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[Baeldung] Getting Started with Java and Zookeeper
Apache ZooKeeper is a distributed coordination service which eases the development of distributed applications. It’s used by projects like Apache Hadoop, HBase and others for different use cases like leader election, configuration management, node coordination, server lease management, etc.

Nodes within ZooKeeper cluster store their data in a shared hierarchal namespace which is similar to a standard file system or a tree data structure.

In this article, we’ll explore how to use Java API of Apache Zookeeper to store, update and delete information stored within ZooKeeper.
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november 2018 by jslu
[咀嚼之味] 阻碍你使用 GraphQL 的十个问题
从官方的定义来说,GraphQL 是一种针对 API 的查询语言;在我看来,GraphQL 是一种标准,而与标准相对的便是实现。就像 EcmaScript 与 JavaScript 的关系,从一开始你就需要有这样一种认知:GraphQL 只定义了这种查询语言语法如何、具体的语句如何执行等。但是,你在真正使用某种 GraphQL 的服务端实现时,是有可能发现 GraphQL 标准中所描述的特性尚未被实现;或者这种 GraphQL 的实现扩展了 GraphQL 标准所定义的内容。
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october 2018 by jslu
What's So Bad About POSIX I/O?
it is much less common to hear exactly why POSIX I/O is so detrimental to scalability and performance, and what needs to change to have a suitably high-performance, next-generation I/O model.  To answer the question of why POSIX I/O is holding back I/O performance today and shed light on the design space for tomorrow’s extreme-scale I/O systems, it is best to take a critical look at what POSIX I/O really means.
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november 2017 by jslu
httpbin(1): HTTP Client Testing Service
Testing an HTTP Library can become difficult sometimes. RequestBin is fantastic for testing POST requests, but doesn't let you control the response. This exists to cover all kinds of HTTP scenarios.
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september 2017 by jslu
[API Handyman] ...And GraphQL for all? A few things to think about before blindly dumping REST for GraphQL
Updating or deleting this user with GraphQL will not be as clear as with REST. How will be named the mutation allowing me to delete a user? deleteUser, removeUser or suppressPeople? You’ll have to dig in the documentation to find out. You cannot guess it because different API providers will have different naming conventions and these naming convention may event not be consistent within an API.
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april 2017 by jslu
Getting started with Rails and GraphQL
GraphQL is an application layer query language from Facebook. You can describe your API using a schema (a graph). All your clients can then query your data through the schema. GraphQL tries to solve one of the biggest problems we have with REST APIs these days: Changing data requirements in the clients.
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april 2017 by jslu
[Nordic APIs] Top Specification Formats for REST APIs
The argument comes down to how you want to present your API documentation to your API developer users. Is readability most important? Is modern documentation and forward-thinking specification important? Do you care about adoption rates? These questions, along with their answers in the above pros and cons section, will inform your decision.
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april 2017 by jslu
[NovaTec] The problems with Swagger
Hypermedia is a constraint. As in, you either do it or you aren’t doing REST. You can’t have evolvability if clients have their controls baked into their design at deployment. Controls have to be learned on the fly. That’s what hypermedia enables. ... Since the links are dynamically provided by the server, they may be added or changed at any given point in time without having to change the clients as the URLs are not hard-coded.
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april 2017 by jslu
[Stormpath] To PUT or POST?
