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Object-Oriented Programming  —  The Trillion Dollar Disaster 🤦
This post sums up my first-hand decade-long journey from Object-Oriented to Functional programming. I’ve seen it all. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I try, I can no longer find use cases for OOP. I have personally seen OOP projects fail because they become too complex to maintain.
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Designing good DSL @ tonsky.me
DSLs are great tool to reduce complexity and define problems in a compact and succinct way. In case you need to design your own, these are a few common traps to avoid.
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july 2018 by jslu
Dijkstra was right — recursion should not be difficult
a recursive sub-function never solves the exact same problem as the original function, but always a simpler version of an original problem. ...
recursion has another important capability which is the ability to backtrack.
... A common mistake beginners make when designing a solution to a recursive problem is to try to imagine what happens inside the recursive call, instead of just trusting that it will return the correct result.
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august 2017 by jslu
Rails autoloading — how it works, and when it doesn't
I’m not going to address whether these features are good for our development practices. I happen to believe they’re both harmful, but that’s another article. Instead I’m going to talk about the significant complexity lying behind them, and the problems it can cause.
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november 2016 by jslu
[ihower] Functional Programming for Java Developers 讀書摘要
OO 當初的願景包括 Reusable components,可以直接放到你的 app 中。但是成功的 Library, Framework 案例都是你必須 follow 他們的規則來走,很多 code 還是必須重寫。OO 不算是非常成功在 “Component assembly” OO 無限制的彈性破壞了 Reuse,因為如何跟一個物件互動的方式太多了。一個系統有好的限制反而比較 Modular,就像 PC 的成功在於 IBM 設計出 PC 架構。Web 的成功在於 HTTP 的簡單協定。FP 用標準的 List, map, set 來組織資料,FP 的 functions 避免 side effect。去除 dependencies 讓 function 可以在不同 contexts 都可以直接 resue。
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[Semaphore] Mocking with RSpec: Doubles and Expectations
Mocking is a technique in test-driven development (TDD) that involves using fake dependent objects or methods in order to write a test. There are a couple of reasons why you may decide to use mock objects: ... The first reason is particularly prevalent among those who practice behavior-driven development (BDD). The dependent object needs to exist, but it's not what you're currently working on. ... That way, you maintain a clean environment by having all your tests pass, before moving on to implement the collaborating objects. Without mocks, you'd be required to immediately jump to writing the implementation for the collaborating objects, before having your tests pass. This can be distracting and may lead to poor code design decisions. Mocking helps us by reducing the number of things we need to keep in our head at a given moment. ... A new double resembles a plain Ruby Object — it's not very useful on its own. It is usually the first step before defining some fake methods on it."
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[Inside] 說出數據的故事:設計資料視覺化的要點
當你在設計一個複雜的系統時,無可避免地會需要針對多名使用者或是多種「人物誌(persona)」去設計。 ... 如同所有形式的設計,資料視覺化講究的也是平衡。努力用獨特方式去展示你的資料,但要避免過度設計,以及不必要、使人分心的東西。為你的數據選擇正確的圖表,同時不要忘了按照層級去安排你的頁面佈局。"
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[iThome] 資料中心網路環境面臨重大變革:SDN 與 NFV 崛起,軟體將主宰網路
SDN與NFV相互搭配之後,會是什麼樣子?Overture技術長Prayson Pate表示,目前有一些使用單位開始用它們來實作代管式路由服務,舉例來說,用戶可以在機房架設一臺路由器,NFV會透過將路由器功能虛擬化來因應這種情況,當中所存取的網路介面裝置(Network Interface Device,NID),可提供區隔點及效能量測機制。同時,由於SDN是分隔控制層與資料層,所以,網路封包會由最佳化後的資料層所轉送,同時,這些路由器(控制層)的功能,是在一臺機架式伺服器的VM上執行。整體來說,SDN與NFV相互結合有一些好處。像是:企業能以通用的硬體與具有進階功能的軟體,彼此搭配之後,取代昂貴、專屬的硬體應用設備;而軟體控制層會從昂貴的專屬設備平臺,轉移到建置在資料中心或中央機房的伺服器,提供最佳化執行的平臺;此外,資料層的控制會被抽象化與標準化,這讓網路與應用系統的效能最佳化,可以提升到新境界,而不需要升級網路設備。"
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[iThome] VMware 創造嶄新 Hypervisor 融合式儲存架構
幾乎所有主流儲存產品都能支援VMware環境,不過都不像Virtual SAN這樣是在Hypervisor這一層級提供服務: 1. 外接式的DAS、SAN、NAS設備,是將磁碟區經由不同的協定,掛載給Hypervisor主機後,再由Hypervisor格式化為供VM使用的datastore,架構上位於Hypervisor的「後端」。 2. 軟體式儲存產品則是以VM Guest OS端型式部署在Hypervisor主機上,然後再使用VM的磁碟區來為其他VM提供儲存服務,架構上位於Hypervisor「前端」。 3. 而Virtual SAN則是內含於Hypervisor核心中的一個功能,不需要透過SAN或NAS的傳輸協定掛載,也不需要透過VM部署,只要啟用後,便能將Hypervisor主機上指定的磁碟區,規畫為Virtual SAN的datastore。"
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july 2015 by jslu
[WIRED] Mavericks Invent Future Internet Where Cisco Is Meaningless
