China’s “homowives” are becoming unlikely champions for gay rights - Quartz
, China has 20 million male homosexuals of marriageable age—and 80% of them will marry a woman. In contrast, according to a 2010 Economist report, 15 to 20% of gay men in America have married heterosexual women...The women in these marriages are quietly becoming an unlikely force in China’s nascent gay-rights movement. If men are free to openly have relationships with other men, sham marriages like theirs will no longer happen, they say. Being “homosexual is not wrong,” said Qui in an interview. “What’s wrong is to marry a heterosexual to make a tragedy.”
Your Career in Computer Programming | The Computer Boys Take Over
Despite receiving other offers to model and act in movies, Johnson stuck with her ambition to become a programmer and was hired at GE to program GE 400-series and Datanet 30 computer systems.
Amelia Greenhall on scriptogr.am
And then multiply the “come off as a creepy rando” factor by 10 or 100 when you move to DMs, which are a strangely intimate channel. Twitter DMs… they can only be seen by the two of you, the sender knows there’s a very high chance of you seeing them (vs email, which has plausible deniability of spam filters and overflowing inboxes), and they feel time sensitive and like a chat, which is demanding a reply. In this case, the medium is the message: a DM says, “Hey, I am talking to you, I know you can hear me, and I expect a reply from you soon.”
5 days ago
Public trust - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
its seminal idea that within the public lies the true power and future of a society; therefore, whatever trust the public places in its officials must be respected.
One of the reasons that bribery is regarded as a notorious evil is that it contributes to a culture of political corruption in which the public trust is eroded. Other issues related to political corruption or betrayal of public trust are lobbying, special interest groups and the public cartel.
5 days ago
Moral Panics Of 1878: NY Times Warns People About The Evils Of Thomas Edison's Aerophone | Techdirt
. Mr. EDISON has invented too many things, and almost without exception they are things of the most deleterious character. He has been addicted to electricity for many years, and it is not very long ago that he became notorious for having discovered a new force, though he has since kept it care- fully concealed, either upon his person or elsewhere. Recently he invented the phone- graph, a machine that catches the lightest whisper of conversation and stores it up, so that at any future time it can be brought out, to the confusion of the original speaker. This machine will eventually destroy all confidence between man and man, and render more dangerous than ever woman's want of confidence in woman.
19thc  privacy 
7 days ago
The Creepy, Long-Standing Practice of Undersea Cable Tapping - The Atlantic
"Well, if you had the choice, you should never send information over British lines or British servers," Snowden said. "Even the Queen's selfies with her lifeguards would be recorded, if they existed."