Often, developers think of each HTTP method as a 1:1 relationship with CRUD operations:
* Create:      POST
* Read:         GET
* Update:     PUT
* Delete:      DELETE

This can be true, with GET and DELETE specifically, but when it comes to which HTTP methods should be associated with create and update, the answer comes down to idempotency. ... Note that idempotency has a strong correlation to being cacheable by HTTP caching servers
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february 2017 by jslu
[ThoughtWorks洞见] RESTful架构风格下的4大常见安全问题
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january 2017 by jslu
[InspireGate 派克空間] 4 款開源的中文分詞系統
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december 2016 by jslu
中文斷詞 API (Alpha)釋出 | QSearch Blog
文字是人類記載知識的媒介,隨著人與人溝通工具的發達,表達方式也日新月異。為了加速電腦萃取知識,並作深度分析,QSearch 開發動態斷系統,釋出我們運用Facebook粉絲頁的文章訓練出的斷詞模組。 👉 串接文件:https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6He
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december 2016 by jslu
如何使用 jieba 結巴中文分詞程式
jieba 中文斷詞所使用的演算法是基於 Trie Tree 結構去生成句子中中文字所有可能成詞的情況,然後使用動態規劃(Dynamic programming)算法來找出最大機率的路徑,這個路徑就是基於詞頻的最大斷詞結果。對於辨識新詞(字典詞庫中不存在的詞)則使用了 HMM 模型(Hidden Markov Model)及 Viterbi 算法來辨識出來。基本上這樣就可以完成具有斷詞功能的程式了,或許我之後可以找個時間寫幾篇部落格來介紹這幾個演算法。
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december 2016 by jslu
OAuth 2.0 Playground
The OAuth 2.0 Playground lets you play with OAuth 2.0 and the APIs that supports it.
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september 2016 by jslu
[唐巧的技术博客] Charles 从入门到精通
Charles 是通过将自己设置成代理服务器来完成封包截取的,所以使用 Charles 的第一步是将其设置成系统的代理服务器。
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august 2016 by jslu
Lever OS: Serverless + Microservices = ♥
Lever OS is the open-source cloud platform that allows fast-moving teams to build and deploy microservice-oriented backends in the blink of an eye. It abstracts away complicated infrastructure and leaves developers with very simple, but powerful building blocks that handle scale transparently.
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may 2016 by jslu
[黑暗執行緒] 克服入口網站內嵌其他網站之跨網站存取限制 -
這個限制來自瀏覽器的同源政策(Single Origin Policy),是瀏覽器防止惡意程式作怪的基本安全防線,前端攻城獅必須摸清它的特性。關於SOP的細詳解說,我推薦阮一峰先生寫的文章:浏览器同源政策及其规避方法,是我目前看到最淺顯完整的中文文件。我的案例發生在公司內部,符合後端域名相同條件,幸運地可以靠Container.aspx/Embedded.aspx同時加上document.domain="utopia.com"克服。
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may 2016 by jslu
Swagger – The World's Most Popular Framework for APIs.
The goal of Swagger™ is to define a standard, language-agnostic interface to REST APIs which allows both humans and computers to discover and understand the capabilities of the service without access to source code, documentation, or through network traffic inspection. When properly defined via Swagger, a consumer can understand and interact with the remote service with a minimal amount of implementation logic. Similar to what interfaces have done for lower-level programming, Swagger removes the guesswork in calling the service. Technically speaking - Swagger is a formal specification surrounded by a large ecosystem of tools, which includes everything from front-end user interfaces, low-level code libraries and commercial API management solutions."
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april 2016 by jslu
[黃金俠] 利用 Swagger 產生互動式 API 文件
Swagger 是一套由 HTML + Javascript 撰寫的 REST API 文件的框架。 (core 是以 scala 寫的) 從 Demo 頁 可了解到 Swagger 不僅僅提供 API 的規格資訊,也提供互動介面讓開發者可以直接輸入參數進行測試。 ... 透過 Swagger 介面的 API 實測功能,使用者很快就可以了解每條 API 的取用方式與資料格式,大大減少了溝通的成本。"
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april 2016 by jslu
[Chicken Wing Software] Seven Deadly Annoyances of API Design
Designing an API is an art and a science. Many intelligent people have failed. Those who succeed do so by keeping in view the main goal of an API: to annoy the hell out of developers."
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february 2016 by jslu
[Zanshin.net] Integrating Dash Into Vim and the Command Line
Dash is an outstanding documentation and API reader for Max OS X. Dash gives you instant, offline, access to over 150 documentation sets -- including cheatsheets, vendor documentation, and user submitted docsets. It's well worth evey penny of it's $19.95 cost. And if that wasn't enough you can easily integrate Dash into any number of editors and/or application launchers. Here's how I've integrated into my Vim setup and into my command line."
