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All You Need to Know Is Never Let Go
Gabe, Pete, and Meagan have a lot of sex, talk about their feelings, and hang out with Bronx. Feelingsful and id-riffic with a schmooptastic ending.
Author:Lalejandra  Fandom:FOB  Fandom:CobraStarship  Fandom:Bandom  Pete/Meagan  Gabe/Pete  Pete/Gabe/Meagan  Kink:SmallDick  Kink:Size  Kink:Impregnation  Kink:Feet  Kink:ComePlay  Polyamory  Drugs  Kink:Threesome  Kink:FirstTime  Fic  Complete  >20k 
june 2013 by jstong
Sole Mates
Louis feet are aching after a concert, and Harry is surprised to find that he rather likes rubbing them down.
Author:SadTomato  Fandom:OneDirection  Harry/Louis  Kink:Feet  Hurt/Comfort  Kink:ComePlay  ShowerSex  Kink:D/s  Kink:DiscoveryofKink  Fic  Complete  <5k  Masturbation 
june 2012 by jstong
Fic That Doesn't Deserve A Title
Written for roebling's prompt: Brendon wants nothing more than to see highschool! or early Panic! Spencer in a pair of high heels. Spencer's willing to try, but once he's got the shoes on his feet and he's wobbling around he's sure he just looks like a huge fool. Brendon convinces him otherwise.
Author:Estei  Fandom:PatD  Brendon/Spencer  Kink:Crossdressing  Kink:Feet  Kink:Shoes  Fic  Complete  >5k  from twitter_favs
january 2012 by jstong

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