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[Aeon Ideas] Why speaking to yourself in the third person makes you wiser
It’s likely to cause you to become stuck in the rut of your own thoughts and immersed in the emotions that might be leading you astray. Certainly, research has shown that people who are prone to rumination also often suffer from impaired decision making under pressure, and are at a substantially increased risk of depression. ... this small change in perspective can clear your emotional fog, allowing you to see past your biases.
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Object-Oriented Programming  —  The Trillion Dollar Disaster 🤦
This post sums up my first-hand decade-long journey from Object-Oriented to Functional programming. I’ve seen it all. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I try, I can no longer find use cases for OOP. I have personally seen OOP projects fail because they become too complex to maintain.
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Choose Boring Technology - Dan McKinley
An important step in getting to that state is realizing that attention is precious.

Humans have a finite amount of capacity for sweating details.
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Seeing Theory - A visual introduction to probability and statistics
Seeing Theory was created by Daniel Kunin while an undergraduate at Brown University. The goal of this website is to make statistics more accessible through interactive visualizations
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[Reddit] A LeetCode Grinding Guide : cscareerquestions
Seeing how users in this sub and interviewers oppose to grinding LeetCode, I have decided to write a guide to help those who need to grind LeetCode.
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december 2018 by jslu
[Inside Intercom] The Orange Juice Test
propose a task you know to be extremely difficult but possible, and then measure the candidate’s reaction. If they are defeatist (“That can’t be done!“) or deluded (“I’d code that in a weekend“) then that’s what you’d be hiring.
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[Facebook Research] Introducing the Facebook Field Guide to Machine Learning video series
The Facebook Field Guide to Machine Learning is a six-part video series developed by the Facebook ads machine learning team. The series shares best real-world practices and provides practical tips about how to apply machine-learning capabilities to real-world problems.
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Designing good DSL @ tonsky.me
DSLs are great tool to reduce complexity and define problems in a compact and succinct way. In case you need to design your own, these are a few common traps to avoid.
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LeetCode Questions · chubbysingh/coding Wiki
由 "Top Interview Question" 那欄可以知道要從哪些題目先下手
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How to Read Mathematics
Mathematics has a reading protocol all its own, and just as we learn to read literature, we should learn to read mathematics.  Students need to learn how to read mathematics, in the same way they learn how to read a novel or a poem, listen to music, or view a painting.  Ed Rothstein’s book, Emblems of Mind, a fascinating book emphasizing the relationship between mathematics and music, touches implicitly on the reading protocols for mathematics.
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december 2017 by jslu
jwasham/coding-interview-university: A complete computer science study plan to become a software engineer.
I originally created this as a short to-do list of study topics for becoming a software engineer, but it grew to the large list you see today. After going through this study plan, I got hired as a Software Development Engineer at Amazon! You probably won't have to study as much as I did. Anyway, everything you need is here.
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december 2017 by jslu
The software engineering rule of 3
Here’s a dumb extremely accurate rule I’m postulating for software engineering projects: you need at least 3 examples before you solve the right problem. Overfitting is a term for when see patterns in data and those patterns don’t generalize. When coding we’re often hyper-vigilant about optimizing for code deduplication, we detect incidental patterns that may not be representative of the full breadth of pattern that we would see if we knew all the different applications.
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[DaedTech] The Human Cost of Tech Debt
So when you think of tech debt, don’t think only in terms of the business problem of delayed features and rising defect counts.  Think of the human cost, and the much more serious, much longer term business problem that results.
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Dijkstra was right — recursion should not be difficult
a recursive sub-function never solves the exact same problem as the original function, but always a simpler version of an original problem. ...
recursion has another important capability which is the ability to backtrack.
... A common mistake beginners make when designing a solution to a recursive problem is to try to imagine what happens inside the recursive call, instead of just trusting that it will return the correct result.
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august 2017 by jslu
[AtomicObject] Why Haskell Is Worth Learning
I really think the most immediately practical side effect *snirk* of learning Haskell is that it forever changes the way you think about code. Yes, yes, I know this sounds like warm, fuzzy, vague BS, but I’m serious! Learning Haskell has had more of an impact on the way I code, and the way I think about code, than anything I learned in school and any of my on-the-job experience.
- good tutorial references in the comments
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may 2017 by jslu
Deep Learning in a Nutshell – what it is, how it works, why care?
the big challenges with traditional machine learning models is a process called feature extraction.. Deep learning is one of the only methods we can circumvent the challenges of feature extraction.. because deep learning models are capable of learning to focus on the right features by themselves, requiring little guidance from the programmer.. Finding out what those weights should be is the hard part of the problem, and that's done through a process called training.
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The Probability and Statistics Cookbook
The probability and statistics cookbook is a succinct representation of various topics in probability theory and statistics. It provides a comprehensive mathematical reference reduced to its essence, rather than aiming for elaborate explanations.
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november 2016 by jslu
Code Kata is an attempt to bring this element of practice to software development. A kata is an exercise in karate where you repeat a form many, many times, making little improvements in each. The intent behind code kata is similar. Each is a short exercise (perhaps 30 minutes to an hour long). Some involve programming, and can be coded in many different ways. Some are open ended, and involve thinking about the issues behind programming. These are unlikely to have a single correct an...
