Minimal Go board for reviewing Smart Game Format files
may 2017
Time Zones
Excellent complement to Permatime, everytimezone shows all different times at once.
app  time  internationalization  remote 
april 2017
Love in the Time of Cryptography
Quinn Norton shares how her uniquely modern courtship manages to feel old-fashioned.
privacy  love 
april 2017
The Transparency Grenade
Surveillance doesn't get any more beautiful than this.
static  design  privacy  from instapaper
february 2012
Attention and Focus
Andre on focusing on the task you're working on while leaving enough attention to identify things you'll need to respond to
static  attention  productivity 
february 2012
Self-replicating-fabricator community
fabrication  replication  community  wiki 
february 2012
AKA SproutCore 2.0. Builds on jQuery and Handlebars with bindable objects and enumerables for in browser applications.
javascript  framework  reference 
february 2012
Shoes and software
"Does it look good, does it feel good, is it comfortable, is it clear, is it easy?"
static  software  design  aesthetics  from instapaper
january 2012
My Head is in the Cloud
What happens when you let the computer remember everything for you.
static  external-storage  transhumanism  cloud  memory  from instapaper
january 2012
Why I Am Against Software Patents
"[F]or some of the proposed inventions, there may only be a handful of people in the world qualified to actually make a judgment on whether a development is sufficiently innovative so as to justify a patent. None of those people, presumably, will be employed by the patent office."
Which reminds me, whoever hired Einstein really deserved a bonus.
static  intellectual-property  patents  pragmatism  from instapaper
january 2012
Obscura Day
Celebrate by experiencing something weird.
event  subculture 
january 2012
Beautiful mapping toolkit from SimpleGeo and Stamen
maps  javascript 
december 2011
Feinstein: Senate Panel's Probe of CIA Torture Program Concludes It Was "Far More Widespread and Systematic Than We Thought" | Truthout
"...Coercive and abusive treatment of detainees in U.S. custody was far more systematic and widespread than we thought."
static  accountability  torture  from instapaper
december 2011
Mark Schmitt Reviews Suzanne Mettler's "The Submerged State"
Government accountability is hard. Accountability without knowing what must be accounted for is impossible.
static  politics  accountability  from instapaper
december 2011
Don't Be A Free User (Pinboard Blog)
Like a service? Make them charge you or show you ads. If they won’t do it, clone them and do it yourself. Soon you’ll be the only game in town!
static  profit  business  sustainability  from instapaper
december 2011
Coilhouse » Blog Archive » In Defense of H&M’s Fembots
Replacing the product modeling industry with a shell script might not be terrible.
static  future  uncanny-valley  from instapaper
december 2011
Pragmatic way to use a fancy config management tool and still use your hand rolled scripts
chef  ops  tool  puppet 
september 2011
What Every C Programmer Should Know About Undefined Behavior
Or: how I learned to stop worrying and love performance optimizations at all costs.
static  c  dark-magic  from instapaper
august 2011
The Future of Web Startups
Or perhaps: the wisdom of getting faster, cheaper and more out of control
static  startups  futurism  from instapaper
april 2011
You know you've been meaning to run your validations against your existing data. Now you don't have an excuse to wait.
rails  development  repo  validation 
april 2011
Must Be Nice
Just because it looks nice to watch doesn't mean it isn't hard to live.
perspective  static  relative-value  from instapaper
march 2011
IconFactory's open-source port of UIKit to Mac, made for the most recent release of Twitterific. Very likely as awesome as twitterific, and a brief look into how industry pros write Objective-C in the large.
development  static  mac 
march 2011
Who wouldn't pay to have someone else deal with converting to Excel and PDF
service  excel  pdf 
march 2011
Mac App Store guide
For when you want to actually get that app into the app store
development  mac  static 
march 2011
Lived Fast, Died Young, Left a Tired Corpse
“I'd like to think that when Facebook – the next Google and Microsoft rolled into one – goes public in early 2012, the markets will react rationally. More likely, people will all collectively lose their damn minds again and we'll be thrust into a newer, bigger, even more insane tech bubble than the first one.”
internet  static  claimchowder 
march 2011
Command-line OVF Deployments
VMWare dev blog has instructions for totally automating the deployment and configuration of virtual appliances to vSphere servers
vmware  virtualization  administration  static 
march 2011
Designed specifically for physical calculations, it keeps track of units of measure like Calories or megatons.
programing  language 
january 2011
John's Phone
The iPod Shuffle of phones. See also jitterbug.
phone  minimalist  electronics  mobile  from delicious
november 2010
Absolutely beautiful app for organizing academic papers.
app  mac  research  from delicious
september 2010
Anatomy of a feature
Simmons is clear, it's never as simple as it seems.
static  complexity  architecture  style  development 
july 2010
Don’t Invent XML Languages
Bray argues against needless invention to XML devs, who may never grasp the concept.
xml  static  standards  reuse 
july 2010
View source has a posse
Messina makes a good argument against flash's moron friendliness. Unfortunately, the same arguments apply to today's mobile apps and tomorrow's 3D tools.
