Is a Twitter account a Moscow/alt-right bot?
The set of troll accounts used for training was a mix of two types of accounts - accounts that appeared to be of direct Russian origin, and US-based accounts (mostly "alt-right") that were propagating material that originated on Russia-based accounts.
twitter  tool 
october 2017
When Paris Closed A Major Road To Cars, Half Its Traffic Just Disappeared
If we look at the numbers another way, you’ll see that overall traffic has actually been reduced. Before the closure (measured in September 2015), 2,600 vehicles per hour passed on the low road. But after the closure, only 1,301 extra cars are being seen on the Boulevard Saint Germain and the high river road combined. That is, half of the cars that used to use the now-closed road have disappeared.

Some of these cars will have found alternate routes on other roads, but many of those passengers and drivers will now be using alternative forms of transport to get to and from work.
transport  cycleadvocacy 
august 2017
Diversitas et Multiculturalismus: why do people disbelieve a multicultural Roman empire?
I’m not proposing to discuss these issues – because they’re banal, and because other colleagues are better qualified to do so. What interests me is the framing of such historical arguments, and the dynamics of the encounter between academic studies of the ancient world and (certain sections of) the wider public. In brief, why do some people start from the position that painted statues and multi-coloured Romans cannot be right?
racism  history  research  politics 
august 2017
The "cycle of car-dependency" & policies that subsidize suburban sprawl, costing the US $1t a year
Reducing urban sprawl is good for the economy and the climate. For a real-world example of sprawl versus smart growth, compare Atlanta and Barcelona. Both cities have approximately the same population and the same level of wealth per person, but Atlanta takes up over 11 times as much land and produces six times the transport-related carbon emissions per person as Barcelona. And congested, sprawling cities are costly to the economy; for example through all the hours that commuters or delivery trucks waste stuck in traffic jams. Cities that are compact, connected and coordinated can unleash productivity and growth opportunities, while minimizing harm to the climate.
climatechange  cycleadvocacy  transport  politics  economics 
july 2017
New study looks at attitudes of drivers toward cyclists, and it ain't pretty : TreeHugger
Tara's original work reinforces this idea of social domination; you see this in many of the survey results. For instance, the most anti-cyclist, pro-drivist drivers are the least likely to bother even to turn their heads to check for cyclists, which is a good way to prevent right hooks and left turn deaths. They really just don't care. The more they dislike cyclists, the more willing they are to kill them. No wonder you get LBFTS and SMIDSYs.
cycleadvocacy  privilege 
july 2017
Uber’s rental and lease programs with New York car dealers push drivers toward shady subprime contracts — Quartz
“Uber tells you, you can do this job when you feel like,” said Marion Wolfe, a former Uber driver and lessee in New York. “That’s not true. When you’re locked in with these leasing companies, you’ve got to go out there and make that money. You have to be out there and hustle to make that rent money for the car.”
ubermiddlemen  tech  finance 
june 2017
Argument cultures and unregulated aggression
In other words, their studies show that people are bad at using logic to make decisions not because of interruption by emotion, but because of the way we're fundamentally wired. Regardless of gender.
gender  culture  debate  engineering  tech 
may 2017
It’s not teaching women to code that creates problems, it’s blinkered attitude
Well here empowerment of women might lead to men’s status being reduced, but a lower male status doesn’t preclude women being empowered, so I’m not sure what point we’re trying to make exactly. Women can still be empowered when men’s pay is reduced. Women can still be paid better than in other disciplines, even if the pay is lower than it was before. Women lowering the pay across the profession could be regarded as levelling out the gender pay imbalance if everyone is paid the same. I’m not saying lower pay is a good thing, but suggesting that it reinforces imbalance isn’t technically correct.
I’m not sure why we need to stop women’s coding initiatives to protect men’s statuses either. It doesn’t mean I want to put others down but, lowered status? We’re not sending them to the gallows here. My heart doesn’t bleed over anyone worrying about their status being lowered — it probably does them, and the rest of society, some good! Arrogance never serves anyone well. The reality of coding is that it’s a service industry like anything else — coders are not gods or heroes or geniuses, they are servants.
gender  technology 
may 2017
Tesla factory workers reveal pain, injury and stress: 'Everything feels like the future but us' | Technology | The Guardian
But some of the human workers who share the factory with their robotic counterparts complain of grueling work pressure they attribute to Musk’s aggressive production goals, and sometimes life-changing injuries.

