Here’s how reMarkable is different from your regular tablet
"he main reason for why reMarkable stands out from the crowd of tablets — even other paper-like ones — is our solution to the “slow ink” problem. We call it the CANVAS display. It combines the paper-like friction of paper with the world’s fastest digital ink, and it responds to pressure and tilting of the pen, making it feel as natural as writing on paper."
sketching  tablets 
12 days ago
It Takes a Whole Library to Create a World of Data-powered Health – NLM Musings from the Mezzanine
"NLM itself must grow and develop to become the NIH hub for data science. We must develop data management skills and knowledge among the Library’s workforce. We must also partner with the other NIH institutes and centers, and with scientists around the country, to complement, not duplicate, data science efforts; to build the technical infrastructure for finding and linking data sets stored in the cloud; to shape best practices for curating data; and to craft policies that support exploration and inquiry while preserving patient privacy."
"The ultimate goal is for NLM to do for data what we have already done for the literature—formulating sound, systematic approaches to acquiring and curating data sets, devising the technical platforms to ensure the data’s permanence, and creating human and computer-targeted interfaces that deliver these data sets to those around the world who need them."
NLM  datascience 
17 days ago
Zuckerberg’s Preposterous Defense of Facebook - The New York Times
"In a largely automated platform like Facebook, what matters most is not the political beliefs of the employees but the structures, algorithms and incentives they set up, as well as what oversight, if any, they employ to guard against deception, misinformation and illegitimate meddling. And the unfortunate truth is that by design, business model and algorithm, Facebook has made it easy for it to be weaponized to spread misinformation and fraudulent content. Sadly, this business model is also lucrative, especially during elections. Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer, called the 2016 election “a big deal in terms of ad spend” for the company, and it was. No wonder there has been increasing scrutiny of the platform."
facebook  politics  nytimes  algorithms  misinformation  fake-news 
18 days ago
Facebook’s Ad Scandal Isn’t a ‘Fail,’ It’s a Feature - The New York Times
"All these problems are structural. Facebook is approaching half-a-trillion dollars in market capitalization because the business model — ad-targeting through deep surveillance, emaciated work force, automation and the use of algorithms to find and highlight content that entice people to stay on the site or click on ads or share pay-for-play messages — works.

The trouble is Facebook’s business model is structurally identical whether advertisers are selling shoes, politics or fake diet pills, and whether they’re going after new moms, dog lovers or neo-Nazis. The algorithms don’t know the difference, and Facebook’s customers are not its users."
facebook  politics  advertising  network-effect 
18 days ago
Equifax’s Maddening Unaccountability - The New York Times
"No software system can be free from bugs (or intruders), and users must be mindful of the risks. But the inherent lack of perfect automotive safety doesn’t mean we don’t try to make cars safer. Obviously, people should drive more carefully, but seatbelts, airbags and better car design reduce injury enormously, and that has been great for the industry as well as consumers. The software industry should be no different."
nytimes  equfax  politics  security  accountability 
18 days ago
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