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Code Review Review is the Manager's Job
The code review, usually performed using GitHub pull requests or the like, is now the highest leverage point for improving an engineering team’s output... Code reviews are not about catching bugs. Modern code reviews are about socialization, learning, and teaching... The behavioural trends in the process are your domain and if you’re running a meta-review process well your work will be predominantly behind the scenes.
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august 2018 by jslu
[Inside] 怎樣練習一萬小時
最關鍵的並不是練習的時間,而是練習的方法。 ... 真正的練習不是為了完成運動量,練習的精髓是要持續地做自己做不好的事。心理學家把人的知識和技能分為層層嵌套的三個圓形區域:最內一層是「舒適區」,是我們已經熟練掌握的各種技能;最外一層是「恐慌區」,是我們暫時無法學會的技能,二者中間則是「學習區」。只有在學習區裡面練習,一個人才可能進步。有效的練習任務必須精確的在受訓者的「學習區」內進行,具有高度的針對性。 ... 刻意練習是以錯誤為中心的練習。練習者必須建立起對錯誤的極度敏感,一旦發現自己錯了會感到非常不舒服,一直練習到改正為止。"
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june 2014 by jslu
[Inside] 為什麼新創公司得不到媒體關注?
在發佈之前,應該要準備好問題清單──和媒體釐清你的動機。 ... 這些問題的答案,將決定你的下一步。在大多數情況下,不同的目標代表不同的路徑。如果你想要找好工程師,你得要在 Reddit 、 Hacker News 或是工程師常看的部落格上發佈。如果你想要以投資人為目標,去搞清楚他們都讀什麼,然後選擇其中一個發佈。你對你的目標越清楚,越能夠與之靠近 ... 假如你想拓展你的媒體網路,那有一個人你必須付錢聘請,那就是媒體教練,也就是說找個專家教你怎麼向媒體發言,而不是找間公司幫你打理。 ... 「技術型的創辦人可能得度過這難關,因為他們通常不太會簡化想法。」她說。"
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september 2013 by jslu
[Pesty’s] 怎麼帶新人進入軟體團隊?
為什麼不是由管理職的主管來做?首先,這是一個練習如何指導(coach)其他人的機會。 ... "
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november 2011 by jslu
Scrum Alliance - Transforming the World of Work
Scrum is an agile framework for completing complex projects. Scrum originally was formalized for software development projects, but works well for any complex, innovative scope of work. The possibilities are endless. The Scrum framework is deceptively simple."
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september 2010 by jslu
Current List of Coaching Tips
Total Number of Tips: 107 Note that the numbers are for identification only (and do not go in any particular order)."
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april 2010 by jslu
[丹尼爾的神秘學] 為何「免費的諮詢總是不聽勸,免費的課程學不到東西」?
免費不是最便宜的嗎?那為什麼免費提供的幫助效果反而不好呢?其實關鍵的因素就在於價值的概念;我們活在一個物質化的時代,很多時候人都不由自主地以金錢來衡量一件事情的價值,如果是要花錢的,就覺得有價值,如果是免費的,就覺得不需要去珍惜。當你付出很多努力賺了錢,而把這個錢花在某件事情上,那麼在心態上就會更去珍惜這件事情的價值。... 占卜收費不只是有利於占卜師的荷包,而且也是幫助個案的手段之一,讓個案能用更認真的心態來面對自己的問題,改善自己的處境;而收費課程則是可以提高學生的學習意願,或者說可以篩選出有高度學習熱情的學生,讓教學更有效率!"
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december 2009 by jslu
[Wikipedia] PDCA
an iterative four-step problem-solving process typically used in business process improvement. ... Repeating the PDSA cycle can bring us closer to the goal, usually a perfect operation and output. ... PDSA should be repeatedly implemented in spirals of increasing knowledge of the system that converge on the ultimate goal, each cycle closer than the previous. ... Rather than enter 'analysis paralysis' to get it perfect the first time, it is better to be approximately right than exactly wrong. With the improved knowledge, we may choose to refine or alter the goal (ideal state). Certainly, the PDSA approach can bring us closer to whatever goal we choose."
