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(13) Is Law a Franchise or a Business? | LinkedIn
An economic franchise arises from a product or service that: (1) is needed or desired; (2) is thought by its customers to have no close substitute and; (3) is not subject to price regulation. The existence of all three conditions will be demonstrated by a company's ability to regularly price its product or service aggressively and thereby to earn high rates of return on capital. Moreover, franchises can tolerate mis-management. Inept managers may diminish a franchise's profitability, but they cannot inflict mortal damage.

In contrast, "a business" earns exceptional profits only if it is the low-cost operator or if supply of its product or service is tight. Tightness in supply usually does not last long. With superior management, a company may maintain its status as a low-cost operator for a much longer time, but even then unceasingly faces the possibility of competitive attack. And a business, unlike a franchise, can be killed by poor management.
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february 2018 by JordanFurlong
Exclusive: Leicester law firm plans national network of franchised high street offices - Legal Futures
“The market for solicitors is controlled so much by third parties – estate agents, accountants and banks. We don’t control the relationship the way we used to. We want a much more direct connection with clients.

“If you differentiate yourself only on price, there will always be a race to the bottom. That can’t be the only model that works.”

Mr Hathaway said he was approached by QualitySolicitors a few years ago, but decided not to join.

“QS is a marketing badge. They don’t directly control the quality. The beauty of franchising is that you can expand the brand and control the quality.

“If I’m not happy with the quality, I have all kinds of ways of pulling the plug. Quality takes priority over everything else in the franchising agreement.”

Mr Hathaway said he was inspired not by other law firms, although he did some research on virtual firms, but by the models used in financial services, particularly by independent financial advisers, such as the national partnership operated by St James’s Place.

He said other influences were accountancy network TaxAssist and opticians Specsavers.

“We have to be relevant to how the market is evolving. I don’t want to have to try and convince people that the world is changing, because it is changing.

“I’m a business person first and foremost and I have to ma
august 2017 by JordanFurlong
QualitySolicitors aims to double national coverage - Legal Futures
QualitySolicitors is set to launch a new expansion drive in a bid to double the number of offices in the network to 200 as it looks to capitalise on its national coverage.

It recently secured one national B2B contract with a well-known name – the details of which will be revealed soon – and is also working on improving the other benefits firms receive.

Ben Greco, who took over as chief executive in April, told Legal Futures this week that QS has been staying under the radar as he established a “pragmatic, sustainable business model”.
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november 2016 by JordanFurlong
“The Franchise” – Slaw
First off, here on the home front Axess Law offices (you will remember them as “The Walmart Lawyers”) have been sprouting like weeds across Ontario. Axess has a highly structured operating process and a limited scope / fixed-fee pricing model that has been seemingly purpose-built to scale well in the way most traditional law firms just can’t. According to their website they are currently at 10 locations with two more confirmed sites on the way. I had the opportunity to see the firm’s two founders speak at a CLE conference in the intervening period since writing my earlier column, and I was struck by a couple of things from that session:
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february 2016 by JordanFurlong
What LegalZoom is Telling Us (Solos and Small Firm Attorneys)
John Suh made it clear that this pre-paid legal opportunity, and the legal work and income related to it, will NOT be made available to solos and small firms. He said solos could not stand up to the vetting and review process. He said we would not be able to serve the pre-paid legal clients well because we could not be counted on to be there, and to follow up, and to work efficiently.
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february 2016 by JordanFurlong
Avvo launches service that lets you buy full legal services for business, immigration, divorce issues - GeekWire
The Seattle-based company today unveiled a new product that expands upon its service that connects people to attorneys.

Avvo already sells Avvo Advisor, which charges users $39 in exchange for a 15-minute phone call with a lawyer who provides legal advice. Users pick the category of their legal issue and Avvo matches them with the first available attorney in their area for a phone call.

Now the company is taking it one step further with Avvo Legal Services, a new offering that includes full-scale services with advice, document review, and offline meetings included. It also allows people to choose a lawyer of their choice, with detailed profiles showing their background.
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february 2016 by JordanFurlong
Avvo Begins Offering Fixed-Fee Legal Services in Certain Locations - Robert Ambrogi's LawSites
The service, Avvo Legal Services, offers a variety of limited-scope legal services at a fixed fee. The services range from review of legal documents such as business contracts and non-disclosure agreements to more involved matters such as uncontested divorces and citizenship applications.

Last year, Avvo launched Avvo Advisor, a service that provides on-demand legal advice by phone for a fixed fee of $39 for 15 minutes.