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october 2016 by jslu
Eugen’s Journal – Overview of Reactive GUI Programming
the parts of a GUI program that are concerned with interactivity are arguably the hardest to tame. ... The classical approach to handle user/signal input and interactions between GUI components is callback-based. But callbacks have a couple of severe deficits. ... Reactive programming is generally regarded as a promising alternative to callback-based programming without its shortcomings.
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[ALPHA Camp] 台灣的科技管理斷層
美國為首的科技產業過去十餘年究竟發生了甚麼樣的革新,才造成各種管理方法的重大改變呢?敝人認為主要的變革有:問題導向與跨領域專長融合、服務導向架構、元件化與模組化、雲端與平行運算、主動與被動品管流程、使用者中心設計六項為主。這些重大產業變革,使得軟體工程組織走向扁平化、自動化、技能導向與資料導向。 ... 當我們問自己,台灣工程師那麼便宜,為什麼國際大廠不會搶著要?答案已經很明顯了。我們的薪資水準雖遜於多數已開發國家,但卻高出開發中國家,但同時我們提供的軟體工程水準卻也沒比開發中國家好到哪裡去。
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[Steve Sanderson] Writing Great Unit Tests: Best and Worst Practices
if unit testing isn’t about finding bugs, what is it about? I bet you’ve heard the answer a hundred times already, but since the testing misconception stubbornly hangs on in developers’ minds, I’ll repeat the principle. As TDD gurus keep saying, “TDD is a design process, not a testing process”. Let me elaborate: TDD is a robust way of designing software components (“units”) interactively so that their behaviour is specified through unit tests.
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[Toptal] Java vs. Scala: Why Should I Learn Scala?
Scala was created specifically with the goal of being a better language, shedding those aspects of Java which it considered restrictive, overly tedious, or frustrating for the developer. As a result, there are indeed code distinctions and paradigm shifts that can make early learning of Scala programming a bit more difficult, but the result is a much cleaner and well organized language that is ultimately easier to use and increases productivity."
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[Matthew Kirk] Why did I write a Machine Learning Book in Ruby?
This is the network effect. Basically the tool is useless unless people use it. But the network effect doesn’t apply to coding. Sure there is some benefit to being able to google the solution to a particular nltk error code you are getting. But Ruby has similar tools as well. The main difference is that you don’t get everything in one easy-install command. For instance Ruby has libsvm, ruby-fann (neural networks), tlearn (neural networks), ai4r, algorithms (k-d tree to do KNN), bayes_motel, NArray, NMatrix (new but promising), and others. If you really want more you can use JRuby to get into the massive amount of Java code that sits out there."
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january 2016 by jslu
[Conversion Lab] 我該如何進入 UX 產業 - 番外篇
嚴格來說,用戶不會告訴你哪裡錯了。用戶回饋是靠自己對人的了解有多深才分析得出來的,自己才是發現問題的那個人。所以真正的問題在於你是初學者,又必須同時是老師,這就是自學 UX 過程中的矛盾點。 ... 找 UX 工作的時候,不要用找 UI 工作的方式去找,不要只是給別人看 UI 作品集,我甚至認為有時候連 UI 都不要先拿出來給別人看,要先給別人看的是做 UX 的過程,怎麼運用 UX 的知識跟研究方法發現問題,找到的問題有哪些,為什麼找到這麼多的問題,最後發現某個問題才是重點,為什麼 User 會這樣想,基於你做了什麼研究發現 User 會這麼想。 ... 雖然看 UI 作品很重要,但更重要的是展現在設計過程中,你所運用的思考方式以及所有思考過的問題跟解決方式。"
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New Culture 是在反思現有的思想與文化,並透過設計讓世人看見新的可能性,通常這類設計都不是從問題出發,而是從設計師有興趣的議題開始,深入研究後透過設計向大眾提出問題,目的是挑起大眾的興趣與思考而非量產發售。 ... 上面整理了各種不同目的的設計類型,眼尖的讀者可以發現這篇文章對於概念性設計有比較多的著墨,那是因為我想我們生活中已經很多人在談論實用為導向的設計了,包括我自己也都是參與「解決問題」的設計居多。 然而,我想說的是「世界並不是這麼美好,或是說人本來就是複雜矛盾」,而我們的設計不可能「解決所有生活上的問題」,所以我們需要概念性的設計去引發人的思考,思考人自身要如何與世界協調。 ... 實際上設計思維 (Design Thinking) 是一個有使用場景限制的工具,它提供了一套流程,讓不同背景的參與者切換於邏輯以及直覺思維之間來解決系統性的問題。我認為 Design Thinking 一詞的誕生不全然是壞事,它有助於扭轉傳統大眾認為「設計就是讓東西變好看一點」的偏見,但同時設計現在又掛上了新的偏見:「設計就是要解決問題」。"
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[Toptal] The Vital Guide To Visual Design Interviewing
Design is subjective, therefore, when being interviewed, designers need to show insight, courage and their thought process; the reasoning behind the decisions and processes is sometimes more important than the result itself. The result of design work is a combination of many factors ... When discussing “visual design” in these circumstances, it’s not, and cannot in any way be simply how something looks. Function and form should be questioned during all stages of the design process. When evaluating a visual designer’s portfolio, it is necessary that context and ideation behind a project is shown and explained. ... Visual design is the process of visual communication and creative problem-solving through the use of type, space, image, shape, line, texture, color, material. ... The design process doesn’t only rely on form, and a given problem or a brief, but the study of the problem, research, and analysis will give the solution and form to the project."
