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LegalZoom Settles Fight With North Carolina Bar Over Online Law - Forbes
LegalZoom and the North Carolina State Bar have settled a long-running dispute over whether the online provider of legal documents was serving up unauthorized legal advice, with LegalZoom agreeing to vet all of its documents with North Carolina lawyers and the Bar agreeing to support a state law that would clarify the notoriously murky definition of “unauthorized practice of law.”

LegalZoom filed a $10.5 million antitrust suit against the North Carolina Bar earlier this year after failing to convince officials there to register its service within the state. In a proposed consent agreement, LegalZoom agreed to several terms including providing the full text of blank document templates before customers have to pay for a final version, having licensed North Carolina attorneys review each template, and informing potential customers that its forms aren’t substitutes for advice from a real, live attorney.
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LEGAL FUTURES » Mayson strengthens case to expand list of reserved legal activities
There is a strong consumer protection justification for making the whole conveyancing process a reserved legal activity, Professor Stephen Mayson has argued.
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Legal Services and the Unauthorized Practice of Law: No Bright Line Here | Lawyerist
Disruptive, technology-based legal delivery services clearly have a place in what has been an otherwise locked-down law practice tradition. Laws and regulations that have been promulgated to provide consumer protection are unfortunately necessary to protect the many from the few. But they were not written with the many variations of legal service providers currently available in mind. Rather than determining if a legal delivery system violates UPL rules, what must evolve are new definitions of the types of legal services that should be regulated by new standards. Without that, this debate will play out in the courts and bar associations across the country to no one’s advantage, least of all LegalZoom.
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