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Remembering Stan Lee | NYT News - YouTube
Stan Lee, one of the most influential writers and publishers in the comic book industry, sat down with The New York Times in 2015 to talk about his life and career.
comics  Storytelling  nytimes 
4 weeks ago by jorgebarba
BBC - Culture - Every story in the world has one of these six basic plots
Researchers analysed over 1700 novels to reveal six story types – but can they be applied to our most-loved tales? Miriam Quick takes a look.
writing  art  Storytelling 
7 weeks ago by jorgebarba
Why You Cried at the End of ‘Coco’ - The New York Times
Pixar has cracked the code for calibrating the perfect feeling-all-the-feels moment: That instant where the narrative taps into its audience's deepest emotions and reduces it to tears. It's there in "Toy Story 3." "Up," of course. "Inside Out." "Coco" is no different — though there's something uniquely effective about how it gets you to that place.
pixar  filmmaking  nytimes  Psychology  Storytelling 
september 2018 by jorgebarba
Amplify Your Storytelling Style With These Tips From Pixar
Strong storytelling is the keystone of a great brand. And nobody’s better at it than Pixar.
pixar  animation  Storytelling  FastCompany 
june 2018 by jorgebarba
Andrew Stanton: The clues to a great story - YouTube
Filmmaker Andrew Stanton ("Toy Story," "WALL-E") shares what he knows about storytelling -- starting at the end and working back to the beginning. (Contains graphic language ...)
writing  Storytelling  pixar  persuasion  influence 
june 2018 by jorgebarba
Want To Be A Great Storyteller? First, Break These Habits
The story you decide to tell matters just as much as how you decide to tell it.
Storytelling  FastCompany 
may 2018 by jorgebarba
How to tell stories everyone will love to hear | Big Think
4 Keys to Telling Stories Everyone Will Love, from Cave Paintings to Star Wars
Storytelling  bigthink  persuasion  influence  marketing 
january 2018 by jorgebarba
AI Is Working To Make Moviegoers More Emotional
An AI algorithm can predict which parts of a film will generate the greatest emotional responses in audiences
artificialintelligence  emotions  Storytelling  filmmaking  movies  psfk 
january 2018 by jorgebarba
Did Disney Ruin Pixar? - The Atlantic
How Pixar lost its way

For 15 years, the animation studio was the best on the planet. Then Disney bought it.
pixar  disney  movies  filmmaking  animation  storytelling  atlantic 
may 2017 by jorgebarba
Filmmaker Shows Us How Fake Nature Documentaries Really Are - Digg
We know that the animal sounds in nature documentaries are usually not real, but the manipulation of filmmaking goes even deeper than that.
filmmaking  nature  animals  storytelling 
april 2017 by jorgebarba
The Six Main Stories, As Identified by a Computer - The Atlantic
A machine mapped the most frequently used emotional trajectories in fiction, and compared them with the ones readers like best.
storytelling  artificialintelligence  atlantic 
april 2017 by jorgebarba
How to get power |
In a democracy, power resides with the people. Here’s some helpful advice on how you can get your share, from civics educator Eric Liu.
howto  power  activism  storytelling  ted  democracy 
april 2017 by jorgebarba
How Filmmakers Manipulate Our Emotions Using Color - Digg
Like music in an elevator or a doctor's waiting room, color has the power to influence how we feel without our even noticing. Film directors have exploited our connection to color for decades.
filmmaking  psychology  storytelling 
december 2016 by jorgebarba
Brad Bird On Creating Animation That Makes People Truly Feel - Digg
The man behind "The Iron Giant", "The Incredibles" and "Ratatouille" gives his insights on how to craft a story that moves your audience.
animation  explainer  storytelling  entertainment 
november 2016 by jorgebarba
Why Story Is the CEO’s Job – The Mission – Medium
The mistake people make is thinking the story is just about marketing. No, the story is the strategy. If you make your story better, you make the strategy better.
marketing  strategy  leadership  storytelling 
september 2016 by jorgebarba
"Our Fans Are Part Of Our Show": How WWE Plans To Keep Bodyslamming For 50 More Years | Co.Create | creativity + culture + commerce
Chief brand officer Stephanie McMahon on the power of selling heroes, agile storytelling, modern media distribution, and more.
wrestling  marketing  storytelling  fastcocreate  innovation 
august 2016 by jorgebarba
The Six Main Stories, As Identified by a Computer - The Atlantic
A machine mapped the most frequently used emotional trajectories in fiction, and compared them with the ones readers like best.
