An Emacs Blogging Workflow | Modern Emacs
Ideas here for automating build from within emacs
emacs  hugo 
june 2017
Write your own R package
Guide to use devtools for package development
november 2016
Detecting and Characterizing Events - D16-1122.pdf
Haven't yet read, looks fascinating. Immediately wonder how it would take events in literature.
topic-modeling  information_retrieval 
november 2016
Org-babel-tangle building a hugo blog · Chris Bonnell
For automating build, publishing process with hugo.
hugo  org-mode 
may 2016
CABINET // The Bonds of Catastrophe
"It is perhaps not widely understood (outside the specialized domains of risk modeling and property insurance) that the last twenty years have seen the relatively rapid growth of a new kind of financial instrument: the catastrophe bond."
october 2015
regex - Perl regular expression matching on large Unicode codepoints - Stack Overflow
For one-liner regex replacements of ligatures from HathiTrust, other data.
perl  unicode 
september 2015
[no title]
Dynamic graph example. Also of interest as an example literary spatial analysis.
march 2015
[no title]
library for creating d3 networks from R
d3.js  R 
december 2014
rvest: easy web scraping with R | RStudio Blog
for further study and---this is important---review
november 2014
SoNIA - Social Network Image Animator
For evolving network representations. I'd like to implement something like this in d3.js or see if it has already been done.
november 2014
Finding the natural number of topics for <span class="caps">LDA</span> - Christopher Grainger
Describes a procedure for pre-determining optimal number of topics in LDA. Python code.
july 2014
▶ dplyr tutorial with baseball data - YouTube
Useful demonstration of piping syntax with dplyr.
r  dplyr 
june 2014
Animating Changes in Force Diagram
Another example of dynamically adding/deleting nodes/edges from force-layout in d3.
may 2014
rOpenSci - Topic Modeling In R
Particularly want to check the code for computing distance metrics here.
r  topic-modeling  visualization 
april 2014
the top of the world - / current issue
Doug Henwood's review of Thomas Piketty's Capital in the Twenty-First Century.
march 2014
Introducing dplyr | RStudio Blog
A useful-seeming innovation, esp. as I have never had much luck with plyr.
january 2014
Symposium on Margaret Boden, Mind as Machine: A History of Cognitive Science2006Oxfordtwo volumes
"Quine completely retracted all of his relevant positions, including his influential doctrine of indeterminacy of translation and any relation of his work to behaviorism"
linguistics  chomsky  ai 
december 2013
7 command-line tools for data science
The json tool here in particular looks useful
r  unix  data_mining 
september 2013
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