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january 2016 by jslu
[The RESTful cookbook] When to use PUT or POST
The HTTP methods POST and PUT aren't the HTTP equivalent of the CRUD's create and update. They both serve a different purpose. It's quite possible, valid and even preferred in some occasions, to use PUT to create resources, or use POST to update resources. Use PUT when you can update a resource completely through a specific resource."
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january 2016 by jslu
A curated list of awesome applications, softwares, tools and shiny things for OS X."
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january 2016 by jslu
[O3noBLOG] JSON Universe
其實會想寫這篇文章是從E4X那篇文章開始來的,那篇文章有提到 E4X 已經被棄用了,而 Mozilla 建議的替代方案是一個叫 JXON 的東西,名字看起來和 JSON 很像,而事實上除了 JXON,還有一堆名稱和 JSON 很相近的相關技術,像是 JSONH、BSON、LJSON ...等等,不過其實我找不太到有人去收集這些東西,所以就決定自己來整理一下,這篇文章就是要來介紹一下這堆 JSON 衍生出來的東西,以下沒照特定排序。"
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january 2016 by jslu
[JavaWorld] What's the Go language really good for?
what kinds of projects are Go best for building, and how is that likely to change as the language evolves through new versions and grows in popularity? Here are the types of applications where Go really shines, where it works well, and where it'll need to up its game."
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december 2015 by jslu
[iThome] 【JSDC客座文章】第一次接觸Google API就上手
透過本文所描述的這些資訊,搭配Google所提供的API文件,開發者不難悠遊在Google的眾多API當中。加上Node.js在RESTful API存取上的彈性,我們更可以快速的處理每次的API呼叫,讓我們的服務得以更快速的結合Google既有的服務,為專案帶來無往不利的好處。跳脫服務層面的API,Google在Cloud的各項應用上,也漸漸的將API的操作展開,讓像是Compute Engine、Cloud SQL、Cloud Storage… 或其他更底層的操作也可以透過API的呼叫方式來達成,這讓API成為銜接雲端服務的必要利器,也是新生代IT人必學的一門課程。"
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september 2015 by jslu
[Pure Storage] Try the REST API using a REST client
Ever wanted to work with our REST API without the need to install the PowerShell or Python toolkits? Take the REST API for a test drive using a REST client. There are several options for REST clients that can be used just do a Google search (oh wait I meant Bing). For this post I am using the Advanced Rest Client Application within Chrome (sorry IE)."
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august 2015 by jslu
The RESTful cookbook
REST is hot! And REST is finally rediscovered by API programmers all over the world. But REST isn't always as easy as it seems on first look. Dealing with HATEOAS, Code on demand and uniform interfaces can be really tricky and many people will fall back to not-so-restful approaches when things are starting to become more difficult. But it doesn't need to be. Once you get to know REST, you will like it."
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may 2015 by jslu
Segment - We make customer data simple.
With Segment as your customer data hub, you can focus on building incredible products and attracting more customers. Instead of wasting time integrating all of your tools individually, track data to Segment once. We're the last integration you'll ever do. Try new apps with the flip of a switch."
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may 2015 by jslu
[kuro] 透過 Google map Geocoder API 以經緯度轉換地址資訊
前陣子因為需求的關係,需要以經緯度來轉換地址,幸好 Google map API 有提供 Geocoder 可以轉換大略地址的服務。
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april 2015 by jslu
[思考,奮鬥,救自己] 10分鐘理解 OAuth 和 facebook 登入原理
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april 2015 by jslu
hello.js - Javascript API for OAuth2 authentication and REST services
A client-side Javascript SDK for authenticating with OAuth2 (and OAuth1 with a oauth proxy) web services and querying their REST API's. HelloJS standardizes paths and responses to common API's like Google Data Services, Facebook Graph and Windows Live Connect. It's modular, so that list is growing. No more spaghetti code!"
