Facebook knows a ton about your health. Now they want to make money off it. - The Washington Post
"In early April, CNBC reported that Facebook recently launched a project based in its secretive “Building 8” group to get hospitals to share anonymized patient data with them. The project was reportedly put on hold in the wake of the current scandal, but the stated plan was to match hospitals’ patient data on diagnoses and prescription information with Facebook so the company could combine that data with its own to construct digital profiles of patients." "Danielle Salowski, Facebook’s industry manager for health, said the company re-engineered its advertising features so pharmaceutical advertisers could turn off comments on their Facebook brand pages and on their ads. Changing this feature would help pharma companies avoid the negative publicity associated with the legal requirement of reporting adverse reactions to drugs."
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China Computer Federation. 2005. A list of computer science conferences and journals recommended by CCF. per https://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=3132744
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