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november 2009 by jslu
[Wikipedia] 360-degree feedback
feedback that comes from all around an employee. "360" refers to the 360 degrees in a circle, with an individual figuratively in the center of the circle. Feedback is provided by subordinates, peers, and supervisors. It also includes a self-assessment and, in some cases, feedback from external sources such as customers and suppliers or other interested stakeholders."
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november 2009 by jslu
[Systemic Solutions] Dissolve Transferences & Double Transference Loops
an emotional experience to a person which is not appropriate to that relationship and which applies to someone else... a reaction to a stimulus, a repetition of a prior relationship. Yet people expressing feelings of transference are rarely aware of their distortion, and often cling to feelings of intimacy or irritation that are more appropriate for some other relationship... You meet someone and immediately feel that 'this is going to be fun' or 'I must be very careful'. Do you assume that your immediate feelings are accurate assessments of another person's true nature?... If you react to a transference by being overly friendly or overly unfriendly, your actions will affect the other person's behavior towards you. Then your transferred feelings about that person can become self-fulfilling. (And you may become more convinced in the accuracy of your immediate intuition.)... Transference indicates a blurring of identities that can degenerate into affairs or codependence."
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april 2009 by jslu
[Systemic Solutions] Are you Codependent?
... in a codependent relationship, you cannot be yourself. You must hide your identity and what you want. To do this, you probably have seemingly deep beliefs about not being good enough or being unworthy, and that you can only express love by denial, suffering and sacrifice. If you are an adult, and a child in your family perceives you as a victim, the child may identify with you and suffer victim identification, often blaming or even hating the person whom the child perceives as your victimizer... Many cults, sects and extremist organizations are based on codependence and attract codependent people."
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april 2009 by jslu
[Systemic Solutions] Are you Growing Up or Growing Old? Emotional Maturity
Emotional maturity is difficult for children and for those who habitually make excuses, justify mistakes and blame others... Immature adults are not children nor teenagers - they are self-centered and selfish adults. They may have little regard for others... Search for meaning in life that gives you a perspective of humanity, not only self-interest. A meaning in life helps build emotional maturity and set worthwhile goals to strive for. If you enrich your own life and the lives of others, you can find a satisfaction that is available only to the emotionally mature."
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march 2009 by jslu
[Systemic Solutions] Better Relationships: Emotional Blackmail & Relationship Abuse
Emotional blackmail is relationship abuse, often motivated by a desire to hurt. An emotional blackmailer may claim good intentions, and a victim may perceive abuse as normal. Although emotional abuse has strong consequences, our systemic solutions help people dissolve most consequences of abuse."
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january 2009 by jslu
[Wikipedia] Self-relations Psychotherapy
an aspect of psychotherapy which describes and focusses on the crucial relationship between a person and their own self... It views symptoms such as violence and withdrawal, as born of a 'skill-less' attempt to awaken oneself. Self-relationship asserts that therapeutic work should always be centered on supporting this awakening process, allowing and helping it to grow... it works primarily with the flow of life, to awaken 'soul' and love in a person's experience of themselves and others... Gilligan defines 'symptoms' as an awakening of the soul, the leaking of life from a person who has in some way been wounded or scarred in the process of living... the purpose of a symptom, such as depression, or panic, might be to call a person to seriously reexamine their life, to begin a process of reanimating their life with new found purpose and intensity."
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august 2008 by jslu
[Wikipedia] Self-disclosure
both the conscious and unconscious act of revealing more about ourselves to others. This may include but is not limited to thoughts, feelings, aspirations, goals, failures, successes, fears, dreams as well as our likes, dislikes, and favorites... As we get to know each other we self-disclose things. If one person is not willing to 'self disclose' then the other person may stop disclosing information about themselves also."