storytelling  marketing  branding  psychology  atlantic 
july 2016 by jorgebarba
Carmine Gallo: "The Storytellers Secret" | Talks at Google - YouTube
Communications expert Carmine Gallo talks about his new book, "The Story Tellers Secret" to teach us why some ideas stick and others don't.
communication  storytelling  persuasion 
june 2016 by jorgebarba
How to Tell the Story of Your Brand | Stanford Graduate School of Business
Aim for “subtle” product pitches, and find ways to bring your brand loyalists face-to-face with each other.
howto  branding  storytelling  marketing 
march 2016 by jorgebarba
A Beginner's Guide to Infographics and Data-Driven Storytelling - The Atlantic
Nathan Yau's new book, Visualize This, shows how to use design to make sense of an information-flooded world
guide  visualization  storytelling  data  atlantic 
january 2016 by jorgebarba
How to Tell a Seductive Story | Rainmaker.FM
Learn how to seduce your audience — and why it’s so important to do so — in this episode of The Lede.
howto  seduction  storytelling 
january 2016 by jorgebarba
7 Tips On Emotional Storytelling, Pixar-Style, From The Writer Of “Inside Out” And “The Good Dinosaur”
Meg LeFauve wrote on both 2015 Pixar movies. Here she talks to Co.Create about developing characters, the power of vulnerability, and more.
pixar  storytelling  fastcocreate 
december 2015 by jorgebarba
The future of virtual journalism: TechRepublic Podcast, episode 18 - TechRepublic
TechRepublic's VR expert Erin Carson explains how virtual reality and empathy-casting will change journalism and storytelling.
virtualreality  journalism  storytelling 
november 2015 by jorgebarba
Immersive journalism: What virtual reality means for the future of storytelling and empathy-casting - TechRepublic
As The New York Times brings new attention to VR, immersive journalism could drive not only changes in the media industry, but mainstream adoption of the technology.
virtualreality  journalism  storytelling 
november 2015 by jorgebarba
Nancy Duarte: The secret structure of great talks | TED Talk |
From the "I have a dream" speech to Steve Jobs’ iPhone launch, many great talks have a common structure that helps their message resonate with listeners. In this talk, presentation expert Nancy Duarte shares practical lessons on how to make a powerful call-to-action.
presentation  storytelling  ted  communication 
november 2015 by jorgebarba
4 Lessons In Storytelling From a Screenwriter Who's Also a D&D Dungeon Master
Filmmaker and D&D devotee Matthew Robinson talks about what screenwriting and the fantasy roleplaying game have in common.
lessons  storytelling  filmmaking  fastcocreate 
november 2015 by jorgebarba
The Art and Design Behind Pixar’s Animation
A new exhibition at the Cooper Hewitt in New York City draws on the rich backstory of what it takes to give computer-animated life to pen and ink sketches
pixar  storytelling  art  smithsonian  filmmaking  animation 
october 2015 by jorgebarba
How To Tell A Story People Actually Want To Listen To
Sure, our attention spans are shorter, but what if nobody's paying attention because what you're saying isn't interesting?
howto  communication  storytelling  fastcompany 
october 2015 by jorgebarba
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Is the Best Ever
The new pinnacle of stealth gaming, and a triumphant farewell from one of the medium's brightest luminaries.
videogames  innovation  storytelling 
august 2015 by jorgebarba
How Disney Imagineering revealed the secrets of Tomorrowland two years ago
The film's elaborate backstory started with a game called The Optimist
storytelling  disney 
august 2015 by jorgebarba
Where to Find the Best Stories
Today on The Gist, professional storyteller Matthew Dicks returns to share a daily exercise for every aspiring storyteller. He’s the author of Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend. For the Spiel: Mike Pesca may not vocal-fry, but he sure hears complaints about his voice.
august 2015 by jorgebarba
How Snow White Helped Airbnb's Mobile Mission
To shape the future of Airbnb, CEO Brian Chesky borrowed a strategy from Disney animators.
designthinking  design_thinking  airbnb  storytelling  fastcompany 
june 2015 by jorgebarba
Inside HBO's Grand Storytelling Experiment
CEO Richard Plepler, programming head Michael Lombardo, and Sunday-night star John Oliver share insights on the network's digital revolution.
storytelling  fastcompany 
june 2015 by jorgebarba
Why Companies Need Novelists
Leaders, take note (and MFA grads, take heart): acclaimed novelist Mohsin Hamid on the most important tool you're not using enough.
storytelling  strategy  marketing  fastcompany 
may 2015 by jorgebarba
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