Ermo - Wikipedia
As the film progresses it is evident that the competent capitalist-minded characters also do not find satisfaction, though it is also clear that those who don't join the race are completely irrelevant in the modern society.
china  towatch  film 
5 days ago
You can't say that! Policing the long tail of public opinion on Facebook Tickets, Wed, Feb 19, 2020 at 7:00 PM | Eventbrite
Chris Gray is the lead plaintiff in the case against Facebook and contractor Cpl Resources that is now going through the Irish High Court.

Chris will walk us through how content moderation works, how moderators are trained, conditions on the job, and how moderators make decisions. He will tell us about the psychological impact of this work
facebook  moderation 
7 days ago
How the CIA used Crypto AG encryption devices to spy on countries for decades - Washington Post
But what none of its customers ever knew was that Crypto AG was secretly owned by the CIA in a highly classified partnership with West German intelligence. These spy agencies rigged the company’s devices so they could easily break the codes that countries used to send encrypted messages.
crypto  cia 
7 days ago
How McKinsey Destroyed the Middle Class - The Atlantic
The saying “from the mail room to the corner office” captured something real, and even the most menial jobs opened pathways to promotion. In 1939, for example, all save two of the grocery chain Safeway’s division managers had started their careers behind the checkout counter.
labor  class  management  capitalism 
10 days ago
Democrats Embrace the Grift | The New Republic
Reading those stories now brought me to a depressing realization: The people who said they were going to beat Donald Trump in 2020 by emulating his supposedly highly sophisticated digital targeting operation have instead emulated Trump by turning their campaigns into a lucrative grift for a small group of well-connected party insiders. ..In other words, almost immediately after she failed to win the most important election she had ever worked on, McGowan managed to convince some of the wealthiest liberals in the country to shower her with money to produce ineffective trash. This is called “disruption,” and it now powers the American economy.
elections  politics 
13 days ago
Tech shuttles now travel as far as out as the Central Valley - protocol
It's 2:30 a.m. in the Central California farm town of Salida, and the only sound is the tech bus pulling into an unmarked lot surrounded by barbed wire. Men and women in work boots board in the moonlight. Next stop is 11 miles away in Manteca, and then it's another 55 miles to Fremont on the San Francisco Bay, where — an hour and a half hour later — the 4 a.m. shift at the Tesla factory starts.
silicon-valley  housing  housing-crisis 
15 days ago
Ethicists were hired to save tech’s soul. But can they? - protocol
The whole process is designed to fit into Agile software development, to be as minimally intrusive as possible. Like most ethical interventions currently in use, it's not really supposed to slow things down, or change how business operates. Beware the "ethics tax."

"Nobody touches running code," says Subbu Vincent, a former software engineer and now the director of media ethics at the Markkula center. Engineers, he says, "always want to layer their new effort on top of this system of software that's handling billions of users. If they don't, it could end their career."
silicon-valley  agile  workingon  ethics 
15 days ago
How America’s top newsrooms recruit interns from a small circle of colleges — AAJA Voices
...The idea that the way you’re supposed to go into journalism — through a high-end journalism school — is “basically creating a caste system for young reporters,” Gustavo Arellano, a features writer at the Los Angeles Times and former editor of the OC Weekly, said.
journalism  diversity  elite 
15 days ago
The great remove - Columbia Journalism Review
Anyone coming from a low-income background runs similar mental calculations: How do we get into journalism? And if we do get in, how do we afford to stay in?
journalism  class  elite  media 
15 days ago
Amazon Employees Share Our Views on Company Business
363 Amazon employees gave one or more quotes below. For more context, click here.
amazon  climate  labor  techwontbuildit  silicon-valley 
20 days ago
Adventures in Publishing Outside the Gates - Gay Mag
I wonder why a debut author wouldn’t see for herself the similar ways our books are marketed, and have a conversation with her publicity team. But then I wonder, why do I have to be the one drawing these conclusions? And why must I spend my time and energy talking about this, beating this point, instead of talking about my work itself?
22 days ago
Omar El Akkad on Twitter: "I don’t know if the writing world needs another American Dirt thread, but I got conned by the folks behind this book’s marketing and I’m mad about it, so for whatever it’s worth, here’s some details about how this thin
I don’t know if the writing world needs another American Dirt thread, but I got conned by the folks behind this book’s marketing and I’m mad about it, so for whatever it’s worth, here’s some details about how this thing was presented to the world…
publishing  criticism 
22 days ago
Opinion | ‘American Dirt’ Is Proof the Publishing Industry Is Broken - The New York Times
Much of the problem lies with the publishing industry. For each of the biggest companies — including Macmillan and Simon & Schuster — a book is anointed each season or year as The One. The limelight is thrown upon it. The bulk of the promotional budget is funneled toward it. Reporters are marshaled to support it. The book is pushed hard with established chains and indie booksellers.