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april 2015 by jslu
DOM Enlightenment - Exploring the relationship between JavaScript and the modern HTML DOM
This book is not an exhaustive reference on DOM scripting or JavaScript. It may, however, be the most exhaustive book written about DOM scripting without the use of a library/framework. ... For the purpose of this book (i.e. grokking the concepts), I'm going to sidestep the browser API mess and dying browser discrepancies in an effort to expose the modern DOM. That's right, I'm going to sidestep the ugliness in an effort to focus on the here and now. After all, we have solutions like jQuery to deal with all that browser ugliness, and you should definitely be leveraging something like jQuery when dealing with deprecated browsers."
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march 2015 by jslu
On Demand Load Testing for Developers & Testers | Load Impact
Automated and on-demand performance testing for DevOps. Load test your website, web app, mobile app or API instantly with up to 1.2 million concurrent users."
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march 2015 by jslu
[Looah] How I Explained REST to My Wife
In most cases, a resource has only a single representation. But we're hoping that representations will be used more in the future because there's a bunch of new formats popping up all over the place. ... Well, there's this concept that people are calling Web Services. It means a lot of different things to a lot of different people but the basic concept is that machines could use the web just like people do. ... So anyway, HTTP -- this protocol Fielding and his friends created -- is all about applying verbs to nouns. ... web pages are designed to be understood by people. A machine doesn't care about layout and styling. Machines basically just need the data. Ideally, every URL would have a human readable and a machine readable representation. When a machine GETs the resource, it will ask for the machine readable one. When a browser GETs a resource for a human, it will ask for the human readable one."
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january 2015 by jslu
淺談 REST 軟體架構風格 (Part.II) - 如何設計 RESTful Web Service? - Soul & Shell Blog
那什麼是 RESTful Web Service?就是實作 REST 的 Web Service。但是有人問,Web Service 所使用的 HTTP 不就是 REST 的實作了嗎?為何還要設計 RESTful Web Service呢?答案很簡單,因為某些 Web Service 在設計上只是把 HTTP 當做連線媒介,並沒有真正使用到 HTTP 關於 REST 的設計,雖然在這樣的情況下設計出來的 Web Service 絲乎頗有彈性、也很強大,但是卻違背了 HTTP(REST架構)的設計理念,或者再次在 HTTP 上頭實作了跟 HTTP 一樣的功能。 ... 其實「設計 RESTful Web Service 的要訣只是盡可能使用 HTTP 既有的能力」罷了,至於要用到什麼程度,這也要考慮實作構面的因素。過於 RESTful 也不見得是最實用的設計,像是保留 Cookie 的機制用來驗證登入身分,在實作上是比較可行的。而當我們碰到某些需求不容易用 REST 操作資源的概念來詮釋時,也只能將設計合理化,盡可能向著 HTTP 靠近。"
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january 2015 by jslu
[iThome] 為技術元素說故事
看看那些各大研討會的 HashTag、HackPad 等記錄,在談及一個場次的好壞時,應該能看到相關故事元素運用是否得當的討論,每個程式人也都有過死啃 API 文件的痛苦經驗,然而,即使是 API 文件也有寫得好與不好的,好的 API 文件,往往所多的就是那些 API 運用情境的說明,運用情境其實就是一個故事情境,下次輪到你來表達相關技術元素時,請記得你的對象是人,不是機器!"
