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Albert Einstein,Sherlock Holmes,Frankenstein
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september 2013 by jremmers
Vivek Haldar : Stallman's Dystopia
"When your digital news feed doesn’t contain links, when it cannot be linked to, when it can’t be indexed, when you can’t copy a paragraph and paste it into another application: when this happens your news feed is not flawed or backwards looking or frustrating. It is broken."
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may 2011 by jremmers
A Digital Library Better Than Google’s - NYTimes.com
"ON Tuesday, Denny Chin, a federal judge in Manhattan, rejected the settlement between Google, which aims to digitize every book ever published, and a group of authors and publishers who had sued the company for copyright infringement. This decision is a victory for the public good, preventing one company from monopolizing access to our common cultural heritage.

"Nonetheless, we should not abandon Google’s dream of making all the books in the world available to everyone. Instead, we should build a digital public library, which would provide these digital copies free of charge to readers. Yes, many problems — legal, financial, technological, political — stand in the way. All can be solved."
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march 2011 by jremmers
YouTube - Making books is fun! (to watch)
How books were made in the 1940s - an Encyclopedia Britannica short film from 1947.
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march 2011 by jremmers

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