They make it a success. Ostensibly, this effort offsets the weaker sales of other titles.
23 days ago
Educated Fools | The New Republic
This is a high school nation. Even now, after all the years of pumping up college education as the only way to survive, there’s still close to 70 percent of U.S. adults from age 25 and older—yes, living right now—who are without four-year college degrees. If a college education is the only way to survive in a global economy, then the party’s effective answer to anyone over 30 is: It’s too late for you. And of course, that message gets across. 

23 days ago
The Design of Browsing and Berrypicking Techniques
   First, a new model of searching in online and other information systems, called "berrypicking," is discussed.  This model, it is argued, is much closer to the real behavior of information searchers than the traditional model of information retrieval is, and, consequently, will guide our thinking better in the design of effective interfaces. 
research  search  databse  ux 
29 days ago
The WELL: State of the World 2020: Bruce Sterling and Jon Lebkowsky
I’ve spent time in nations dominated by oligarchy. Oligarchy feels
strange and different to Americans, but it’s by no means a new
condition in the world. The condition of social affairs there is
not “depressing.” It’s “humiliating.”

It’s about humiliation, not sadness. Huge class differentiation and
vast wealth disparity is about humbling people. People have to be
taught there’s a lot they just can’t do that their betters can do,
and they’re better off not asserting themselves or making trouble
above their station, unless they’ve pledged fealty to some nobleman
who commands resources. You can see the world fumbling itself
toward this kind of social situation, in events like US Senators
humbly sheltering themselves in Trump’s buildings, and talentless
Trump children as de facto cabinet members.

Americans are humiliated. That’s why they’re keen on personal-power
fetish symbols like handguns. They cling to the Jeffersonian-yeoman
seilf-image, but that’s not the world they’re in.
culture  oligarchy 
4 weeks ago
The Lawsuit Alleging That Apple's ‘Servant’ Is a 'Brazen Copy' - The Atlantic
As per Basgallop’s and Shyamalan’s denial that either has seen Emanuel, Gregorini’s lawsuit also states that in 2017, her agent submitted her as a candidate to direct episodes of the show Berlin Station, for which Basgallop served as executive producer. It is, Gregorini alleges, “highly likely” that he looked at her work at the time.
hollywood  plagiarism 
4 weeks ago
Axios Future - January 15, 2020 - Axios
By the numbers: Last year, the Bay Area's proportion of overall U.S. venture capital investment fell to the lowest point since 2013, according to year-end data from Pitchbook and the National Venture Capital Associatio
silicon-valley  vc 
4 weeks ago
beggars and tech billionaires | Books | The Guardian
Her friendship with a billionaire CEO coyly identified as “Patrick” (that would be 31 year-old Patrick Collison, CEO of payments company Stripe) offers an opportunity for her to lay her political cards on the table, but she largely refrains. In 2018, Collison’s company gave more than $400,000 to oppose a local business tax that would have funded services for the city’s homeless. In the book, his gravest transgression is having a birthday party in the woods but not sticking around to camp out.
silicon-valley  homeless 
5 weeks ago
William Gibson: ‘I was losing a sense of how weird the real world was' | Books | The Guardian
“I was actually able to write Neuromancer because I didn’t know anything about computers,” he says. “I knew literally nothing. What I did was deconstruct the poetics of the language of people who were already working in the field. I’d stand in the hotel bar at the Seattle science fiction convention listening to these guys who were the first computer programmers I ever saw talk about their work. I had no idea what they were talking about, but that was the first time that I ever heard the word ‘interface’ used as a verb. And I swooned. Wow, that’s a verb. Seriously, poetically that was wonderful.

“So I was listening to it as an English honours student. I would take it back out, deconstruct it poetically, and build a world from those bricks. Consequently there are other things in Neuromancer that make no sense. When the going gets really tough in cyberspace, what does Case do? He sends out for a modem. He does! He says: ‘Get me a modem! I’m in deep shit!’ I didn’t know what one was, but I had just heard the word. And I thought: man, it’s sexy. That really sounds like it could be bad news. And I didn’t have anybody to read it and … I couldn’t Google it.”
language  scifi  cyberpunk 
5 weeks ago
Elizabeth Wurtzel and the Illusion of Gen-X Success - The New York Times
These dispiriting stories are everywhere. Twenty years ago, fashion photography was narrative and the shoots that played out in magazines thick with pages were complex and beautifully cinematic. In this world, Olga Liriano was a star, first as a casting director and then producer.

