BBC - Future - The 24 best podcasts to make you smarter
Do you have time to kill, but a curiosity that just won’t be tamed? Head to these podcasts that will inform, educate and entertain.
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7 hours ago
The legendary Apple research group that shaped our world
Before Steve Jobs gave it the ax in 1997, the Advanced Technology Group developed some of the most influential technology of the century.
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12 hours ago
How Chinese tech giants like Alibaba are bringing AI to neighborhood corner stores - Axios
China's AI-infused corner store of the future

A look at one of about a million small retail shops that Alibaba has transformed into a digitized Tmall store equipped with AI apps and heat sensors
china  retail  artificialintelligence 
Why Do We Care So Much About Privacy? | The New Yorker
Big Tech wants to exploit our personal data, and the government wants to keep tabs on us. But “privacy” isn’t what’s really at stake.
privacy  newyorker 
2 days ago
How Pixar Became a Sequel Factory - The Ringer
‘Incredibles 2’ is Pixar’s sixth sequel this decade and another sign that the Silicon Valley startup that valued originality over all else has been changed by Hollywood
pixar  filmmaking  Hollywood 
2 days ago
Patty McCord, former chief talent officer, Netflix | Code Conference 2018 - YouTube
Patty McCord served as the chief talent officer of Netflix for 14 years and helped create the Netflix Culture Deck. Since it was first posted on the web, the Culture Deck has been viewed more than 15 million times; Sheryl Sandberg has said that it “may be the most important document ever to come out of Silicon Valley.” McCord presented at Recode's 2018 Code Conference.
netflix  Management  hiring  recruiting  Leadership 
2 days ago
Avi Goldfarb & Ajay Agrawal: "Prediction Machines: The Simple Economics of AI" | Talks at Google - YouTube
The idea of artificial intelligence--job-killing robots, self-driving cars, and self-managing organizations--captures the imagination, evoking a combination of wonder and dread for those of us who will have to deal with the consequences. But what if it’s not quite so complicated? The real job of artificial intelligence, argue these three eminent economists, is to lower the cost of prediction. And once you start talking about costs, you can use some well‐established economics to cut through the hype. The constant challenge for all managers is to make decisions under uncertainty. And AI contributes by making knowing what's coming in the future cheaper and more certain. But decision making has another component: judgment, which is firmly in the realm of humans, not machines. Making prediction cheaper means that we can make more predictions more accurately and assess them with our better (human) judgment. Once managers can separate tasks into components of prediction and judgment, we can begin to understand how to optimize the interface between humans and machines. More than just an account of AI's powerful capabilities, Prediction Machines shows managers how they can most effectively leverage AI, disrupting business as usual only where required, and provides businesses with a toolkit to navigate the coming wave of challenges and opportunities.
artificialintelligence  decisionmaking  prediction 
3 days ago
Patty McCord: "Powerful: Teams, Leaders and the Culture of Freedom [...]" | Talks at Google - YouTube
Patty McCord – Netflix’s former Chief Talent Officer comes to Google to talk about her new book, "Powerful: Teams, Leaders and the Culture of Freedom and Responsibility."
netflix  culture  Management  teambuilding  teams 
3 days ago
This is what makes Pixar so successful according to Ed Catmull | Fortune - YouTube
At this year's Fortune Brainstorm Tech Conference, we had the chance to catch up with Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios President Ed Catmull. Hear what he had to say about the company that makes everyone's favorite movies here.
pixar  Leadership  Management  Innovation  Creativity 
5 days ago
Andrew Stanton: The clues to a great story - YouTube
Filmmaker Andrew Stanton ("Toy Story," "WALL-E") shares what he knows about storytelling -- starting at the end and working back to the beginning. (Contains graphic language ...)
writing  Storytelling  pixar  persuasion  influence 
5 days ago
The Menace and the Promise of Autonomous Vehicles
What does it mean to experiment with technology that we know will kill people, even if it could save lives?
artificialintelligence  automation  transportation  futureoftransportation 
7 days ago
Vice Media Was Built on a Bluff
For almost 25 years, Shane Smith’s plan for Vice was that, by the time the suckers caught on, he’d never be stuck owning the company he co-founded.
