What Research Says About The Consequences Of PC Culture : Code Switch : NPR
The researchers found that groups that had both men and women and had been exposed to the PC norm went on to generate more ideas — and more novel ideas — for how to use the vacant lot than the mixed-gender groups that hadn't discussed political correctness. (The ideas were graded for "novelty" by an independent panel, based on how much an idea diverged from the rest.)

The researchers' takeaway: By imposing a PC environment, they had made it easier for men and women to speak their minds in mixed company. They had "reduced the uncertainty" that can come with interacting with someone from the opposite sex.
13 hours ago
Music, Fiction, and the Value of Attention - The New Yorker
The idea that novels exist so we can learn to “achieve deep and meditative levels of absorption in others’ psyches” sounded to him like a “circling of the wagons,” a last-ditch attempt, from within a culture ever more biologically reductive, to save a struggling form. If reading a novel is merely mental exercise, why bother? What author wants to write a novel to make her readers’ brains healthier?
2 days ago
Paul Reed and the Shaped Canvas | D. Wigmore Fine Art
An important center of art activity in Washington, D.C. in the 1960s was the Washington Gallery of Modern Art, established in 1961. The museum's director Gerald Nordland curated the exhibition The Washington Color Painters, held from June through September of 1965. The exhibition defined the leading color painters of D.C. as Paul Reed (b.1919), Morris Louis (1912-1962), Kenneth Noland (1924-2010), Gene Davis (1920-1985), Thomas Downing (1928-1985), and Howard Mehring (1931-1978). Each artist shared in common the use of acrylic paints, first Magna diluted with solvents and later water-based acrylics, to explore the properties and working methods of staining or soaking paint into unprimed cotton duck canvas. Their subject was color and it was handled in both geometric and all-over compositions, softened by the effect of flowing paint stained into the canvas. This staining technique became the trademark of the Washington Color School.
art  color 
3 days ago
Young Artists Creatively Protest Against Police Brutality : Chicagoist
Monday I followed Kristiana Rae Colón, a poet, performer and organizer of the #LetUsBreathe Collective and co-producer of The Lost Voices’: A Ferguson Story, during the #BlackBrunchChi action. Standing beside Colón was her brother, Damon Williams who serves as Co-Director, Chief of Operations Xavier Ramey and a closely knit group of fiery co-organizers.
The day was carefully planned. We
3 days ago
How to tell if the guy in the next cubicle is an everyday sadist - Quartz
As narcissistic people rise, they surround themselves with yes-men since they can’t take criticism, which is why having a narcissistic CEO can be disastrous
3 days ago
The Gift of Fear Quotes by Gavin de Becker
“Surveys have shown that ranking very close to the fear of death is the fear of public speaking. Why would someone feel profound fear, deep in his or her stomach, about public speaking, which is so far from death? Because it isn’t so far from death when we link it. Those who fear public speaking actually fear the loss of identity that attaches to performing badly, and that is firmly rooted in our survival needs. For all social animals, from ants to antelopes, identity is the pass card to inclusion, and inclusion is the key to survival. If a baby loses its identity as the child of his or her parents, a possible outcome is abandonment. For a human infant, that means death. As adults, without our identity as a member of the tribe or village, community or culture, a likely outcome is banishment and death. So the fear of getting up and addressing five hundred people at the annual convention of professionals in your field is not just the fear of embarrassment—it is linked to the fear of being perceived as incompetent, which is linked to the fear of loss of employment, loss of home, loss of family, your ability to contribute to society, your value, in short, your identity and your life. Linking an unwarranted fear to its ultimate terrible destination usually helps alleviate that fear. Though you may find that public speaking can link to death, you’ll see that it would be a long and unlikely trip
fear  conferences 
4 days ago
Cosby: 'Trust Me.' | Cindra Ladd
After having done a lot of work on myself, I realize that we are only as sick as the secrets we keep. Once those secrets are spoken aloud, even if to just one person, they lose their power. I no longer feel the shame that kept me silent. Yes, I could have told my story years ago, and in hindsight I probably should have. It's time now that my voice be added and to finally pull the curtain back from this dark moment in my life.
abuse  secrets  rape 
4 days ago
Why Valve? Or, what do we need corporations for and how does Valve’s management structure fit into today’s corporate world? | Valve
You have read Valve’s survival manual for new employees. You have read Michael Abrash’s wonderful account of working at Valve. Now read my political economy analysis of Valve’s management model; one in which there are no bosses, no delegation, no commands, no attempt by anyone to tell someone what to do. Can useful lessons be drawn about not only Valve’s inner workings but, importantly, regarding the future of the corporate world?
games  incentives  greece 
4 days ago
How To Tell If You Are In A High Fantasy Novel
You are going to the City. There is only one City. It is only said with a capital C. No one needs to bother saying the name of the City. It is the City.
7 days ago
What NOT To Say (To Someone Being Harassed) | Sheri Rubin's Online Home
So, if you’re about to be “that friend” then STOP, read the list*, and then try to NOT respond with something like:
abuse  harassment  accountability 
9 days ago
Last Year Saw the Worst Decline in Tech Jobs Since 2009 | Re/code
The tech sector may be a growing segment of the economy, but 2014 was the worst year for job cuts in the technology sector since 2009, according to a new report from Challenger, Gray and Christmas, an outplacement firm that helps people find new jobs after they’ve been let go.

