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Russia and the War Party
As they righteously celebrate the virtues of multiculturalism, diversity, and tolerance, liberal Democrats – now more than ever a neocon party of war – have come to embrace just the opposite: fierce hostility against other nations and cultures, smug provincialism, a recycled McCarthyism that spews hatred at even the slightest dissent from super-patriotic orthodoxy.  They pretend victim status when they are the ones targeting, attacking, smearing, and warmongering.

Worse yet, to satisfy their narrow political agendas they are perfectly ready to risk military confrontation with a nuclear power – a conflict that could lead to unprecedented global catastrophe.  Nowhere in this parochial text do the authors express the slightest concern for the horrors that might result from years of U.S./European hostility toward Russia.  Despite an unlevel economic and political playing-field, it is worth remembering that in nuclear matters Russia has rough parity with the West.  This might deter the neocons of both parties or it might not, the sad reality being is that liberal Democrats exemplified by Isikoff and Corn have little to offer the world beyond continuous war shrouded in a flimsy, desperate identity politics.
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Taibbi: Russiagate Trump, Putin, Mueller and Targeting Dissent - Rolling Stone
RT @mtaibbi: Whatever else the Russiagate furor accomplishes, it’s already been remarkably effective at targeting dissent:
march 2018 by jstenner
The hysteria over Russian bots has reached new levels | Thomas Frank | Opinion | The Guardian
This is the reason why: we have here a former spokesman for Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, one of the best-funded, most consummately professional efforts of all time, and he thinks it was an act of off-the-hook perceptiveness to figure out that Trump was aiming for disgruntled Sanders voters. Even after Trump himself openly said that’s what he was trying to do.
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february 2018 by jstenner
I'm back at exposing corporate media absurdity and dropping a little truth. MY LATEST for on .…
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february 2018 by jstenner
Hyping the Mueller Indictment | The Nation
There is more to reevaluate. “At the heart of the Russian fraud,” writes The New Yorker’s Evan Osnos, “is an essential, embarrassing insight into American life: large numbers of Americans are ill-equipped to assess the credibility of the things they read.” Osnos is referring to the average voters presumably swayed by Russian troll farm employees. But as the journalist Max Blumenthal argues, the insight very much applies to the “well-educated coastal liberals” who have made Russiagate their top political issue over the past year. In the service of a narrative to explain—and, many hope, reverse—Donald Trump’s improbable victory, partisan thought leaders and credulous journalists have flooded the media landscape with a barrage of innuendo, supposition, and overblown claims.
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february 2018 by jstenner
The Russians pretended to be Texans — and the Texans believed them - Chicago Tribune
unbelievably crazy example of the Russiagate narrative...millions, maybe billions of Texans were stirred up to vote for Trump instead of Hillary (since, clearly, Texas is a bastion of liberal thought).
february 2018 by jstenner
The Healthy Way To Hold A Conspiracy Theory – Caitlin Johnstone – Medium
This is because you have constructed a reality tunnel for yourself which espouses a large array of pre-constructed beliefs and assumptions, and causes you to shut your eyes to information which contradicts them. By taking on an entire belief system as true and real, you have given your field of perception tunnel vision. This is an unwholesome way to relate to a conspiracy theory.
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january 2018 by jstenner
MSNBC loves . While propaganda may be great for ratings and fame, it doesn’t help ,…
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january 2018 by jstenner
What Happens When A Russiagate Skeptic Debates A Professional Russiagater

