Optimizing Performance With Resource Hints — Smashing Magazine
Many performance optimizations can be made when we can predict what users might do before they actually do it. Resource Hints are a simple but effective way that web developers can help the browser to stay one step ahead of the user and keep pages fast.
optimise  optimisation  prefetch  prerender  html  preload  connect  connection  performance 
2 days ago
HTML Includes That Work Today | Filament Group, Inc., Boston, MA
Filament Group helps companies design and build super-fast responsive sites and web apps that are simple to use and accessible to everyone
tip  iframe  html  javascript  include  web 
2 days ago
Inline SVG... Cached | CSS-Tricks
I wrote that using inline icons makes for the best icon system. I still think that's true. It's the easiest possible way to drop an icon onto a page. No
css  svg  browser  cache  cached  icons  inline 
3 days ago
The Computer Science of Evolution: an Introduction to Genetic Algorithms
In this post, I will provide a brief introduction to genetic algorithms and explain how they imitate the same natural processes that have been taking place on Earth for billions of years.
code  genetic  algorithms 
7 days ago
How to make your code faster using JavaScript Sets – Bret Cameron – Medium
I’m sure there are plenty of developers who stick to the basic global objects: numbers, strings, objects, arrays and booleans. For many use-cases, these are all you need. But if you want to make your…
javascript  sets  js  set 
8 days ago
Perflink | JS Benchmarks
JavaScript performance benchmarks that you can share via URL.
benchmark  js  javascript  live  graph  speed 
10 days ago
Getting started with examples | layerJS
UX patterns like menus, sliders, layers & lightboxes, parallax effects, page-swipes, zoom effects, etc. are really just interactive animated layers. layerJS is a simple open source library that provides one simple universal concept to create such patterns in pure HTML.
js  menu  framework  javascript  layers  zoom  transition 
12 days ago
A block-styled editor with clean JSON output
js  editors  editor  block  javascript  blocks  Editing 
16 days ago
European Commission in the UK - European Commission
Keeping you up-to-date with the latest news from the European Commission Representation in the UK
politics  reference  europe  brexit  eu  lies  media  Britain  commission  myths 
18 days ago
pikapkg/web: Run npm dependencies directly in the browser. No Browserify, Webpack or import maps required.
:package: :sparkles: Run npm dependencies directly in the browser. No Browserify, Webpack or import maps required. - pikapkg/web
dependency  github  npm  browser  javascript  webpack  modules  bundling 
26 days ago
Pika | A Future Without Webpack
Search npm for fast, small, and modern web packages.Our catalog only includes packages that are built with modern ESM syntax and a package.json 'module' entrypoint.
development  javascript  es6  bundler  esm  interesting  js  dependencies  library 
26 days ago
The best Favicon Generator (completely free) | Favicon.io
The only favicon generator you need for your next project. Quickly and easily generate your favicon.ico file from text, image, or choose from hundreds of emojis. No design or technical skills required.
web-design  generator  icon  tools  favicon 
5 weeks ago
A deep learning colouriser prototype specifically for old Singaporean photos.
ai  colour  color  photography  graphics  colouriser  photos  demo  black  white  bw 
5 weeks ago
3D pixelart editor based on sprite stacking technique.
3D  Design  Pixel-Art  Retro  animation  art  editor  game  games  mesh  pixel  pixelart  sprite  stacking  tool  voxel 
6 weeks ago
Handtrack.js: Hand Tracking Interactions in the Browser using Tensorflow.js and 3 lines of code.
Handtrack.js library allows you track a user’s hand (bounding box) from an image in any orientation, in 3 lines of code. A while ago, I was really blown away by results from an experiment using…
javascript  hand-tracking 
6 weeks ago
jgm/pandoc: Universal markup converter
Universal markup converter. Contribute to jgm/pandoc development by creating an account on GitHub.