critique  static  style  openness 
july 2010
Rails and Scaling with Multiple Databases
Ryan Tomayko explains how Planwatch uses multiple databases for performance and how to do it in Rails
databases  development  rails  ruby  performance  postgresql  postgres  database  static  from delicious
june 2010
Brain Crack
Perhaps the best video in all of the show with ze frank
inspiration  humor  static  ideas  from delicious
may 2010
Thoughts on Flash
Jobs own words on why flash isn't the future. Want portability? Use HTML. Want custom features? Use cocoa. Case closed.
static  apple  flash  html  from delicious
april 2010
The Data-Driven Life
Gary Wolf gives a glance into the motives of the life loggers and self trackers.
static  attention  analysis  statistics  from delicious
april 2010
Distributed vs. Fault Tolerant Systems
Joe Stump invokes the CAP Theorem to explain why master/slave and sharding != distributed.
programming  databases  distributed  static  from delicious
april 2010
Points for everyone
If any reputation system I build is as nifty as this Ctrl+Alt+Del distopia, I think I win.
reputation  comic  static  from delicious
march 2010
Clothes Discarded by H and M in Manhattan Are First Destroyed
For some reason, destroying a product when people won't pay the label price (which is almost entirely for "added-value") reminds me of patents and DRM. Is there a word for waste knowledge?
economics  capitalism  waste  static  property  from delicious
january 2010
Going Nuts with CSS Transitions
Lovely demo with twisting, zooming, shadows and real fonts. So the new web has video, audio, vector graphics, transforms, real fonts and competition between implementors. Have we caught up with flash yet?
css  css3  transform  design  standards  web  static  from delicious
december 2009
Jay Hathaway Doesn't Do Content, He Writes
"You may be a writer if: the right words keep you up nights." See also: hell, yes.
writing  static  inspiration  passion  from delicious
december 2009
The Credentialed Account Provisioning Anti-Pattern
Johannes Ernst points out the trouble of usernames, passwords, and account numbers decreed from on high. The solution? OpenID, of course.
openid  static  anti-pattern  from delicious
december 2009
Peer review and open science
Michael Jennings' take on how tech has let researchers route around the slow peer-review process.
research  static  from delicious
december 2009
America in Afghanistan Since 2001
Ze Frank presents more information in five minutes than I'd grasped from mainstream news in almost a decade.
video  war  static  afganistan  from delicious
december 2009
Criticism, Cheerleading, and Negativity
Alex Payne on embracing your harsh critics:
"Cheerleaders aren’t in love with your business. They care about your business, but from an emotional distance. If you treat them wrong, they’ll disappear and find a newer, happier company to cheerlead at. Critics, conversely, won’t just weather the storm with you, they’ll show up on Monday with a plan for a better umbrella. Who do you want to work with?"
passion  criticism  static  from delicious
december 2009
On Baked Potatoes
Tim Bray waxes eloquent on tubers, while managing to reference Battlestar Galactica, Pascal, and his ancestry.
potatoes  cooking  static  food  from delicious
december 2009
WiebeTech HotPlug
Tools to switch from one power source to another. Like when you're seizing a computer with encryption. Ingenious. Be sure to check the videos.
security  computer  forensics  from delicious
december 2009
EtherPad is Back Online Until Open Sourced
Most telling line, “We do realize (as does the Google Wave team) that Wave doesn't yet have all the functionality you rely on, and isn't yet as mature as EtherPad.”
etherpad  opensource  webapps  static 
december 2009
Carnitas, Houston style
Lisa Fain delivers a hell of a carnitas recipe. She says it's Houston style, but don't hold it against her.
carnitas  cooking  pork  food  static 
october 2009
Ruby on Rails Rake Tutorial (aka. How rake turned me into an alcoholic) | Rails Envy
Greg Pollack gives straightforward instructions to write periodic tasks for rails apps.
rails  ruby  rake  cron  static 
october 2009
Creating a Blocks-Based Object System in C
Mike Ash tinkers with getting inheritance and polymorphism from C block closures. It's much more prototypical and functional than c++ or objective-c. Totally inefficient, though.
apple  c  object-oriented  inheritance  polymorphism  static 
october 2009
Rails Searchable API Doc
Beautiful, simple stying to the ruby on rails documentation
rails  documentation  api  ruby 
october 2009
“As food got cheaper (or we got richer; they're indistinguishable), eating too much started to be a bigger danger than eating too little. We've now reached that point with stuff.”
minimalism  static 
september 2009
SSH with Keys HOWTO
Everything you ever wanted to know about SSH the Right Way
ssh  security  reference 
september 2009
staple / unstaple
Prototype of a new crypto primitive function: the all-or-nothing transform. If you know the difference between a stream and a block cipher, this is a big deal.
cryptography  research  static 
september 2009
A black OS X Leopard Terminal theme that is actually readable
Makes unix geeks weak in the knees, myself included. I'm glad for it every time I open a terminal.
command-line  unix  mac  terminal  color-scheme  aesthetic  static  configuration 
september 2009
Rise of the Tablog
Nick Cernis has given up on tabloid style blog crap. Don't make it, don't suffer it. There's something better out there. Promise.
style  aesthetic  writing  creativity  making  static 
september 2009
Stacey, Simplified portfolios
“No database setup or installation files, simply drop the application on a server and it runs. Your content is managed by creating folders and editing text files. No login screens, no ‘cms’.”
webapps  cms 
september 2009
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