Inside Passage Decarbonization Project
Join the fishermen, bands/tribes, ports, fuel dealers, chandleries and boaters - commercial and recreational - on a mission to create a cleaner, greener Inside Passage - connecting Washington, British Columbia and SE Alaska - because our children, wildlife and future generations are counting on us.
sailing  pnw  environment 
september 2018
Beaker Browser
Beaker is an experimental browser for exploring and building the peer-to-peer Web.
browser  software  tech 
june 2018
A Visit to Aoshima, a Japanese 'Cat Island' - The Atlantic
Aoshima Island is one of about a dozen "cat islands" around Japan, small places where there are significantly more feline residents than people. In Aoshima more than a hundred cats prowl the island, curling up in abandoned houses or strutting about in the quiet fishing village. Cats outnumber humans six to one on the island. Recently becoming popular online, tiny Aoshima has seen a steep rise in tourist visits, overwhelming the handful of permanent residents.
travel  japan  cat 
june 2018
Baja Then and Now | Cruising World
Exploring Baja this year, a place of my youth, I recently realized the extent to which I feel defined by past experiences, or maybe the extent to which I want to be defined by past experiences.
sailing  mexico  baja 
june 2018
An Out of this World Charter on the Sea of Cortez | Cruising World
A posse of old pals set sail on a chartered cat across the shimmering and isolated Sea of Cortez, the perfect antidote to the ubiquitous “conveniences” of modern living.
sailing  mexico  baja 
june 2018
A Bounty of Boats, The Beauty of Baja | Cruising World
A cruising couple find the sailboat of their dreams and adventures aplenty south of the border.
sailing  mexico  baja 
june 2018
Society for Artistic Research: Society for Artistic Research
The Society for Artistic Research (SAR) is a non-profit organization that nurtures, connects and disseminates artistic research as specific practices of creating knowledge and insight. SAR facilitates a range of encounters for its community of artistic practitioners in the pursuit of transformative understanding that impacts on political and societal processes as well as on cultures of research and learning.
art  nonprofit 
march 2018
When is a senior engineer not a senior engineer? | Dan Moore!
The technology industry has been overloading the term ‘senior engineer’. A senior engineer is not a senior engineer is not a senior engineer.

What “senior” really means depends on what your organization needs and how it operates. Much of my experience has been in small organizations, so this list may be tilted more toward jack of all trades, but I’ve seen some of these patterns at larger companies as well. Here are a number of attributes that all seem to get wrapped up in the word “senior”.
development  programming 
march 2018
The Millionair Club Charity
Since 1921 the Millionair Club Charity has operated a supportive employment program that specializes in helping people who are experiencing homelessness or other barriers to employment to become job ready.  The MCC's Temporary Staffing Solutions program connects men and women with employment opportunity at over 1,100 businesses and residences in the greater Seattle area. 
seattle  volunteer 
january 2018
Interactive Maps - Seattle Transportation
Maps of Seattle Department of Transportation services
maps  seattle 
november 2017
Cheap Bots, Done Quick!
This site will help you make a Twitterbot! They're easy to make and free to run.
bots  twitter  code  development 
november 2017
Piping into a docker container
Here’s how you can write docker images that you can pipe into:
docker  development 
august 2017
On being a remote ... manager | Nassim Kammah | Pulse | LinkedIn
In my opinion, leadership is about creating an environment where your team can thrive : set the boundaries and ground rules, and let your teammates do their thing. Achieving this does not require your physical presence.
remote  productivity  work 
august 2017
Free Paycheck Calculator - Hourly & Salary |
Use SmartAsset's paycheck calculator to calculate your take home pay per paycheck for both salary and hourly jobs after taking into account federal, state, and local taxes.
finances  calculators  money 
june 2017
When to Break a CD Calculator - Is the improved interest worth an early withdrawal penalty?
When interest rates rise, you may find that an old certificate of deposit (CD) is no longer earning a competitive interest rate. You may be asking yourself if it's better to withdraw the money from the CD (break the CD) and deposit that into a new CD at a higher interest rate when there is an early withdrawal penalty for doing so. The issue that complicates this decision is the interest penalty that is charged when you break a CD. Due to this penalty, it may be better to just keep the current CD...
finances  calculators  money 
june 2017
Wage and Salary Conversion Calculator
The online Wage and Salary Conversion Calculator is used to convert a wage stated in one periodic term (hourly, weekly, monthly etc.) into its equivalent stated in all other common periodic terms. Select a pay period (hourly, weekly, monthly etc.) and enter a wage value for that pay period. Then click the Convert Wage button to see the wage converted to all pay periods.
finances  calculators  money 
june 2017
W2 to 1099 Conversion Calculator
Convert W2 salary with benefits to 1099 (corp-to-corp, c2c) hourly rate.