Avvo is currently offering the new Avvo Legal Services in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston and Phoenix, according to an FAQ on Avvo’s website. According to an email I received from Avvo inviting me to enroll, the service will launch in my state of Massachusetts in mid-February. The Avvo website says that the service will be expanding to new areas quickly.

Avvo sets the services to be provided and the prices. Attorneys who sign up for the service can choose which services they want to offer. When a client buys the service, Avvo sends the client’s information to the attorney. The attorney then contacts the client directly and completes the service.

Clients will be within the attorney’s geographic area and are able to choose the attorney they want to work with. They pay the full price for the service up front.

After the service is completed, Avvo sends the attorney the full legal fee. (Fees are paid once a month.) As a separate transaction, the attorney pays Avvo a per-service marketing fee. This is done as a separate transaction to avoid fee-splitting.

The email provided these examples of services and fees:

Document review services: $199 client payment, $50 marketing fee.
Start a single-member LLC: $595 client payment, $125 marketing fee.
Uncontested divorce: $995 client payment, $200 marketing fee.
Green card application: $2,995 client payment, $400 marketing fee.
The terms of the service require attorneys to contact a new client within one business day for a 30-minute introductory call. If the attorney determines the client is not the right fit, the attorney can decline the representation.

There is no cost for attorneys to participate except for the per-case marketing fee.
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january 2016 by JordanFurlong
Why your next lawyer may be working at Walmart | Financial Post
Ontario lawyers have greeted the arrival of Axess Law with mixed reviews. Some question whether the firm’s quick-service delivery can meet the standards required by legal profession regulators. Others have lauded Morris and Koke for their spunky move to take law to the masses. In 2014, Canadian Lawyer magazine included the entrepreneurs on its list of 25 most influential people in the Canadian profession.

Whatever their peers might think of the business, Morris and Koke don’t see other lawyers as their sole competitors. There is a lot of competition in the discount legal service space. In addition to online services, Ontario lets paralegals provide some services that could only be done by a fully qualified lawyer.

“When Lena and I do a competition analysis, we don’t look at lawyers as our competition,” Morris said. “It’s not what other lawyers are doing. It’s what the market is doing that’s a relevant consideration.”
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december 2015 by JordanFurlong
The survival of small law firms
It comes as no surprise that the legal profession is experiencing a paradigm shift. Much of that shift has been driven by a tough economic climate, emerging digital disruption and an oversupply of lawyers.
july 2015 by JordanFurlong
Legal Futures Ambitious firm combining law and accounting nears national coverage with triple acquisition
Fast-growing HCB Solicitors and Chartered Accountants has announced the purchase of three more law firms this week as it closes in on its ambition to have national coverage.
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may 2015 by JordanFurlong
Keeping it simple: QS-owner Simplify Group buys Simplify the Law
he Simplify Group – the legal services group that owns QualitySolicitors – has added online business Evident Legal to its portfolio.

Evident began life in 2011 as a law firm franchise called Simplify the Law, before reinventing itself a year later as an online document business for both consumers and businesses that also had a lawyer directory if users needed further help. It took funding in 2013 from ARC InterCapital.

The website has evolved since, with former solicitors and law graduate now offering advice to users on the documents they are drafting. Though there is no longer a directory, there is an automated referral system to law firm
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march 2015 by JordanFurlong
National v local brands - stalwart QS firm "reclaims independence"
The debate over national versus local legal brands is set to begin again after Norfolk firm Clapham & Collinge announced it was “reclaiming its independence” by leaving the QualitySolicitors network after four years.
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february 2015 by JordanFurlong
The Brief Eddie Ross – CEO of QualitySolicitors – discusses the organisation, its evolution and what it stands for today. %%sep%% The Brief
Something which definitely has changed over the last few years is the benefits that we offer our firms. It quickly became clear that simply passing volumes of leads through to firms via high profile TV campaigns is simply not enough. We now offer a framework from which they can not only convert the leads we provide but also make their businesses more effective overall and fit for the future and the challenges it may present.
Our firms can tap into expert compliance support, dedicated training on handling new business, local marketing support and cutting edge technology which we law firms of their size could not achieve on their own. New websites, innovative legal products and procurement savings are also just some of the ways we help.
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september 2014 by JordanFurlong
LEGAL FUTURES Parabis hires Jabbari to create regional firm network in support of consumer law ABSs » LEGAL FUTURES
Alternative business structure Parabis Group is to create a branded franchise network of regional law firms to support its consumer law offering, after hiring former Connect2Law chief David Jabbari, Legal Futures can reveal.
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february 2014 by JordanFurlong
LEGAL FUTURES QualitySolicitors' investor eyes further acquisitions and larger network » LEGAL FUTURES
Though the QS network has shrunk somewhat to around 100 firms in 200 locations, he said it was now clear about the “offer and proposition” and ready to start growing again. QS’s original intention of reaching 400 firms in 800 locations remained possible over time, he said. “The more we learn, the more we see the market opportunity is there.”