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[Evon's Writing Recipe] 你不能不知的程式設計/軟體工程師面試題庫 – Leetcode
這種 IT 類型的面試問題五花八門,解題的時間從十分鐘到一個小時都有可能。當你到軟體工程的大本營 - 美國矽谷面試時,常會被要求寫出類似 Twitter 的程式,要不然就是對他人寫出的程式做評論。其實這類的面試,測試的不只是解決問題的實力,還有你面對難題的反應,及與他人討論的溝通能力與深度。這些題目其實是可以靠平時練習來增進自己解題能力與面試表現的! 這裡介紹一個練習 Computer Science/ IT 技術面試的題庫和社交平台,能幫助你練習面試時可能會被問到的程式設計問題。LeetCode 這個網站提供了線上 Coding 的功能,過程中能夠看到其他練習者寫出的程式,並能針對你遇到的難題與其他人共同討論、提出你的看法,也可以依照自己的需求選擇題型還有難度。"
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[Inside] UX 設計中,功能動態效果背後的 9 個邏輯
微妙的功能動態效果作為設計流程的一部分,深藏於日常 UI 設計之中。功能動態效果有別於 Disney Studio 、或者專門為電腦遊戲設計的動態效果。它帶有明確的、符合邏輯的用途,目的是為了支援我們所推行的設計解決方案。在理想狀態下,我們能通過一套完善的使用原則來驗證這些功能動態效果的可行性。在過去的幾年裡,我接觸過各種各樣的專案。在這個過程中,我總結了9 個類型的動態效果原則,若我們設計當中的某個動態效果遵循這些原則之一(或多個),那它就是一個有效的功能動態效果,證明可以被應用於項目當中。如果功能動效不符合這些原則,那它可能就是多餘的,使用的時候需要三思而後行,這些動效通常會讓人感到討厭和笨拙。"
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september 2015 by jslu
[Wikipedia] Business administration
the process of managing a business or non-profit organization, so that it remains stable and continues to grow. The administration of a business includes the performance or management of business operations and decision making as well as the efficient organization of people and other resources to direct activities toward common goals and objectives."
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september 2015 by jslu
[ALPHA Camp] 資料科學的五大迷思
我們應該謹記兩點:第一點較哲學,那就是機器學習的用意在於模擬人類的分類和預測能力,如果你的團隊本身就沒有相關產業的工作經驗,機器學習絕對不會幫你找到答案。第二點則是應用面問題,那就是機器學習不管在甚麼情況下都不會取代產品設計。機器學習不是魔術,你自己都不知道使用者的問題如何解決的時,資料科學是不會跑出結果的。 ... 請記得你的資料科學成效取決於你團隊的產業經驗。若你的團隊對產業的趨勢和動向沒有概念,那你們將很難找到合適的資料、合理的機器學習方法,那其實用資料科學反而是在浪費你們的時間。所以說,資料科學並不能取代專業知識。"
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august 2015 by jslu
[iThome] 你能學會多少技術?
「辨識問題」是一個很重要的能力,不少人應該都有這類經驗:明明在你眼中顯而易見的問題,為何有些程式新手就是看不出問題;學的技術或理論越多,就要能辨識更多的問題,也才越能基於廣博知識來解決問題。 ... 時時承認「學不了所有的東西」,這樣我就能知道該學習的是辨識問題與面對失敗,而不是學習所有的技術,無論那是在硬體上的技術,或者是軟體!
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august 2015 by jslu
LeetCode Online Judge
LeetCode OJ is a platform for preparing technical coding interviews. Pick from an expanding library of more than 190 questions, code and submit your solution to see if you have solved it correctly. It is that easy!"