github  markdown  markup  pandoc  text  convert  converter  doc  mobi  epub 
6 weeks ago
Free and Open source Web Template Editor - Next generation tool for building templates without coding
layout  js  editor  javascript  wysiwyg  html  template  webdev  framework  authoring 
7 weeks ago
awesome-falsehood/README.md at master · kdeldycke/awesome-falsehood
:pill: Curated list of falsehoods programmers believe in. - kdeldycke/awesome-falsehood
falsehoods  believe  false  programmers 
7 weeks ago
How to write simple modern JavaScript apps with Webpack and progressive web techniques
Have you thought about making modern JavaScript applications with the simplest setup possible for your next project? JavaScript frameworks exist to help us build applications in a generalized way…
PWA  js  javascript  setup  webpack  babel  boilerplate  PRPL  serviceworker 
7 weeks ago
Replacing a hot path in your app's JavaScript with WebAssembly  |  Web  |  Google Developers
One key benefit that WebAssembly offers is _predictable_ performance across browsers. But how do you turn hot path written in JavaScript into WebAssembly?
webassembly  fast  memory  c  emscripten  manipulation  hot  path  wasm 
7 weeks ago
Retro Virtual Machine, The emulator of Amstrad CPC and ZX Spectrum for Windows, Linux and MacOs
Retro Virtual Machine is and emulator of Amstrad CPC and ZX Spectrum for Windows, Linux and MacOs. Emulates the CPC464, CPC664, CPC6128, ZX Spectrum 48k, Zx Spectrum 128k, ZX Spectrum +2, ZX Spectrum +3, ZX-Uno among others, as well as devices such as DivMMC, CPC Dandanator, X-Mem
emulator  retro  8bit  z80  spectrum  amstrad  cpc 
7 weeks ago
Handling Arguments in Bash Scripts - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
Some basic tricks using built-in variables to add some extra power to your Bash scripts.
bash  script  automation  args  arguments 
7 weeks ago
An Introduction To WebBluetooth — Smashing Magazine
With Progressive Web Apps, you can now use the web to build full-blown apps. Thanks to WebBluetooth, we can now build Progressive Web Apps that can control your lights, drive a car or even control a drone.
bluetooth  web  api  webbluetooth  javascript  js  programming 
7 weeks ago
Leon - Your Open-Source Personal Assistant
Leon is an open-source personal assistant who can live on your server. He is built on the top of Node.js, Python and artificial intelligence concepts.
ai  nodejs  tools  javascript  chatbot  opensource  homeautomation  nlp  node  personalassistant 
8 weeks ago
Make your site’s pages instant in 1 minute and improve your conversion rate by 1%.
speed  html  fast  performance  javascript  data  webdev  preloading 
8 weeks ago
justinribeiro/speedometer-pwa: A tiny no-frills speedometer progressive web app based on Geolocation API, AmbientLightSensor API, and WakeLock API.
A tiny no-frills speedometer progressive web app based on Geolocation API, AmbientLightSensor API, and WakeLock API. - justinribeiro/speedometer-pwa
open-source  progressive-web-app  PWA  example 
9 weeks ago
Animate a Blob of Text with SVG and Text Clipping | CSS-Tricks
I came across this neat little animation in a designer newsletter — unfortunately, I lost track of the source, so please give a shout out if you recognize
animation  css  text  svg  clip 
10 weeks ago
Sheety - Turn your Google Sheet into an API
Turn any Google sheet into an API instantly, for free. Power websites, apps, or whatever you like, all from a spreadsheet. Changes to your spreadsheet update your API in realtime. Neat
development  google  tools  api  programming  googlesheets  javascript  online  data  csv 
10 weeks ago
My Brand New Logo – logo maker | create your own logo
My Brand New Logo is a logo creator site. You can make a logo with My Brand New Logo online for free. You only have to pay when you're happy.
branding  creator  design  logo  generator  logos  make  maker 
10 weeks ago
Creating a Very Slow Movie Player – Member Feature Stories – Medium
Watching a film at a fraction of its original speed on an ePaper screen can completely change the perception of the movie, its context, and time itself.
slow  movie  player  eink  maker  screen  film  vsmp 
10 weeks ago
A curated directory of resources, tools & hacks for non-techs
Curated directory of the best free resources and tools for non-technical entrepreneurs. Packed with the best discount codes for your favourite online tools.
nocode  design  tools  apps 
10 weeks ago
Zeroqode - #1 No-Code Platform: App templates, courses, plugins and more
No-code responsive Bubble templates & plugins for dashboards, landing pages, e-commerce apps & API settings allows you build your website 10x faster
prototype  backend  mobile  app  apps  nocode  no-code  platform  shortcuts  template  zeroqode  code 
10 weeks ago
Retool – The fast way to build internal tools.
