Is Sunscreen the New Margarine? | Outside Online
Is it possible that we've been wrong about sunscreen all along?
sunscreen  suncream  sun  uv  exposure 
5 days ago
Wonder is your personal research assistant. Save time by getting detailed answers and resources delivered to your inbox by a trusted network of researchers.
research  tool  question  assistant 
6 days ago
evansiroky/timezone-boundary-builder: A tool to extract data from Open Street Map (OSM) to build the boundaries of the world's timezones.
A tool to extract data from Open Street Map (OSM) to build the boundaries of the world's timezones. - evansiroky/timezone-boundary-builder
timezone  timezones  library  data  map  mapping  geo  boundaries 
7 days ago
Rejected E-Petitions Tell Us a Lot About Hope and Cynicism in UK Politics - VICE
What makes them so fascinating is that they are a real-time list of things the British people long for, but cannot have.
may 2018
Topping TP30 MARK2 Digital Hi-Fi Power Subwoofer 16bit/48kHz USB DAC Amp | eBay
Maximum sample bit of DAC 16bit. Maximum sample rate of DAC 48kHz. TI PCM2704 USB DAC. Auto turn on / turn off synchronously with your PC (Only in USB mode). Digital input USB. 1 x USB cable. Tripath TA2024 Digital Amplifier. | eBay!
amp  speakers  amplifier  dac  want 
may 2018
Tandem Studio - Contemporary wooden furniture shop UK – Tandem Studio shop
Hand made modern wooden furniture and home accessories made in Devon: tables, chairs, desks, sideboards, coat hooks, shelving, lighting, oak, birch plywood
furniture  want  shoe  rack  shelves  sideboard 
january 2018
Insecam - World biggest online cameras directory
Insecam.com - the world biggest directory of online surveillance security IP cameras. Watch live street, traffic, parking, office, road, beach, earth online webcams.
camera  webcam  network  surveillance  playing 
december 2017
A convolutional neural network that classifies sounds
playing  hansard  parliament  sound  classification  neural  network  rnn  nn  machine  learning  audio 
december 2017
Pedways of the City of London
The City of London has always remained outside the administrative system of the other London boroughs, so there was never any danger of the Herbert Commission adding it to Greater London. It's always done its own thing, its planning department especially so, including a pioneering network of elevated walkways in the late 60s and early 70s. The 'pedways' were supposed to become a 30 mile network across the City keeping pedestrians above the traffic, but development ground to a halt an...
diamond  geezer  london  walks  pedway  high  highwalks 
october 2017
raubdruckerin | manhole cover prints on bags & shirts
raubdruckerin is an experimental printmaking project, that uses urban structures like manhole covers, grids, technical objects and other surfaces of the urban landscape, to create unique graphical patterns on streetwear basics, fabrics and paper.
design  germany  t-shirt  bag  tshirt  hoodie  want  manhole  cover  infrastructure  print  printing 
september 2017
Vel-OhBlackpack — Vel-Oh
Oh no, we're out! We will make more, but until then - check out our

We love our original Backpack, but we realised that burgundy isn't
everyones favourite colour, so here's our Blackpack!

