Lessons in creative problem solving from MLK
Wisdom from Martin Luther King Jr. can do more than just motivate and inspire. His words hold meaning for anyone trying to reach a goal.
lessons  Creativity  FastCompany 
16 hours ago
Why are airports still so bad?
Why the airport of the future still doesn’t exist

After more than six decades, a better airport still eludes fliers–especially in the U.S. Here’s why.
design  airlines  fastcodesign 
16 hours ago
How Fearless Organizations Succeed
Amy Edmondson describes three steps leaders can take to create psychological safety, the prerequisite for greater innovation and growth.
Leadership  Innovation  Psychology 
Nike’s auto-laced future | TechCrunch
Nike's Adapt BB shoe has utility for pros, but is also a lens into a connected future
nike  Innovation  techcrunch 
3 days ago
Amazon Ruined Online Shopping - The Atlantic
America’s largest internet store is so big, and so bewildering, that buyers often have no idea what they’re going to get.
amazon  shopping  atlantic 
3 days ago
The Age of Tech Is Over - The Atlantic
Big tech companies now trade at one of the smallest premiums in history.
economics  atlantic 
3 days ago
Most Americans don’t understand Facebook ad targeting - Vox
Facebook users don’t trust the company, but apparently they don’t know exactly why.
facebook  advertising  privacy  datamining 
4 days ago
The End of Economic Growth Is Inevitable. Let's Plan for It.
Maintaining growth on a finite planet is impossible. Here's how we stop it without making life miserable — and maybe even improving it.
5 days ago
The Art of Decision-Making | The New Yorker
Your life choices aren’t just about what you want to do; they’re about who you want to be.
decisionmaking  newyorker 
7 days ago
No boss? No thanks. Why managers are more important than ever. | Aeon Essays
Far from making them obsolete, the flatter business organisations of today need managers more than ever but in new ways
Management  aeonmagazine 
7 days ago
Ranking Every Type of Sushi by How Healthy It Is - MEL Magazine
Unagi? Hamachi? California rolls? Which provide the most of those sweet, sweet omega-3s?
food  Health  nutrition  sushi 
7 days ago
60 Minutes: Facial and emotional recognition; how one man is advancing artificial intelligence - CBS News
Scott Pelley reports on the developments in artificial intelligence brought about by venture capitalist Kai-Fu Lee’s investments and China's effort to dominate the AI field
artificialintelligence  60minutes 
8 days ago
Strong and Weak Technologies – cdixon blog
But it’s strong technologies that end up defining new eras. What George Bernard Shaw said about people also applies to technologies:

The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.

Weak technologies adapt to the world as it currently exists. Strong technologies adapt the world to themselves. Progress depends on strong technologies. Your thumbs will learn.
Entrepreneurship  startups  Innovation 
8 days ago
The internet, but not as we know it: life online in China, Russia, Cuba and India | Technology | The Guardian
More than half of the world's population is now online, but that does not mean we all see the same thing. From being filtered by the government to being delivered by post, the internet can vary enormously depending on where you live. Here are four illustrated examples
internet  china  russia  cuba  india  guardian 
9 days ago
Unlock Your Brain’s True Potential With These Online Neuroscience Courses
Gain lifetime access to hours of relevant material for rewiring your mind.
brain  Neuroscience  courses  reference 
9 days ago
The Future of Medicine
How new technologies and ancient remedies are transforming health care
medicine  futureofmedicine  nationalgeographic  healthcare 
9 days ago
Apple’s Errors – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
As rare as last week’s Apple revenue warning from CEO Tim Cook may have been — the company last issued a revenue warning in June 2002 — the company has had other bad quarters in the iPhone era. So why does this one seem so bad?
iphone  china  apple 
14 days ago
A Top Roboticist Says A.I. Will Not Conquer Humanity
Cars will drive themselves, robots will clean your toilet—but exponential progress is unlikely
15 days ago
Intellectual humility: the importance of knowing you might be wrong - Vox
Why it’s so hard to see our own ignorance, and what to do about it.
Psychology  bias 
17 days ago
This is why we need to start treating ageing as a disease | WIRED UK
The next medical frontier is extending the human lifespan. But changing the definition of ageing is still a huge obstacle
ageing  Health  Science  wired 
19 days ago
Retail predictions for 2019
The surprisingly bright future of retail

Six predictions for how we’ll shop in 2019, from embracing IRL stores to ditching Amazon.
retail  futureofretail  shopping  futureofshopping  FastCompany 
19 days ago
When a Sponsored Facebook Post Doesn't Pay Off - The Atlantic
The agency Speakr set influencers up with brands for lucrative campaigns—and then stiffed them.
marketing  facebook  advertising  atlantic 
25 days ago
Why It's Hard to Escape Amazon's Long Reach | WIRED
The company is known as the "everything store," but in its dogged pursuit of growth, Amazon has come to dominate more than just ecommerce.
amazon  Wired 
26 days ago
Nine charts that really bring home just how fast AI is growing - MIT Technology Review
Artificial intelligence is booming in Europe, China, and the US, but it’s still a very male industry.
artificialintelligence  charts  reference  mit  techreview 
27 days ago
Porsche 911 History | Porsche 911 Through the Years
Why Does Everyone Love the Porsche 911?