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august 2008 by jslu
[經理人月刊] 大師秘笈》一分鐘,做好領導統御
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june 2008 by jslu
獨創生活潛意識檢測能量專業解析活動 找到根源 克服障礙 幫助自己抉擇適合的生涯規劃"
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june 2008 by jslu
[Wikipedia] Transference
移情 - "a phenomenon in psychoanalysis characterized by unconscious redirection of feelings for one person to another. One definition of transference is 'the inappropriate repetition in the present of a relationship that was important in a person's childhood.'... a transference reaction means that you are reacting to someone in terms of what you need to see, you are afraid of or what you see when you know very little about the person. This all happens without you knowing why you feel and react the way you do... Because the transference between patient and therapist happens on an unconscious level, psychodynamic therapists who are largely concerned with a patient's unconscious material use the transference to reveal unresolved conflicts patients have with figures from their childhoods."
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may 2008 by jslu
[Wikipedia] Systemic therapy
a school of psychology which seeks to address people not an individual level, as had been the focus of earlier forms of therapy, but as people in relationship, dealing with the interactions of groups and their interactional patterns and dynamics."
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april 2008 by jslu
Rich Dad's Coaching
Having a Rich Dad Coach is like having your very own rich dad — someone to give you feedback, hold you accountable, and to encourage your success. ... My rich dad taught me early that real estate is the fastest way to build wealth. Real estate investing has created more millionaires than any other form of investing because of its many advantages. ... The rich know the many advantages that investing in real estate offers and how they can benefit from them. If you were raised poor or middle-class, chances are that you were not taught the fundamentals you need to leverage the power of real estate and become financially free for life. .. Stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other paper assets are probably the easiest way to begin investing. That ease, however comes with a cost if you don’t know how to tell the difference between a good and a bad investment."
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april 2008 by jslu
[Steve Pavlina] Life Coaching
Steve Pavlina sharing his experience on hiring life coaches, and the benefits and guidelines of having a coach.
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april 2008 by jslu
諫太宗十思疏 - 魏徵
唐太宗:「夫以銅為鏡,可以正衣冠;以古為鏡,可以知興替;以人為鏡,可以知得失。我常保此三鏡,以防 己過。今魏徵殂逝,遂亡一鏡矣。」"
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april 2008 by jslu
How to Ask Intelligent Questions With Impact
When you ask wise questions, others will applaud your insight and your understanding, even when they are doing most of the talking. ... Because people are CONDITIONED from childhood to respond to polite questions."
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april 2008 by jslu
What does a CEO do? A CEO Job Description.
External measures measure the company, not the link between the CEO’s actions. A low share price tells her something’s wrong, but it doesn’t help her figure out what."
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april 2008 by jslu
知見心理學心靈工坊, 知見心理學三角形, 知見涵義,心靈大師恰克博士每月一信, 心理測驗, 心理學,人格心理學,心理諮商,心理醫生
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april 2008 by jslu
Healing Heart and Soul - Family Constellation Training and Workshops
Constellation work is phenomenological, which means it is based on experience and observations rather than on theory or dogma.... someone representing an ancestor may begin to notice feelings and thoughts which reflect those of the actual family members"
@Article  Spirituality  Healing  Self-awareness  Teamwork  SystemsTheory  HolismAndOneness  Relationship  Family  Balance  Coaching  ExperientialLearning  Mysticism  Phenomenology 
april 2008 by jslu
An Introduction to Business Coaching
this is the start of a series introducing business coaching - what it is, who does it and how it works. I’ll be placing particular emphasis on the role that managers can play as coaches for their teams, to manage their performance and help them learn..
@Column  @Reference  Coaching  Leadership 
march 2008 by jslu
SPC - Ten Keys for Successfully Coaching Employees
The following recommendations are intended to help you develop your coaching skills."
@Article  Leadership  Coaching  Tip 
march 2008 by jslu
Empathic listening
Listening can be classified into four levels. The first is to pretend to listen... The second involves selective listening... The third incorporates the primarily left-brained attentive listening... The fourth level is that of empathic listening."