The platform is so attractive to these companies because today’s hardware networks are ridiculously difficult to modify. ... In virtualizing the network, Nicira lets you make such changes in software, without touching the underlying hardware gear. “What Nicira has done is take the intelligence that sits inside switches and routers and moved that up into software so that the switches don’t need to know much,” says John Engates, the chief technology officer of Rackspace, which has been working with Nicira since 2009 and is now using the Nicira platform to help drive a new beta version of its cloud service. “They’ve put the power in the hands of the cloud architect rather than the network architect.”"
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[AWWWARDS] White Space in Interaction Design
Of course even amateur designers know not to overload a single page, but when it comes to exactly how much white space to include, sometimes even seasoned designers might draw a blank. White space, or "negative space" as it's also known – the two terms are used interchangeably – refers to any screen space between existing elements. It doesn't need to to be white, or even blank (if, for example, you're using a patterned, colored, or textured background). Negative space creates a vacuum of content, which then draws more attention to the existing content. In this article, we'll discuss the how to apply one the most powerful tools in a designer's toolbox: nothing at all. ... When it comes to minimalism, remember that the aesthetic is the byproduct and not the goal."
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may 2015 by jslu
[Todd Motto] Mastering the Module Pattern
it makes scoping a breeze, and doesn't overcomplicate JavaScript design. It also keeps things very simple and easy to read and use, uses Objects in a very nice way, and doesn't bloat your code with repetitive /this/ and /prototype/ declarations. ... It declares a function, which then calls itself immediately. ... known as Immediately-Invoked-Function-Expressions's, in which the function creates new scope and creates 'privacy'. ... After creating new scope, we need to namespace our code so that we can access any methods we return. Let's create a namespace for our anonymouse Module. ... You'll see and hear a lot about private methods in JavaScript, but it doesn't strictly have them, but we can create it [with closure]. ... Typical Modules will use return and return an Object to the Module, to which the methods bound to the Object will be accessible from the Module's namespace."
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february 2015 by jslu
[Speaker Deck] Managing CSS Projects with ITCSS
Managing CSS at scale is hard; and a lot harder than it should be. ITCSS is a simple, effective, and as-yet unpublished methodology to help manage, maintain, and scale CSS projects of all sizes. In this talk we’ll take a sneak peek at what ITCSS is and how it works to tame and control UI code as it grows."
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february 2015 by jslu
[Agile For All] Patterns for Splitting User Stories
Good user stories follow Bill Wake’s INVEST model. They’re Independent, Negotiable, Valuable, Estimable, Small, and Testable. The small requirement drives us to split large stories. But the stories after splitting still have to follow the model. Many new agile teams attempt to split stories by architectural layer: one story for the UI, another for the database, etc. This may satisfy small, but it fails at independent and valuable. Over my years with agile, I’ve discovered nine patterns for splitting user stories into good, smaller stories."
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february 2015 by jslu
[Looah] How I Explained REST to My Wife
In most cases, a resource has only a single representation. But we're hoping that representations will be used more in the future because there's a bunch of new formats popping up all over the place. ... Well, there's this concept that people are calling Web Services. It means a lot of different things to a lot of different people but the basic concept is that machines could use the web just like people do. ... So anyway, HTTP -- this protocol Fielding and his friends created -- is all about applying verbs to nouns. ... web pages are designed to be understood by people. A machine doesn't care about layout and styling. Machines basically just need the data. Ideally, every URL would have a human readable and a machine readable representation. When a machine GETs the resource, it will ask for the machine readable one. When a browser GETs a resource for a human, it will ask for the human readable one."
