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Social intelligence and reputation are the keys to survival in this automating world - by @pfersht
"However, I have good news for the paranoid – computers are still really bad at simulating social interaction. What’s more, team work is becoming more critical than ever, as we need to keep adapting to a changing work environment. Your personality and ability to excite, befriend, intellectually stimulate, or just have a laugh with the people around you, is now more critical than ever."
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august 2015 by jonerp
Forget Uberization, we must avoid Subwayfication - by @pfersht
"The As-a-Service Economy is all about achieving the outcomes we most want with a great service experience. So let’s look at how to avoid that not happening and becoming legacy businesses that failed to stay ahead of the demand curve."
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Building your personal brand in the As-a-Service Economy - by @pfersht
"5. Be genuinely collaborative and don’t just pretend to be. Yes, we all know the types, but the more you collaborate, the more people will enjoy working with you and the more you will learn from others. Take the attitude that if you give, you will mostly get back. However, nothing beats having a genuine reputation for being collaborative – it’s such a big plus in the emerging work environment. Noone likes the non-team players and it’s easy to uncover who they are in today’s environment."
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