Ambulances have been called more than 100 times since 2014 for workers experiencing fainting spells, dizziness, seizures, abnormal breathing and chest pains, according to incident reports obtained by the Guardian. Hundreds more were called for injuries and other medical issues.
vc  technology  ubermiddlemen  transport 
may 2017
Driving bans: why the decline?
But it’s worse–guidelines are only guidelines. In some cases, bans aren’t even given when the Sentencing Guidelines say they should be. For instance, Causing Death by Careless Driving is supposed to always come with a minimum one year disqualification, but in 2015 one in five weren’t.
april 2017
Meet The Food Delivery Workers In The Decentralised Dickensian Online Gig Economy.
"The companies are getting benefits, not us. This company, once it got to a certain level, it stopped giving us the benefits. Moving us off per hour contracts to per delivery contracts. They’re making the real money, not us."
entrepreneur  gigeconomy 
april 2017
When Agencies Dabble With Drupal: how to avoid disasters
The problem here is awareness.” Some simple questions, a few very easy sanity checks and you can save yourself a lot of money and unimaginable anger. 

Ask Questions! 
General starters 
How long has your agency been working with Drupal? 
What successes have you had with Drupal? (Not just a pretty site, what does it do?) 
What troubles have you faced with Drupal? (Finding talent? Security releases?) 
Have you ever taken over a failed Drupal project? Was it tragic? Was it …just great?
drupal  agency  research 
march 2017
twbs/bootstrap-sass: Official Sass port of Bootstrap 2 and 3.
Start a frontend project with Bootstrap Sass included.
css  framework 
march 2017
Strange but True: Helmets Attract Cars to Cyclists - Scientific American
His findings, published in the March 2007 issue of Accident Analysis & Prevention, state that when Walker wore a helmet drivers typically drove an average of 3.35 inches closer to his bike than when his noggin wasn't covered. But, if he wore a wig of long, brown locks—appearing to be a woman from behind—he was granted 2.2 inches more room to ride.
cycleadvocacy  transport  safety 
march 2017
5 Things Nobody Tells You About Being Poor
What I am saying is that people are quick to tell you to pick yourself up by your bootstraps and just stop being poor. What they don't understand is the series of intricate financial traps that makes that incredibly difficult.
economics  poverty  society 
march 2017
Ethics can’t be a side hustle
But here’s the thing. You can’t help Uber build Greyball during the day, or help Palantir design databases to round up immigrants as your main gig, and then buy ethics offsets by doing a non-profit side hustle. We need you to work ethically during that day job much more than we need you working with that non-profit.
technology  ethics  politics  ubermiddlemen 
march 2017
Tech is not going to save the world after all
"The last thing I would say is that it's not up to tech to save the world here. All industries, all people have to play a role in this."
technology  vc  politics 
march 2017
It’s Settled: Uber Is Making NYC Gridlock Worse – Streetsblog New York City
Uber, Lyft, and other app-based ride services are unequivocally worsening gridlock in the Manhattan core as well as northern Manhattan and the western parts of Queens and Brooklyn
ubermiddlemen  entrepreneur  transport 
february 2017
How we got a custom Drupal 8 theme up and running with Sass, Singularity, Breakpoint, LiveReload and Gulp | Drupal website and application development in the UK | Real Life Digital
Drupal 8 is still in it's early days and we couldn't seem to find how to get a theme up and running with some of the open-source tools that we love to use such as sass, singularity, Breakpoint, LiveReload and Gulp. And so in true open-source spirit we decided to do the legwork and share it back with all of you lovely Drupal people.
d8  frontend  css  design  node 
february 2017
Reflecting on one very, very strange year at Uber
It became obvious that both HR and management had been lying about this being "his first offense", and it certainly wasn't his last. Within a few months, he was reported once again for inappropriate behavior, and those who reported him were told it was still his "first offense". The situation was escalated as far up the chain as it could be escalated, and still nothing was done.

(See also:
ubermiddlemen  sexism  crime 
february 2017
UK tabloid reports of sexual assault by refugees in Frankfurt were ‘completely made up’ | Political Scrapbook
But the quotes were fabricated and the story was made up.

German police looked into the incident and say the allegations are “without foundation” and are investigating those who claimed to witness the incident.

