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries, 2311 E. Hartford Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53211, USA<br />
<br />
Available online 25 July 2006. <br />
Abstract<br />
Presents the results of a qualitative study that focuses on search patterns of college students and community users interacting with a digital image collection. The study finds a distinct difference between the two groups of users and examines the role of mental models in information seeking behavior in digital libraries.
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march 2011 by jtrant
The Google Art Project | Curator
A New Generation of Museums on the Web? (revised)<br />
<br />
by Nancy Proctor<br />
<br />
This article responds to comments made at the Google Art Project launch, February 1, 2011 at Tate Britain, and on the CuratorJournal.org blog post that preceded this article. All quotes used here are from these sources. The author would like to thank members of Curator’s online community for their collaboration in analyzing the impact of Google Art, and for sharing their insights so generously.
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march 2011 by jtrant
Rhizome | Moving the Museum Online
Michelle Kasprzak on Adobe's "Museum of Digital Media" + other online galleries @rhizomedotorg
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february 2011 by jtrant
If you have an interest in library, museum or archive metadata, we want to hear from you. : Information Environment Team
If you have an interest in library, museum or archive metadata, we want to hear from you.<br />
<br />
JISC are seeking feedback on some metadata guidelines from people with expertise in working with library, archive and museum metadata.<br />
JISC and RLUK are working together on a programme of work called the Resource Discovery Taskforce. The aim of the Resource Discovery Taskforce work is to enable new and enhanced services for end users to allow them to manage, explore and get access to the collections held by museums, libraries and archives. We plan to do this by making the metadata about these collections as open and reusable as possible.
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february 2011 by jtrant
Official Google Blog: Explore Yad Vashem’s Holocaust archives online
On a trip to Jerusalem three years ago, Jonathan Rosenberg visited Yad Vashem. Struck by the museum's vast historical record housed within the physical building, he hoped Google could do something powerful to showcase this information. Inspired by the challenge, a few of us, in our “20% time,” started working with Yad Vashem and eventually grew our effort into a full project, introducing a YouTube channel in 2008 and now this collections site.<br />
<br />
Within the archive you will find more than 130,000 images in full resolution. You can search for them via a custom search engine on Yad Vashem’s collections site. And by using experimental optical character recognition (OCR), we’ve transcribed the text on many images, making them even more discoverable on the web. This means that if you search for the name of a family member who was in the Holocaust, you might find a link to an image on the Yad Vashem site.
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january 2011 by jtrant
About | LOD-LAM
The International Linked Open Data in Libraries, Archives, and Museums Summit (“LOD-LAM”) will convene leaders in their respective areas of expertise from the humanities and sciences to catalyze practical, actionable approaches to publishing Linked Open Data, specifically:<br />
<br />
Identify the tools and techniques for publishing and working with Linked Open Data.<br />
Draft precedents and policy for licensing and copyright considerations regarding the publishing of library, archive, and museum metadata.<br />
Publish definitions and promote use cases that will give LAM staff the tools they need to advocate for Linked Open Data in their institutions.<br />
Where and when?<br />
<br />
The LOD-LAM Summit will take place June 2-3, 2011 in San Francisco, CA.
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january 2011 by jtrant
Google widens access to Israel's Holocaust archives | Reuters
Search engine giant Google launched a massive archive retrieval project with Israel's national Holocaust museum on Wednesday with the aim of easing public access to Nazi-era documents and photographs.<br />
<br />
The project was unveiled on the eve of a global day of remembrance for the six million Jewish Holocaust victims, marked annually on January 27.<br />
<br />
Officials at Google and Yad Vashem, the Israeli museum founded in the early 1950s, hope the wider use of the Internet to research the greatest tragedy in Jewish history will keep the memory alive and also add to their own knowledge on the subject.
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january 2011 by jtrant
Behind the Powerhouse collection Wordpress plugin
...<br />
<br />
The germination of the WordPress plugin was the aftermath of the Amped Hack Day run by Web Directions at the Powerhouse where we launched the Museum’s collection API.<br />
<br />
Whilst the API launch had been a success, Luke (Web Manager/Developer) and Carlos (Developer) and I were a little disappointed that although we’d launched a REST API, we had actually made it more difficult for the ‘average interested person’ to do simple programmatic things with our collection data.<br />
<br />
Of course, we’d built primarily the API to make our own lives easier in developing in-museum applications, and the next wave of online and mobile collection projects you will be hearing about over the coming 12 months. But we’d also aimed to have the API broaden the external use of our collection data and solve some of the ‘problems’ with our existing ‘download the database‘ approach.
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january 2011 by jtrant
Cultural Heritage and the Semantic Web British Museum & UCL Study Day - Jan 13th - ResearchSpace
Aimed at a general cultural heritage audience, the day currently includes the following speakers<br />
<br />
Professor Dame Wendy Hall DBE FRS FREng – Keynote Speaker<br />
Kenneth Hamma - The Wrong Containers, Humanities and the Internet<br />
John Sheridan - Government and National Archive initiatives<br />
Hugh Glaser -  Museum data, where next – consuming linked data<br />
Atanas Kiryakov – FactForge – the Fast Track to the Centre of the Data Web<br />
Dominic Oldman – The ResearchSpace Initiative – Supporting scholarly research online<br />
Leif Isaksen  - Semantic Technologies in Cultural Heritage: Past, Present and Future<br />
Jonathan Whitson Cloud - Paths to Data Sharing
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january 2011 by jtrant
North East ‘Hack Day’ to improve museum data collections | The Connection
. seeks web developers "fancy a hack day to improve online service for museum collections?" in Newcastle
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january 2011 by jtrant
Powerhouse Museum to launch open access image repository - powerhouse museum, Gov 2.0 - CIO
"The Powerhouse Museum has moved to embrace Gov 2.0 principles, announcing plans to create an open-access image repository to showcase the organisations’ extensive image archive.

The portal will initially begin with about 5000 images and grow to include the museum’s glass-plate negatives collection, including some 7903 images from the Tyrrell Photographic Collection, which documents city and country life in the late 1800s and early 1900s.'
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december 2010 by jtrant
Open API | Open Exhibits
Open API allows creation of a public API into any MYSQL database
open  collectionsonline  api  museweb 
october 2010 by jtrant
The reinvented museum: Exploring information seeking behaviour in a digital museum context
PhD thesis from Research Programme Information Interaction and Information Architecture
Royal School of Library and Information Science, Denmark
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august 2010 by jtrant
RunCoCo Project: Interested in running a community collection?
..... offers free training and open-source software to help small institutions in the education and public sectors:

harness knowledge from the general public to enrich existing digital collections for research and teaching;
collect and catalogue digital media (photos, films and interviews) from a community.
RunCoCo is building a support network to exchange knowledge about ‘community collections’. These can cost comparatively less than traditionally-funded digitisation projects, and can also be used to support institutional outreach agendas.
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april 2010 by jtrant
Google Chief Announces Plan in Baghdad to Put Iraqi Artifacts Online - NYTimes.com
What no one at the event mentioned was that the National Museum’s collections had already been digitized, at least in part, by Italy’s National Research Center, under a 1 million euro grant from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The collections went online last June as the Virtual Museum of Iraq.
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november 2009 by jtrant

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