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january 2015 by jslu
淺談 REST 軟體架構風格 (Part.II) - 如何設計 RESTful Web Service? - Soul & Shell Blog
那什麼是 RESTful Web Service?就是實作 REST 的 Web Service。但是有人問,Web Service 所使用的 HTTP 不就是 REST 的實作了嗎?為何還要設計 RESTful Web Service呢?答案很簡單,因為某些 Web Service 在設計上只是把 HTTP 當做連線媒介,並沒有真正使用到 HTTP 關於 REST 的設計,雖然在這樣的情況下設計出來的 Web Service 絲乎頗有彈性、也很強大,但是卻違背了 HTTP(REST架構)的設計理念,或者再次在 HTTP 上頭實作了跟 HTTP 一樣的功能。 ... 其實「設計 RESTful Web Service 的要訣只是盡可能使用 HTTP 既有的能力」罷了,至於要用到什麼程度,這也要考慮實作構面的因素。過於 RESTful 也不見得是最實用的設計,像是保留 Cookie 的機制用來驗證登入身分,在實作上是比較可行的。而當我們碰到某些需求不容易用 REST 操作資源的概念來詮釋時,也只能將設計合理化,盡可能向著 HTTP 靠近。"
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淺談 REST 軟體架構風格 (Part.I) - 從了解 REST 到設計 RESTful! - Soul & Shell Blog
以英文形容詞來說,美麗 (beauty) 的事物可以稱為 Beautiful,同理可證:設計為 REST 的系統我們就稱為 RESTful。實際上 REST 提出的概念是很抽象的(可以說不是很好理解),雖然許多 Example 已經表達了實作的要領,但是許多人還是常常將 REST 與 HTTP 綁在一起,畢竟 HTTP 僅是 REST 的實現 (或典範),而不會是唯一。在 Dr. Roy Fielding 所提及的文獻中,並未對 REST 的實作與細節有太多的著墨,目的是為了想讓我們把重點放在 REST 的設計架構本質中。 ... Client與Server的溝通不需依賴狀態,每一個 Request 必須包含所有需要的資訊,而不需依賴其他 Request 的狀態。 ... REST 最主要的貢獻在於明確地抽離 Client 與 Server 的耦合性,透過一致性的介面進行溝通,大幅增加 Server 的 Scalability (可擴展性)"
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[奧革設計] 那些頁面排版需要了解的事情
排版是將文字、圖片等元素在版面調整,使版面佈局條理化的過程。一般來說,透過來版,讓人們更容易的去閱讀、接受這些提供給他們的資訊。 ... 一個良好的資訊傳遞需要幾個要素來達成,分別是「對的內容」與「對的方式」以及「對的人」,唯有這三個要素都成立的時候,資訊就能夠有效率的被使用者給接受。" - 投影片 http://goo.gl/kByntv
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august 2014 by jslu
[TargetProcess] Speed in Software Development
This diagram shows things and activities that affect development speed somehow. Green means that an activity increases speed. The more you have it, the better. Yellow indicates that some maximum exists. For example, you can accumulate technical debt and increase speed, but if you accumulate too much, it will slow you down significantly. Red shows things that slow down development, the less of them you have the the better. Next. Green arrow indicates increasing effect. ... Red arrow indicates decreasing effect."
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[關鍵評論網] 散步、耍孤僻、有記錄:關於創作人的七個靈感秘密
最近看到這篇覺得很有意思:〈創作天才的工作習性〉(The Daily Routines of Geniuses),作者列出一些近代藝術家和文豪的習性,發現有幾個共享的特徵,而有些習性還蠻值得參考的。如果你創作時常碰到瓶頸,也許可以先從生活習慣開始改變。"
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[] 文字為主的「法律」「文本」相關簡報該如何設計?
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[專案管理生活思維] TOC乃是關鍵鏈之母
由於關鍵鏈專案管理挑戰了目前現有專案管理的方式,各環節能否同步運作就得更加講究 … 這些看似違反常理的作法,卻是讓組織快速完成專案而增加產出的重點,缺一不可。當然,企業要能運用關鍵鏈專案管理有些先決條件要建立,因此在談技術面之前,我想花一點篇幅從關鍵鏈的理念源頭談起 ... 關鍵鏈的管理思維來自於TOC(Theory of Constraints),人稱限制理論或限制管理,簡單來說,就是找出系統的限制加以管理。"
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[Wikipedia] Separation of concerns
a design principle for separating a computer program into distinct sections, such that each section addresses a separate concern. A concern is a set of information that affects the code of a computer program. ... achieved by encapsulating information inside a section of code that has a well defined interface. ... The value of separation of concerns is simplifying development and maintenance of computer programs. When concerns are well separated, individual sections can be developed and updated independently. Of especial value is the ability to later improve or modify one section of code without having to know the details of other sections, and without having to make corresponding changes to those sections."