The story was also deleted from the Bild’s website and its online editor in chief apologised for it yesterday.
racism  crime  media 
february 2017
Theresa May’s Empire of the Mind - The New York Times
All this domestic turmoil is indicative of the way in which Brexit goes to the heart of Britain’s national identity. For this reason, it is hard to believe that the jingoistic associations of The Daily Mail’s cartoon were a coincidence. Brexit is rooted in imperial nostalgia and myths of British exceptionalism, coming up as they have — especially since 2008 — against the reality that Britain is no longer a major world power.
february 2017
Drupal 8 theming guide
Drupal 8 is going to be a huge change for anyone familiar with Drupal 7. For themers, as they are called in the Drupal world, there is a whole new theming layer with Twig, the new template engine.

The goal of the theming guide is to provide you with a complete overview of the front-end changes made in Drupal 8 and to get you started with creating a custom Drupal 8 theme.
d8  theme  css 
february 2017
Extending Twig Templates in Drupal 8
Extending in Twig is a method by which one template can inherit content from another template, while still being able to override parts of that content. This relationship is easy to imagine if you are familiar with Drupal’s default system of template inheritance.
d8  twig  theme 
february 2017
Teaching People Git, Emma Jane Hogbin Westby - Git Merge 2015 - YouTube
... No matter what enhancements she makes, most people still find Git really freaking hard to learn on their own.

In this session you will learn why most approaches to teaching Git fail to appropriately address the adult learner. You will learn how to modify your own approach to teaching Git so that others catch on quicker.
git  tutorial  video 
january 2017
Git for Teams — Git for Teams — Creating efficiency for teams of one or more.
This web site is an ever-growing resource aiming to support teams of one or more people as they learn to work efficiently together. It focuses on real world examples to make working with Git faster and more efficient.

Git for Teams covers creating a workflow strategy with your team; the basic commands you need to implement that strategy; and a "getting started" introduction to using GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab.
git  tutorial  resource 
january 2017
Git Tutorial - Try Git
"Got 15 minutes and want to learn Git?"

In-browser git
git  tutorial  interactive 
january 2017
How to Manage Media Assets in Drupal 8 - WebWash
Everyone has their own definition of media management. In this tutorial, I’m going to focus on three parts:

Storing assets
Embedding assets
Browsing assets
I want to give users the ability to create media assets. Then have a button in the editor which they can use to browse assets and then embed them.

(See also
drupal  media 
january 2017
Immigration and wages: getting the numbers right | National Institute of Economic and Social Research
It’s true that net migration has risen by about 50% over the last two years. But that’s not the right number to look at. The Bank of England paper he quotes is talking not about the immigration rate, but the number of immigrants as a proportion of the workforce – percentage points, not %. [Unsure about the difference? See note at end].

And how much has that risen over the same period? Not by 50 percentage points.  Or even 10 percentage points. But by about 2 percentage points. The implied impact on wages, then, wouldn’t be a fall of 10%, but rather of about 0.4%. Actually, it would be considerably lower than this, since the numbers from the Bank report refer only to wages in one sector (semi/low skilled service workers),  not for all workers. 
economics  socialism  workersrights  immigration  euref 
january 2017
Decrying Dialects and Despising Speakers – Lingua Franca - Blogs - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Brixton is a London borough famous for its high Caribbean immigrant population, and you know about Harlem. In case you had missed the dog whistle, this is about blacks. And DL is (to use an immortal phrase that I first heard from the sociologist Laurie Taylor in 1968) one of “the hangers, floggers, and let’s-bomb-the-woggers.”
racism  language  grammar  culture 
january 2017
Reimagine✨Learning on Twitter: "The "I used to be poor, so you have no excuse for still living in poverty" people make me want to fight them. Really and truly."
The "I used to be poor, so you have no excuse for still living in poverty" people make me want to fight them. Really and truly.
economics  poverty 
january 2017
Superintelligence: The Idea That Eats Smart People
I'd like to engage AI risk from both these perspectives. I think the arguments for superintelligence are somewhat silly, and full of unwarranted assumptions.