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december 2014 by jslu
EtherCalc: 多人即時協作試算表
本章將會討論 EtherCalc 系統的演進過程。它是 SocialCalc 的後續專案,為試算表提供多人同步的編輯功能。我們會詳述系統架構的沿革,介紹相關的效能分析工具,以及我們創造出哪些新的工具來克服效能上的問題。 ... Fred Brooks 在《設計的設計》一書中提到「限制」的重要性:它讓設計者可以縮小搜尋空間、幫助專注並加速設計流程。這也包括了自行加諸的限制:在一個設計任務上加諸人為的限制有個好處,就是設計者日後可以自行放寬這些限制。在理想情況下,這可以引人踏進設計空間中未曾探索過的角落,藉以激發創意。"
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september 2014 by jslu
StackOverflow Update: 560M Pageviews a Month, 25 Servers, and It's All About Performance - High Scalability -
Stack Overflow still uses a scale-up strategy. No clouds in site. With their SQL Servers loaded with 384 GB of RAM and 2TB of SSD, AWS would cost a fortune. The cloud would also slow them down, making it harder to optimize and troubleshoot system issues. Plus, SO doesn’t need a horizontal scaling strategy. Large peak loads, where scaling out makes sense, hasn’t  been a problem because they’ve been quite successful at sizing their system correctly."
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july 2014 by jslu
[Vinay Sahni] Best Practices for Designing a Pragmatic RESTful API
the internet has no shortage on opinions on API design. But, since there's no one widely adopted standard that works in all cases, you're left with a bunch of choices: What formats should you accept? How should you authenticate? Should your API be versioned? In designing an API for SupportFu (a Zendesk Alternative), I've tried to come up with pragmatic answers to these questions."
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july 2014 by jslu
[阮一峰] RESTful API 设计指南
网络应用程序,分为前端和后端两个部分。当前的发展趋势,就是前端设备层出不穷(手机、平板、桌面电脑、其他专用设备......)。因此,必须有一种统一的机制,方便不同的前端设备与后端进行通信。这导致API构架的流行,甚至出现"API First"的设计思想。RESTful API是目前比较成熟的一套互联网应用程序的API设计理论。我以前写过一篇《理解RESTful架构》,探讨如何理解这个概念。今天,我将介绍RESTful API的设计细节,探讨如何设计一套合理、好用的API。我的主要参考资料是这篇《Principles of good RESTful API Design》。"
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may 2014 by jslu
[Quora] Web Development: What are 5 essential skills any Web Developer should have?
most of us should already know most of what is on this list. But there just might be one or two items you haven't really looked into before, don't fully understand, or maybe never even heard of."
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may 2014 by jslu
[iThome] API設計和應用程式設計的不同? - by 王建興
API 的設計和實作有什麼不同的差異點呢?首先,API 的使用者還是程式設計者,他們可能也是 API 的設計者,也有可能是應用程式設計者。但應用程式的使用者通常是人類使用者(當然有時候也會是其他的應用程式,二者透過一些方式溝通)。因為這個差別,使得 API 若是做為一個產品,要提供的產出就不同。例如,API 的發行通常需要有 API 本身的說明文件,而且,最好有範例程式用以解釋如何運用 API 於應用程式的撰寫中。當然,如果有教學指引,一步一步帶著程式設計者學習使用 API ,那就更理想了。正因為「使用者」對象不同了,所以 API 設計上必須考量應用程式設計者的需求。 ... 除了因應使用者對象的不同,需要考量的點不同之外。API 相較於應用程式中的程式碼,它的生存週期通常都比較長。"
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may 2014 by jslu
Recipes with Angular.js
A community project dedicated to collecting resources for the Angular.js framework. You find here easy to follow cookbook style recipes for issues you are likely to face when working with Angular.js."
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april 2014 by jslu
5 star Open Data
Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the Web and Linked Data initiator, suggested a 5 star deployment scheme for Open Data. Here, we give examples for each step of the stars and explain costs and benefits that come along with it."