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december 2013 by jslu
Callback Hell - A guide to writing asynchronous javascript programs
Asynchronous javascript, or javascript that uses callbacks, is hard to get right intuitively. ... Writing better code isn't that hard! You only need to know about a few things...
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[justfont] 扁平化設計與字型學
扁平化設計的魅力在於極簡,極簡卻不能意味簡陋;相反的它必須展現極高的功能性。平面設計極簡,而又將功能性發揮極致,不會妨礙溝通,很大一部分有賴於文字編排。文字是最直接的表「意」媒介——不只有意義,還有意象與意念。 ... 分析構圖後可以發現,視覺的質感是由留白的空間決定的。 ... 而圓形在網格系統裡最為自由,可以不受格線的限制自由移動,增加、補強視覺效果。這類幾何圖形在網格系統被大量使用。"
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december 2013 by jslu
[RubySource] SOA for the Little Guys
The goal of any SOA implementation is to segment portions of an application by logical and business functions. It can break down monolithic applications into many smaller, consumable services. SOA can be used by the Little Guys, but it’s generally not something you want to apply until experiencing growing pains. There’s no cut-and-dry answer to when SOA should be used, but database inefficiency, team scalability issues, deployment pains and unmanageable complexity are all key indicators. Smaller teams might want to use SOA in hopes of easier maintenance, faster iterations, more robust tests, and scalability. In this article, I want to take an introductory look at the architecture of most monolithic Rails apps, compare it with a service-oriented architecture, and then implement a very basic service with Sinatra, Redis and RSpec."
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december 2013 by jslu
[Hands Up] 你在創造別人的麻煩,還是解決別人的麻煩?
不要再浪費時間與大量金錢去解決不值得解決的事,這是目前8成以上新創團隊面臨的問題。你需要多一點生活體驗,去接觸不同的人,觀察他們的行為。你無法觀察出一般人的更迫切的需要,是因為你的生活環境太好,而且是你沒意識到的好,以至於你不會察覺生活中有哪些問題對別人來說是一種不方便。 ... 要注重人們的行為觀察,而且是在不驚擾人們的情況下觀察,因為人們在無特別意識下的行為最能說明他們相信什麼,需要什麼,那才是你的切入點,更可能是你的創業成功之道。最後你往往會發現,原來人們需要的很簡單,是你弄複雜了。"
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november 2013 by jslu
[Inside] Google 如何摸索出好的設計
重新設計為 Google 的 app 之間帶來了更強的凝聚力,但整個過程是如此的悄無聲息,在外人看來,好像什麼事都沒發生一樣。而這正是 Google 的傳統風格。公司在整個設計過程中並沒有指派領導者,每個產品團隊的設計師們擁有充分的自由,但為了確保他們的設計不至於天馬行空,產品團隊需要定期知會 UXA 團隊(User Experience Alliance,使用者體驗聯盟),UXA 團隊要做的就是統一設計「標準」 ... 在重新設計 Google 的過程中,並沒有「標準」一說,發揮作用的是對話和協作。公司鼓勵設計師們與不同產品團隊的同事們進行溝通,交流彼此的想法和遇到的挑戰,他們會在午餐時間,或透過 Email 和 IM 進行溝通,也在會議室面對面切磋難題。Wiggins 說:「這並不是集中式的管理,我們只是就每個產品領域的核心設計特點緊密合作,以確保我們會不斷進步。」"
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[Inside] 為什麼新創公司得不到媒體關注?
