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Crux of my thesis aside, there is actually one critical missing piece. As the traditional law firm practice and billing model has eroded to the point of structural instability, there is a need to crack the code that created this past reality and to re-imagine what a law firm and law practice can be. In North America, for law firms to become at least as “attractive” investments as tech startups, the Legal Class needs to better understand and communicate to the Risk Capital Class how law firms will make money in the future. We should seriously be able to do that by now.
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may 2015 by JordanFurlong
Four Areas of Legal Ripe for Disruption by Smart Startups | Law Technology Today
Process Automation: Like Bessemer Venture Partners portfolio companies Clio and Anaqua, automation removes tasks that are not core to the law but have taken up an increasing amount of lawyer’s time in recent years. Clio automates the manual processes around billing, calendaring, and task management—lawyers need tools just like other professionals to ensure they can focus on their core work and not be distracted by administrative tasks. Anaqua, an intellectual property asset management tool, automates the manual processes around protecting and managing IP portfolios. In both cases, before using automated products, law firms used jury-rigged Excel and Word, but found hundreds of hours of their time dedicated to troubleshooting. We believe lawyers should focus on what they do best and automate everything else.
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march 2015 by JordanFurlong

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