Last month, she turned up as the focus of a piece in The New York Post about the declining fortunes of the city’s media class. In the intervening years, she held a series of high-paying jobs but lost the last of them, as a marketing executive at Nordstrom, in a restructuring in 2015.
nyc  media  class 
5 weeks ago
Uber's Suit To Block California's Independent Contractor Law Is A Story Of American Misery
In short, millions of Americans are turning to app-based gig work because pensions, unemployment benefits, and welfare are so minimal they don’t cover the basic costs of existence.

The gig economy is our country’s replacement for a social safety net. Not just an economic one, but a psychological one. Perhaps one of the saddest statistics for me is that, because unemployment benefits are so meager, one-third of respondents viewed gig economy work as “a backup” in case they lost their regular job.
labor  uber  gig-economy  workingon 
6 weeks ago
Power, precarity and white-hot anger: what I learned in a decade in journalism | Hamilton Nolan | Opinion | The Guardian
There exists in journalism a discernible divide between those who see it as a cause, and those who see it as a career that might enable them to hang out with important people and get a hefty book deal one day. Some journalists will tell you what they want to write about, and others will tell you where they want to work. It is the latter, unfortunately, who get most of the jobs. The most esteemed positions in media are often held by people whose greatest talent is “getting good jobs”. The world is full of excellent writers and reporters who are barely getting by, because they make the mistake of pouring their efforts into stories rather than into career-building.
media  journalism 
6 weeks ago
Shuttered Factories Reborn As Data Centers : NPR
. Kate Kaye went to a former aluminum plant in Massena, N.Y., where a new data center is bringing new hope but also some new worries.
infrastructure  labor 
7 weeks ago
American Cities Are Becoming Shell Companies for the Rich
hanks to the Bank Secrecy Act, a 1970 anti-money-laundering law, the agency is able to learn who owns many of these properties. In high-cost cities such as New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Miami, it’s flagged over 30% of cash purchases as suspicious transactions. But FinCEN also cites this bill to hide this information from the public, leaving the American people increasingly in the dark about who owns their cities.
housing  real-estate 
7 weeks ago
Housing crisis hits home for Turlock senior - Turlock Journal
Ocken gets $951 a month in Social Security. For years, he paid $650 a month in rent, and while it took up the majority of his income, Ocken made it work through some careful budgeting.