finances  money  calculators 
june 2017
Exploring Drupal 8 in Jupyter Notebook | Chapter Three
Jupyter notebooks are used in data science for exploring / documenting / presenting data. If you haven't heard of Jupyter maybe you have by it's former name, iPython notebook. Since there are multiple "kernels" supported it was renamed to Jupyter ( for Julia-Python-R ). There is support for 3rd party kernels such as the Ruby kernel and thanks to the Jupyter-PHP project on github we can add PHP to the list.
php  programming  datascience  python  jupyter 
june 2017
Ethics and paying rent
"But there’s more to this job than that. We work within a tight fragile ecosystem where our labor has repercussions. And you are lucky enough to be a designer at a time when design is taken seriously and when design has power. With that power comes responsibility. You are responsible for what you put into the world. And you are responsible for the effect your work has on the world. And right now designers (I define this term broadly, by the way. Perk up your ears developers and engineers.) are creating new inroads in all manner of things."
from instapaper
june 2017
Basic vi Commands
The default editor that comes with the UNIX operating system is called vi (visual editor). [Alternate editors for UNIX environments include pico and emacs, a product of GNU.]
june 2017
Why flying in America keeps getting more miserable, explained
"Skeptics note that T-Mobile and AT&T offered similar arguments to the Obama administration when they wanted to merge. But when that deal was rejected, T-Mobile’s owners turned out to have been bluffing, and an independent T-Mobile actually unleashed a wave of competition and innovation around the industry."
from instapaper
may 2017
USB Type-C Power Delivery PHY Breakout Board from ReclaimerLabs on Tindie
USB Type-C Power Delivery PHY Breakout Board from ReclaimerLabs on Tindie
tinysystems  electronics  macbookpro 
may 2017
61W USB-C Power Adapter by Apple and 13" MacBook Pro No Touch Bar (Late 2016) by Apple Compatibility - GTrusted
How the Apple 61W USB-C Power Adapter Charges the MacBook Pro 13-Inch (Late 2016) Using USB Power Delivery
macbookpro  electricity  tinyhousesystems 
may 2017
USB-C | RS Components
USB-C: the newest standard of USB connector available. With easier insertion, increased speed and power, USB-C will revolutionise every industry.
tinysystems  tinyhouse  tinybuild  electronics 
may 2017
Is the Gig Economy Working?
"“I think if you work for someone else, you’re an employee,” he said. “Employees get certain protections. Benefits must be separate from work.”"
from instapaper
may 2017
Whisper Cities
Presenting stories of overheard and out-of-sight places.
april 2017
In Oregon, You Can Choose Your Own Tiny Home Adventure | Portland Monthly
From flamingo-ringed vintage Airflytes in wine country to shabby-chic coastal campers, tiny home (and trailer) tourism is on a roll.
hotel  pdx  oregon  pnw  airstream  tinytravel  todo2017 
april 2017
On the Oregon Coast, Find the Eco-Farm-B&B of the Future | Portland Monthly
Cob ovens, permaculture, tinctures, and cheesemaking—as a rural retreat for would-be homesteaders, North Fork 53 is off the hook (and soon, the grid).
pdx  pnw  todo2017  restaurant  hotel  oregon 
april 2017
Destination Dining: Vashon Island’s Bramble House | Portland Monthly
Top Chef contestant Lia Lira returns home with a “modern American” restaurant that fuses global influences with island rusticity.
restaurant  todo2017  seattle  pnw 
april 2017
Nodoguro started with a seed plan and the desire to offer fun Japanese cuisine with a focus on Portland’s great farms and amazing dining public. Now we let the vegetables, pristine seafood, and imagination set the limits. Our menus are definitely designed for the adventurous and served in the setting of an intimate dinner party.
sushi  restaurant  pdx 
april 2017
white supremacy culture
This is a list of characteristics of white supremacy culture that show up in our
politics  activism 
april 2017
Presentations by Steve Kinney // Speaker Deck
Director of the Front-End Engineering program at the Turing School of Software and Design.
webdev  tutorial  presentations 
april 2017
Step Tansu Tiny House Stairs Design Concept - Tiny House Design
This design concept gets its inspiration from Tansu, which is traditional mobile storage cabinetry from Japan. Tansu was first documented from the Genroku era of the Edo Period (1688-1704).
tinybuild  tinyideas  tinytodo 
april 2017
Fort Defiance
Fort Defiance is an Americana duo from Nashville, Tennessee, hailed for their honest songwriting, timeless harmonies, and high-energy stage performance.
april 2017
Bicycle Benefits
Reward cyclists for their regular physical activity, non-motorized movement and visiting businesses without bringing congestion, pollution and noise to the establishments they choose to visit.
april 2017
Hunter S. Thompson on Finding Your Purpose and Living a Meaningful Life
In April 1958, American journalist Hunter S. Thompson wrote a letter on finding the purpose of life when asked by his friend Hume Logan for advice. Thompson was only 22.
april 2017
Products - Glerups
Felt ankle boot of 100% pure natural wool with a sole of soft vegetable tanned calfskin.
tobuy  shoes 
april 2017
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