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june 2015 by jslu
[TechOrange] 親愛的工程師:如果你的目標是當 CTO,請愛上這些職場改變
工程與技術的團隊對於公司其他部門如行銷、管理可能就像是黑洞一般無法理解。過去公司常態上所認知的分享公司各部門的功能,如今沒有特別努力去溝通可能就會造成不熟悉甚至誤解。作為技術部門領導者,你有特別的機會能為產品開發與工程團隊發聲,一些簡單的事 如交流技術部門是如何設定目標、確定工作順序與風險管理 等等,這樣一來: 1. 銷售部門就能給顧客更多資訊;2. 行銷部門就能更即時掌控產品時程以及產品功能;3. 財務部門能更理解預算的請求;4. 人資部門更能夠依照技術團隊的需求來招募人才。 ... 如果我們知道公司各部門領導者的需求,那麼在傳遞訊息上就能夠與之更相關。甚至在人們問:「這樣可行嗎?」時,我們也不會太早說不,而是說:「這是必須要花費的成本,你覺得呢?」 ... 所以建立一個企業,其中一個能夠幫助思考的方式就是任何能「創造預測性的東西」。 ... 將焦點放在公司真正的需求以及建立與其他領導者的良好關係,這兩點對於技術團隊保持效率是不可或缺的兩個要素。"
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may 2015 by jslu
[ALPHA Camp] 《獲利世代》沒說完的事 - 新創公司如何更好地規劃商業模式
我並不是要說商業模式圖一文不值。使用這個工具,絕對比寫一份沒人會看第二次的商業計畫書實際多了。但是對於新創事業來說,有幾個原因會讓這個工具「搔不到癢處」。為什麼會這樣呢?第一個原因是,許多人在填寫商業模式圖時,犯了一些常見的錯誤。如果能避免這些錯誤,就可以更好地發揮這個工具的威力。 ... 價值主張跟產品是不一樣的東西,很容易被誤解。"
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[台灣工程師的矽谷故事] 一人敵,不足學,學萬人敵
矽谷這邊,因為長時間有非常多公司迅速地成長茁壯,訓練出非常多這種能支撐快出成長的萬人敵浩克,不管是工程端,業務端,市場端,人資端,還是 IT 端,你都可以發現這種浩克級的高手的存在。"
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EtherCalc: 多人即時協作試算表
本章將會討論 EtherCalc 系統的演進過程。它是 SocialCalc 的後續專案,為試算表提供多人同步的編輯功能。我們會詳述系統架構的沿革,介紹相關的效能分析工具,以及我們創造出哪些新的工具來克服效能上的問題。 ... Fred Brooks 在《設計的設計》一書中提到「限制」的重要性:它讓設計者可以縮小搜尋空間、幫助專注並加速設計流程。這也包括了自行加諸的限制:在一個設計任務上加諸人為的限制有個好處,就是設計者日後可以自行放寬這些限制。在理想情況下,這可以引人踏進設計空間中未曾探索過的角落,藉以激發創意。"
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黃金三角,組成必勝「最小戰鬥單位」。同盟當中,最不可或缺的隊友,必須具備以下三項特質: 1.「行腳商人」... 2.「工匠」... 3.「總管」... 這樣的「最小戰鬥單位」,可能是身兼數職的單一個人,也可能由具備各種特質的團隊組成,然不論如何變化,三項特質的齊備,才是開啟成功的關鍵鑰匙!"
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[Inside 網摘] 芝加哥有多少鋼琴調音師?Google 瘋狂的面試問題詳解版
過去十年當中, Google 在面試的時候,會問應徵者那些沒有答案的問題。 Google 是一家依靠創新得以生存和發展的公司——發明之前沒有的東西,改進現有的方法和技術,讓消費者去做之前做不到的事情。將這一點和其他大部分公司的面試方式進行比較:在面試中考驗技能的部分, Google 需要知道你是否能夠做到他們需要你做的事情。但是 Google 不知道他們的新員工需要有什麼具體的技能。他們需要知道的是:一名員工是否能夠用自己的思考解決一個問題。"
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[TargetProcess] Speed in Software Development
This diagram shows things and activities that affect development speed somehow. Green means that an activity increases speed. The more you have it, the better. Yellow indicates that some maximum exists. For example, you can accumulate technical debt and increase speed, but if you accumulate too much, it will slow you down significantly. Red shows things that slow down development, the less of them you have the the better. Next. Green arrow indicates increasing effect. ... Red arrow indicates decreasing effect."
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[Harvard Business Review] How to Negotiate with Someone More Powerful than You - Carolyn O'Hara
Having power typically reduces a person’s ability to understand how others think, see, and feel, so being in the less powerful position actually gives you a better vantage to accurately assess what the other party wants and how you can best deliver it. And when you do your homework, you’ll often find you’ve “underestimated your own power, and overestimated theirs” ... By studying your counterpart’s motivations, obstacles, and goals, you can frame your aims not as things they are giving up to you, but “as solutions to a problem that they have."
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[fcamel] 從不同程式語言的異同思考問題的本質
學特別的程式語言有助於掌握不同的概念。我最初慣用的語言是 C (高中三年),再來是 Java (大學四年)。藉由 Java 開始接觸 OOP 的思維,除了程式語法之外,學到更多的是寫程式的思考方式。其實回頭再去看 C,也可以使用一樣的思維,只是當語言直接綁入思維時,會被迫這麼做。 ... 開始掌握到一些程式語言背後共同的特性:「組合邏輯控制」,以及「管理資料的狀態」。回歸到最原始的電路來看,程式的運作就是「邏輯控制 (and/or)」 和「狀態 (on/off)」。當要做的事變複雜時,必須結構性地管理它們。 ... 後來我察覺到更深層的思維:OOP 也好、FP 也好,目的都是結構性地管理資料和邏輯,只是表達的方式不同。掌握到這點後,我將時間花在有助於真正目的事上,而不是寫得更 OOP 或 FP。原本遇到的困擾 (如何在 B 語言裡善用 A 語言的特性) 自然就不存在了。 ... 重點還是掌握問題的本質,避免迷失在解決的方案之中。"
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[Tuts+] Teach Yourself Graphic Design: A Self-Study Course Outline
Fortunately, it isn't required to go to design school in order to be a graphic designer. A good foundation in graphic design history, theory, and practical application will help you hit the ground running. There are plenty of resources available in which you can learn graphic design on your own. Don't set your expectations to high at first, as it will take enthusiastic study for years to become great. You can do it though! If you would like to learn graphic design from the ground up, through self directed study, then this article lists some great resources that will get you started with your design education. Also, even if you do go to design school, at least three-fifths of your education will be through self directed study anyway. Let's get to it!"