在發佈之前,應該要準備好問題清單──和媒體釐清你的動機。 ... 這些問題的答案,將決定你的下一步。在大多數情況下,不同的目標代表不同的路徑。如果你想要找好工程師,你得要在 Reddit 、 Hacker News 或是工程師常看的部落格上發佈。如果你想要以投資人為目標,去搞清楚他們都讀什麼,然後選擇其中一個發佈。你對你的目標越清楚,越能夠與之靠近 ... 假如你想拓展你的媒體網路,那有一個人你必須付錢聘請,那就是媒體教練,也就是說找個專家教你怎麼向媒體發言,而不是找間公司幫你打理。 ... 「技術型的創辦人可能得度過這難關,因為他們通常不太會簡化想法。」她說。"
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[TechOrange] 扁平化設計好燒!5 個 Flat Design 心法,帶你看明白怎麼扁、怎麼平
"扁平化設計放棄了所有 3D 化、維度概念,將畫面完完全全的以平面方式呈現。捨棄陰影、光影、斜角等相對於平面的凹凸效果,狹義一點定義甚至可以說,用色塊來組成視覺介面。 扁平化設計大多可以與極簡、整潔牽上一點關係,雖說是極簡效果,但是對設計者來說並沒有減輕他們的負擔,反而有全新的煩惱。 該用什麼顏色?該怎麼組成、排版?由於拋棄了許多效果,再也不能以華麗的方式來奪取目光巧掩弱勢,設計師本身的品味以及技術馬上會被放大檢視。"
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[Inside] 想要提高網頁轉換率?試試這 16 個 UI 祕訣
"優異的使用者介面(user interface,UI)讓使用者用得順心,從而提高轉換率(conversion rate),換言之,好的 UI 在使用與銷售層面上形成雙贏。UI 設計師 Jakub Linowski 列出 16 點改善 UI 的訣竅1,而這份清單仍在繼續累積 ... 下拉式選單雖然不佔空間,但卻讓選項更難被察覺。"
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[Inside] 想創業,先向皮克斯學習 22 條說故事指南
皮克斯 Pixar 公司的資深劇作家 Emma Coats 曾經發表「講故事的 22 條法則」,闡述自己創作動畫劇本時的原則。資深創業者 Peter Nixey 認為,這簡直應該被稱作「創業者的 22 條指南」。所謂一通則百通,讓我們來看看這些理念你是否受用。以下粗體字為 Emma Coats 發表的 22 條創作法則,下方註解則為 Peter Nixey 以創業角度所下的註解。"
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[Inside] 37 Signals的差別訂價心法:利潤最大化,而非市占率最大
大多數的公司都想要盡可能的獲取最多的客戶,對於我們公司來說,我們要的是很多「對」的客戶;我們目標是利潤的最大化,而不是最大的市場占有率。追求客戶以及員工最高的滿意度。當兩者都變多的時候,就會越難兼顧。 ... 定價在9.99美金,取得了2,000個顧客,有20,000美金的營收,會比我們賣0.99美金,取得20,000顧客來得好,我們可以專注的服務這2,000個顧客,顧客開心,我們的員工也開心。"
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[Impact Interview] Steve Jobs on Product Design
Creativity is just connecting things. ... they were able to connect experiences they’ve had and synthesize new things. And the reason they were able to do that was that they’ve had more experiences or they have thought more about their experiences than other people. ... A lot of people in our industry haven’t had very diverse experiences. So they don’t have enough dots to connect, and they end up with very linear solutions without a broad perspective on the problem. The broader one’s understanding of the human experience, the better design we will have."
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[Stephen Anderson] 29 Things I, as a designer, wish more tech startups knew
the best UIs often start as written conversations between the user and the system. Be wary of designers who layer copy into their lovely layouts, or worse, use “lorem ipsum” as a stand-in for functional copy; these are signs you’ve hired a stylist and not a designer. (The same is true of visualizations—good designers start with the data, not the pretty pictures!) ... Bring in the UX designer before you’ve attempted any UI work ... The UI changes are often enough to necessitate technical re-architecture... Design from the “bottom up”... In web apps, the structure of your app (IA) will emerge over time—don’t start with structure or navigation. Think about flows, scenarios, and activities... Don’t force web site patterns on a web app... If you’re designing around a defined flow or set of common functions, your app will more closely resemble a mobile app than a web site... Design for mobile first... The constraints of a mobile context will force you to focus on what’s essential"
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[Smashing UX Design] 10 Useful Web Application Interface Techniques
Web application interface design is, at its core, Web design; however, its focus is mainly on function. To compete with desktop applications, Web apps must offer simple, intuitive and responsive user interfaces that let their users get things done with less effort and time. ... This article presents the first part of our extensive research on design patterns and useful design solutions in modern web applications. Below you’ll find a collection of 10 useful interface design techniques and best practices used in many successful web-applications."
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[SixRevisions] 10 Important UI Design Considerations for Web Apps
Many of these design considerations might seem superficially obvious, but once you’re going through the design and development process, it’s easy to forget about them because they’re like condiments — you hardly notice them when they’re there, but if they’re missing, your food just doesn’t taste right. ... One thing you should practice when applicable is progressive disclosure. If the user doesn’t need a button, menu, or link — hide it. ... Images and icons can help ease-of-use. Using visuals such as icons, graphs, charts, photos, etc. can replace long blocks of text and data tables altogether. It can make the readability of data easier and they can be used to provide visual cues as to what a certain command does."
