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NSA SIDtoday: Giving Answers, Keeping Secrets - The Intercept
NSA program VIVIDDREAM - a tool report whether a VPN is exploitable without disclosing how NSA knows this.
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august 2018 by jstenner
Taibbi: Censorship Does Not End Well – Rolling Stone
For more than half a century, we had an effective, if slow, litigation-based remedy for speech violations. The standards laid out in cases like New York Times v. Sullivan were designed to protect legitimate reporting while directly remunerating people harmed by bad speech. Sooner or later, people like Alex Jones would always crash under crippling settlements. Meanwhile, young reporters learned to steer clear of libel and defamation. Knowing exactly what we could and could not get away with empowered us to do our jobs, confident that the law had our backs.

If the line of defense had not been a judge and jury but a giant transnational corporation working with the state, journalists taking on banks or tech companies or the wrong politicians would have been playing intellectual Russian roulette. In my own career, I’d have thought twice before taking on a company like Goldman Sachs. Any reporter would.

Now the line is gone. Depending on the platform, one can be banned for “glorifying violence,” “sowing division,” “hateful conduct” or even “low quality,” with those terms defined by nameless, unaccountable executives, working with God Knows Whom.
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august 2018 by jstenner
Lying Bigot James Clapper Assures World The Russia Narrative He Built Is Legit
RT @caitoz: Lying Bigot James Clapper Assures World The Russia Narrative He Built Is Legit

#TrumpKnew #JamesClapper
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july 2018 by jstenner
SPEECH - Professor James Clapper AO address to the National Press Club - ANU
“But as far as our being intimate allies, trusting buds with the Russians that is just not going to happen,” Clapper said. “It is in their genes to be opposed, diametrically opposed to the United States and to Western democracies.”
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july 2018 by jstenner
James Clapper Tells NBC Russians Are ‘Genetically Driven’ to Co-Opt | Observer
“And just the historical practices of the Russians, who typically, are almost genetically driven to co-opt, penetrate, gain favor, whatever, which is a typical Russian technique,
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july 2018 by jstenner
Trump’s ‘Missing DNC Server’ Is Neither Missing Nor a Server
The FBI declined comment for this story, but in testimony before the House Intelligence Committee last year, then-director James Comey said that Crowdstrike “ultimately shared with us their forensics.”

At that same hearing, Comey complained that the DNC didn’t give the FBI direct access to the DNC’s servers. It’s unclear why Comey wanted the FBI operating on the DNC’s live network, but if the DNC demurred it wouldn’t be an unusual call, particularly five months before election day.

“The FBI is looking to investigate and prosecute crimes, and we’re looking to return a system to operation as quickly as possible with minimal impact,” said Rendition Infosec’s Jake Williams, one of several incident response professionals interviewed for this story. “I can tell you honestly that had I been part of that incident response, I would not have advocated calling in the FBI. Every minute the FBI spends keeping the actors in play, that’s a minute I don’t get back in prepping for the election. I would absolutely have shared images with them.”
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july 2018 by jstenner
North Korea working to conceal key aspects of its nuclear program, U.S. officials say - The Washington Post
CIA planted story via Ken Dilanian, the guy fired from the LA Times for being a stenographer for the agency.
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july 2018 by jstenner
Alice and Bob: The World’s Most Famous Cryptographic Couple
Alice & Bob - A History of The World’s Most Famous Cryptographic Couple
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july 2017 by jstenner
Scott Ritter: Leaked NSA Report Short on Facts, Proves Little in ‘Russiagate’ Case - Truthdig
The consequences of the dearth of fact-based intelligence linking the GRU to meddling in the 2016 election are many. It exposes the decision by President Obama to single out the GRU for sanctions last December as fraudulent in nature and politically motivated, since it sustained an attribution by CrowdStrike that was not founded in hard fact, but rather paid for by DNC dollars.

It can now be clearly shown that any such attribution is purely speculative in nature, derived from the politically motivated and fundamentally flawed analysis conducted by a private company, CrowdStrike, which was subsequently adopted by the FBI before becoming a part of a national narrative that has been placed out of bounds when it comes to serious inquiry by a media that seems to have forgotten its responsibility to report fact-based truth, regardless of consequence.
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june 2017 by jstenner
Lies, Damned Lies and the ‘17 Intelligence Agencies’ Falsehood - Truthdig
a community-wide effort that would have included footnotes citing any dissenting views.
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june 2017 by jstenner
Seymour Hersh Blasts Media for Uncritically Promoting Russian Hacking Story
Few journalists know CIA like Sy Hersh. Read what he told about media reporting on Russia/CIA/hacking
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january 2017 by jstenner
Russia Must be Destroyed: John McCain and the Case of the Dodgy Dossier
On the question of why the US deep state and Washington’s liberal establishment is so intent on maintaining Russia in the role of deadly enemy, the answer is very simple – money.
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january 2017 by jstenner
The Russia Story Reaches a Crisis Point - Rolling Stone
I had to stop reading at one point when I realized that broadcasts by the state media outlet Russia Today about "anti-fracking programming, highlighting environmental issues and the impacts on public health" were seriously being offered up as evidence of anti-American conspiracy.
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january 2017 by jstenner
Why the DNC Emails Were Leaked Not Hacked
from 2 CIA ex-officials...top level analysts.
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january 2017 by jstenner
The Big Lie on Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections
The much ballyhooed unclassified report, Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections, was published today and it turns out to be an elaborate farce and charade. This product is shameful. It is poorly written and totally lacking in actual evidence. This document stands as a prime exhibit of the politicization of the intelligence community.
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january 2017 by jstenner
White House fails to make case that Russian hackers tampered with election | Ars Technica
Still, it's hard to escape the conclusion that Thursday's Joint Analysis Report provides almost no new evidence to support the Obama Administration's claims Russia attempted to interfere with the US electoral process.
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january 2017 by jstenner
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