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december 2017 by jstenner
Four Viral Claims Spread by Journalists on Twitter in the Last Week Alone That are False
It can certainly be menacing for Russian bots to disseminate divisive messaging on Twitter. But it’s at least equally menacing if journalists with the loudest claim to authoritative credibility are using that platform constantly to entrench falsehoods in the public’s mind.
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november 2017 by jstenner
No, what is particularly troubling is your McCarthyite insinuation of Kremlin collusion to divert…
My response to Hillary For America 2016's recent insinuation that @donnabrazile succumbed to Russian influence.
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november 2017 by jstenner
Dem Pundits Spent Yesterday Lying About DNC Primary Rigging Document
It makes sense that they’d want to lie about such a thing. A top-level DNC insider admitting to something that Sanders voters have been screaming for over a year, and admitting it to a large mainstream audience, is a very big deal. Admitting wrongdoing means having to make changes, and having to make changes could mean no longer being able to effectively sabotage the agendas of their progressive base, which would make the donors who control the Democratic party and the plutocrats who own the mainstream media unhappy.
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november 2017 by jstenner
Censoring #PodestaEmails, defining Russians, DNC advisers: Twitter & Google’s 2016 election tricks — RT US News
Among the project’s advisers is Marc Elias of Perkins Cole, the law firm that has represented Clinton and the DNC and most recently was revealed to have paid for the notorious “Steele Dossier.” Another member of the project’s senior advisory group is Dmitri Alperovitch, CEO of Crowdstrike, the private company hired by the DNC which originated the accusation that Russia hacked into the party’s emails.

Alperovitch is also a senior fellow at The Atlantic Council, a think tank associated with anti-Russian reports and partially funded by the US military, NATO, and defense contractors like Lockheed Martin and Boeing.
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november 2017 by jstenner
Debate Over Trump’s Military Powers Ignored As McResistance Focuses On Manafort
Isn’t it funny how the purportedly anti-corruption, pro-social justice “Resistance” just so happens to always fall completely in line with the interests of the CIA and the military-industrial complex?
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october 2017 by jstenner
Tony Podesta stepping down from lobbying giant amid Mueller probe - POLITICO
Podesta is handing over full operational and financial control of the firm to longtime firm CEO Kimberley Fritts, according to multiple sources with knowledge of Monday's meeting. Fritts and a senior group of the Podesta team will be launching a new firm in the next one or two days. Sources said the transition has been in the works for the past several months.
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october 2017 by jstenner
Russian Dossier & Hillary Clinton's Lies Reveal Media Bias | National Review
Finally, let’s talk for a moment about Democratic moral blindness. One of the more incredible aspects of the emerging post-election narrative is the hero-worship that greets Hillary in some progressive circles. Sure, there are Bernie Bros and others who are bitterly angry at her, but others greet her with hugs, cheers, and tears. This is absurd. It’s as if some Democrats see the 2016 election as a Lord of the Rings–style struggle of good versus evil, Frodo battling Gollum at the Cracks of Doom, only to see Gollum win. Nope, sorry. This was Gollum versus Gollum from the word go. The two most dishonest and disliked politicians in America battled in the sewers of American politics, and heroes were hard to find. I’m sorry, Democrats. You know how I feel about Trump, but lies and slander about Hillary are no more virtuous than lies and slander about Trump.

Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/453104/russia-dossier-story-clinton-lies-media-irresponsibility-democratic-moral-blindness
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october 2017 by jstenner
Clintonists Suddenly Claiming It’s Perfectly Normal To Do Oppo Research With Russians
Back in July, long before the specifics of who paid for the Steele dossier were known, journalist Robert Parry pointed out the blatant hypocrisy of criticizing Trump Jr. for doing opposition research with Russia when it was known that Democrats had been funding Steele. “But the Steele dossier is a more immediate and direct example of close Hillary Clinton supporters going outside the United States for dirt on Trump and collaborating with foreign nationals to dig it up — allegedly from Kremlin insiders,” Parry wrote. “Although it is still not clear exactly who footed the bill for the Steele dossier and how much money was spread around to the Russian contacts, it is clear that Clinton supporters paid for the opposition research and then flacked the material to American journalists.”