But even if you find them persuasive, there is something unpleasant about AI alarmism as a cultural phenomenon that should make us hesitate to take it seriously.
ai  philosophy  programming 
december 2016
Omniorthogonal: Hostile AI: You’re soaking in it!
The financial system as a whole functions as a hostile AI. It has its own form of intelligence, it has interests that are distant or hostile to human goals. It is quite artificial, and quite intelligent in an alien sort of way. While it is not autonomous in the way we envision killer robots or Skynet, it is effectively independent of human control, which makes it just as dangerous.
capitalism  finance  ai  system 
december 2016
We can’t go on pretending that poverty is solved by getting a job | British Politics and Policy at LSE
even if it is difficult to see how people can escape from poverty without working, it is also increasingly difficult to claim with any degree of understanding that work is the route out of poverty. Lots of jobs which are essential to our society and economy – and indeed to bigger business – need wider support. This is recognised to a degree by government (via Working Tax Credits, and from 2013 onwards Universal Credit), but also, to a degree, by the slowly growing number of (mainly large) employers who are looking to pay a Living Wage.
equality  finance  capitalism  politics 
december 2016
Interview: Vulnerable road users | The Psychologist
if you’re riding in front of a white house it’s far better to wear black than so-called ‘high-visibility’ gear. To a psychologist, it's pretty obvious that visual contrast between figure and ground, rather than the rider’s clothes per se, is what will matter. But this seems to be a difficult message for wider audiences to swallow – they won't let go of the idea that ‘high-visibility’ clothing is always the best thing.

Incidentally, there are other reasonsto be suspicious of high-visibility gear, not least that it transfers responsibility from the driver of the metal box that creates the danger to the victim of that danger.
cycleadvocacy  safety 
december 2016
Uber said it protects you from spying. Security sources say otherwise | Reveal
Michael Sierchio, a tech industry veteran who was a senior security engineer at Uber from early 2015 until June of this year, agreed that Uber had particularly weak protections for private information.

“When I was at the company, you could stalk an ex or look up anyone’s ride with the flimsiest of justifications,” he said. “It didn’t require anyone’s approval.”
privacy  vc  tech  transport  ubermiddlemen 
december 2016
Doubts About the Promised Bounty of Genetically Modified Crops - The New York Times
Twenty years ago, Europe largely rejected genetic modification at the same time the United States and Canada were embracing it. Comparing results on the two continents, using independent data as well as academic and industry research, shows how the technology has fallen short of the promise.
tech  science  foodanddrink  agriculture 
october 2016
Choosing our words: autonomous cars or autonomous vehicles?
Rhe fantasy of cars replacing big transit vehicles can lead to serious dystopian outcomes, including higher Vehicle Miles Traveled, higher emissions, and higher exclusion of disadvantaged groups from opportunity.  The fantasy is already encouraging neglect of transit systems and opposition to efforts to improve them, which is having all the negative impacts listed above,  today.
tech  cycleadvocacy  funding  future 
october 2016
I’m white and working class. I’m sick of Brexiters saying they speak for me
Working-class history is migrant history, but we ignore that because it does not match what we believe to be authentic.

Likewise any of us who are white and born here, but refuse to blame migrants for the result of government policies, are cast as the “metropolitan elite” even if we’re earning the same amounts and living in the same towns. Working-class identity becomes necessarily and by definition anti-migrant.
euref  immigration  politics  racism  class 
october 2016
United Nations report finds little evidence that refugees bring terrorism
"There is little evidence, however, that terrorists take advantage of refugee flows to carry out acts of terrorism or that refugees are somehow more prone to radicalization than others, and research shows that very few refugees have actually carried out acts of terrorism...."

