U.S. Public Participation Playbook
To contribute, please email us your recommendations or new content, or visit the Madison platform, hosted by the OpenGov Foundation, to annotate the playbook. Federal agencies understand the importance of meaningful public engagement.
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february 2015
Putting the 'Home' in Nursing Home - The Atlantic
Mealtime. Naptime. Bath time. Bedtime. Everything is on a schedule for residents in a traditional nursing home, leaving little flexibility for personal decision making. Norton is founder and president of Action Pact, a national consulting firm.
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february 2015
Building the right thing vs. building the thing right - O'Reilly Radar
I love it when companies test prototypes. Love love love it. But it makes me incredibly sad when they use prototype testing for the wrong thing. First, let me give you my definition of “prototype testing” here. I often build interactive, or semi-interactive, prototypes when designing a product.
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february 2015
"Note And Vote": How Google Ventures Avoids Groupthink In Meetings | Co.Design | business + design
Meetings want to suck. Wrest control of them with this seven-step strategy. You know when a meeting turns into a complete waste of time? Maybe you’re trying to come up with ideas, or make a decision. Before anyone realizes it, the meeting starts to suck.
googleventures  pinboard 
october 2014
Beyond the Usual Suspects
The purpose of this report is to offer practical help to develop more inclusive involvement for the future so that everyone who wants to be involved has equal opportunities to do so.
usertesting  userinvolvement  report  equalaccess  equalities 
may 2014
A Kitchen Designed With Aging Baby Boomers In Mind | Co.Design | business + design
As aging baby boomers proliferate, the design community has become increasingly attuned to their needs. Take Dirk Biotto. The Berlin-based industrial designer has created a kitchen prototype that aims to make cooking a meal easier, safer, and more accessible for the elderly.
ageing  pinboard  productdesign 
may 2014
Welcome to the spider project | The SPIDER Project
Supporting Public Service Innovation using Design in European Regions
socialdesign  socialchange  servicedesign  design 
may 2014
The psychology of colour
In recent years there has been a growing acceptance that the healthcare environment can have a significant impact on a patient’s perception of their medical care and, in some cases, on their actual recovery.
colour  design  healthcare  nhs  pinboard 
march 2014
No Managers Required: How Zappos Ditched The Old Corporate Structure For Something New | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
After making its move to the new downtown Las Vegas campus as part of Tony Hsieh’s Las Vegas revitalization quest, Zappos is making another radical change. By the end of 2014 Zappos will have thrown out its old corporate structure and replaced it with something entirely new. No more job titles.
organisation  orgdev  pinboard 
january 2014
Pretty Ramp Machine — Weird Future — Medium
Ramps are an ancient technology. Ramps helped build the pyramids. Ramps make it possible to haul wheeled luggage around at the airport. Ramps are probably the most visible architectural consequence of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Ramps make skateboarding more fun.
accessibility  accessiblecities  cities  pinboard 
december 2013
My design story: overcoming barriers | Design Council Blog
Katie Harris is a service designer, businesswoman and the brains behind two highly successful projects helping retirees to stay active and connected: We Are Nana and The Amazings. Katie talked to us about the challenges she faced along the way – and the importance of having faith in your ideas.
innovationlabs  katieharris  pinboard  silk 
november 2013
Can Mayors Really Save the World? - Emma Green - The Atlantic Cities
People elect a mayor to get the trash off of their sidewalks. Maybe prominent local leaders like New York’s Michael Bloomberg don’t don coveralls and hop on the 4 a.m. pick-up shift, but they’re responsible for making sure someone does — and they're held responsible if someone doesn't.
brucekatz  cities  mayors  pinboard 
october 2013
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