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The Birthday Special
"I can't believe I almost forgot how ridiculous you are," Spencer says, and Brendon's head snaps up.

"Hey!" he says, "hi, look," and waves a hand-written sign he'd had pinned under one arm. It says JAMES DEAN WELCOME TO LOS ANGELES PLS DRIVE CAREFULLY.
fanfic  bandslash  Panicatthedisco  Brendon/Spencer  popoffacork  futurefic 
january 2009 by joyfulseeker
Silly Boy Blue by disarm_d
This story made me laugh, a lot, and I love the Ryan-voice. In general, the character interactions are pretty golden: "Remember that time I broke your mom's flower vase when we were playing soccer indoors, and you told her that it was the twins because we were worried that she wouldn't let me sleep over that weekend?" Ryan asks. "I remember. Because that was you actually being helpful."

"Playing soccer?" Spencer asks, dubiously. "What was that, like grade two?"

"Hmm, yeah, I guess it has been a while," Ryan says pointedly.

There's the sound of a shuffle, and then Brendon comes on the line.

"Spencer has to go now," Brendon says.

"You're a-- a fucking Jezebel," Ryan says.
fanfic  Panicatthedisco  Ryan/Jon  Brendon/Spencer  AU  bandslash  a.laura 
december 2008 by joyfulseeker
Don't cut your hair (Do you think it's gonna make him change?) by passe-simple
What I love about this story is the way Brendon in this is so different from the Brendon in her Star Shaped series. Actually, in general, I loved the way the characterizations absolutely supported the conflict so that the narrative didn't feel forced at all. Anyway: Everything happened in a stupidly unfortunate way; Ryan called Pete and they were in the middle of a speakerphone conversation about clowns when Pete suddenly said, "Have you heard Brendon’s latest?"
fanfic  Panicatthedisco  Brendon/Spencer  futurefic  a.passe-simple  bandslash 
december 2008 by joyfulseeker
My Favorite View by elfiepike
Wow, this story is so HOT. I loved the way it let us see Brendon and Spencer from the outside, mostly, up until we were right inside and it was SO HOT. Very well-realized AU setting even though the story isn't too long. All the character interactions were very well done. Jon is a fetishist photographer.
"Ryan Ross, Ryan, Ross-comma-Ryan," Brendon says, "how did you get to know Jon? Has he ever taken your picture? Have you--"

"No, really, Brendon," Ryan interrupts, "why don't you ask Jon to take your picture?"

Brendon falls silent and leans his head on Spencer's belly.
fanfic  Panicatthedisco  AU  Brendon/Spencer  a.elfiepike 
october 2008 by joyfulseeker
Shimmer by disarm_d
Man, I enjoy magical realism stories. Okay, now I just spent five minute trying to decide if it was really magical realism or urban fantasy but WHATEVER. It's wingfic, okay, classify that how you want: "How come I'm the only one who can see them?" Spencer asks.

Brendon shrugs and mumbles something about how the magic is complicated.
fanfic  Brendon/Spencer  Panicatthedisco  bandslash  a.laura 
september 2008 by joyfulseeker
An Inch From the Ground by jukeboxghost
A sequel to "Hey Gravity!" Brendon is, of course, still Brendon. He’s as Brendon as ever. None more Brendon.

It’s just now, also, as well, Spencer's gaze lingers on Brendon like it doesn’t for just friends and Brendon’s voice goes soft for Spencer in a way it doesn't for just friends, and they both know something is there, something new and different.

Now, sometimes, in spare moments, they are SpencerandBrendon, and they share us-against-the-world glances that have Ryan on edge, waiting for the prank he thinks they’re planning.

The most exhilarating part is that Brendon’s so happy to just be around Spencer, to just be allowed, swirly all over his insides, that he doesn’t especially care about specifics.

He hasn’t felt that in a long time. (Seriously, that "none more Brendon" line cracks me the fuck up EVERY SINGLE TIME.)
fanfic  Panicatthedisco  Brendon/Spencer  bandslash  a.jukeboxghost 
september 2008 by joyfulseeker
Hey Gravity! by jukeboxghost
Ughhhhh I love the Brendon-voice in this. It's got a strong and distinctive writing style to it, which normally I would find distracting and irritating, but absolutely works here. Vivid imagery. Brendon's ALMOST too spacey and bouncy, but then there are moments like this that anchor it and break my heart:
oh, Brendon just wants to touch and be touched and he feels starved! starved of it.

He can make like a blanket and spread himself over everyone he’s ever met but it’s not enough. They always pull away before he’s quite done, maybe because they know he’ll never really be done, he wants too badly all the time.
fanfic  bandslash  Brendon/Spencer  Panicatthedisco  a.jukeboxghost 
september 2008 by joyfulseeker
Lent Isn't That Stuff You Find In Your Pocket by fiddleyoumust
This story is not actually as lighthearted as the title and premise makes it seem, and yet also isn't as brutal as it could be. I like this Brendon and the way he's spastic and bitchy and sincere, all of which feels pretty realistic. The other guys are well-drawn, too. The tension between Ryan, Spencer, and Brendon is the core of the story.
fanfic  bandslash  Brendon/Spencer  Panicatthedisco  a.fiddleyoumust 
september 2008 by joyfulseeker
Tell Me To Stop by airgiodslv
So for some reason I hadn't ever tagged this one, even though it's my favorite of her stuff? Every time I reread it I spend a happy half hour afterward thinking about how all I really want is to read about Spencer and Brendon's domestic bliss forever and ever. Um. It's the BDSM one, funnily enough, but what I always get out of it is the slow slide toward intimacy and trust. Oh, also, did I mention that it was really hot?
fanfic  bandslash  AU  Brendon/Spencer  a.airgiodslv  Panicatthedisco 
september 2008 by joyfulseeker
Brendon Urie's Excellent Adventure by sevenfists
Dear God, Brendon prayed, please turn me back into a person so I don't have to be Spencer's flat-iron forever, even though I only believe in you about 65% of the time and like to have sex with boys, amen.
fanfic  Panicatthedisco  Brendon/Spencer  bandslash  a.sevenfists 
march 2008 by joyfulseeker
This Is Not A Fairytale by skoosiepants
“If you kiss me,” Brendon says, fluttering his lashes behind his thick-rimmed glasses, “I’ll turn into a real boy.”
fanfic  Panicatthedisco  Brendon/Spencer  bandslash  a.skoosiepants 
may 2007 by joyfulseeker
There Should Be A Name For Something Like This by skoosiepants
Platonic sleeping leading to non-platonic sleeping AKA I've wanted this story for SO LONG.
fanfic  Panicatthedisco  Brendon/Spencer  bandslash  a.skoosiepants 
april 2007 by joyfulseeker

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