Corporate restructuring at big tech firms like Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft pushed the number of jobs eliminated in tech fields to 100,757, a rise of 77 percent over 2013. It was the first time that number rose above 100,000 since 2009, the first full year of the recent recession.
jobs  tech 
9 days ago
The Tribe (2014 film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Tribe (Ukrainian: Плем'я, Plemya) is a 2014 Ukrainian drama film directed by Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy. Starring Grigory Fesenko, Yana Novikova and Rosa Babiy. The film is set in a boarding school for deaf children, where a new arrival is drawn into an institutional system of organised crime, involving robbery and prostitution. He crosses a dangerous line when he falls for one of the girls to whom he's assigned as pimp. The film is entirely in sign language with no subtitles
accessibility  deaf  film 
9 days ago
Ani Zonneveld - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
She is the president and co-founder of Muslims for Progressive Values (MPV), a non-profit organization in the United States, Canada, and Europe, which actively sustains an inclusive community that welcomes and supports interfaith marriages, gay marriages, gender & sexual minorities, as well as sectarian minorities.[2]
muslim  malaysia 
9 days ago
Genius | The Art World’s Patron Satan - NYTimes.com
[my answer: Stefan forms paternalistic relationships with young artists that are marked by huge power imbalances. When the artists “grow up,” Simchowitz is unable to adjust the relationship. One thing that gallery system, for all its pageantry, does remarkably well is allow a mega-rich power player like David Zwirner to approach an artist like Jordan Wolfson and meet on a plane of near equality—Zwirner tells Wolfson he’s a genius, and Wolfson acknowledges that Zwirner is running the show. The problem is that galleries don’t like to help artists climb the ranks—the emphasis on an “equal footing” means that the artist is on her own until she amasses enough power some other way.]
art  market  power 
10 days ago
Mark Bernstein: Infamous
Yesterday, ArbCom announced its preliminary decision. A panel of fourteen arbitrators – at least 11 of whom are men – decided to give GamerGate everything they’d wished for. All of the Five Horsemen are sanctioned; most will be excluded not only from “Gamergate broadly construed” but from anything in Wikipedia touching on “gender or sexuality, broadly construed.”