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[XDite] 返璞歸真 -- 以最適當的方式設計軟體
DHH 的這場 Talk 要傳達是「設計軟體的重點:好讀、易維護、以全局觀點思考」。而不是「我不 TDD」。 ... TDD 適合用來作為「已知解決手法,但有可能過程複雜容易出包」的程式,使用 TDD 可以有效降低爆炸機率,提升開發效率。但對於「未知解決手法」的程式,使用 TDD 反而會造成效率下降,因為反而會花太多時間在處理 unit 本身,而不是專注於 system 本身的設計。 (Design Pattern 其實也面臨到相同的狀況。太早 Design Pattern 開下去,當系統要快速迭代變更設計時,原先的 Pattern 甚至或當場「絕對不適用」。)"
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[JosephJ] On interviewing front-end engineers 讀後感
在矽谷的很多公司仍然以資工(Computer Science)所包含的概念、邏輯、演算法、資料結構作為面試前端工程師的主要題目。所以常會考 O-notation、heap sort、palindrome (迴文) 等跟前端工程師價值無關的題目。這是完全錯誤的。 ... 尋找有熱情與熱忱、用 HTML/CSS/JavaScript 來解決問題的人。他不會考「列舉三種可將文字置右對齊的方法」這種像是高中填鴨式的題目,而是問一些他自己在工作中所碰到的前端問題,從中了解面試者處理的方法及意願。 ... 重點不僅只於把東西做出來、背後的想法可能更重要,所以我在面試人時的題目都比較基礎:會跟他們討論為什麼這樣做、是不是有其他的作法、如果要更好還可以怎麼做?比起這些技術的東西,我或許更在乎討論到一些面試者沒聽過的東西時,他是否會眼睛一亮、讓我感受到他對於前端的熱忱。"
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[Taiwan 2.0] 論文簡報:說一個精采的故事
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[專案管理生活思維] TOC乃是關鍵鏈之母
由於關鍵鏈專案管理挑戰了目前現有專案管理的方式,各環節能否同步運作就得更加講究 … 這些看似違反常理的作法,卻是讓組織快速完成專案而增加產出的重點,缺一不可。當然,企業要能運用關鍵鏈專案管理有些先決條件要建立,因此在談技術面之前,我想花一點篇幅從關鍵鏈的理念源頭談起 ... 關鍵鏈的管理思維來自於TOC(Theory of Constraints),人稱限制理論或限制管理,簡單來說,就是找出系統的限制加以管理。"
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So you want to manage a product? — Product Management
Things that weren’t in any job description. Here are the main four: 1. You’re not managing a product. You’re managing the problem it solves. 2. Your product is only as good as a user’s perception of it. 3. 3. Product Managers are neither designers nor engineers. 4. It’s not about being a star — It’s about managing a universe. ... Your designer is the design expert. Your engineer is the programming expert. And you, the product manager, are the expert on whether the design and functionality meet the specific user need at hand. ... I didn’t need to come up with the best idea in the room. I just needed to make sure that I got the right people in the room to foster a deluge of ideas from which I could select the best one." 中譯 http://goo.gl/hIa7Ys
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[iThome] 動態擴展語言元素的程式設計
在各種meta-programming形式中,執行時期修改函式、類別、實例、方法等元素定義與行為最具彈性。有些語言本身內建這樣的能力,開發者本身可以在原有語言上輕鬆構造、擴充專屬功能 ... 甚至可發展出一套具備特有語法的框架、程式庫或工具,就擴充的語法本身,已成為特定領域語言 ... 從靜態語言限制meta-programming,搭配設計模式建立共通詞彙以減少意外性的角度來看,在動態語言中運用meta-programming等機制時,也應留意共同慣例與詞彙,可以輕易地動態改變程式行為,確實是一件很誘人的事,但如果隨意改變行為、甚至任意構造融入語言的元素或特立獨行的DSL,會使得開發者之間的溝通變得困難或提高學習成本 ... 除非你精通該門語言、擁有足夠理由、能夠留意共同慣例與詞彙,否則最好別隨意搬弄meta-programming的相關機制。"
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[Inside] 對九個超級程式設計師的採訪
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[Business Insider] Elon Musk's Rule About Job Interviews
Elon Musk shared with the audience at our Ignition conference how having job applicants explain their thought process of solving a problem helps him figure out if they are qualified for the job."
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[Wikipedia] Separation of concerns
a design principle for separating a computer program into distinct sections, such that each section addresses a separate concern. A concern is a set of information that affects the code of a computer program. ... achieved by encapsulating information inside a section of code that has a well defined interface. ... The value of separation of concerns is simplifying development and maintenance of computer programs. When concerns are well separated, individual sections can be developed and updated independently. Of especial value is the ability to later improve or modify one section of code without having to know the details of other sections, and without having to make corresponding changes to those sections."