The network’s growth will be measured this year, QS deputy chief executive Eddie Ross told this website, with 10-20 firms likely to be recruited.

QS’s marketing is now much more targeted across multiple channels with “steady promotion of the brand”, he said, and it will be upping the support for firms conducting their own local marketing. The ‘I love my lawyer’ strapline launched last autumn will still be used.
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february 2014 by JordanFurlong
Pannone partners vote in favour of Slater & Gordon sell-off | News | The Lawyer
Pannone partners have voted in favour of the proposed sell-off of the firm’s consumer business to Slater & Gordon.
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september 2013 by JordanFurlong
Co-op Legal Services plunges into the red | News | Law Society Gazette
Co-operative Legal Services posted a £3.4m loss in the first half of 2013, compared with a £700,000 profit for the same period in 2012, the group’s half-year results show today. Turnover in the legal arm grew 5.8% to £18.1m.
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august 2013 by JordanFurlong
Keeping up with Kinsella: Slater & Gordon’s slowly but very surely approach to mergers set to continue
If you had reached the impression that Slater & Gordon's acquisitive streak had come to a natural pause, if only for breath, that impression would be wrong.
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august 2013 by JordanFurlong
QualitySolicitors leaves WH Smith stores | The Law Gazette
gal access points for QualitySolicitors are disappearing from WH Smith stores across the country at the end of a two-year tie-up.

The firm announced in June it would end its contract to place stalls in branches of the high street giant.

John Baden-Daintree, head of legal services at QS, had admitted in April that the relationship had not worked for all signatory firms.

A spokeswoman this week confirmed to the Gazette that the stands are all now in the process of being removed.

Instead, the business will concentrate on developing of its online service as it prepares to unveil its partnership with US legal services business LegalZoom.
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august 2013 by JordanFurlong
Why This Successful Website Is Going Brick and Mortar |
"We've created a community space to build trust with lawyers so [they] aren't seen as sharks anymore," he says. "I think lawyers should be seen as counselors... and there's no need for lawyers to be seen as kind of this separate breed of people. Our biggest strength is to be able to be available to people in their times of need. We want to put a human face to our otherwise online law firm."

Even so, going brick and mortar isn't cheap, especially when you're talking about premier Silicon Valley real estate. Can LegalForce stores get enough foot traffic to pay the rent?

Maybe not in the short term, says Dr. Roland Vogl, executive director of CodeX, short for the Center for Legal Informatics at Stanford, who met Abhyanker when he pitched his idea for LegalForce at a Stanford startup summit last year.

"My sense is... he is not too concerned with making the stores themselves profitable in the near future. It sounds to me like his desire is to make the point that you can take the fancy mahogany furniture and marble clad law firm environment away and have something that's more accessible to everyone... and take away the price tag from accessing competent legal counsel, which is what we currently have in the country," says Vogl, who is now a strategic advisor to LegalForce.

The Future of Law Firms?

In the long term it might be a different story. Vogl says he can see LegalForce doing what Quality Solicitors
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june 2013 by JordanFurlong
Legal Zoom, Rocket Lawyer – We Fear What We Don’t Understand and To Our Detriment | Solo Practice University®
Since Legal Zoom has a 60% aided brand awareness (put their name in a lineup and 60% of consumers have heard of them versus the biggest law firms with only 2 – 5% brand awareness) we’ll use Legal Zoom as our lead. Those lawyers who claim they aren’t frightened about branded networks such as Legal Zoom are generally flip about it and say that Legal Zoom’s clients would never be clients who would want their services.  And a smaller minority say they love charging these DIY clients to undo the damage they inflicted upon themselves because they didn’t want to pay for a ‘real’ lawyer.  Well, those are very foolish answers and each one shows a certain amount of false bravado and a willful lack of education about branded networks.  Most importantly, failure to understand branded networks and how they could potentially benefit a solo/small firm, can actually be detrimental to your practice going forward.  Or to quote Stephanie Kimbro in our recent conversation on the topic, ‘bad for business.’
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april 2013 by JordanFurlong
Is It Time For A National Retail Law Firm? – Slaw
I came into the legal profession in the early 1990’s, just as the age of the “national” law firms was dawning. The big downtown Vancouver firms of my formative years – all independents – were soon swept up in a maelstrom of merger mania with their equivalents in Toronto and Montreal. When the dust settled a few years later, we had the basic framework of the large law firm landscape that has prevailed in this country for the better part of the past two decades. In the ensuing years the nationals built out their networks with offices in Calgary, Ottawa and satellite offices internationally, but the basic model has continued largely unchanged until the very recent arrival of the “globals” (Norton Rose, Dentons, & others soon to follow).
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april 2013 by JordanFurlong
LEGAL FUTURES LawNet raises the bar with new client service standard » LEGAL FUTURES
Law firm network LawNet has launched a ‘Mark of Excellence’ in client service that’s designed to give member firms a competitive edge.