By my informal count, every feminist active in the area is to be sanctioned. This takes care of social justice warriors with a vengeance — not only do the GamerGaters get to rewrite their own page (and Zoe Quinn’s, Brianna Wu’s, Anita Sarkeesian’s, etc.); feminists are to be purged en bloc from the encyclopedia. Liberals are the new Scientologists as far as Arbcom is concerned.
wikipedia  gamergate 
10 days ago
Flong Blog + News » New Media Artworks: Prequels to Everyday Life
Built with financial support from DARPA, The Aspen Movie Map artwork was awarded the dubious “Golden Fleece Award” in 1980 by then-U.S. Senator William Proxmire — a sarcastic recognition he bestowed on projects which he felt were egregious wastes of taxpayer money. Nevertheless, the core ideas of the Aspen Movie Map live on, three decades years later, in Google’s widely-used Street View service (launched 2007), a feature of Google’s networked-based mapping tools that provides panoramic views of streets in more than a dozen countries around the world.
streetview  plagiarism  tech-art 
10 days ago
Lennart Poettering's Linus Torvalds rant | ZDNet
. Recently, people started collecting Bitcoins to hire a hitman for me (this really happened!).
10 days ago
'The Cloud' and Other Dangerous Metaphors - The Atlantic
Referring to “data exhaust”—a term sometimes used to describe the metadata that are created in the course of day-to-day online lives—reinforces the idea that these data, like car exhaust, are unwanted byproducts, discarded waste material that society would benefit from putting to use. On the other hand, calling data “the new oil,” carries strong economic and social connotations: data are costly to acquire and produced primarily for commercial or industrial ends, but bear the possibility of big payoffs for those with the means to extract it.
metaphor  cloud 
10 days ago
The Forgotten Concrete Arrows of Early U.S. Airmail — Medium
I just want to pause a moment and point out how very odd this must have looked from above. This was before the era of rural electrification. Cities were small, and clustered around the coasts. When one flew at night, the sky was lit with stars, but the ground was nothing but a great black sea, stretching out in every direction, forever. Except, now, there were thousands of cartoon-bright yellow arrows, floating on little islands of florescent million-horse-power-lights, literally pointing from one end of the country to the other. Okay. Back to the story....The arrows are still there, hundreds of them; maybe thousands. Their paint is gone, the concrete is cracked and weathered, but they still span the country; sitting derelict in fields or on rocky slopes, as suburban developments and strip malls grow around them. They don’t have much use; pilots don’t spend time looking down anymore, as their machines do it for them. The arrows don’t look like much from the ground, they are too big to comprehend as a marker or a symbol. Instead, they resemble nothing more than a concrete slab, or a parking lot. Maybe a runway.
flight  postal  landscapes 
12 days ago
Presentation Kyle McDonald
"how to have a viral hit the easy way"
lol  viral 
14 days ago
Healthy Pizza with a Cauliflower Crust
½ head cauliflower (about 2 cups riced)
1 clove garlic, minced
1 cup part-skim shredded mozzarella cheese
1 egg, beaten
1 teaspoon basil
1 teaspoon oregano
14 days ago
Gluten-free cauliflower pizza crust
Using a food processor, lightly pulse the cauliflower in batches until it resembles rice. Place the cauliflower "rice" in a large microwave safe bowl and microwave for 6-8 minutes or until soft and allow to cool.
recipes  gluten 
14 days ago
They’re Watching You Read by Francine Prose | NYRblog | The New York Review of Books
According to a recent article in The Guardian, e-book retailers are now able to tell which books we’ve finished or not finished, how fast we have read them, and precisely where we snapped shut the cover of our e-books and moved on to something else. Only 44.4 percent of British readers who use a Kobo eReader made it all the way through Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch, while a mere 28.2 percent reached the end of Solomon Northup’s Twelve Years a Slave. Yet both these books appeared—and remained for some time—on the British bestseller lists.
books  tracking  data 
14 days ago
An Interview With A Digital Drug Lord: The Silk Road's Dread Pirate Roberts (Q&A)
q:More fundamentally do you think there are any limits to the benefits of a free market? If tools like Tor and Bitcoin could become so powerful that they truly create an invincible free market, can free market libertarianism go too far?

