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A disassembly of machine learning and Core ML (Part 1)
iOS 11 has revealed a new feature — machine learning package with Core ML and Vision frameworks. You have probably already heard of it and its cool features such as image analysis, text detection…
machine  learning  coreML  core  ML  developer  development  app 
may 2018 by jsam
Vapor 3 Tutorial
development tutorial mostly focused on database implementation, but also includes docker and postgreSQL
swift  vapor  vapor3  server  side  programing  developer  development 
may 2018 by jsam
Playground driven development in Swift – Flawless App Stories – Medium
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
dev  swift  playground  playgrounds  programming  xcode  developer  development  programing 
april 2018 by jsam
An opinionated guide to configuring and launching an API Server — Perfect
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
perfect  server  swift  developer  development  programming  programing 
april 2018 by jsam
Build it, Test it, Deliver it! Complete iOS Guide on Continuous Delivery with fastlane and Jenkins
We’ll learn how to setup Continuous Delivery for iOS app using fastlane and Jankis. Let’s release product builds reliably, at any time with different configurations
developer  development  programming  programing  ios 
april 2018 by jsam
Debugging Swift code with LLDB – Flawless App Stories – Medium
It’s extremely important to make the debugging process as simple as possible. Let’s break down some of the LLDB tricks which I personally use…
ios  swift  lldb  debugging  iosdev  xcode  debugger  howto  developer  development  programming  programing 
march 2018 by jsam
Designing Jank-Free Apps – Nathan Gitter – Medium
Visual glitches may seem like a developer’s problem, but designers play a big role. Let’s explore some ways to design apps that reduce the potential for visual glitches.
ios  problems  Design  issue  developer  development  programming  programing 
march 2018 by jsam
Ninety-Nine Swift Problems
Ninety-Nine Swift Problems is an adaptation from the Ninety-Nine Scala problems.
swift  learn  problems  programming  programing  ios  developer 
march 2018 by jsam
30 great UI Kits for iOS engineers – Flawless App Stories – Medium
Free goodies for those of you who work with UI design or want to start. Check these 30+ iOS 11 UI kits & design tips!
resource  sketch  toolkit  design  GUI  ios  templates  programming  programing  developer  development 
february 2018 by jsam
Design Templates
Downloadable evolving Icon & UI templates to supercharge your design workflow
develop  developer  development  programing  Programming  ios  mac 
january 2018 by jsam
iOS Design Ref for iPhone resources
screen, resolution, processor, ram specs and more for all devices and programming languages.
develop  developer  development  programing  Programming  ios  mac 
january 2018 by jsam
iOS Integration Testing
square's solution to iOS Integration Testing and screenshot production
ios  app  testing  programing  Programming  developer  development  screenshots 
may 2015 by jsam
Full-Text Search
how to do full text search on ios and osx using sqlite and fmdb
Development  developer  dev  sqlite  sql  fmdb  ios  osx  app  mac  search 
april 2015 by jsam
UTS #35: Unicode LDML: Dates
date formatting guidelines for NSDateFormatter
ios  developer  development  Programming  app 
march 2015 by jsam
iOS 7: Background Fetch
background on what to implement for background updates in iOS7 and later
ios  developer  development  programing  background  fetch  app 
march 2015 by jsam
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