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Roll out your own JavaScript Interfaces
the magic that makes jquery go, could be applied to actionscript as well
javscript  jquery  interface  chainable 
october 2007 by jonbro
Lua~: Sample accurate Lua scripts for audio processing
max msp lua object, high speed scripting, sadly still in beta
max.msp  scripting  lua  script  audio  interface  interaction 
october 2007 by jonbro
very illustrative max interface, sorta 70s/2000 feeling
max.msp  interface  illustration  space  1970 
october 2007 by jonbro
somewhat attractive looking max.msp software for sale... what is with the sorta aqua / shiny buttons tho.
max.msp  interface  design  music  software  bubbles  business 
october 2007 by jonbro
good looking max.msp patches
max.msp  interface  attractive  code  design  music 
october 2007 by jonbro
Music Vs Physics
insane navigation system on this website, also, potentially, music
music  interface  flash  dirtstyle  crazy  cat  comics 
september 2007 by jonbro
Morticious Thrind
command line interface to a word press blog. so unbelievably pointless and awesome.
blog  theme  interaction  interface  themes  wordpress 
april 2007 by jonbro
Pulse Laser
why have I not been reading this blog. These guys make talking refrigerators sound AWESOME!
interaction  design  interface  culture 
april 2007 by jonbro
Tantek's Thoughts — 2007 February
thoughts on interface design, and why twittering is really fun and writing a blog post sorta sux.
interaction  interface  design 
february 2007 by jonbro
C-Thru Music home page
harmonic table keyboard layout. lays out 12 tone scales in a hexagon grid.
music  interface  design 
january 2007 by jonbro
Andreas Schlegel sojamo
fantastic super-minimal control library for processing  programming  interface 
november 2006 by jonbro
Edgies (en)
interesting os x interface enhancement, creates tabs around the edge of your workspace that contain files, text, apps etc.
osx  productivity  application  interface 
september 2006 by jonbro
National Console Support, Inc. | Real Arcade Pro Joystick
according to the guys on the forum, this is one of the most accurate arcade style sticks you can get. Made with real sanwa components, and really easy to mod.
arcade  interface  joystick 
august 2006 by jonbro
[brothercake] zTunes
web based interface to iTunes, may be useful for building pocketPC based remote control for mediaMac.
osx  web  interface 
august 2006 by jonbro
JavaScript: DHTML Library, Drag & Drop for Images and Layers
more importantly scaling images (and divs)... apparently it is really well documented
ajax  javascript  interface  web 
may 2005 by jonbro

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