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february 2014 by jslu
[Inside] 為什麼你該用 Parse 來打造 MVP
假設你今天用 Rails (or whatever server framework) 的話,一定是先定義 DB Schema 然後再實作登入等細節,因為我們還有 Mobile Client 所以可能還要實作 OAuth 之類的認證機制。等 server 這邊忙完了,iOS 這邊就需要根據事先定義好的 API Documents 來串接。看起來很普通的過程,但如果萬一中間有一個環節(例如需要滿足一個新的使用情境 ) 變化時,你需要修改 API Docs ,更改 DB Schema ,改寫 server code,最後我們的 mobile client 才有辦法實作這個功能。更別提,可能還需要整合推播通知,電子郵件的寄送等等平台的整合,整堆東西忙下來,你會發現大部份的時間都花在處理服務的基礎建設。 ... Parse 把這些繁瑣的細節全部免除掉了。一開始,你的後端是沒有邏輯的,只是一堆資料。登入,註冊以及認證的細節處理都被 Parse 處理掉了。不管是 web 還是 mobile client 都用類似的方式來索取資料。重要的是 Parse 是沒有 schema 的,所有的資料也在後台一覽無遺,你可以動態而且隨意的新增你想要的東西。這完全顛覆了我過去的開發經驗。後台可以隨著應用程式的設計來即時的做出改變,而不是如傳統的資料庫架構限制了應用程式的彈性。"
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february 2014 by jslu
[Ingram Chen] Web Content Toolbox
網頁爬蟲相信很多人都寫過,尤其是在 web 2.0 那個時代,但這方面的技術我碰的很少,難得最近才有機會玩過一輪。不過我也不是著重在爬網址,而是花心力在處理網頁的內容上。這一番實作,發現了一些相當不錯的工具,跟大家分享。"
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january 2014 by jslu
[iThome] 構成軟體規格的重要元素
大型的開發團隊因為參與的成員眾多,溝通的複雜度高,因此,規格的細節程度自然就需要提高。 ... 另一方面,若是專案本身在需求面的變化傾向於頻繁,改版規格時所需付出的代價比較高,相反地,若是專案的需求很穩定,而且可以在初期就確定,那麼先將細節描述在規格裡,也可以避免日後的溝通成本。總之,這是一個需要視情況取捨的事情,沒有絕對的標準。 ... 它必須夠明確、夠精確到讓客戶可以確認是不是他想要的東西,也必須可以讓開發團隊知道要開發出什麼,當然也得要可以讓開發團隊和客戶之間進行驗收的確認。 "
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january 2014 by jslu
Discover Everything through Code
Discovering, collaborating and working with code should be simple. We're on a mission to empower anyone to build amazing things with software."
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january 2014 by jslu
[TechOrange] Netflix 程式設計總監:好的 API 要為第三方開發者著想
整合性 API 不只有這三種模式,但目前最常見、實用的模式就算這三種。最重要的,是過去 API 設計人員把第三方開發團隊當作使用者,把 API 設計好以後交給他們使用;現在應該讓他們擁有掌控權,自己設計自己需要的 API。另外,這種概念也將 API 設計團隊與程式開發團隊融合,共同設計出讓終端使用者體驗的程式或網站,從此之後,API 設計團隊再也不需要一直擔心要如何推出更好的支援服務,而是站在第三方開發團隊的角度,仔細思考他們需要的開發方式。"
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january 2014 by jslu
Semantic Versioning 2.0.0
In systems with many dependencies, releasing new package versions can quickly become a nightmare. If the dependency specifications are too tight, you are in danger of version lock (the inability to upgrade a package without having to release new versions of every dependent package). If dependencies are specified too loosely, you will inevitably be bitten by version promiscuity (assuming compatibility with more future versions than is reasonable). Dependency hell is where you are when version lock and/or version promiscuity prevent you from easily and safely moving your project forward. As a solution to this problem, I propose a simple set of rules and requirements that dictate how version numbers are assigned and incremented."
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january 2014 by jslu
[Mailgun] Free email validation API for web forms
Address validation is hard for multiple reasons: 1 - Email address syntax is fairly complex, complex enough that it is difficult to express with a regular expression, while being readable and maintainable for developers. 2 - There is no single definition for what is valid syntax, for an email address, and what is not. The definitions that do exist frequently conflict. 3 - The Internet runs on the Robustness principle, and because of that mail servers will accept addresses that do not conform standards, but are otherwise understandable."
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january 2014 by jslu
Apiary — Home
Collaborative design, instant API mock, generated documentation, integrated code samples, debugging and automated testing.
