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Two-Faced — Real Life
Online platforms aren’t simply replacing stores by replicating their function. Instead they are making themselves gatekeepers capable of controlling and regulating commerce — just as Steam regulates the weapon skins market — playing a decisive role in which sellers continue to exist and which workers get to show up to work tomorrow.
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august 2018 by jomc
The Freedoms of Suburbia by Paul Barker | Book review | Art and design | The Observer
hat Barker mostly relishes about suburbs – the irony! – is their quirky individuality. Far from being bland, boring and uniform, they are, he thinks, bricks-and-mortar proof that an Englishman's home is his castle – literally, in some cases. Among many fine photographs in the book is one of Highfort Court flats, in Kingsbury, north London, designed in 1936 by the architect Ernest Trobridge to demonstrate his Swedenborgian belief in symbolism (the building's chimneys are turrets, its entrance a drawbridge).

It is Barker's contention that, whatever the architects tell us, the semis of Kenton and Bromley are far more important to us collectively than the Barbican and Trellick Tower, and he is surely right about this, though I cannot share his enthusiasm for shopping malls.
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