The U.S.'s own cable-tapping program, known by the names OAKSTAR, STORMBREW, BLARNEY and FAIRVIEW, as revealed in an NSA PowerPoint slide, apparently functions similarly to Tempora, accessing "communications on fiber cables and infrastructure as data flows past," according to The Washington Post. The slide indicates that Prism and these so-called "upstream" programs work together somehow, with an arrow saying "You Should Use Both" pointing to the two operations.
snowden  gchq  cables 
7 days ago
6 signs you could be a highly sensitive person - Salon.com
High sensitivity can be seen in other higher animals, too. From an evolutionary standpoint, the trait is valuable in a group. While you don’t want everyone, or even most members to have it, heightened sensitivity in some individuals is beneficial: They can warn of potential danger, make acute observations of the behavior of other animals, and share the wisdom of their tendency toward greater reflection. In history, HSPs would be the priest-advisors in the community. Today they are often the artists, teachers, researchers, and judges.
7 days ago
David Gerrold - I'm not going to share the link, but ... I...
Star Trek was about social justice from day one -- the stories were about the human pursuit for a better world, a better way of being, the next step up the ladder of sentience. The stories weren't about who we were going to fight, but who we were going to make friends with. It wasn't about defining an enemy -- it was about creating a new partnership. That's why when Next Gen came along, we had a Klingon on the bridge.
Lehman blew it. He missed the point. He uses science fiction -- and Star Trek -- as a justification for playing a game of "us" v. "them."
Here's a clue. When you divide humanity into us and them, you automatically become one of them.
9 days ago
I was there. I know what Gene Roddenberry envisioned. He went on at length about it in almost every meeting. He wasn’t about technology, he was about envisioning a world that works for everyone, with no one and nothing left out. Gene Roddenberry was one of the great Social Justice Warriors. You don’t get to claim him or his show as a shield of virtue for a cause he would have disdained.
Most of the stories we wrote were about social justice. ‘The Cloud Minders,’ ‘A Taste Of Armageddon,’ ‘Errand Of Mercy,’ ‘The Apple,’ ‘Let That Be Your Last Battlefield,’ and so many more. We did stories that were about exploring the universe not just because we could build starships, but because we wanted to know who was out there, what was our place in the universe, and what could we learn from the other races out there?
Star Trek was about social justice from day one.
David Gerrold, Author of the ST:TOS episode “The Trouble with Tribbles”
— (Source)
justice  star-trek  future 
9 days ago
InformaCam: Verified Mobile Media | The Guardian Project
Our approach is to create an app that leverages the sensors used in modern smartphones create a “snapshot” of the environment in which a piece of media is captured. This information is used, along with a digital “fingerprint” of the cameraphone sensor, to sign the video or image and ensure that the media hasn’t been tampered. It also verifies that it was captured by a specific device at a specific time and place.
photography  authenticity  metadata 
10 days ago
Sarah Harrison: The WikiLeaks Editor Who Helped Hide Edward Snowden - Vogue
Now that we’re face-to-face, she politely makes two requests: She’d like me not to name places where we meet and also not to reveal the brand of laptop she uses, because it could make her more vulnerable to getting hacked.
11 days ago
The Ghost in the MP3
lost mp3 compression material from the song "Tom's Diner" famously used as
one of the main controls in the listening tests to develop the MP3 encoding algorithm.
sound  glitch  music 
12 days ago
Why I have resigned from the Telegraph | openDemocracy
On 22 September Telegraph online ran a story about a woman with three breasts. One despairing executive told me that it was known this was false even before the story was published. I have no doubt it was published in order to generate online traffic, at which it may have succeeded. I am not saying that online traffic is unimportant, but over the long term, however, such episodes inflict incalculable damage on the reputation of the paper...“An editorial operation that is clearly influenced by advertising is classic appeasement. Once a very powerful body know they can exert influence they know they can come back and threaten you. I
traffic  viral  media  content  journalism 
13 days ago
History of Battered Women’s Movement | Saint Martha's Hall
1970 The first battered women’s shelter opens in Chiswick, England, by Erin Pizzey.
1971 The first rape crisis center opens in the United States by the Bay Area Women Against Rape.
1973 The first battered women’s shelter in the United States opens in St. Paul, Minnesota, by the Women’s Advocates.
1974 Erin Pizzey, author of the first book about domestic violence from a battered women’s perspective, publishes Scream Quietly or the Neighbors Will Hear in England.
feminism  abuse  sanctuary 
14 days ago
“How to Come Out Like a Porn Star”: A sex-industry veteran shares advice on the risks and rewards - Salon.com
Working in porn today means negotiating how one interacts through social media, where having a profile for one’s stage name is practically a requirement to generate a fan base and network. Some are only online under their performer names, because balancing between two online identities increases the chances of an accidental outing. Facebook’s facial recognition tags can out a performer’s stage name to family, or legal name to fans.
facebook  face-detection  porn  outting 
14 days ago
The Gorgeous Typeface That Drove Men Mad and Sparked a 100-Year Mystery
Cobden Sanderson and his partner, Emery Walker, founded the Doves Press in 1900. Walker was a businessman, with plenty of other concerns in the world, but Cobden Sanderson was a creative perfectionist—a man obsessed with authenticity and craft. Together, they commissioned a typeface for their press, to be based on a 15th century Venetian type. That meant paying a "punchcutter" to create steel "punches" for each letter in the type—from which a matrix would be made by pressing a piece of copper into the metal punch. Then, the type itself could be cast from the matrix.
design  publishing  nostalgia 
14 days ago
L. Gordon Crovitz: Gentlemen Read Each Other's Mail - WSJ
It was a rare miscalculation by Henry Stimson, who served as secretary of war under President Taft and again under FDR. Stimson led the rapid rebuilding of the U.S. military during World War II and oversaw the Manhattan Project. Yet for all his accomplishments, he is best remembered for his explanation of why he defunded the country's intelligence gathering: "Gentlemen do not read other gentlemen's mail."
surveillance  national-security 
15 days ago
Laurie Voss on Twitter: "I am buying an umbrella on Amazon and one of the filtering options is "gender". Our culture is fucked up."
'I am buying an umbrella on Amazon and one of the filtering options is "gender". Our culture is fucked up."
gender  categories 
15 days ago
Brutal Roman Naval Battle Rocks New York | WIRED
A naumachia, as it was called in Caesar’s time, traditionally pits prisoners and slaves against each other in a nautical bloodsport. This time the spectators took the honors, splashing in knee-deep water and decimating the floating artwork that the event’s coordinator, Duke Riley, and his team spent five months creating.