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[Inside] 募資不是終點,創業者真正該深思的四個問題
創業者該思考的問題是:1.什麼時候募集資金? 2.為什麼要募集資金? 3.向誰募集資金? 4.募集資金的結果,而這些問題都要從「創業是什麼?」這個問題出發。創業是什麼?:「新創公司是一種臨時性的組職,以尋找一種具有可重複性和可擴張性的商業模式」。 ... 不要把「募集資金」和「經營一間可持續發展的公司」混為一談。在完美的狀況下,你不需要投資者,而是完全利用來自客戶的收入。但為了實現擴大規模的目的,新創公司需要創投的資金。一旦有證據可以證明你的商品與市場是契合的,就盡可能的去募集資金,但在什麼證明都沒有之前不要這麼做。"
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[Hands Up] 你在創造別人的麻煩,還是解決別人的麻煩?
不要再浪費時間與大量金錢去解決不值得解決的事,這是目前8成以上新創團隊面臨的問題。你需要多一點生活體驗,去接觸不同的人,觀察他們的行為。你無法觀察出一般人的更迫切的需要,是因為你的生活環境太好,而且是你沒意識到的好,以至於你不會察覺生活中有哪些問題對別人來說是一種不方便。 ... 要注重人們的行為觀察,而且是在不驚擾人們的情況下觀察,因為人們在無特別意識下的行為最能說明他們相信什麼,需要什麼,那才是你的切入點,更可能是你的創業成功之道。最後你往往會發現,原來人們需要的很簡單,是你弄複雜了。"
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[Antonia Wang超級富有的幸福幸運女] 情緒方程式
每一種感覺一一的帶著孩子認識,每一種感覺一一的帶著孩子慢慢地釐清,每一種感覺帶著孩子慢慢地感受,每一種關卡陪著孩子過,慢慢地,孩子懂得自己的感受,懂得自己要什麼,懂得自己最單純的感覺,懂得自己卡住的關,懂得那個關卡怎麼過。 ... 現在的我,才終於懂了,我們之所以可以如此輕鬆的看著孩子們自己解決自己的爭執,自己處理自己跟朋友們的關係,沒有仲裁、沒有評價,就相信讓孩子自己去處理,只因為我們的孩子只在處理看懂情緒的加減法。看懂自己最單純的情緒,瞭解自己情緒的強弱,用最簡單的方法,立即解決問題。"
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[Sijin Joseph] Programmer Competency Matrix
Note that the knowledge for each level is cumulative; being at level n implies that you also know everything from the levels lower than n."
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[巷仔口社會學] 從設計到社計的社會學想像(一)
相對於設計專業,社會學者不會只是關在房間裡、腦力激盪找問題解決方案,而是走進田野、深刻有系統地觀察、結合理論內容來研究使用者要不要使用、怎麼使用、使用之後對於他自己和他的社群產生甚麼樣的影響,眼前這台電腦,身為「社計師」,要看得到使用者所處的脈絡或社會情境對個人行為、社群產生的影響。 ... 社會學研究社群組織和社會結構問題,社會的平等和正義是這個學科的核心關懷。所以,為誰設計是很重要,也是社會學者通常最先要思考的議題。相對於傳統設計專業,社會學在考量產品、服務的主要目的滿足基本的需求,而不是刺激欲望、滿足欲望,因此社會學強調為90%的公眾需求設計,而不只是為那些負擔的起金錢開銷的10%的客戶設計。"
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[OpenFoundry] 給年輕開發者的 JavaScript 除錯手冊
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[Envy Labs] Understanding Node.js
This blog post will describe what non-blocking I/O means and how working with the event loop can help your applications be more efficient. ... First, you order something. Then, the server goes on to process your order and return it to you when it’s ready. Once the order is handed off to the bar or kitchen, the server is free to get new orders or to deliver previous orders that are completed. Notice that at no point in time is the server doing more than one thing. They can only process one request at a time. This is how non-blocking Node.js applications work. In Node, your application code is like a restaurant server processing orders, and the bar/kitchen is the operating system handling your I/O calls."
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[百度百科] HelpDesk
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[iThome] 享受語言而不是與之對抗
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[iThome] 【良葛格專欄】消失的程式熱情?
