Git from the inside out
My colleague @maryrosecook wrote an epic article on git for this issue of Code Words:
scm  git 
march 2015
Recipe: Spicy Korean Grilled Chicken — Grill Recipes from The Kitchn | The Kitchn
Hot off the grill, this Spicy Korean Chicken will not disappoint. Using chicken drumsticks and chicken thigh meat doused in a spicy, flavorful marinade, this grilled chicken needs to make an appearance on your dinner table soon!
korean  recipe  asian  chicken 
october 2014
How to Get 40 Hours of Work Done in 16.7
There’s no avoiding it. Life happens. As long as humans are involved, and especially if you live in modern society with its 24/7 connectedness, it’s next to impossible to have a perfect working environment. However, you can work smarter without having to work harder.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the formula that forever changed how I work…
pomodoro  productivity 
june 2014
It's time to transition to mobile - Design+Code
Learn iOS Design and Development. Build a news reader app from Sketch to the App Store.
design  ios  mobile  prototyping 
june 2014
Box Tech Blog » Node.js High Availability at Box
The Box Tech Blog is a place for our technical staff to discuss everything from the technology that drives our product to our engineering culture.
nginx  nodejs  haproxy  scaling  supervisord 
june 2014
HD44780 LCD User-Defined Graphics
Custom Character generator for HD44780 LCD Display
hardware  electronics  hd44780  display  lcd  rpi 
october 2013
kykim/rem · GitHub
List/add/mark OS X Reminders
cli  osx  reminders 
october 2013
Octopress S3 sync - arne damvin
Add sync to a octopress install
octopress  s3  aws 
march 2013
State-aware cached rasterization in iOS for epic performance - HotelTonight Engineering
a rasterization system that caches rendered components based on their state, rendering new assets in response to key-value observation of developer-defined key paths affecting appearance. A component's unique state, based on the values of it's properties that affect appearance, is only ever drawn once in this system.
cocoa  ios  drawing  state-machine  performance 
january 2013
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