So to recap, Democrats paid for opposition research with Russian insiders, but doing opposition research with Russians was not a big deal. Then Donald Trump Jr. met with a Russian to get dirt on Hillary Clinton, and suddenly doing oppo research with Russians was a big deal. And now that we’ve learned that the Democrats who paid Steele were not just Clinton supporters but Clinton campaign staff, we’re back to opposition research with Russians being no big deal again.
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october 2017 by jstenner
Establishment Cult Leader: “Russian Propagandist” = Anyone Who Criticized Hillary
The new McCarthyism has decimated political discourse in the wake of the presidential elections last year. The fact that there are now millions of Americans who honestly believe that it is perfectly sensible and acceptable to accuse someone of being a Russian propagandist when they don’t agree with your political worldview has made debate with establishment liberals virtually impossible, and has ended up strengthening the walls of everyone’s partisan echo chambers to an often unassailable extent.
october 2017 by jstenner
Russia-gate Jumps the Shark
Russiagate is bullshit, and we fucking told you so.
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october 2017 by jstenner
Vladimir Putin: Computer Genius?
In short, the models are worthless, and no one really has the faintest idea of what would happen in a nuclear war, a point those whipping up New Cold War hysteria with Russia-gate might bear in mind. Hopefully, Vladimir Putin—if he’s not too busy manipulating the New Jersey governor’s race or negotiating terms to handle Biden 2020—understands that, too.
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october 2017 by jstenner
The Push To “Fight Foreign Propaganda” Is The Same As Government Book Burning
Is it not disturbing, in and of itself, that your government is concerning itself with attempting to “fight foreign propaganda” on your behalf? Even if all their allegations were true about Russian Facebook ads and Twitter bots targeting key US demographics to try and manipulate voter turnout in Donald Trump’s favor, is not the underlying assumption in those allegations the notion that there are some ideas that the American people should not have been exposed to? That Americans are too stupid to show up to the polls and vote in their best interest unless they’re kept isolated from the narratives being promulgated by other governments?
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september 2017 by jstenner
The Entire Russian Hacking Narrative Is Invalidated In This Single Assange Tweet
They have been doing so not because there is any basis for such accusations, but because WikiLeaks is their political enemy. There is nothing more hostile to America’s pernicious unelected power establishment than unauthorized truth-telling, and WikiLeaks is currently the world’s leader in unauthorized truth-telling. It is that simple.

Mueller’s investigation has one job, and that job ain’t finding the truth. All this Russia nonsense is geared toward pressuring Trump into cooperating with the escalations that Hillary Clinton was meant to be responsible for overseeing. That’s why it looks so sloppy and desperate all the time; this whole thing was slapped together in the last minute in response to her shocking loss, and they’re operating within a margin of error that’s tighter than a bee’s pussy.

There are a lot of extremely powerful people who have built some massive corporate kingdoms upon this empire, and their investments require this scheme to go smoothly. As noted in a recent Department of Defense Risk Assessment by the US Army Strategic Studies Institute, the US empire is in what it calls “post-primacy” and may currently be on its way out the door.
“In brief,” the assessment reads, “the status quo that was hatched and nurtured by U.S. strategists after World War II and has for decades been the principal ‘beat’ for DoD is not merely fraying but may, in fact, be collapsing. Consequently, the United States’ role in and approach to the world may be fundamentally changing as well.”
Things are not going as planned for America’s true rulers. Not in Syria, not in North Korea, and certainly not in Russia. People’s unprecedented ability to network and share information due to rising internet literacy and access has caused a severe breakdown in the propaganda machine which holds their entire prison together, and people are waking up to their manipulations. These creeps are on the back foot now. Keep fighting and wrest control of the world away from the plutocratic sociopaths who are trying to deceive and enslave us.
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september 2017 by jstenner
The Silencing of Dissent
Is the corporate state so obtuse it thinks the American public has not, on its own, reached these conclusions about the condition of the nation? Is this what it defines as “fake news”? But most important, isn’t this the truth that the courtiers in the mainstream press and public broadcasting, dependent on their funding from sources such as the Koch brothers, refuse to present? And isn’t it, in the end, the truth that frightens them the most?
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september 2017 by jstenner
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