"無論工作整體來說是否有創意,在職場工作專業分工下,我們往往只能單調地完成手中被分配到的任務,不再能自由地掌控、實現心中的想法。同時,為了順利完成工作,標準流程消除了意外性,多數分工體制下並不允許創意……日復一日地循環到最後,能支持程式設計的理由,就只剩下經濟來源,或者因想逃離熱情不再的程式設計而期待的升遷。 ... 有時熱情並不是消失或用盡,而是被工作壓抑或掩蓋,此時找回熱情並不是離開程式設計,而是在工作之外寫些自己的東西,重新放任自己的想法,再度掌控、實現與創造所有的東西,感受雙手放在鍵盤上時逐步釋放與遠離的壓力,以及隨之而來的樂趣。 "
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[Hands up] 市場先生與媒體先生
對一個創業家來說,影響他最大的其實不是「市場先生」,而是「媒體先生」。他是「市場先生」的兄弟,他的情緒跟「市場先生」一樣不穩定,但他的任務不是報價給你,而是影響你對每一件事的衡量標準。他的口才非常好,經常能引起別人的注意;他瞭解人性,知道你愛聽什麼、不愛聽什麼。但他有個比較糟糕的性格是,他樂意接受別人的賄賂,願意收你的錢跑去街上放假消息,因此你很難從他口中得到真正正確的資訊,往往你得自己分辨他對你說的每一句話。對創業家而言,你現在認知的「成功」標準,就是「媒體先生」每天在你耳邊呢喃的結果。 ... 事實上,創業成功的標準應該是你自己的決定,你自己的目標,你自己的選擇。你不該受到「媒體先生」的情緒感染,你應該保持理性去看待他所說的話、所做的事。 ... 你可以利用「媒體先生」,但不應該被「媒體先生」利用。創業的成功價值不需要由別人決定,不需要在意別人的眼光,能讓你在工作中找到自信,感到自在快樂,也可以是一種成功,而且未必是金錢買得到的成功。"
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[互联网的一些事] 程序员面试什么最重要?
"1) 面试官的目标是找到”工作好“的人,一定要围绕这个目标来进行面试,如果把面试当成了算法或操作系统期末考试这就走入了误区; 2) 面试过程是通过学历、性格、基础、经验、算法等可以测试的因素去综合判断面试者“工作好”的概率; 3) 在各种因素中,性格 > 经验 > 基础 > 算法。性格是最重要的,如果性格不好,所有技术能力都会大打折扣,而且技术缺陷容易弥补,性格缺陷很难改变;经验体现了一个人的综合能力,你可以从面试者过去的经历中判断他能从事哪种工作,不能从事哪种工作;基础和算法则主要起到辅助参考的作用,基础好的程序员一般适应性比较强,学新技术更快,但是切忌单纯从基础来判断一个人的能力。"
Tutorial  PerspectiveAndFraming  Software  TargetAudience  Teamwork  HR  Personality  Attitude  Interdisciplinarity  Logic  HolismAndOneness  InterpersonalCommunication  ExperientialLearning  Tip  Problem-solving  UX  Leadership  @Article  @HOWTO  Self-expression 
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[Inside] 為什麼軟體工程師選擇在半夜工作?Geek 的生產力曲線解密
在晚間 11 點到半夜 2 點,正值軟體工程師工作效率最高的時段。原因正是少了白天外在環境的打擾,軟體工程師在半夜不被打擾的黃金時光,能夠持續在工作生產力最高的巔峰。事實上,不只是 Geek ,許多腦力密集的創作型工作者,都習慣在深夜、不會被打擾的情況下工作。這似乎也能夠解釋,為什麼許多人在家工作的生產力,比進辦公室的來得更高。"
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[Desiring Clicks] 披著虎皮的羊,難問題的偽裝
這些問題本身通常不是很明確,而且沒有一定的答案 (ill-defined problem) ... 這些問題沒有一個標準答案,我們通常只能夠試圖的找到目前最好、最適合這個環境和使用者的方式解決。 ... 當我們有一個目標,卻不知道要怎麼到達那個目標,於是就產生了問題 (problem) ... 面臨這種手足無措、萬事起頭難的問題,最好的解決方法似乎是『一一擊破』 ... 把一個複雜的問題,分割成幾個比較簡單的問題。這樣的概念就是運用了問題解決(problem-solving)中,把這種困難的問題 (ill-defined problem),分成幾個或幾組定義清楚的問題 (well-defined problem)。"
@Article  @HOWTO  @Concept  Problem-solving  Goal-setting  UnexpectednessUncertaintyAndImpermanence 
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[Desiring Clicks] 賦予事情不同的意義
@Article  @Example  @Comparison  MeaningManagement  PerspectiveAndFraming  Problem-solving  Creativity  Leadership 
april 2013 by jslu
[Janet Lansbury] 5 Reasons Toddlers Won’t Follow Our Directions
Children are ready to listen, primed from birth to begin decoding our words and intuiting our unspoken messages. They are also unique individuals who quickly develop ideas, opinions and wills of their own. Babies and toddlers often understand exactly what we want but choose to do the opposite. So why won’t our kids just do as we ask? Here are the most common reasons..."
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[我就是強] 《我選擇》解決問題vs.創造需求
@Article  @Concept  @Comparison  Entrepreneurship  Problem-solving  Creativity  LatentDesire 
february 2013 by jslu
[邱小黑聊創業] 換位思考 – be a user, not a super user
這個「科技涉入程度」其實最好的判斷指標,我個人認為是:Google服務的使用與否。在分析過近百個網站的Google Analytics的關鍵字報表後,得出了一個結論:一個網站訪客科技涉入度的深淺,可從(not provide)[1]比例的多寡看出一二,而且有趣的是,越是跟生活有關的網站,訪客的(not provide)比例越低,也同時象徵其科技涉入度的程度越淺。... 為什麼要考慮「科技涉入度」的問題,因為這正是你在創業規劃商業模式的時候必須思考到的事情。 ... 有人說:創業可以先從解決自己的問題開始,然後擴及到你的族群。這點可以說是沒錯,當初AWS也是從這樣推起來的。但是請你務必認真思考:其他的人真的需要透過你的點子來解決問題嘛?如果你想要解決的是一個生活上的需求,那請去做「換位思考」這件事情。"
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[DesignModo] Wireframing, Prototyping, Mockuping - What’s the Difference?