"It is critical to bear in mind that, in the clear majority of cases, refugees and migrants do not pose a risk, but are in fact at risk, fleeing the regions where terrorist groups are the most active."
terrorism  refugee  report  evidence 
october 2016
Man jailed for using mobile on motorway
A man has been jailed for using his mobile phone behind the wheel of an HGV lorry and causing a pile-up on a busy motorway.
safety  cycleadvocacy  transport 
october 2016
The True Costs of Driving - The Atlantic
report published earlier this year confirms, in tremendous detail, a very basic fact of transportation that’s widely disbelieved: Drivers don’t come close to paying for the costs of the roads they use. Published jointly by the Frontier Group and the U.S. PIRG Education Fund, “Who Pays for Roads?” exposes the myth that drivers are covering what they’re using.
cycleadvocacy  transport 
october 2016
Fuck You Startup World – Medium
Fuck “entrepreneurs” nowadays. Everybody is a fucking entrepreneur now. Especially all those straight out of college entrepreneur, just so you know- it’s called “unemployed”. Fuck your bootstrapping, too.
entrepreneur  vc  productivity 
october 2016
Does Elon Musk Understand Urban Geometry? — Human Transit
Musk’s vision is fine for low-density outer suburbia and rural areas.  But when we get to dense cities, where big transit vehicles (including buses) are carrying significant ridership, Musk’s vision is a disaster.
transport  design  carculture 
october 2016
Copenhagen's getting healthier, thanks to everyone in the city | Public Leaders Network | The Guardian
The Danish capital already wears the crowns for being one of the world’s greenest, most liveable, most cycle friendly and happiest city. It has further ambitions to become the first carbon-neutral capital by 2025, to be smoke-free in the same time period, and to serve 90% organic food in all daycares, schools and homes for older people.
cycleadvocacy  health  transport 
september 2016
Junior was a London Paralympics Games Maker. Don’t talk to him about ‘legacy’ | Frances Ryan | Opinion | The Guardian
In the run-up to the Games, Junior even had his photo taken with Sebastian Coe after creating a sign spelling out 2012 in braille. What no one realised, however, was that after spending his day around Paralympians, as Junior puts it to me: “I’d go back to my home infested with bugs.”
september 2016
Carl Beijer: The false realism of lesser-evil voting
What I find fascinating about this piece is that the author clearly thinks he can armchair-conjecture his way into some objective fact about history and politics without engaging with the vast body of research and literature on the topic.
politics  history  thoughtleaders 
september 2016
Transport minister: Responsible cyclists CAN ride on the pavement |
Robert Goodwill tells Stop Killing Cyclists campaigner that 1999 Home Office guidance still applies & police must use discretion
cycleadvocacy  transport  law 
september 2016
Starting development in Drupal 8
The API docs have good summaries of the "right way" to build components
api  drupal  drupal8 
september 2016
How Nextdoor reduced racist posts by 75% | Fusion
All users who make posts to their neighborhood’s “Crime and Safety” forum are now asked for additional information if their post mentions race. Nextdoor says that the new forms it’s introducing have “reduced posts containing racial profiling by 75% in our test markets.”
race  technology  racism  design 
august 2016
The Free Market Doesn’t Care If You Live or Die – Civic Skunk Works
The funny thing about free market arguments is that they’re always so clean and crisp when you’re talking about apples or widgets or other hypothetical products. But when you incorporate them into the real world — into industries that have real, moral effects on actual human lives — free market arguments stop making sense.
capitalism  freedom  health  medicine 
august 2016
Smarter Cycling Series: Watch out for laws that demand cyclists get out of the way of driverless cars | ECF - European Cyclists' Federation
Or maybe the future will involve the complete separation of transport modes, with driverless cars running efficiently on roads free of cyclists, and with cyclists – finally – given their own separated cycleways? How likely is that? Outside of the Netherlands, pretty unlikely, it will be easier and cheaper to create laws to stop pedestrians and cyclists from impeding driverless cars.
transport  cycleadvocacy  privilege  law 
august 2016
Maternal and malignant: Mother Theresa and the case against sainthood
One of the report's authors, Serge Larivée, said: "Given the parsimonious management of Mother Theresa's works, one may ask where the millions of dollars for the poorest of the poor have gone?”

The report noted that doctors who visited many of the 517 factilities run by Mother Theresa and her order (presented as "homes for the dying"), they discovered unhygenic conditions and a shortage of food, painkillers and effective medical care.
religion  health  celebrity 
august 2016
On the Antiscientific Fetishization of Tech Founders
Founders are fetishized because the process of fetishization occludes the latent communism of innovation. When Zuckerberg “innovated” Facebook, his intention was to offer assholes at Harvard a fun game for judging female classmates. And upon this rock he has built a church wherein millions worship several hours a day.
entrepreneur  religion  technology 
august 2016
Wakefield War Office: This is Leeds Man
Are you talking to the enemy? From Visit Wakefield and Loudribs
satire  sheffield 
august 2016
Why Is Learning Drupal Hard?
Falling off the Drupal learning cliff