@Article  InterpersonalCommunication  Coaching  Empathy  LivingInTheNow  PerspectiveAndFraming  HolismAndOneness  Feeling  Emotion 
february 2008 by jslu
How to Share Your Knowledge Without Giving Advice
What does it feel like to receive advice? Have you heard the words 'I think you should…' and felt yourself turn off or become defensive? Likewise perhaps you've noticed negative reactions when you give advice to others... My favourite way to share my knowledge is to ask a question that points the recipient to discover the solution for himself. As we know, people are more committed to solutions that they think of themselves."
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february 2008 by jslu
[Stepcase Lifehack] What’s Stopping You from Getting Started (and What to Do About It)
1) we haven’t broken our project down to actionable items... 2) we just don’t really believe our plan will work. Usually this is because we’ve made “best case” assumptions, without planning for what to do if those assumptions don’t pan out.
@Article  Career  Coaching  Planning  Productivity  Psychology  Courage  AttentionManagement 
january 2008 by jslu
[Wikipedia] ADHD Coaching
a specialized type of life coaching that uses specific techniques geared toward working with the unique brain wiring of individuals with Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder."
@Wikipedia  AttentionManagement  Coaching  Self-awareness 
january 2008 by jslu
《信望愛閱讀》- QBQ!問題背後的問題
@Article  Book  PersonalAccountability  Leadership  Coaching  Questioning  Mindset 
january 2008 by jslu
The Top 10 Concepts That Transformational Types May Need to Un-Learn In Order to Become Light, Natural and Spiritually-oriented.
These principles are very useful and great ones, by themselves, but sometimes during the transformational process, the individual 'becomes' these principles vs just enjoying/applying them... As a result, the person can become inflexible, jargony..."
@Article  PersonalGrowth  Integrity  Self-awareness  Coaching 
december 2007 by jslu
[Wikipedia] Charisma
a rare trait found in certain human personalities usually including extreme charm and a 'magnetic' quality of personality and/or appearance along with innate and powerfully sophisticated personal communicability and persuasiveness."
@Wikipedia  Charisma  Leadership  Personality  Psychology  Sociology  Presentation  InterpersonalCommunication  Spirituality  Self-actualization  InnerPeace  Emotion  Self-confidence  Integrity  Coaching  Non-verbal  TheSoftOvercomingTheHard 
december 2007 by jslu
青少年品格教育體驗式活動設計 - 培養忍耐的品格
觀察性問題(What):整理活動經驗之引導分享、轉換性問題(So What):連結生活經驗之引導分享、應用性問題(Now What):將經驗應用於真實生活之引導分享" - 體驗式學習,和教練給 coaching 的範例
@Article  @Example  ExperientialLearning  GroupActivity  Resilience  Perseverance  Character-building  Self-awareness  Christianity  Coaching  Questioning 
november 2007 by jslu
[Wikipedia] Interpersonal relationship
the concept of interpersonal relationships involves social associations, connections, or affiliations between two or more people.... Human interactions often mix the explicit and implicit interaction modes."
@Wikipedia  Relationship  Teamwork  Leadership  Coaching 
september 2007 by jslu
[Wikipedia] Coaching
Leadership 的新趨勢 - "A Personal Coach acts as a human mirror for clients by sharing an outside and unbiased perspective on what they are observing about their clients."
@Wikipedia  Coaching  Leadership  Sociology  Psychology  PersonalGrowth  Goal-setting  PersonalAccountability  PerspectiveAndFraming  Feedback-receiving  CognitiveBias  WorldAsMirror  ConflictResolution 
september 2007 by jslu
[Wikipedia] Gestalt therapy
完型治療 - "an existential and experiential psychotherapy that focuses on the individual's experience in the present moment, the therapist-client relationship, ... and the self-regulating adjustments people make as a result of the overall situation."