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GDS design principles
Government Digital Service Design Principles - Listed below are our design principles and examples of how we’ve used them so far. ... we should remember that what users ask for is not always what they need."
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[Handy UI] Metro UI 不是一套Skin
"由於Metro UI整個設計理念、介面慣例,都跟過去的Windows視窗系統不同,因此,最好是徹底地把過去的Windows UI Guideline從腦中丟掉,用一個空白的腦袋重新學起。目前Windows 8的UI Guideline還沒有釋出,比較接近的參考資料是Windows Phone 7的User Experience Design Guidelines。熟讀這些官方的設計準則,是開始設計前的第一步。

再來行有餘力,可以好好複習一下1920年代的Bauhaus Design Movement,徹底弄通Typography、Grid System,以及開始磨練自己的Motion design。這些都是做Metro UI Design的基礎功。回頭熟悉這些設計理念、工具以及技能,可以讓你確實掌握Less-is-more以及Form-follows-function的原則,也才能把介面做得流暢、輕盈,又帶有豐富資訊。"
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[Inside] Mobile app的視覺設計不該再犯的錯誤
雖然市面上充斥著各種的行動裝置應用程式(mobile app),但mobile app的視覺設計還是一個很年輕的學問,也因此有很多錯誤一直被重複著,以下是一些關於mobile app設計時不該再犯的錯誤: ... 一個mobile app意味著很多的互動,使用者與行動裝置的互動及設計者與開發者的互動。互動除了是mobile app的目的,也是設計前要收集的資料來源。 ... 大部分使用者其實不知道自己需要甚麼,甚至他們可能會誤解漂亮的界面等於好用的界面,因此在與使用者溝通前,請先觀察他們的需求,不要相信他們給你的口頭答覆。觀看使用者在使用程式時實際上所遇到的不便,以及使用者跟設計者的使用習慣,而不是一開始就直接問使用者他們想要甚麼。"
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[白蘋果急救室] Mac OS X 介面的誕生故事。
設計團隊製作的介面模型在 Macromedia Director 上雖然是動態的,但是還不是可以運作的軟體。Jobs可以打開或是關閉視窗、拉下選單來看看整個系統如何運作,但是這些都只是動畫,並不是可以運作的程式碼。可以運作的程式是在Director旁邊的另一台機器執行,當他們向Jobs展示可運作的程式碼時,他會把鼻子貼螢幕上,仔細地檢查、並與Director上的模型相互對照。「他會一個像素一個像素地檢查,確定兩者是不是相同。」Ratzlaff敘述。「他會一路檢視到所有細節。他會詳細檢查所有的東西,精細到以像素為單位。如果兩邊沒有相符,有些工程師就會挨罵。」"
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[vgod’s blog] 追求神乎其技的程式設計之道(十一)- 抽象化與命名
大體上程式藝術家也不過是在「簡潔」、「彈性」、「效率」這三大目標上進行一連串的取捨(trade-off)和最佳化。 ... 程式設計之所以像藝術就是因為大部分時候我們都沒辦法兼顧這三項目標:為了效率,可能就得犧牲彈性和簡潔;反過來說,為了彈性或簡潔,也常得犧牲效率作為代價。 ... 除去效率之外,彈性和簡潔其實是比較容易同時達到而又不互相衝突的目標。要達到這目標,其中關鍵的能力就是今天的主題:「抽象化」(abstraction)。 ... 其實從我們宣告第一個變數起,抽象化就已經開始了。 ... 幫變數命名時,其實就是在賦予那個變數一個「意義」。人的記憶力有限,很難記住大量且沒有意義的資訊。但如果資訊有了一個固定且有邏輯的名字,我們也就有一個容易記憶的符號來代替整個複雜的概念。 ... 經過適當抽象化的程式,每個概念都有一個獨立的「單位」(可能是變數、函數、類別、模組、或系統)可以表示,每個概念中包含的細節也被隱藏在適當的範圍內,不管要修改或擴充原本的程式都能讓需要碰觸的地方減到最少。 ... 命名和抽象化是一體兩面的事情。當你能把一個概念用一個適當的名稱來稱呼它時,你才有辦法把這個概念當成一個基石往上建構更複雜的事物。在此同時,人們也才能用這些簡單的名稱來討論複雜的概念或想法。"
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[OnStartups] Commit To Your Core: 9 Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Should Outsource
I’ve started two businesses in the past two years. Outsourcing made this possible. Without it I'd be nowhere. With it, I have two profitable ventures and the time to think and work on the projects that make the biggest difference in each of them. Outsourcing has become a must. As a founder and entrepreneur, you can't afford not to. Here's why. ... You can outsource anything. Literally anything...Over my past four years, I've outsourced more business jobs than I thought possible and more personal tasks than some would consider appropriate. The only limit is your creativity. ... What does a CEO actually do? They don't build products, they build businesses. They are nothing more than master outsourcers. Their expertise is having a vision and creating and motivating the right team of superb skill to make it reality."