That all changed when an oversea real estate investor purchased the property in April. In June, the rent was raised to $782. A few months later, Ocken was informed it would be raised again in December to $982.
8 weeks ago
When You Find Out Someone Won a Prize Plagiarizing Your Work | Literary Hub
My story had been used like a blueprint or dress pattern, a set of instructions for how to tell a story of people using the internet’s romantic/sexual marketplace to permanently change the course of their lives. His version of the story was admittedly clever. So was mine. Who could claim the cleverness seemed, oddly, up for grabs. Hence the dooming anxiety that sat over me and my computer and my desk like a heavy cloud.
writing  plagiarism 
9 weeks ago
Self-Driving Mercedes Will Be Programmed To Sacrifice Pedestrians To S
When they crash, self-driving Mercedes will be programmed to save the driver, and not the person or people they hit. That’s the design decision behind the Mercedes Benz’s future Level 4 and Level 5 autonomous cars, according to the company’s manager of driverless car safety, Christoph von Hugo. Instead of worrying about troublesome details like ethics, Mercedes will just program its cars to save the driver and the car’s occupants, in every situation
self-driving  ethics  ai 
9 weeks ago
What Not to Expect
old-school message boards that promise anonymity rather than the interconnectedness of social media. The web 1.0 setup of these forums is a feature, not a bug: that wild and wooly quality of the early internet makes room for a rare kind of openness and honesty among intimate groups of strangers
health  internet  forums  lurking 
10 weeks ago
Long Island bridge fight includes complicated history - News - The Patriot Ledger, Quincy, MA - Quincy, MA
Long Island and a handful of other harbor islands were used as internment camps for Native Americans for three years beginning in 1675 after the King Philip’s War erupted between Native Americans and English colonists. Historical accounts say hundreds to thousands died of starvation and exposure in what historians have described as “concentration camps,” and their remains were buried on the islands.
10 weeks ago
Emily Sweeney on Twitter: "This is what the @MBTA was supposed to look like, according to the @BostonGlobe. In 1947 the Globe published this map w/ the Green Line going all the way out to Woburn... the Red Line out to Lexington... Orange Line to Dedham...
This is what the @MBTA was supposed to look like, according to the @BostonGlobe. In 1947 the Globe published this map w/ the Green Line going all the way out to Woburn... the Red Line out to Lexington... Orange Line to Dedham... and Blue Line extended out to Lynn.
boston  subway 
12 weeks ago
Why is so much of design school a waste of time? - Dear Design Student
If ten percent of what they say is useful, that’s a win. Your job as a student is to practice figuring out which ten percent is useful, how to mine it, and how to use it. This is what school is for. If you want to learn how to use digital tools, talk to the internet.
design  criticism  educatin 
12 weeks ago
The Wilderness of the Unfinished Manuscript
The unfinished work is no less real, or necessary, or powerful than the book. How we need it, this work, these long, beautiful digressions, these surprises. May we continue to gift writers with the time for wildness. May they ramble, digress, go beyond the edges of all the known and touted maps, may they hew close to the question, to unearth the questions beyond.
writing  inspiration 
12 weeks ago
How a Gig Worker Revolt Begins - The New York Times
“It was something I never talked to anyone about — I was honestly embarrassed about working for them,” Mx. Zilles said. “This felt good — it felt like I was finally saying, ‘I have been doing this and it has sucked a lot.”
november 2019
Expanding Frameworks - Data & Society: Points
he needed daily care, and her family was shocked to learn that the state was reducing by two-thirds the hours of home health care that it would provide to Mrs. Silver under the state’s Medicaid program. Her family challenged the assessment in an administrative hearing, where the state revealed that its decision was based in part on the output of an algorithm it purchased from an independent vendor.
poverty  data  healthcare  algorithms 
november 2019
Museum as Muck (@museumasmuck) | Twitter
for working class inclusion in museum industry
art  museum  london 
october 2019
Missy Cummings on Twitter: "Given the fact that the @MIT Media Lab has been spawning Theranos-like clones at an impressive rate, an independent commission is needed to audit ALL of their projects… https://t.co/SdcciV3VjO"
Given the fact that the @MIT Media Lab has been spawning Theranos-like clones at an impressive rate, an independent commission is needed to audit ALL of their projects
october 2019
Read Editor Carmen Maria Machado’s Intro to The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2019 | Tor.com
There is currently an unending, utterly exhausting fight between two particular writing communities: literary fiction and genre fiction. Fight might not even be the correct word, as it lacks both the acute thrill and the clear resolution of physical combat.
publishing  sci-fi  literature 
october 2019
Ten Years On, Foursquare Is Now Checking In to You
‘Oh, what are you, just people checking in at coffee shops?’” Crowley says. “Yeah, and they checked in billions of times. So we had this corpus of data, an army of people, who every day were like, ‘I’m at Think Coffee.’ ‘I’m at Think Coffee.’ ‘I’m at Think Coffee.’” Because of the “corpus” of data generated by people like Uncle Tony, Foursquare knows when the dimensions of storefronts change and can tell the difference between an office on the eighth floor and one of the ninth floor.
advertising  privacy  foursquare  data  gps 
october 2019
Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic is close to flying tourists, but it’ll cost $250,000. - The Washington Post
In 1984, NASA surveyed artists about the prospect of a writer or painter going to space and got this response from Maya Angelou, the award-winning poet, according to a Chicago Tribune article from the time:

“As poets over the centuries concentrated on Grecian urns, nightingales, ravens and romantic love, I am certain that poets in the future will focus on the configuration of planets, stars, weightlessness and the discovery of our universe.”
space  poetry 
october 2019
Riding for Deliveroo: Resistance in the New Economy by Callum Cant
What is life like for workers in the gig economy? Is it a paradise of flexibility and individual freedom? Or is it a world of exploitation and conflict? Callum Cant took a job with one of the most prominent platforms, Deliveroo, to find out.
gig-economy  toread 
october 2019
Andrew Yang's privacy proposal sounds great, but could be awful - CNET
Take my father for instance, a man in his mid-60s and happily married for over 35 years, who recently began receiving targeted ads for divorce lawyers and dating services. He had briefly checked timelines in the history of divorce law for a college course he was teaching (he's a cultural anthropologist). He was surprised by how such a neutral search could prompt such motivated ads, if only because divorce is much more profitable for law firms than his reaching that next marriage milestone.
data  tracking  advertising 
october 2019
The Internet Is Overrun With Images of Child Sexual Abuse. What Went Wrong? - The New York Times
“I don’t really know how to deal with it,” said one woman who, at age 11, had been filmed being sexually assaulted by her father. “You’re just trying to feel O.K. and not let something like this define your whole life. But the thing with the pictures is — that’s the thing that keeps this alive.”
moderation  abuse  crime  photography 
september 2019
This Book Makes The Case For Boston's Place In Counterculture History | The ARTery
Boston was an epicenter of this movement 50 years ago, blossoming with experimentation that had widespread impact, but lurked in the shadows of what came out of San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury district and New York City’s Greenwich Village. “All those incredible publications, radio stations, institutions ... had their time and passed away…
boston  counterculture 
september 2019
Wework, Uber, Lyft, Netflix, Bird, Amazon: late-stage capitalism is all about money-losing predatory pricing aimed at creating monopolies / Boing Boing
These businesses' explicit plan is to bankrupt or scare off anyone who wants to run a real business, one where entrepreneurs compete by lowering prices through applying a process to inputs to make something more valuable than the sum of its parts -- instead, these businesses (Matt Stoller calls them "counterfeit capitalism") compete solely on access to capital, which they use to create products that are worth less than the sum of their parts.
september 2019
Raise a glass to the decision not to implement the white-wine emoji.
Schwedel also noted the particularly high level of corporate lobbying behind the #WhiteWineEmoji campaign, which Kendall-Jackson is spearheading with brands like La Crema and Yellow Tail. Although Unicode forbids emoji that represent specific brands, corporate lobbying for preferred emoji appears to be commonplace.
influencers  emoji  advertising 
september 2019
What the Apps That Bring Food to Your Door Mean for Delivery Workers | by Willa Glickman | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books
DoorDash alone employs 700,000 cyclists and drivers nationwide, which is more people than currently work in the entire US mining industry. 
september 2019
Ladytron share “Deadzone” video (tour starts soon ++ win VIP tix to NYC show!)
Ladytron have shared the video for “Deadzone” from their terrific 2019 self-titled album. Working with director Bryan M. Ferguson, they’ve crafted a video inspired by J.G. Ballard, mixing a parking garage car crash with a little broken bone choreography.
september 2019
Future Schlock (on MIT MEDIA LAB)
The contrast between the soaring verbiage surrounding the Lab and its trivial, redundant, usually disappointing and often downright annoying output is a feature, not a bug
mit  futch 
september 2019
The Lowell Offering – Historic Ipswich
The Lowell Offering was a monthly periodical, first published in 1840, which featured poetry and fiction by female workers at textile mills in Lowell, MA. Known as the Lowell Mill Girls, they often wrote about situations in their own lives, including labor unrest in the factories. The Offering ceased publication in 1844 but was revived from 1848 to 1850 as the New England Offering with contributions from working women throughout New England.
lowell  ma  new-england  working-class  19thc 
september 2019
Opinion | No, Facebook Is Not Secretly Listening to You - The New York Times
Unfortunately, my insistence that Facebook is not listening to you is, predictably, undermined by Facebook, which sometimes is secretly listening to you.

Last week, Bloomberg reported that hundreds of outside contractors have had access to audio chats in Facebook Messenger — because they were paid to transcribe them. Of course, these conversations were happening over Facebook Messenger, rather than being passively recorded in the privacy of one’s home.
facebook  audio  surveillance 
august 2019
Can We Be Kind?
hostility to decency isn’t merely laced through our culture as a subliminal message. It is, for instance, codified in anti-homeless laws, which don’t stop at criminalizing people without homes but target people who offer free food to people without homes. Phillips and Taylor’s argument is that rather than having to be taught to be kind, as contemporary convention holds, we must be taught to be kindness-ascetics, made to believe that kindness is deviant.
ethics  animals  empathy 
august 2019
Why Uber Drivers Are Fighting For Their Data - CityLab
Uber was able to use Farrar’s personal data as legal ammunition against him, he said; the company argued that the reason he made under minimum wage some days was because he’d declined several rides, not because he was being fleeced by the app. “I decided then that I needed to see all my data,”
uber  data  gig-economy 
august 2019
Ep. #32 ‘Hula Hoops not Bicycles’: Genevieve Bell talks Anthropology, Technology & Building the Future | The Familiar Strange
“But the reality is, of course, you can’t pretend the past didn’t happen, and I think that would be my critique frequently of Silicon Valley as it’s an amazing capacity to erase history. And on the one hand that can be really liberating, one the other hand I think that’s definitely dangerous, cause you erase the lessons you learnt and you don’t remember that things have a history”
august 2019
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