a:That depends on what you want. I want to be able to pursue my dreams and live my life as I see fit, unhindered by others, and I want others to have the same freedom. Your question doesn’t make sense to me. How can you go too far protecting people’s rights as individuals? How can you go too far liberating people from bondage?
dpr  libertarian 
17 days ago
Has anyone actually traveled with someone else as a result of #illridewithyou ? : sydney
I think the use/idea of the #illridewithyou, though cheesy and not exactly well thought out by whomever thought it up, it surely shows the social direction the majority of the population is headed, as well as support for inevitable multiculturalism and acceptance. This shows the demographic of people involved in this support to be those of a 18-32 age bracket of both genders (which is generations Y & Z - to a degree). This overwhelming support from the younger to median age bracket in the population show the majority median age as the main supporters for multiculturalism in this country.
21 days ago
THE CODE: A declassified and unbelievable hostage rescue story | The Verge
How the Colombian army sent a hidden message to hostages… using a pop song
colombia  advertising  fake 
22 days ago
Removing Referral Spam from Google Analytics - Analytics Edge
First, there are three types of junk visits and spam referrals, and there are different ways to deal with each of them:

1. well behaved bots and spiders
2. creepy crawlers like semalt and makemoneyonline
3. ghost referrals like the darodar / ilovevitaly / priceg / blackhatworth
22 days ago
Home | Stopping the Spread of Violence | Cure Violence
Cure Violence stops the spread of violence in communities by using the methods and strategies associated with disease control – detecting and interrupting conflicts, identifying and treating the highest risk individuals, and changing social norms.
police  violence  harm-reduction 
24 days ago
From Drone Strikes to Black Sites, How U.S. Foreign Policy Runs Under a Cloak of Secrecy | Democracy Now!
And what we saw was a repeated pattern in which the CIA fed them false information in the form of leaks. I think this is a huge problem with national security reporting in the United States, generally, this idea of pseudo-leaks that are put out by the CIA. While the CIA is telling the courts, "Don’t release the actual files, for national security reasons," it puts out adulterated or falsified versions to ostensibly credible reporters.
cia  secrecy  fake  journalism 
24 days ago
Frieze Magazine | Archive | By Design
Tellingly, women have made more rapid progress in newer design disciplines, where there are no male gatekeepers to prevent them from assuming leadership roles, just as there were none to impede Cooper in the fledgling field of software design during the 1970s and ’80s.
gender  design  workingon 
25 days ago
Internet in prisons - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
However outside of the TRULINCS program, nearly all states prohibit Internet use by inmates. Limiting technology based access to educational opportunities.[9]
prison  off-the-grid 
25 days ago
Bringing San Quentin to Social Media - The Atlantic
. The Last Mile provides a mediated way for San Quentin inmates to blog, tweet, and -- most intriguingly -- answer questions on Quora.  They don't technically have access to the Internet, but their posts, tweets, and answers are posted via volunteers. For example, "The men are provided "Tweets Sheets" every week (140 character blocks) for them to write their tweets," the website notes.  Some of them have been in prison long enough that the tools they're using did not exist when they got locked up.
prison  communication  papernet 
25 days ago
Can the NFL Change Domestic Abusers? A Conversation with Beth Richie
The police aren't necessarily seen as a protective force; there's a different loyalty to one's own people in disclosing, there's a protectiveness built up from the way the media skews the actions of black men. Consequently, black sexual assault survivors have to walk through a maze before they can acknowledge the abuse or are willing to come forward. There's a different willingness to turn our men over to the state. And I don't want to say that turning in an abuser is easy for any woman, but it's meaningfully different for black women.
abuse  ipv  police  race  community  sanctions 
25 days ago
How Philadelphia's prisons are embracing technology - Oct. 7, 2014
The city recently signed contracts with two startups to help educate inmates while in prison and keep them connected once they're out.
Traditionally, it's been difficult to implement technology into inmates' lives. Prisons often don't have space for a computer lab, and even if they do, they require significant monitoring, since inmates can't have unrestricted access to the Internet.
Jail Education Solutions is hoping to fix those issues. The Chicago-based startup is rolling out a pilot program in Philadelphia to provide tablets to inmates
prison  prison-tech 
25 days ago
Why Do You Fight Accessibility? | this ain't livin'
I remind people that accessibility is the law, and that in the US, people have had over 20 years to enact the ADA. I point out that most accessibility modifications to a space cost less than $500, and that the majority cost less than $200, to implement. I suggest that making spaces more accessible will increase business and lead to concrete financial benefits (those, by the way, will help to make up for the massive costs of installing accessibility measures).
26 days ago
Tech companies should do something about harassment, but not this - boing - Boing Boing BBS
ica, I did read your article when it was first published, and I didn't write it up at the time because I thought you'd made some really significant errors that I didn't have time to go into, so when I saw that Sarah had addressed those errors in depth, I linked to her piece.