Build custom internal tools in minutes. Build an interface via our drag-and-drop UI, hook it up to your data, and you're done.
dev  tools  api  service  apps  database  via:popular  programming  tool  data  nocode 
10 weeks ago
Free Website Builder | Create a Free Website | Wix.com
Create a free website with Wix.com. Choose a stunning template and customize anything with the Wix website builder—no coding skills needed. Create yours today!
prototype  nocode  website  web  tools  cms  webdesign  hosting  design  webdev  build  builder 
10 weeks ago
Carrd - Simple, free, fully responsive one-page sites for pretty much anything
A free platform for building simple, fully responsive one-page sites for pretty much anything.
prototype  nocode  website  html  editor  cms  builder  webdesign  free  design  onepage  tools 
10 weeks ago
Zapier | The easiest way to automate your work
Connect the apps you use everyday to automate your work and be more productive. 1000+ apps and easy integrations - get started in minutes.
automation  nocode  mashup  tools  api  data  sync  ifttt  web  integration  service 
10 weeks ago
Thunkable.com: Drag and Drop Mobile App Builder for iOS and Android
Thunkable is the platform where anyone can build their own mobile apps. Available for iOS and Android.
prototyping  nocode  development  mobile  app  android  ios  programming  cross-platform  education  tools  apps 
10 weeks ago
agershun/alasql: AlaSQL.js - JavaScript SQL database for browser and Node.js. Handles both traditional relational tables and nested JSON data (NoSQL). Export, store, and import data from localStorage, IndexedDB, or Excel.
AlaSQL.js - JavaScript SQL database for browser and Node.js. Handles both traditional relational tables and nested JSON data (NoSQL). Export, store, and import data from localStorage, IndexedDB, or Excel. - agershun/alasql
github  database  browser  sql  javascript  js  alasql  client  db 
11 weeks ago
The Fantastically Magical handleEvent Function - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
Using the magical handleEvent function to handle JavaScript events and work around some common event handling caveats
event  js  eventlistener  handleevent  javascript 
11 weeks ago
p-e-w/argos: Create GNOME Shell extensions in seconds
Create GNOME Shell extensions in seconds. Contribute to p-e-w/argos development by creating an account on GitHub.
linux  gnome  gnome-shell  bitbar  desktop  extension  gui 
january 2019
Bash scripting cheatsheet
Variables · Functions · Interpolation · Brace expansions · Loops · Conditional execution · Command substitution · One-page guide to Bash scripting
shell  cheatsheet  bash  cli  cheatsheets  programming  scripting  linux  reference 
january 2019
The Feynman Technique: The Best Way to Learn Anything
The Feynman Technique is a mental model that helps you learn faster and increases retention. Read this article to supercharge your learning.
education  learning  learn  feynman  teach  technique 
january 2019
My one-liner Linux Dropbox client
In this blog post, I want to discuss one of my recent attempts to create asimple one-liner Linux Dropbox client using only free and open-sourcecomponents, in...
linux  dropbox  sync  rsync  cli  rclone  cloud  backups  tools 
january 2019
kay-is/awesome-tagged-templates: A list of libraries and learning resources for ES2015 tagged template literals
A list of libraries and learning resources for ES2015 tagged template literals - kay-is/awesome-tagged-templates
tagged  templates  js  javascript 
january 2019
Lenses – JavaScript Scene – Medium
A lens is a composable pair of pure getter and setter functions which focus on a particular field inside an object, and obey a set of axioms known as the lens laws. Think of the object as the whole…
functional  functionalprogramming  javascript  lenses  js  lens 
december 2018
Animated GIF editor and GIF maker
Easy to use online animated GIF maker and image editor. Upload and edit GIF images for free. Create, crop, resize, reverse, optimize and split animated GIFs, cut and resize videos, WebP and APNG animations.
tools  animated  editor  gif  gifs  tool  video  converter  web  design 
december 2018
Opensource form builder alternative to TypeForm
forms  form  opensource  survey  builder  typeform  webdesign  alternatrive  free  form_builder 
december 2018
Vector Magic: Convert JPG, PNG images to SVG, EPS, AI vectors
Easily convert JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF bitmap images to SVG, EPS, PDF, AI, DXF vector images with real full-color tracing, online or using the desktop app!
vector  converter  art  images  raster  tool  svg  service  bitmap 
december 2018
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