* Flop top.
* Leather holding straps offer a tote like carrying option.
* Two front pockets for your daily essentials.
* 15 inch padded laptop sleeve.
* Padded adjustable straps for comfort.
* Waterproof zip closer with leather tabs.
* Concealed webbing un...
bag  want 
july 2017
ConceptNet Numberbatch 17.04: better, less-stereotyped word vectors – ConceptNet blog
We want to avoid letting computers be awful to people just because people are awful to people. We want to provide word vectors that are not just the technical best, but also morally good. So we’re releasing a new version of ConceptNet Numberbatch that has been post-processed to counteract several kinds of biases and stereotypes.
word2vec  machine  learning  ai  data  algorithms  bias 
july 2017
Kitsune is a simple framework that C programmers can use to write software that can be updated on the fly. Such dynamic software updates preserve in-memory state and active connections, thus avoiding the disruption of shutdown-and-restart. Updates take place quickly, and require no special system support (like redundancy).
c  framework  hot  code  load  loading  reloading  update 
july 2017
100 Year Hoodie in Granite - the world's toughest hoodie
Made from 100% Kevlar®, our 100 Year Hoodie is built to last 100 years and be passed down to the next generation.
hoodie  kevlar  want 
june 2017
Frestonia - Wikipedia
Frestonia was the name adopted by the residents of Freston Road, London, when they attempted to secede from the United Kingdom in 1977
london  squatting  counterculture  secede  uk  housing  council  squat  art 
june 2017
webrecorder/webrecorder: Web Archiving For All!
Webrecorder provides an integrated platform for creating high-fidelity web archives while browsing, sharing, and disseminating archived content.
archive  web  internet  playing  lumi  bookmark  bookmarking 
june 2017
Angle Table Medium – Unto This Last
The Angle Table is one of our most popular products. It comes fully assembled with no fixings. In order to fit an Angle Bench beneath the Angle Table Medium, pl
want  table  desk 
june 2017
Bothan: Brings you information
It’s a simple platform for storing and publishing metrics, both as JSON, and as simple, embeddable visualisations, which you can embed standalone in webpages, or use to build dashboards.
odi  graph  json  api  visualisation  metrics  graphs  data  store 
may 2017
Mongoaudit - MongoDB auditing and pentesting tool
mongoaudit is a CLI tool for auditing MongoDB servers, detecting poor security settings and performing automated penetration testing. mongoaudit not only detects misconfigurations, known vulnerabilities and bugs but also gives you advise on how to fix them, recommends best practices and teaches you how to DevOp like a pro!
february 2017
remind101/empire: A PaaS built on top of Amazon EC2 Container Service (ECS)
empire - A PaaS built on top of Amazon EC2 Container Service (ECS)
ecs  heroku  paas 
february 2017
Home · firehol/netdata Wiki
Get control of your servers. Simple. Effective. Awesome. https://my-netdata.io/
monitoring  linux 
february 2017
Welcome - Sewermuseum
Sewer Museum
Pavillons d’Octroi - Porte d’Anderlecht 
1000 Brussels
brussels  thingstodo 
january 2017
mjg59/python-broadlink: Python module for controlling Broadlink RM2/3 (Pro) remote controls, A1 sensor platforms and SP2/3 smartplugs
python-broadlink - Python module for controlling Broadlink RM2/3 (Pro) remote controls, A1 sensor platforms and SP2/3 smartplugs
broadlink  rm2  rm  api  client  playing  automation 
january 2017
Larvik Light Grey Mahabis Classic Bundle (+FREE soles) – mahabis // slippers reinvented
the mahabis classic bundle contains our designed upper and a free pair of detachable soles. buy today with fast and free delivery. take your adventures outdoors.
want  slippers 
january 2017
dxa4481/truffleHog: Searches through git repositories for high entropy strings, digging deep into commit history
truffleHog - Searches through git repositories for high entropy strings, digging deep into commit history
credentials  key  keys  api  security  scanthing 
january 2017
divan/expvarmon: TermUI based monitor for Go apps using expvars (/debug/vars). Quickest way to monitor your Go app(s).
expvarmon - TermUI based monitor for Go apps using expvars (/debug/vars). Quickest way to monitor your Go app(s).
go  golang  monitoring  graph  stats  metrics 
january 2017
Designing a Better Judging System · cat /var/log/life
Competition judging is hard. Coming up with fair methods to select rankings is
difficult, and it’s especially hard to design judging methods for large-scale
emf  cfp 
december 2016
grpc / grpc.io
A high-performance, open-source universal RPC framework. Client applications can directly call methods on a server application on a different machine as if it was a local object.
rpc  golang  api  protocol  protobuf 
december 2016
#3 Keeping Up With NGW and Project Angel - Northamptonshire County Council
This is the third newsletter of the Keeping Up With NGW and Project Angel series
wonderworld  research  epcot  theme  park 
november 2016
Plans for a /200m wonderworld to be built at Corby in Northampton... Stock Footage Video | Getty Images
Stock Footage of Plans for a /200m wonderworld to be built at Corby in Northampton have been un- veiled in London.<br>Guid: ANBC250X<br>Story Number: 250/82/01EC
wonderworld  research  epcot  theme  park 
november 2016
Who remembers Wonderworld? - Northamptonshire Telegraph
Visit now for Northamptonshire nostalgia news and features from the Northamptonshire Telegraph
wonderworld  research  epcot  theme  park 
november 2016
Jeffail/leaps: A pair programming tool and library written in Golang
Leaps is a command line utility and golang library for collaboratively editing your local files over HTTP, using operational transforms to ensure zero-collision synchronization across any number of editing clients.

Simply navigate to a directory you want to share, run leaps, open the hosted page in your browser and direct any friends on your LAN to the same page. You can now collectively edit any documents in that directory.
editor  realtime  collaborative  editing  golang  gobby  edit  http  web  local 
november 2016
The private monorail tunnel under North London – IanVisits
Under North London, there exists a private underground monorail service, some 20km long running from Elstree to St John's Wood in the centre of town.
london  monorail  tunnel 
october 2016
Watch City of Ships online
There’s breathtaking footage of the London’s docks at their bustling peak in this informative film celebrating the work of the Port Of London Authority.
shipping  ships  london  port  1940 
october 2016
Adopt a Kiosk: how it works - BT Business
Since we launched our Adopt a Kiosk scheme, more than 3500 communities across the UK have seized the opportunity to do something wonderful with local phone boxes that had little or no usage.
bt  phone  box  kiosk 
september 2016
tpope/vim-sleuth: sleuth.vim: Heuristically set buffer options
vim-sleuth - sleuth.vim: Heuristically set buffer options
vim  tab  space  configuration  shift  width 
august 2016
Portable Toilet Hire and Sales • Site Equip
Award winning portable toilet hire, showers, accommodation, fencing and safety equipment rental and sales for the construction and events industries.
emf  toilets 
august 2016
Mesa Verde Times - Epcot Horizons Urbex
We're Hoot and Chief. We love Horizons and did our best to document it before it was destroyed. We left our ride vehicles repeatedly and even spent hours crawling around in the guts of the attraction. These are the fruits of our labor for you to enjoy!
epcot  horizons  ride  urbex  disney 
august 2016
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