With a new generation of 911 on the horizon, let's dig into the mystique.
28 days ago
The Plan to Seed Life on Alien Planets - Motherboard
The 50th anniversary of "Earthrise" is the perfect opportunity to think about sending Earth's life to the stars.
earth  space 
28 days ago
Fortnite isn't a game, it's a place - Charged
Not only is Fortnite the new hangout spot, replacing the mall, Starbucks or just loitering in the city, it's become the coveted 'third place' for millions of people around the world.
fortnite  gaming  videogames 
28 days ago
The day I tasted climate change - MIT Technology Review
Every one of us will have a moment when global warming gets personal.
climate  environment  mit  techreview 
28 days ago
Facebook Didn’t Sell Your Data; It Gave It Away - The Atlantic
In exchange for even more data about you from Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, Microsoft, and others
facebook  datamining  privacy  atlantic 
28 days ago
The Best Podcasts of 2018 - The Atlantic
The shows that kept listeners refreshing their apps this year
podcasts  2018  reference  atlantic 
28 days ago
China Is Achieving AI Dominance by Relying on Young Blue-Collar Workers - Motherboard
To remain the world leader in artificial intelligence, China relies on young “data labelers” who work eight hours a day processing massive amounts of data to make computers smart.
china  work  futureofwork  artificialintelligence 
28 days ago
#DeleteFacebook: How Facebook makes it impossible to quit - Vox
We’ve adapted our entire culture around Facebook. That makes “just quitting” easier said than done.
facebook  privacy 
4 weeks ago
Can Intelligence Buy You Happiness? - Scientific American Blog Network
New research suggests that IQ leads to greater well-being by enabling one to acquire the financial and educational means necessary to live a better life.
Happiness  sciam 
5 weeks ago
Reed Hastings and Netflix Upended Hollywood. But Is His Model Built to Stay on Top? - The Ringer
The Netflix CEO makes few day-to-day content decisions, but his company has reshaped how we watch TV all the same. Now he faces a new kind of challenge: staying ahead as his service’s most culturally ubiquitous shows fade away.
5 weeks ago
Why the New York Times, BuzzFeed, and more help you find the best - Vox
The rise of the recommendation site

Sites like the Strategist, Wirecutter, and BuzzFeed Reviews want to help you find the best of the best.
recommendations  trends  shopping 
5 weeks ago
Exclusive CEO Interview: Satya Nadella Reveals How Microsoft Got Its Groove Back
The Microsoft CEO has broken free of the company's recent past by returning it to its roots under cofounder Bill Gates.
microsoft  interview  forbes 
6 weeks ago
Video game addiction and “gaming disorder,” explained - Vox
The World Health Organization now recognizes “gaming disorder.” It’s a controversial, but some argue necessary, classification.
videogames  gaming  Psychology  addiction 
6 weeks ago
CRISPR babies: How soon will they come to the US? - Vox
The case for and against CRISPR IVF clinics opening in the US.
6 weeks ago
Inside China's audacious global propaganda campaign | News | The Guardian
Beijing is buying up media outlets and training scores of foreign journalists to ‘tell China’s story well’ – as part of a worldwide propaganda campaign of astonishing scope and ambition.
china  propaganda  politics  guardian 
6 weeks ago
Your Brain Has A “Delete” Button–Here’s How To Use It
This is the fascinating way that your brain makes space to build new and stronger connections so you can learn more.
brain  Neuroscience  FastCompany 
6 weeks ago
UN Environment and WRI: 127 countries ban single-use plastic
Countries are making good progress on regulating plastic bags and bottles–but need to do some serious work to address the more invisible plastic particles in cleaning products and cosmetics.
plastic  pollution  environment  FastCompany 
6 weeks ago
The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the World Economy - CIO Journal. - WSJ
Over time, AI likely will become such a historical transformative technology. But other than a relatively small number of leading-edge firms, we’re still in the early stages of AI’s deployment.
artificialintelligence  wsj 
6 weeks ago
The Economy Killed Millennials, Not Vice Versa - The Atlantic
The American system has thrown them into debt, depressed their wages, kept them from buying homes—and then blamed them for everything.
millennials  geny  economics  atlantic 
6 weeks ago
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