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Why Kodak Died and Fujifilm Thrived: A Tale of Two Film Companies
A detailed analysis based on firsthand accounts from top executives and factual financial data to understand how and why the destinies of two similar companies went in opposite directions.
photography  digital  film  kodak  Innovation  Management  Strategy 
yesterday by jorgebarba
VIDEO | Over its 20 years, Google has revolutionized the world | Fast Company
The tech giant celebrated its 20th birthday this month, and it’s hard to imagine life now without all of its many products and services.
google  history  Innovation  FastCompany 
24 days ago by jorgebarba
Same Difference — Real Life
Creativity has become one of capitalism’s biggest growth sectors and best alibis: On Oli Mould’s Against Creativity
capitalism  Creativity  Innovation  economics 
25 days ago by jorgebarba
Millennials are using travel agencies took book transformative travel trips - Vox
How travel agencies avoided extinction and became a luxury service

Millennials are using travel agencies. Yes, really.
Innovation  travel  geny  millennials 
4 weeks ago by jorgebarba
How to Hire Real Innovators (Not Fakers) |
To stock your company with innovators, you have to know what roles they play.
Innovation  hiring  inc 
4 weeks ago by jorgebarba
Why Curiosity Matters
New research shows that curiosity is vital to an organization’s performance—as are the particular ways in which people are curious and the experiences they are exposed to. This package examines how leaders can nurture curiosity throughout their organizations and ensure that it translates to success.
Curiosity  Creativity  Innovation  hbr  harvard 
5 weeks ago by jorgebarba
Why Workplace Culture Matters (And How to Build a Good One) |
Often, people want to write culture off as a slew of perks you might find at tech companies. But really, culture is about creating an environment that makes it possible for people to work together to come up with innovative products and ideas—the same products and ideas that drive revenue.
Innovation  workplace  ideo 
9 weeks ago by jorgebarba
What Leaders Need To Do To Boost Innovation — Strategyzer
In this post I share four elements I’ve seen that are crucial for leaders who want to make innovation a reality in their companies. Bringing these elements together is incredibly powerful.
Leadership  Innovation 
july 2018 by jorgebarba
How 35 Innovation & Strategy Practitioners View Innovation Culture — Strategyzer
Does this look like a company culture of innovation to you?

At this year’s Strategyzer Bootcamp, I asked our 35 participants to sketch what characterizes companies that are good at innovation with our Culture Map tool. Here’s a synthesis of what they came up with.
july 2018 by jorgebarba
Inside X, the Moonshot Factory Racing to Build the Next Google | WIRED
Seven years after its secretive launch, X is starting to spawn mind-blowing companies—and show us what an ever expanding Google means for the world.
google  googlex  Innovation  wired 
july 2018 by jorgebarba
Jan Chipchase On Mapping The Lives Of Your Users
Following users throughout their day and identifying touchpoints can unearth unmet needs or new ways to tailor products.
Innovation  FastCompany 
july 2018 by jorgebarba
These Three Phrases Are Killing Innovation At Your Workplace
Your tone and word choice may be sending the message that it’s not worth exploring new ideas. Here’s how to change that.
Innovation  Leadership  FastCompany 
july 2018 by jorgebarba
“Perhaps it is simpler to say that Intel…was disrupted”
Disruption is simple to say but there many factors at play. Disruption is never one feature, but a full set of assumptions that go into a business. Let’s explore in this annotated twitter thread.
microsoft  intel  Innovation  disruption 
july 2018 by jorgebarba
The legendary Apple research group that shaped our world
Before Steve Jobs gave it the ax in 1997, the Advanced Technology Group developed some of the most influential technology of the century.
Apple  Innovation  design  fastcodesign 
june 2018 by jorgebarba
This is what makes Pixar so successful according to Ed Catmull | Fortune - YouTube
At this year's Fortune Brainstorm Tech Conference, we had the chance to catch up with Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios President Ed Catmull. Hear what he had to say about the company that makes everyone's favorite movies here.
pixar  Leadership  Management  Innovation  Creativity 
june 2018 by jorgebarba
A Resume of my Failures – Srinivas Rao – Medium
The foundation for the most meaningful work I’ve done in my life
failure  lessons  learning  Entrepreneurship  innovation  startups 
june 2018 by jorgebarba
How Innovation Happens
Innovation is a mind-set, not a technology, or a product, or a solution. And it requires time, commitment, and investment.
may 2018 by jorgebarba
MIT Media Lab: Making ideas into reality -- "60 Minutes" - CBS News
For more than 30 years, MIT has been recruiting people with crazy ideas to work in their Media Lab, where life-changing inventions are created. 60 Minutes got a peek at what they're working on now
mit  Innovation  60minutes 
may 2018 by jorgebarba
Steve Jobs, part 1 - YouTube
Steve Jobs was already gravely ill with cancer when he asked author Walter Isaacson to write his biography. Jobs told Isaacson to write a honest book - about his failings and his strengths. Steve Kroft reports.
stevejobs  apple  Innovation  Creativity  60minutes 
april 2018 by jorgebarba
How Nick Saban Keeps Alabama Football Rolling | Fortune
The coach has won five titles in nine years by relying on constant self-disruption.
coaching  strategy  football  disruption  Innovation  fortune 
april 2018 by jorgebarba
re:Work - Innovation isn’t rocket science
According to IDEO, the leaders of organizations who successfully build innovative cultures exhibit the same five behaviors.

“Innovation isn’t about products, it’s about people. An organization’s leaders need to empower their people to innovate.” @Duanebray shares 5 patterns of leadership behaviors that stoke a culture of innovation
Innovation  ideo  google 
april 2018 by jorgebarba
The Revolutionary Giant Ocean Cleanup Machine Is About To Set Sail
Boyan Slat dropped out of school to work on his design for a device that could collect the trillions of pieces of plastic floating in the ocean. After years of work, it’s ready to take its first voyage.
plastic  environment  pollution  design  innovation  FastCompany 
april 2018 by jorgebarba
Glass Is Humankind’s Most Important Material - The Atlantic
Glass has changed the world like no other substance, but people usually overlook it.
Innovation  atlantic  materials 
april 2018 by jorgebarba
What 40 Years of Research Reveals About the Difference Between Disruptive and Radical Innovation
Using natural language processing, researchers analyzed and organized 1,078 articles on innovation
research  Innovation  hbr  harvard 
april 2018 by jorgebarba
The Quirky Secrets of the World’s Greatest Innovators
In her book on inventive genius, Melissa Schilling delves into the personality traits that lead to breakthroughs.
april 2018 by jorgebarba
Data From 3.5 Million Employees Shows How Innovation Really Works - Business Innovation Brief
Analysis of how 3.5 million employees using Spigit ideate proves innovation is a science, and can be measured.
Innovation  report 
march 2018 by jorgebarba
This Is How To Make A Team Brainstorming Session Effective
You can’t always pull creativity out of thin air, but you can design situations that foster creative ideas.
brainstorming  Creativity  Innovation  FastCompany 
march 2018 by jorgebarba
Thirteen Lessons Of Innovation To Guide You Through 2018
What you can learn from this year’s exciting crop of World’s Most Innovative Companies.
lessons  Innovation  2018  FastCompany 
march 2018 by jorgebarba
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