Duke Riley, an artist based in Brooklyn, has a small obsession with watercraft history. He made headlines in 2007 while trying to sail a wooden submarine he built from Revolutionary War plans towards the Queen Mary 2 cruise ship for a photo op. He was promptly arrested.
reenactments  naval  rome  art  performance 
15 days ago
Facebook's Name Policy Strikes Again, This Time at Native Americans | Electronic Frontier Foundation
Last year, when drag queens were affected by the policy, they got messages saying it looked like they weren’t using their "real names." Member of Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and activist Sister Roma stated that she "was instructed to log in and forced to change the name on my profile to my 'legal name, like the one that appears on your drivers' license or credit card.'"
real-names  facebook 
15 days ago
This Woman Is Tweeting A Parody Dystopian YA Novel And It's Hilarious
“Things like trains, overly simplified first-person narration, and love triangles. I started another parody Twitter account a few months ago @GuyInYourMFA, and I realized how fun it was to skewer overused literary cliches.
17 days ago
BE YOUR OWN | Seo Do Yeon: So, you didn't know Moon Dong Hee was...
SEO DO YEON: You said it was a joke. A joke is not for the person saying it, but the one receiving it, isn't that so? If she hadn't agreed to it, then it wasn't a joke, but terror.
CHIEF YANG: She's starting...
SEO DO YEON: I said so you can laugh, but you're not laughing. Why is that? Oh... it must be terror. Then, I shouldn't be joking either. Right?
18 days ago
'Black Lives Matter' Course To Be Offered At Dartmouth College
If colleges cannot address current events in an intellectually rigorous manner then what are they good for?”

Mary K. Coffey, Dartmouth College’s Art History department chair, asks a valid question -- and one that her school’s students, faculty and administration plan to answer.
art  art-history 
21 days ago
Why Do Scientologists Accept the Xenu Story? | Village Voice
However, people would violate the rules and spill secrets about their past lives, they tell me. Some folks just couldn't help themselves.

"It was a status thing," Hawkins explains. "I knew probably four or five Scientologists who told me confidentially that they were Jesus."

And in the 1980s, he remembers, "there was this fad for a while that people were all remembering that they were Nazis in World War II, and that's why things were so screwed up in their present lives," Hawkins says. "That's why they had to be so active in Scientology, to atone for what they had done in past lives."
religion  status  scientology  time  atemporal 
22 days ago
How to Make an Accused Rapist Look Good
To anyone who has been been close to a person who has been the victim of acquaintance rape, Emma's messages to Paul don't seem out of the ordinary, or indicative of anything except a young woman who wants her life to return to normalcy.
24 days ago
Why the Silk Road Trial Matters | WIRED
In pre-trial motions the defense has cited United States vs. Vayner, in which the court ruled last year that some social media screenshots are inadmissible evidence because they too easily can be faked.
silk-road  fake  internet-of-dreams 
25 days ago
Read the Transcript of Silk Road's Boss Ordering 5 Assassinations | WIRED
Dread Pirate Roberts 3/29/2013 22:55: Hi again R&W,
I hate to come to you with a problem when we are just starting to get to know one another, but Blake (FriendlyChemist) is causing me problems. Are you still looking for him or now that you’ve found Xin have you given up? I would like to put a bounty on his head if it’s not too much trouble for you
lol  silk-road  crime 
28 days ago
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