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december 2013 by jslu
[TechOrange] 沒有 API 的軟體產品 = 不能上網的電腦 = 沒有人要!
剛開始從一間封閉的公司邁入 API 的世界時,可能會碰到許多的問題,但這些都是必要的,也會是值得的。以下是幾點建議,希望對於有意投身 API 的公司有所助益 ... 該 API 將會被公司內部的開發人員使用,還是外部的,還是兩者都有?許多大公司的 API 都是設計來給公司內部整合系統用的,但之後很可能會有合作夥伴想藉由 API 來達到雙方互惠,於是該 API 便可能需要重新調整,以合乎第三方的系統。"
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december 2013 by jslu
[CodeData] 雲端服務與經驗談 [4] 架構與供應商相依問題 by qrtt1
當你在架構中開始加入雲端服務的「成份」後,它提供與傳統地技術導入完全不同層次的「彈性」。 ... 這樣的變革能滿足許多技術上的需求,但需注意你的架構是否過份相依於服務供應商?高度相依的關係可能帶來的危害是成本控制的自由度降低。 ... 現實面對同一個目標有多種選擇時,當下最在意的因素會贏得最後的選項。它可能是效能,可能是可攜性,可能是團隊文化。 ... 在實作上我們會面臨到如何同時整合 AWS、Azure 與阿里云或其他服務商 API 整合的問題。這其實簡單的設計問題:適當地界定第三方套件的邊界。不管你用上何種設計模式,總之得避免直接使用第三方 API。 ... 我們直接示範使用介面與類別做出一個「間接層」。以操作儲存事務這件事,設計不需要完整包含第三方套件的功能,應著重在自己本身的需求。"
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december 2013 by jslu
[HTML5 Rocks] JavaScript Promises: There and back again
This throws together a lot of new ES6 stuff: promises, generators, let, for-of. When we yield a promise, the spawn helper waits for the promise to resolve and returns the final value. If the promise rejects, spawn causes our yield statement to throw an exception, which we can catch with normal JavaScript try/catch. Amazingly simple async coding!"
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december 2013 by jslu
[Require.JS] Why Web Modules?
we need something that works well in the browser. The CommonJS require() is a synchronous call, it is expected to return the module immediately. This does not work well in the browser. ... It differs from the normal CommonJS syntax out of necessity to work well in the browser. "
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december 2013 by jslu
[O'Reilly] Node: Up and Running
Node.js is quickly becoming one of the most influential technologies in the Web development community. This book aims to give programmers the information they need to effectively learn how to get started with Node. This book expects you to have some understanding of JavaScript and programming in general, but we take the time to introduce you to the concepts that are important in event-driven programming on the server, rather than just focusing on the APIs that Node provides."
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december 2013 by jslu
[O'Reilly] Programming JavaScript Applications
Take your existing JavaScript skills to the next level and learn how to build complete web scale or enterprise applications that are easy to extend and maintain. By applying the design patterns outlined in this book, you’ll learn how to write flexible and resilient code that’s easier—not harder—to work with as your code base grows."
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december 2013 by jslu
[Level Up] SuperBenchmarker - A load generator command-line tool for testing websites and HTTP APIs
SuperBenchmarker 是ㄧ開放源碼的壓力測試命令列工具。用.NET Framework 4.5開發而成。可支援Get、Post、Put、Delete這些呼叫方式,叫用時能設定Concurrent user、Request數、Header template…等。 ... 這邊有簡易的測試統計,可以看出每秒可處理多少的Request、最大的處理時間、最小的處理時間、平均的處理時間、以及打了這麼多次的API,依比例分大概在哪個Range。這些數值有助我們評估網站或是API的效能與負載量。除了看這些數值外,這邊建議也可以在打的時候看一下Server上的CPU Loading,磁碟IO,以及記憶體的使用狀況,甚至可以用效能監視器拉些數值來看。"
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november 2013 by jslu
[Sijin Joseph] Programmer Competency Matrix
Note that the knowledge for each level is cumulative; being at level n implies that you also know everything from the levels lower than n."
