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How to Help Iran Build a Bomb - William J. Broad, New York Times
A strike could actually lead to Iran’s speeding up its efforts, ensuring the realization of a bomb and hastening its arrival.
Iran_Nuclear_Bomb  Deterrence  Nuclear_Proliferation 
october 2012 by jrick
Nuclear Mullahs - Bill Keller, New York Times
Despite the incendiary rhetoric, it is hard to believe the aim of an Iranian nuclear program is the extermination of Israel. The regime in Iran is brutal, mendacious and meddlesome, and given to spraying gobbets of Hitleresque bile at the Jewish state. But Israel is a nuclear power, backed by a bigger nuclear power. Before an Iranian mushroom cloud had bloomed to its full height over Tel Aviv, a flock of reciprocal nukes would be on the way to incinerate Iran. Iran may encourage fanatic chumps to carry out suicide missions, but there is not the slightest reason to believe the mullahs themselves are suicidal.
Iran_Nuclear_Bomb  Mutually_Assured_Destruction  Deterrence 
september 2012 by jrick

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