Here is a closer set of reactions to your piece:
26 days ago
Chris Chaney Hacker Profile - Scarlett Johansson Nude Photo Scandal
amous actor and actress who tried to keep their relationship private, opting to see each other at, say, Canter's Deli at 3 a.m. instead of dodging paparazzi at the Ivy. He later read about Johansson's separation from Ryan Reynolds long before the tabloids caught on. "They were discussing, I guess, aspects of who gets what," he recalls: what furniture, what photos, what souvenirs. "It was weird to read stuff like that," he went on. "It was almost too personal."

But Chaney wasn't just reading about celebrity sex lives; he was following them in real time. Among the more surprising revelations he discovered were a handful of explicit e-mails that leading men sent to their secret male partners. "I'm trying to figure out how to say it without names," he says. "There were some that, you know, their public persona is they're kind of a player, and their private persona is they're batting for the other team.... They may have been batting for both teams, I don't know."
voyeurism  hackers  celebrity 
26 days ago
WASHINGTON: For whistleblower vet, winning is a long-elusive quest
“According to President Obama, everything should be hunky-dory for whistleblowers,” said Helms, a Georgia native who lives in a community outside Fort Knox, Ky. “Well, it’s not.

Since 9/11, defense and intelligence whistleblowers such as Greenstein have served as America’s conscience in the war on terrorism. Their assertions go to the heart of government waste, misconduct and overreach: defective military equipment, prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib, surveillance of Americans.
Read the full story
“The whistleblowing system has ruined my life. I’m 38 years old, and I’m wondering whether I have to move back in with my mother.”

Bridget Ann Serchak, a spokeswoman with the Pentagon inspector general’s office, said she couldn’t comment on specific cases because the office had to protect the privacy of employees who made the claims.
27 days ago
listening to the living and the dead: ruminations on #justiceforLeelahAlcorn (tw: suicide) - i dream of being possible
In reading stuff written in the tag, this is the overwhelming impression I get. That the hashtag really is ‘it gets better’ for trans people6.

Beyond the fact that Leelah says for herself that this isn’t a useful message to young trans girls in her situation, the hashtag is a problem because it presents individual narratives without any real call to action. Leelah was in crisis. The message that (maybe) it would get better literally did nothing to save her. Just as it is unlikely to save any trans girl currently struggling with the same problems.

Moreover, while these positive stories feel good and are heart warming, they don’t really help the trans people for whom things have not gotten better. I would be one of those people. Overall, I wouldn’t exactly say that things have become worse since I was Leelah’s age, but they certainly aren’t better.
hashtag  trans  activism 
27 days ago
Prank call sends close to 20 police officers to Southwest Portland home | OregonLive.com
As officers were developing a plan to contact residents, they learned that the call was probably a hoax. They later confirmed that everyone inside the home was safe.

A Twitter user who goes by Grace Lynn says the hoax, called a "swatting," was intended for her. A forum on the website 8chan described the plan to "swat" her. Police Sgt. Pete Simpson confirmed the bureau did receive a phone call suggesting the original call was a prank.
doxxing  harassment  trans 
27 days ago
Book Review: Consent of the Networked by Rebecca MacKinnon
interesting thoughts on comparing facebook, google etc to states
statecraft  google  stacks 
27 days ago
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