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Steve Jobs, part 1 - YouTube
Steve Jobs was already gravely ill with cancer when he asked author Walter Isaacson to write his biography. Jobs told Isaacson to write a honest book - about his failings and his strengths. Steve Kroft reports.
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april 2018 by jorgebarba
What Steve Jobs Had in Common with da Vinci | Vanity Fair
Today’s great innovators share fundamental traits with one another—and with those who came before them.
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october 2017 by jorgebarba
Why Steve Jobs Wasn’t Lean: Take Time and Make Great Products.
In an age of Lean and MVPs, remember that nothing will sell better than a perfect product. This is a defense of going slow—and the books to back it up.
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august 2017 by jorgebarba
To become a better leader, don't read Steve Jobs's biography — Quartz
Silicon Valley Has Idolized Steve Jobs For Decades — And It’s Finally Paying The Price
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may 2017 by jorgebarba
Adam Lashinsky: Secrets at Apple's Core [Entire Talk] - YouTube
Adam Lashinsky, Fortune senior editor-at-large, shares an insider look at Apple, one of the world's most iconic and secretive companies. Based on his research into the technology giant's internal processes and approaches to leadership and building products, Lashinsky offers insights and surprises from his book, Inside Apple: How America's Most Admired--and Secretive--Company Really Works.
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march 2017 by jorgebarba
What would Steve (Jobs) do? He sure wouldn’t eat humble pie as the Trump era dawns. - Recode
The pirate life worked pretty well for the Apple legend, but now Silicon Valley has sunk its own courage.
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january 2017 by jorgebarba
Remembering The Design Legacy Of Steve Jobs's Other Great Computer Company | Co.Design | business design
How Paul Rand and Harmut Esslinger helped Steve Jobs make NeXT the original "design is law" computer company.
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february 2016 by jorgebarba
Apple's Jony Ive on the Lessons He Learned From Steve Jobs - YouTube
Speaking with Graydon Carter at Vanity Fair's New Establishment Summit, Ive detailed his creative process and work ethic.
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october 2015 by jorgebarba
Steve Jobs, The Movie: 11 Things That Aren't True About The Apple Cofounder
Not everything in Aaron Sorkin and Danny Boyle's biopic about Apple cofounder Steve Jobs is true to life.
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october 2015 by jorgebarba
Steve Jobs "Marketing is about Values"
We stumbled upon the Steve Jobs "Think Different" marketing campaign speech in light of the new movie release this weekend. As animators, we were really struck when he paused for a good while before he said “... marketing... is about values.” We could see in his body that this thought weighed on him. And, in fact, that thought would determine the direction of Apple for the next two decades.
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october 2015 by jorgebarba
Steve Jobs movie review: portrait of a broken man
Sorkin's unapologetically fictitious take on the Apple founder cuts to the core of the Jobs myth
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october 2015 by jorgebarba
What Steve Jobs Taught Me About Being a Son and a Father
No matter what you do for a living, should you do the best work possible?
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august 2015 by jorgebarba
Putting Elon Musk and Steve Jobs on a Pedestal Misrepresents How Innovation Happens | MIT Technology Review
The idea that particular individuals drive history has long been discredited. Yet it persists in the tech industry, obscuring some of the fundamental factors in innovation.
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august 2015 by jorgebarba
Pixar's John Lasseter on Steve Jobs, Creativity, and Disney Infinity
With a major new Disney video game on the way, the legendary animator behind Toy Story and The Incredibles explains how his partner and close friend Steve Jobs inspired his work: "Everything is based on a simple rule: quality is the best business plan, period."
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july 2015 by jorgebarba
A former Apple employee reveals the most memorable piece of advice he ever heard from Steve Jobs
The world doesn’t need another Dell or HP. It doesn’t need another manufacturer of plain, beige, boring PCs. If that’s all we’re going to do, then we should really pack up now. But we’re lucky, because Apple has a purpose. Unlike anyone in the industry, people want us to make products that they love. In fact, more than love. Our job is to make products that people lust for. That’s what Apple is meant to be.
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july 2015 by jorgebarba
5 Surprising Insights About Steve Jobs's Management Style
"He didn't care what the public thought of him. At times, he was surprised to have hurt someone's feelings."
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march 2015 by jorgebarba
How Steve Jobs Trained His Own Brain
Steve Jobs wasn't only a pioneer in computer technology. He was also a pioneer in the technology of the brain.
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march 2015 by jorgebarba
The Steve Jobs You Didn't Know: Kind, Patient, And Human
The untold story of Tim Cook’s friendship with Steve Jobs—and why Jobs wouldn’t let Cook try to save his life.
stevejobs  apple  fastcompany 
march 2015 by jorgebarba
Tim Cook On Apple's Future: Everything Can Change Except Values
In an exclusive Q&A, the current CEO discusses the Watch, how Steve Jobs informs Apple's future, and how Apple lives "outside the box."
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march 2015 by jorgebarba
The Evolution Of Steve Jobs
If Apple’s rise depended on the standard Steve Jobs clichés, what are we to make of its dominance now? Time to revisit—and correct—the myth.
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march 2015 by jorgebarba
Steve Jobs Knew How to Run a Meeting: Here's How He Did it
At 31 years old, Steve Jobs left Apple and started NeXT. Here's an inside look at a company meeting, and what you can learn from it.
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march 2015 by jorgebarba
How Steve Jobs's Mastery Of Analogies Sent Apple Skyrocketing
The simple language trick is a big key to business innovation. A desktop, after all, wasn't always on your computer.
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october 2014 by jorgebarba
What Can Steve Jobs Still Teach Us?
Apple's Leader has died at the age of 56, having recently stepped down as Apple's CEO. He wasn't trained as a designer or an engineer. But he was one of the greatest users of technology ever. That was his secret asset.
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october 2014 by jorgebarba
Walter Isaacson: 5 Traits of True Geniuses |
As the biographer to Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, and Steve Jobs, Isaacson knows a thing or two about geniuses. Here's what he's learned.
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june 2014 by jorgebarba
4 Myths About Apple Design, From An Ex-Apple Designer | Co.Design | business design
What's life really like designing for Apple? An alum shares what he learned during his seven years in Cupertino.
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may 2014 by jorgebarba
Steve Jobs's 13 Most Inspiring Quotes |
Words of wisdom from the former Apple executive.
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april 2014 by jorgebarba
The shared genius of Elon Musk and Steve Jobs - Nov. 21, 2013
Yes, these two iconoclasts have disrupted multiple industries, but TED curator Chris Anderson goes much deeper and argues that what Musk and Jobs really have in common is a rare form of design thinking powered by unfettered conviction.
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november 2013 by jorgebarba
How to Hire the Next Steve Jobs |
Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari and Chuck E. Cheese's, gave the late Apple founder his first job. Here, Bushnell shares his tips on finding (and keeping) brilliant oddballs.
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october 2013 by jorgebarba
(re)considered: The King is dead! (right?) Long live the King!
Apple was not the product of one man's mind, and it's wrong to think of innovation that way
stevejobs  apple  creativity  innovation 
october 2013 by jorgebarba
Timeless Branding Lessons From A Young Steve Jobs | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
To understand how a legacy lasts, let's flash back to when Steve Jobs rebuilt his own.
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august 2013 by jorgebarba
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