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Give It All Away (To Only You) - disarm_d - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
“Zayn’s got love at first sight,” Louis says. “Again.”

University AU in which Zayn and Harry figure out how to give each other what they want.
Author:Disarm_D  Fandom:OneDirection  Harry/Zayn  Harry  Zayn  Kink:Painplay  Kink:NipplePlay  Kink:CBT  Kink:Biting  Kink:Scratching  Kink:D/s  AU  College  Fic  Complete  >10k 
august 2014 by jstong
You Do From Time to Time
Harry seems no more fazed by tonight than any other time they’ve watched porn and jerked off, so why should Zayn be?


The one where Harry and Zayn watch porn and have kinky sex
Author:Rivers-Bend  Fandom:OneDirection  Harry/Zayn  Kink:CBT  Kink:Slapping  Porn  FWB  Friendship  Kink:DiscoveryofKink  Blowjob  HandJob  PWP  Cuddling  Zayn/Perrie  Fic  Complete  <5k  Harry  Zayn 
july 2013 by jstong
Give It Up, Give It Up
"Fuck you, man," Pete says. He squints harder at Travelocity and makes a face at how fucking expensive a flight to New York is these days.

"Pretty sure that's not what you're flying out here for, Petey." Even though Gabe's eating something and sounds crunchy and stupid, the promise in Gabe's voice makes Pete's dick twitch. Fuck.
Author:Anoneknewmoose  Fandom:FOB  Fandom:CobraStarship  Fandom:Bandom  Gabe/Pete  Pete  Gabe  Kink:CBT  Kink:Spanking  Gen  Friendship  Masturbation  Fic  Complete  <5k 
june 2013 by jstong
Tend Me Black And Blue
“Tell him,” Louis says, gently, glancing up Harry’s long torso, rubbing his fingers through the gleaming sweat and come over Harry’s stomach. “Go on, Haz.”

Part 1 of the Appropriate Etiquette Required serie
Author:Hostagesfic  Fandom:OneDirection  Harry/Louis  Harry/Louis/Liam/Niall/Zayn  Kink:D/s  Kink:Voyeurism  Kink:Exhibitionist  EstablishedRelationship  Kink:Slapping  Kink:CBT  Kink:Overstimulation  Kink:MulitpleOrgasms  Kink:Painplay  Kink:Sadomascism  Kink:Masochsim  Kink:ComePlay  Kink:DirtyTalk  Masturbation  Fic  Complete  <5k  Series 
february 2013 by jstong
Fair Play
Gabe's really into this thing they're trying. That means they should try it again.
Author:Alpheratz  Fandom:FOB  Fandom:GCH  Fandom:Bandom  Gabe/Pete  EstablishedRelationship  Kink:CBT  Kink:D/s  RoleReversal  Fic  Complete  <5k 
february 2013 by jstong
Don’t Stop Me Now (I'm Having Such A Good Time)
But it isn't like they've done it again, not even close. There was just that one night where they had sex, and it was fucking awesome - Zack isn't the kind of guy to beat himself up over shit like having sex with the people he was paid to protect. It's not like he fucked the guys over and left them with no security support or anything - but so far it was just that one night. One awesome hotel night with a fuck-ton of sex and Zack was, well, not content to leave it at that, but he was at least resigned to it just having been that one time.

Sequel to Everybody Get Up (We're Here To Get Down).
Author:Sunsetmog  Fandom:PatD  Brendon/Spencer/Zack  Kink:BDSM  Kink:Spanking  Kink:Shaving  Kink:CBT  Kink:Painplay  Kink:Humiliation  Fic  Series  Complete  Kink:Threesome  Kink:Bondage  Kink:Subspace  Kink:Facial  Kink:ComePlay  Kink:D/s  Kink:OrgasmDenial  Blowjob  HandJob  Misunderstanding  >25k 
march 2012 by jstong
I Want to Choke (U) and Get Sick Off You Like Cigarette Smoke
Negotiating boundaries for violence is easy; negotiating falling in love is hard.

This fic contains: five years of negotiation not shown explicitly, a blindfold, restraints, pinching, slapping, spanking, paddles, floggers, belts, blood, breathplay/choking, scratching, squeezing, someone saying no but not meaning it, a safeword.

Thanks to K for the beta & L for the encouraging words.
Author:Lalejandra  Fandom:PatD  Brendon/Spencer  Kink:BDSM  Kink:BreathPlay  Kink:CBT  Kink:Bondage  Kink:Spanking  Kink:Flogging  Kink:Blindfolds  Fic  Complete  Series  >10K  Warning:Safewording 
november 2011 by jstong
Is That a Squirrel in Your Pocket?
It's not like anything Tommy's ever done to himself, nothing like pulling and twisting with his fingers, binding them with his briefs, even sitting just the right wrong way on the arm of the couch.
Author:Rivers-Bend  Fandom:AI  Adam/Tommy  Kink:CBT  Kink:GenitalTorture  Fic  Complete  <5k 
october 2011 by jstong

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