The Mark is set out in a client service charter and will provide a nationally-recognisable and robust measure of quality to clients. Practice performance will be measured through a suite of tools especially designed for LawNet firms, including compulsory online satisfaction surveys, training and mystery shopping. Compliance with the mark will be audited as part of the LawNet ISO 9001 standard.
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march 2013 by JordanFurlong
LegalZoom to tie up with QualitySolicitors for British launch | News | The Lawyer
n a statement Holt said: “Legal services offered by supermarkets and others will be faceless and entirely remote and miss the crucial local, personal element. This partnership brings the best of both worlds, combining the speed, convenience and value LegalZoom’s technology brings, with the comfort and confidence provided by knowing a local QualitySolicitors expert lawyer is on hand to help at any point.” 

Edward Hartman, co-founder of LegalZoom, added: “We believe this partnership will significantly improve access to legal services in the UK and some of our more innovative products, in particular, will see significant benefits to consumers and businesses over what is currently available. For example, we will offer personalised contracts for home building projects and contracts of service for au pairs or nannies - just two common examples where currently people tend not to access legal services and, as a result, are often left exposed due to a lack of formal agreement. Equally, we will help new businesses get up and running efficiently, from forming the company to creating tailored terms of business and employment contracts.”
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september 2012 by JordanFurlong
May the LegalForce Be With You! : eLawyering Blog
Mr. Abhyanker is now moving his concept to a new level by creating LegalForce, a new national legal services retail brand, similar to the Quality Solicitors concept in the UK.

Quality Solicitors is a national network of retail offices serving consumers and small business by linking together a network of small law firms that share a common brand, advertising and marketing budgets, and an online presence. Mr Abhyanker's goal is to create a Quality Solicitors type network in the United States.

Legal force Law CenterLegalForce is creating, in a historically-preserved building, a retail law center in downtown Palo Alto in the heart of Silicon Valley, (right across the street from the new Apple store on University Ave.) The LegalForce center is set to open in the Fall of 2012.
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july 2012 by JordanFurlong
QualitySolicitors – The Movie | LEGAL FUTURES
No doubt the QS knockers will come out to play today (just how does someone walking through a city centre pass by a family moving into their new house, fellow pedants?), but to me the really interesting aspect of the advert is the effort to link legal services with the emotion of life moments. Several people on Twitter mentioned how it even brought tears to their eyes. “What is wrong with me? I used to have a heart of stone and now I’ve just sobbed at the QualitySolicitors advert,” said one.
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april 2012 by JordanFurlong
QualitySolicitors set to kick off £15m ad campaign ahead of May TV blitz | LEGAL FUTURES
QualitySolicitors (QS) will this month launch the largest advertising campaign in the history of the legal profession ahead of a blitz that will see 8,000 adverts hit TV screens throughout May.
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march 2012 by JordanFurlong
Shopping for legal advice at Quality Solicitors | The Law Gazette
Yesterday morning I visited QualitySolicitors Freeman Harris for a free consultation. For those who haven’t heard, the firm is believed to be the first to open inside a shopping centre.
december 2011 by JordanFurlong
Is this the deal to silence QS’s critics? | LEGAL FUTURES
The money will surely allow QS to leap several steps in its development and get to the end point far quicker than its already rapid rate of growth would have achieved. It’s not so much getting the firms on board – especially with the added credibility this news will give QS – as building the infrastructure to support them. The goal of dominating the high street market, gaining a 30-40% share and having firms demonstrably different from non-QS competitors just became that much more realistic.
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october 2011 by JordanFurlong

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