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october 2013 by jslu
[OWASP] HTML5 Security Cheat Sheet
The following cheat sheet serves as a guide for implementing HTML 5 in a secure fashion."
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october 2013 by jslu
[鴨七] OAuth 2.0 Tutorial: Grape API 整合 Doorkeeper
這篇文章示範如何使用 OAuth 2 保護 API ,其中 API 是用 Grape 造出來的,掛在 Rails 底下。"
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october 2013 by jslu
Deployd - The Simplest Way to Build an API
Design, build, and scale APIs for web and mobile apps in minutes instead of days. Deploy to our high-performance cloud, or host it yourself."
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september 2013 by jslu
Random User Generator
RandomUser is an API that provides you with a randomly generated user. These users can be used as placeholders in web mockups, and will save you time from creating your own placeholder information."
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august 2013 by jslu
[阿貝好威的實驗室] 閒聊分散式系統開發之痛 - API 與 Protocol
Protocol 通常是提供給兩種不同的技術/語言之間做整合/溝通/交換資料,而API狹義的來說通常是指同一種語言的溝通介面,當然還是可以透過某些特定的轉換Lib來轉換或借接。為了讓不同的技術/語言要能彼此交換資訊,他們就必須先定義好一種語言中立的檔案交換格式,例如SOAP 使用XML,然後為了使用方便(物件導向語言通常用Object 在操作),所以每種語言就會有相對應的工具來幫忙"
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july 2013 by jslu
Stripe: Payments for developers
Stripe makes it easy to start accepting credit cards on the web today."
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july 2013 by jslu
DevDocs combines multiple API documentations in a fast, organized, and searchable interface."
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july 2013 by jslu
[Inside] 如果我想創業卻不懂技術,該怎麼做?
"讓我心生敬佩的是,那些非技術出身的創辦人用了不同的方法打開屬於自己的門:在一開始不做出任何東西,而是跑遍大街小巷去找到那些能為自己做的服務而買帳的客戶。在擁有更多顧客後,他們才會透過技術去減輕自己日益繁重的人力痛苦。這個方法甚至對技術團隊也有效... 這樣的方式讓我印象深刻,而我現在覺得創業公司應該一分為二:分別是技術優先的公司和服務優先的公司。 ... 幾乎我碰到的所有非技術同行的想法都是技術優先,不要這麼做!用上你的優勢!並且找到那個可以讓你立即用上優勢的 idea。"
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april 2013 by jslu
[robbin的自言自语] Ruby社区应该去Rails化了
随着最近几年智能手机的迅速普及,如今来自智能手机和移动设备的总体Web访问和服务请求量已经超过了传统的PC,这意味着Web时代主流的Browser/Server的架构重新回到了Mobile Client/Server的架构。在B/S架构下,在服务器端生成完整的HTML页面,我们需要开发一个完整的Website;但在移动时代,服务器端的功能大大简化了,退化成了Web API调用接口提供者,而复杂的界面构造、交互和运算都是在移动客户端完成的。 传统的Website将越来越让位于Web Service,移动客户端无论是iOS,Android还是HTML5都通过API调用获取服务器端的json/xml格式的数据,无需服务器端生成HTML页面了。这种B/S架构重新往C/S架构的迁移,也意味着full-stack Web框架将越来越没有用武之地了。"
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march 2013 by jslu
[Codecademy] APIs
Want to write apps and build websites that can text your phone, pull in YouTube videos, or connect to Facebook and Twitter? Start doing all this and more with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)."
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february 2013 by jslu
[網站製作學習誌] 我的 Web 開發工具
在我從事 Web 開發這段期間,其實一直依賴著很多好用的工具及參考文件;當然也不是所有的工具和文件我都精通,但它們確實幫我節省了很多開發的時間,也讓我學到很多有趣的技術。以下我就來分享一些我收集並放在手邊參考的資訊,我也會大略地描述它們的內容與用途。"
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july 2012 by jslu
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