journalism  media 
7 days ago
Climate Change Can Be Reversed by Turning Air Into Gasoline - The Atlantic
A Harvard professor says his company should be able to suck carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, at industrial scales, by 2021.
climate  environment  atlantic  research 
12 days ago
These 6 pioneering women helped create modern computers |
It seems like a story made for the movies: the first general-purpose computer was actually programmed by a half-dozen female math whizzes. Yet for too long, their efforts have been largely unknown. Lawyer and digital-rights advocate Kathy Kleiman describes her quest to learn about them and bring them some overdue recognition.
computing  history  ted 
14 days ago
Climate Change Has Run Its Course - WSJ
Its descent into social-justice identity politics is the last gasp of a cause that has lost its vitality.
climate  politics  wsj 
14 days ago
Why Silicon Valley can’t fix itself | News | The Guardian
Tech insiders have finally started admitting their mistakes – but the solutions they are offering could just help the big players get even more powerful.
politics  facebook  siliconvalley  google  apple  guardian  humanism 
15 days ago
Context is the only thing that can save chatbots
The good news is that all these conversations are a treasure trove of valuable context. The problem is that most businesses still don't know what to do with it.
bots  chatbots 
15 days ago
Doris Burke Has Game - The New York Times
The ESPN personality, the first female full-time analyst on national N.B.A. broadcasts, has broken one of the highest glass ceilings in TV. So why does her status still feel so precarious?
nba  Basketball  nytimes 
16 days ago
A Resume of my Failures – Srinivas Rao – Medium
The foundation for the most meaningful work I’ve done in my life
failure  lessons  learning  Entrepreneurship  innovation  startups 
16 days ago
Why AI Will Create Jobs
Even in a world of robots, continuous education can keep people employed.
artificialintelligence  automation  education  work  futureofwork  economics 
16 days ago
Look What You’ll Be Wearing in Ten Years
It might even involve crayons. Seven amazingly bold graduates from Parsons School of Design.
18 days ago
The math behind the perfect free throw | Popular Science
From a mathematical viewpoint, basketball is a game of trajectories.
sports  nba  Basketball  science  math  mathematics  popsci 
19 days ago
How Reese Witherspoon is flipping the script on Hollywood
The Hello Sunshine founder is channeling women’s voices into top-tier entertainment–and altering the dynamics of the entire industry along the way.
Hollywood  FastCompany 
19 days ago
Farming A Warming Planet: An Interview Nathanael Johnson
How California farmers are planning ahead for climate change while balancing their immediate economic concerns.
farming  futureoffood  climate 
19 days ago
Fifteen years ago, Reebok and Adidas wanted him badly — so how exactly did LeBron James end up with Nike?
Seven-figure checks were flying, and at 18 years old a young king had to make a huge decision
nike  lebronjames  nba  Basketball 
20 days ago
For Maverick Carter, running King James’ empire was always the game plan
Their goal: Get off the sports conveyor belt and build wealth, power and influence
lebronjames  nba  Basketball  marketing  influence 
20 days ago
Software That Reads Emotions Could Be Used to Catch Criminals Before They Act
A firm has created facial recognition software that works together with surveillance cameras to identify emotions on faces. This may allow for real time crime prevention as violent facial expressions are recognized.
emotions  artificialintelligence  surveillance 
20 days ago
Researchers Have Created an AI That Could Read and React to Emotions
University of Cambridge researchers have developed an AI algorithm that can assess how much pain a sheep is in by reading its facial expressions. This system can facilitate the early detection of painful conditions in livestock, and eventually, it could be used as the basis for AIs that read emotions on human faces.
emotions  artificialintelligence 
20 days ago
Mary Meeker’s 2018 internet trends report: All the slides, plus analysis - Recode
Here’s a first look at the most highly anticipated slide deck in Silicon Valley.
Internet  2018  trends  report 
20 days ago
How Innovation Happens
Innovation is a mind-set, not a technology, or a product, or a solution. And it requires time, commitment, and investment.
21 days ago
Rapid advances in automation mean a lot of workers won’t have the right skills - Recode
What’s needed: More workers with technological skills and fewer manual laborers, says a new report from McKinsey.
automation  mckinsey  futureofwork  work  report 
21 days ago
The Unique Neural Network of the Creative Brain - Pacific Standard
New research identifies a pattern of brain activity that is associated with superior creativity.
21 days ago
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