@Wikipedia  Psychology  Research  Psychoanalysis  Healing  Philosophy  HolismAndOneness  Coaching  Self-awareness  LivingInTheNow  ZenBuddhism  Self-actualization  PersonalAccountability  PersonalGrowth  Phenomenology  Existentialism 
august 2007 by jslu
[Wikipedia] Category:Cognitive biases
認知偏差:讓我們無法認清現實的心理因素 - "any of a wide range of observer effects identified in cognitive science"
@Wikipedia  @Reference  Psychology  Coaching  Self-awareness  CognitiveScience  CognitiveBias 
june 2007 by jslu
[Wikipedia] Cognitive dissonance
認知失調 - "a psychological state that describes the uncomfortable feeling when a person begins to understand that something the person believes to be true is, in fact, not true."
@Wikipedia  InnerPeace  Psychology  InterpersonalCommunication  Coaching  Attitude  Emotion  Self-awareness  Feedback-receiving  Motivation  CognitiveBias  ShadowWork  Research 
may 2007 by jslu
[Wikipedia] Positive psychology
正向心理學 - 如何使人越活越快樂、打從心底幸福起來~ ;-)
@Wikipedia  Psychology  Health  Coaching  PositivePsychology  Happiness 
may 2007 by jslu
[Wikipedia] Confirmation bias
一個人的信念所造成他看世界的「濾鏡」,讓他將中立的事件往自己事先認定的方向延伸解讀。 "a tendency to search for or interpret new information in a way that confirms one's preconceptions and avoids information and interpretations which contradict prior beliefs."
@Wikipedia  @Example  Psychology  PerspectiveAndFraming  Belief  InterpersonalCommunication  Coaching  WorldView  HumanNature  AttentionManagement  MeaningManagement  CognitiveScience  CognitiveBias 
may 2007 by jslu
[Wikipedia] Active listening
主動聆聽 - "Active listening is a structured way of listening and responding to others. It focuses attention on the speaker. Suspending one’s own frame of reference and suspending judgment, are important in order to fully attend to the speaker... rather than merely repeating what the speaker has said, the active listener might describe the underlying emotion..."
@Wikipedia  @Reference  InterpersonalCommunication  Listening  Relationship  Coaching  LivingInTheNow  AttentionManagement  Non-judgemental  Empathy  Teamwork  PerspectiveAndFraming  MeaningManagement  Feeling  Emotion  Non-verbal  ConflictResolution  PeopleSkill 
may 2007 by jslu
[Wikipedia] Getting Things Done
an action management method created by David Allen, and described in a book of the same name... GTD rests on the principle that a person needs to move tasks out of the mind by recording them externally."
@Wikipedia  Book  Coaching  PersonalGrowth  Productivity  GTD  InnerPeace  AttentionManagement 
may 2007 by jslu
[Wikipedia] Nonverbal communication
the process of communication through sending and receiving wordless messages. Such messages can be communicated through gesture; body language or posture; facial expression and eye contact; object communication such as clothing, hairstyles or even architecture; symbols and infographics. Speech may also contain nonverbal elements known as paralanguage, including voice quality, emotion and speaking style, as well as prosodic features such as rhythm, intonation and stress. Likewise, written texts have nonverbal elements such as handwriting style, spatial arrangement of words, or the use of emoticons."
@Wikipedia  InterpersonalCommunication  Coaching  Psychology  Non-verbal  Language  NLP  Clothing  Hairstyle  Self-awareness  Emotion  SensoryStimulus  Personality  Attitude  Self-expression  Dance  Trustworthiness  MindBodyIntervention  Culture  Relationship 
april 2007 by jslu
Christian Coach Training from Transformational Leadership Coaching
Christian coach training and certification from Transformational leadership Coaching.
Coaching  Christianity  Leadership  @Site 
february 2007 by jslu
International Coach Federation
The International Coach Federation is the globally recognized association of professional personal and business coaches. ICF offers the only independent credentialing program for Coaches that is recognized worldwide.
@Site  Coaching  PersonalGrowth  Leadership 
january 2007 by jslu

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