Confusing wireframes with prototypes is like assuming that an architectural blueprint (a detailed plan of a building-to-be) and a display house, are the same thing. ... The same differentiation can be applied to wireframes, prototypes and mockups. They look different, they communicate something different and they serve different purposes."
Tailor-made  TargetAudience  Goal-setting  Problem-solving  Feedback-receiving  ProjectManagement  Teamwork  Agility  UI  Non-verbal  @Article  @Comparison  @Concept  Prototyping  Design  InterpersonalCommunication 
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[搞笑談軟工] Creational Patterns要解決什麼問題(下)?
既然這5個pattern被分類在creational pattern,所以它們要解的的問題,一定是和「產生物件」有關。因此,寫先出第一版的問題。「Problem V1:How do you create an object? (你如何產生一個物件?)」第一版的問題算是一個很一般化且共通的問題,可以適用於這5個creational pattern。但是,光是這樣不足以區隔這5個pattern,也就無法推導出針對這5個pattern,要採用哪種Solution。請問鄉民,如果這5個pattern的問題都一樣,要如何區隔它們?"
@Article  @Comparison  @Concept  OOAD  Problem-solving  Software  Engineering  HabitRoutineAndPattern  EncapsulationAndDecoupling 
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[搞笑談軟工] 從 The Timeless Way of Building 學設計 (2)
patterns 不是被『創造』出來的,而是老早就存在,等著被『發現』。 ... 找出這些你覺的好的設計,這就是『尋找 pattern』的第一步,從好的建築物(或是軟體,或是其他領域裡面被認為是好的東西)中定義出 physical feature (如果是軟體的話,就可能包含靜態結構關係與動態互動關係)。 ... 找出 patterns 的研究是一種『empirical study』,就是說要從實務經驗中來尋找 patterns。就好像新物種幾乎都是在野外原產地被發現是一樣的道理,不太可能坐在冷氣房裡面理論推導一番就可以『發現』新物種。 ... 除非鄉民們對於某個領域很熟,也有多年的實務經驗,不然隨便亂找 patterns 可是會變成『誤入叢林的小白兔』,害人害己啊。"
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[Design Staff] Hiring a designer: how to review portfolios
Of course, the ability to make something that looks good matters, especially for visual designers. But the challenge is that great images say nothing about what it will be like to work with someone, or whether they'll be consistently able to produce good work ... A portfolio is just a collection of past work. And it’s a great complement to a résumé because it shows you the actual work instead of just listing responsibilities and top-line accomplishments. ... Show that you’re a great thinker, not just a great Photoshopper. You are not a voice controlled mouse cursor for the client. Show that you can clearly frame a problem, establish goals for success, and explore solutions in a way that inspires confidence."
Non-verbal  Teamwork  Goal-setting  @Article  @HOWTO  Design  Problem-solving  InterpersonalCommunication  UX  UI  HR  Tip 
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[Inside] 37 Signals的差別訂價心法:利潤最大化,而非市占率最大
大多數的公司都想要盡可能的獲取最多的客戶,對於我們公司來說,我們要的是很多「對」的客戶;我們目標是利潤的最大化,而不是最大的市場占有率。追求客戶以及員工最高的滿意度。當兩者都變多的時候,就會越難兼顧。 ... 定價在9.99美金,取得了2,000個顧客,有20,000美金的營收,會比我們賣0.99美金,取得20,000顧客來得好,我們可以專注的服務這2,000個顧客,顧客開心,我們的員工也開心。"
Problem-solving  Branding  Marketing  FreeOfCharge  AttentionManagement  Simplicity  @Article  @Example  ValuationAndValueAdding  Entrepreneurship  PersonalGrowth  OutaboxThinking  Business 
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[Impact Interview] Steve Jobs on Product Design
Creativity is just connecting things. ... they were able to connect experiences they’ve had and synthesize new things. And the reason they were able to do that was that they’ve had more experiences or they have thought more about their experiences than other people. ... A lot of people in our industry haven’t had very diverse experiences. So they don’t have enough dots to connect, and they end up with very linear solutions without a broad perspective on the problem. The broader one’s understanding of the human experience, the better design we will have."
@Quote  Celebrity  Design  Creativity  Problem-solving  Interdisciplinarity  ExperientialLearning  PerspectiveAndFraming  OutaboxThinking  Simplicity  LatentDesire 
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[Trotter Cashion] How To Write Good Log Messages
Let’s break this line down into its components. I’ll start with the component name followed by the corresponding portion of the line from above. Finally, I’ll give a brief description of this component’s purpose."
@Article  @HOWTO  @Example  SysAdmin  Journaling  Engineering  Problem-solving  WebHosting  Tip 
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[使用者經驗之洞察分析] 【心得】改善超市購物經驗之脈絡訪查(G2)
@Article  @Example  @HOWTO  UX  Storytelling  Scenario  LatentDesire  Brainstorming  Problem-solving  Creativity  PerspectiveAndFraming 
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