When it comes to learning Drupal, I have a theory that there's an inverse relationship between the scope of knowledge that you need to understand during each phase of the learning process and the density of available resources that can teach it to you. Accepting this, and understanding how to get through the dip, is an important part of learning Drupal. This is a commonly referenced idea when it comes to learning technical things in general, and I'm trying to see how it applies to Drupal.
drupal  education  culture 
july 2016
How to Convince your Client Slideshows are Bad
Slideshows are not effective - The blog post by Erik Runyon supports the idea that having more than one slide is pointless.
ui  design 
july 2016
Sun & moon times today, Sheffield, England, United Kingdom
The Sun's altitude in Sheffield today. The horizontal line signifies the horizon, the vertical lines show the times of sunrise and sunset. Altitude and heading are displayed in the box on the right. The graph defaults to current time. Hover over it to select a different time.
science  weather  sunrise  sunset 
july 2016
Stop blaming mental illness for violent crimes | Dean Burnett | Science | The Guardian
It’s far more common for people to be violent if they also have a substance abuse problem. You could argue this implies the mental illness is a consequence, alongside the violent behaviour, of other issues affecting the person. So blaming mental health for crimes is often like blaming the getaway car for a bank robbery; it’s just one part of the whole situation, and not even the most important.
health  mentalhealth  psychology  crime 
june 2016
Why referendums should be banned | Slugger O'Toole
It is only during the last twenty years or so that they have ceased to be seen as a dangerous continental invention – the tools of demagogues. Germany has wisely vetoed the use of such ballots having seen how the Nazis made such a creative use of them.

So much has changed. The Tories are now promising to promote referendums on local planning issues and on whether councils have elected mayors to trump the decisions of elected Councils. Here’s a brief trot through some (not all) of the reasons why this should be resisted:
euref  politics 
june 2016
What happens if we vote for Brexit?
Put simply, Article 50 gives the 27 continuing member states predominant power.  That comes partly from the fact that, according to Paragraph 4 of Article 50, the withdrawing state no longer counts as a member of the European Council for the purpose of the negotiations.  But mainly it comes from the guillotine imposed by the two-year deadline and the requirement for unanimity to extend that deadline.  The negotiations will be long and contentious.  An extension beyond two years might well be needed – but any one of the 27 could block that if it didn’t get its way on its own priorities.
june 2016
Pictures Of Sad Children: the singularity and privilege
"The singularity is the nerd way of saying, 'in the future, being rich and white will be even more awesome....'" (webcomic has been taken down, but images still persist
cartoon  culture  technology 
june 2016
Discipline and Pleasure
Addiction is a produced, fully anticipated response to the vicissitudes of consumer capitalism and a diagnosable pathology of legal consequence.

This makes it an incredibly effective weapon of control. Not only is addiction presupposed, but if you are not addicted in the right way, the state can intervene with punishment.
health  culture  capitalism  dependency  law 
may 2016
Anti-abortion laws don't reduce abortion rates. Contraception does.
In countries where abortion is completely illegal or permitted only to save the life of the pregnant woman, the most recent data places the average annual abortion rate at 37 per 1,000 women aged 15 to 44. In countries where abortion is legal in most cases, the rate is 34 per 1,000 women.  
ethics  medicine  culture  law 
may 2016
Your brain does not process information and it is not a computer
A few cognitive scientists – notably Anthony Chemero of the University of Cincinnati, the author of Radical Embodied Cognitive Science (2009) – now completely reject the view that the human brain works like a computer. The mainstream view is that we, like computers, make sense of the world by performing computations on mental representations of it, but Chemero and others describe another way of understanding intelligent behaviour – as a direct interaction between organisms and their world.
science  culture  language  philosophy 
may 2016
Dear "Skeptics," Bash Homeopathy and Bigfoot Less, Mammograms and War More
“The Science Delusion” is common among Capital-S Skeptics. You don’t apply your skepticism equally. You are extremely critical of belief in God, ghosts, heaven, ESP, astrology, homeopathy and Bigfoot. You also attack disbelief in global warming, vaccines and genetically modified food.
These beliefs and disbeliefs deserve criticism, but they are what I call “soft targets.” That’s because, for the most part, you’re bashing people outside your tribe, who ignore you. You end up preaching to the converted.
Meanwhile, you neglect what I call hard targets. These are dubious and even harmful claims promoted by major scientists and institutions. In the rest of this talk, I’ll give you examples of hard targets from physics, medicine and biology. I’ll wrap up with a rant about war, the hardest target of all.
culture  science  philosophy  ethics 
may 2016
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