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[Blog.XDite.net] Web Startup 適合使用的服務與工具
因為自己的工作都是在沾 Startup(不是在 Startup 工作,就是被 hire 去 startup 一個部門),手癢來寫一下自己做 Startup 會用到哪些東西拼裝…. 其實這篇服務 list,重點很單純,只有一個:降低 RD 成本,增加 RD 產出。不要浪費你的 RD 去重造輪子。一個 Startup 最吃緊的往往是資金與人力,但資金燒最兇的項目還是養人。說來說去「人」還是最昂貴的,也是最珍貴的資源(難找難練難養)。這些工具租下來一個月才燒萬把塊台幣(是的,這是真實數據)。但是如果通通自己造,要花多少?"
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[Think Vitamin] Top 10 UX Myths
So, let me entertain you with a list I compiled of my favorite 'User Experience myths'. Then perhaps you, like many UX folks, will have some myths of your own to share ..."
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[FreelanceSwitch] Freelance Business Recovery Planning: Breaking a Business Slump
Finding yourself in a slump is a good way to discover what you don’t know. In the past, you may have remedied this lack of knowledge by going on a buying spree. ... Sorry to break the news to you, but you can’t afford to do that. For now, your best friend is going to be a four-letter word spelled f-r-e-e. ... Quite often, a freelancer in the throes of a slump starts to feel like he or she must fight the battle alone. And the withdrawal from other people begins in earnest. ... Don’t do this. You need to increase your income so you can bust out of this slump, and here’s how you’re going to do it, Lone Ranger. You’re going to ask for help."
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[Mr. PM] 你的新點子經的起這幾項原則的考驗嗎? (一)
你的新點子和新產品,應該要經過以下的項目來作思考上的驗證。 ... 需求雖然存在,但是常處於潛在的狀況,消費者當下並不會感受到自己有這個需求,所以在構思產品時,也得構思激發出消費者動機的方式,最近最流行的工業設計就是這個道理,要切記一點,不要利用贈品或抽獎之類的促銷來刺激動機,如此一來會不長久。"
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[Smashing Magazine] Clear And Effective Communication In Web Design
In order for a message to be clear, there must be a clear purpose and priority of the website that is understandable to the visitor ... One of the reasons taglines are so effective is that they can communicate something significant about the company or the website in a brief statement that, ideally, leaves a memorable impression on the visitor. ... the most effective communication generally occurs on websites that show some kind of personality in that communication. The website is a representation of the company or the person behind it, and showing that in the communication is important. ... The design of a website should not become a priority over the content, or else the website will suffer in usability. ... The most important message that must be communicated by every website is its purpose. Some visitors will likely already be familiar with the website or the company behind it, but many may not."
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[Noupe] Discussing PHP Frameworks: What, When, Why and Which?
There is a great debate about what the best PHP frameworks are, because the simple fact is that not every framework is built for everyone. Here’s a quick rundown of five of the best and most popular choices right now..."
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[Cheers] 16幕拆解賈伯斯說故事魅力
賈伯斯並不是天生的簡報天才,《賈伯斯的簡報祕訣》作者卡洛(Carmine Gallo)觀察,他從1980年推出蘋果電腦以來,每一年都在精進自己的簡報內容和技巧。 ... 賈伯斯構想簡報內容時,會把自己想成電影導演,故事中有衝突、有拯救、有英雄、有壞人。他要營造的是一種情境,如同電影般有節奏跟高低潮,才能讓台下聽眾沉醉其中。因此,當你開始製作新簡報,一開始絕不要急著打開PowerPoint,先拿出紙筆,好好的把故事構想寫下來。 ... 把自己每一場練習錄下來觀看、檢討、再練習,是快速進步的方式。不需錄整場,從開始的5分鐘就足以找出很多改進方向。也可以請第三者提供建議。"
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[Oort 彗星的故鄉] 資訊爆炸時代,新資訊落差,每個人都要會管理資訊
資訊落差隨著網路興起,差距逐漸變小,賺資訊落差財的人套利空間也越來越小,但在資訊爆炸時代,有新的資訊落差產生,這個落差發生在是否能有效的管理資訊,資訊已經不是掌握越多越好了,而是如何在過多的資訊中,有效過濾整理,整合資訊,任由資訊充斥自己時間的人與有效管理資訊的人,這兩者將會在很多方面產生極大的落差。... 資訊爆炸時代,要小心的不是缺乏資訊,而是過多的資訊浪費了寶貴的時間,選擇多不是件幸福的事,現代人身在選擇過多的資訊時代,到底是幸福還是痛苦呢?簡單生活才是幸福。"
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[Manager Today經理人] 銷售記憶與感覺:體驗經濟學
體驗經濟強調「感覺」是可以販售的,而且具有比產品與服務更高的附加價值。我們常講的服務品質與服務滿意,其實也不過是一種記憶,一種感覺。... 標準服務流程是企業定義的標準,對管理非常重要,卻未必是消費者所要的。因為由消費者的角度來看,我可不要符合什麼標準流程... 從管理的角度來看,品質管理需要標準化,但是從消費者的角度呢?我要的是個人化,我可不在乎企業標準流程。... 如果「感覺」可以賣錢,那麼體驗經濟下的企業就要懂得如何製造感覺。"
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[Mr. Jamie] 網路應用的 10 個黃金定律
我在紐約的創投朋友,佛萊德‧威爾遜 (Fred Wilson) 前幾天在邁阿密為「網路應用的未來 (Future of Web Apps)」研討會,給了一場名為「網路應用的 10 個黃金定律 (The Ten Golden Principles for Successful Web Apps)」的演講,內容簡單且扼要,把未來幾年的 Web 3.0 時代,網路應用應該要具備的特色,非常精確且完整的描述出來。..."
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[網路行銷第一站] 網站規劃=目的導向
許多中小企業主,基本上就是做「一個網站」,然後把公司所有資料、所有產品訊息或是任何可以想到的東西全部丟上去,想說這樣公司網站的資料就會「很豐富」,潛在客戶可以一次看個夠,可以更了解公司。但……這樣的思維模式是正確的嗎?... 所有的東西都堆放在同一個網站,是不是容易分散掉潛在客戶的注意力呢?... 網站規劃一定要是目的導向,這樣你的網站會更加簡潔、清楚、有力,而且每個網站各司其職,達成目標的機會我想不是一站到底的網站可以比擬的"
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[聯合新聞網 | 全球觀察 | 國際財經] 科技行銷 改走感性平民風
過去30年來,電腦公司習慣用艱澀難懂的配備說明推銷產品,消費者被迫忍受業者的傲慢,現在部分業者開始改變行銷策略,特別強調商品的設計和功能,希望從需求層面打動消費者的心。... 他們終於體認到其他行業數十年前就學到的教訓:消費者最大,唯有將商品包裝得簡單易懂,才會有更多顧客捧場。... 「我們向汽車業取經。電腦已成為情緒商品,就和汽車一樣,我們的宣傳和廣告開始強調感性訴求。」"
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[聯合新聞網 | 意見評論 | 名人堂] 詹偉雄:The Power of「簡單」
在這十年間,我們並不是直接地感受到了「簡單」有多美,才使我們擁抱這個概念,反而是我們共同經歷了許多「不簡單」的痛苦,從而使我們「驀然回首」,由事與物的對立面,領略了「簡單」的真理感,這是一種很在地的感受。... 第一種「不簡單」的痛苦,是由「扮演」、「表演」(performance)所建構的「虛假」(pretense)。... 第二種「不簡單」的痛苦,是因為日趨「專業」、「抽象」的生活,所衍生的「困難」(difficulty)以及「複雜」(complexity)。... 第三個「不簡單」痛苦,是「過量」(excess)所帶來的「累贅」(redundancy)與「遲鈍」感。"
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[商業周刊] 簡單抗通膨:「這樣就好」快樂學
人只要醒著,就是活在欲望的世界中... 欲望的來源如此多元,沒人能預測會何時出現,但這不代表你就該束手無策。你可以選擇的是,要無意識的被欲望操控,還是當個欲望守門人。"
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