No, We Don't Need a Law Against Catcalling - The Intercept
It is in this context—a battle against criminal intrusion on our space—that the world presented by the Hollaback video (and by extension, the Times) is most insidious. It’s not just about one woman’s right to “feel safe and confident without being objectified,” as the group argues on its website. In a rapidly gentrifying city, it’s also implicitly about the sense of privilege among those least affected by gentrification that they should also remain insulated from the tensions and jarring power dynamics it foments.
gentrification  surveillance  hollaback 
8 hours ago
Johannesburg - 5 Questions - Goethe-Institut
These profiles then disappear after a month, which is interesting from a conceptual perspective as real people often live forever on social media like "ghosts in the machine". These Bots on the other hand are some sort of disposable income that is closely linked to "hit counters" and "bounce rate" for websites with regard to internet traffic and more importantly the creation of internet traffic. This was a slightly malicious reference with regard to BROWZA.

Trolls influenced how we used the LED displays in the installation as they acted as a constant internet stream of user comments which added a more forum-like aesthetic to the work
Please Touch (Works That Work magazine)
While the works of celebrated Dutch book designer Irma Boom are part of many museum collections, this one doesn’t do well in glass cases and doesn’t need to be handled with white gloves. Boom, with editorial support from art historian Johan Pijnappel, spent five years working on this private-edition book for the large Dutch coal conglomerate SHV Holdings, in celebration of its 100th anniversary. One feature of this 2136-page book is that the title is printed on the white linen cover in a transparent adhesive that attracts dust and collects fingerprints, so that the type is revealed only through intense use. Please touch. Preferably with dirty fingers.
books  art  lovely 
The Rules and Hazards of Presenting Flowers in Ballet - NYTimes.com
“Sometimes it can be a little delicate,” Ms. Farley said. “If flowers have arrived for a corps de ballet dancer or soloist, but the ballerina hasn’t received any, we won’t present them onstage.”

She added that not every offering makes the cut. “A bouquet has to be a decent size,” she said firmly. “If something arrives that is too small, we’ll just send it to the dressing room.”

The bouquets must also be constructed in such a way that they are easy for a dancer to hold as she curtsies during curtain calls.
flowers  protocols  language 
2 days ago
Bucking global trend, Taiwan bookstore Eslite thrives - CNN.com
While some people are slowly walking home through the neon-lit streets, or getting ready to hit the club scene, others are on their way to a more unusual nocturnal hangout -- a bookstore.
The Eslite store in central Taipei opens 24 hours and has more night owl visitors than most Western bookstores could dream of during their daytime hours.
2 days ago
Ghost of Rachmaninoff--New technology summons spirit of pianist past. - Monterey County Weekly: News
Ted, a well-known local neurosurgeon, and I stood in amazement as the ghost of Rachmaninoff filled the room. Like all reproducing pianos, whether low- or high-tech, the keys and pedals go up and down as the music pours forth. But what struck us both was the highly personal interpretation. An invisible man, an artist of powerful personality, was playing the piano before us. Spooky was the word that came to mind.
3 days ago
How to Get Away with Uber — Matter — Medium
In the case of a company like Google, the difference was being faster and more comprehensive than the competition: It became big enough because there was no better place to navigate your way around the Web, which meant there was no better place to advertise. Facebook reached the same point by making a photocopy of your social relationships that made it the homepage of choice for hundreds of millions of people, which meant there was no better place to advertise. For a company like Uber, which requires vast amounts of on-the-ground effort to get bigger, that kind of growth is insanely expensive.
4 days ago
Bill Cosby’s Sudden Fall, Explained Sociologically - NYTimes.com
Mr. Buress’s routine appears to have helped foster that collective, focused attention.

According to Mr. Adut, this level of attention can make allegations of misconduct much more powerful by turning them into what game theorists call common knowledge. When everyone knows that everyone else knows about the claim (and so on), society can judge people and groups that do not act on that knowledge.
society  collective-action  attention 
5 days ago
David Hoyle - David's Place
Performer & artist David Hoyle presents a new exhibition exploring addiction, gay culture and mental health which premieres at Homotopia. David often raises the issue of mental health in his performances. In his first solo exhibition for Homotopia, Hoyle has created a stark & uncompromising series of paintings and collages reflecting his own life experiences.
6 days ago
Algorithms Are Great and All, But They Can Also Ruin Lives | WIRED
The algorithm had determined that Gass looked sufficiently like another Massachusetts driver that foul play was likely involved—and the automated letter from the Registry of Motor Vehicles was the end result.

The RMV itself was unsympathetic, claiming that it was the accused individual’s “burden” to clear his or her name in the event of any mistakes, and arguing that the pros of protecting the public far outweighed the inconvenience to the wrongly targeted few.

John Gass is hardly alone in being a victim of algorithms gone awry. In 2007, a glitch in the California Department of Health Services’ new automated computer system terminated the benefits of thousands of low-income seniors and people with disabilities. Without their premiums paid, Medicare canceled those citizens’ health care coverage.
algos  data  face-detection 
7 days ago
Exclusive: Hundreds Of Devices Hidden Inside New York City Phone Booths
what's interesting about this is it shows that *not* knowing what a device does leaves room for a device to do a lot more. this sounds like a very innocent IOT/connected cities thing....

###New York City residents had no say in the deployment of Titan’s beacons. Titan notified DoITT of its plans to install the beacons in 2013, which the city agreed to without a formal approval process because, according to Sbordone, the company said it was using the devices for maintenance purposes only. Titan installed the beacons from September to November 2013; a source with knowledge of the situation alerted BuzzFeed News to the program anonymously for fear, the source said, of being fired for speaking publicly.
7 days ago
When Fitbit Is the Expert Witness - The Atlantic
Yet with wearables, who is the witness? The device? Your body? The service provider? Or the analytics algorithm operated by a third party? ,,,Ultimately, the Fitbit case may be just one step in a much bigger shift toward a data-driven regime of “truth.” Prioritizing data—irregular, unreliable data—over human reporting, means putting power in the hands of an algorithm.
algos  data  law  truth 
7 days ago
Uber, Lyft, and the end of taxi history | Capital New York
John Hertz, a Czech-born car salesman and namesake of the ubiquitous rental-car company, turned second-hand cars into taxis and ended up developing the nation’s largest fleet.

“After reading a University of Chicago study that found yellow (with a slight tint of red) to be the most visible color at the greatest distances, he painted his taxis yellow,” write Gilbert and Samuels.
color  yellow  transportation  uber 
7 days ago
70,000 Kids Will Show Up Alone at Our Border This Year. What Happens to Them? | Mother Jones
Susan Terrio, a Georgetown University anthropologist, visited 19 shelters over four years before the government cut off her access. She found an almost hermetically sealed system: "The kids were never left unattended. They went to school inside, they played sports inside, and they only got out for supervised outings in the community or for medical and mental-health appointments." Maria Woltjen, director of the Young Center for Immigrant Children's Rights, says that as a result, unaccompanied children are essentially invisible: "Nobody in Chicago knows there are 400 kids detained in our midst. You walk by, and you think it's just an old nursing home, and it's actually all these immigrant kids who are detained inside."
children  education  immigration  borders 
7 days ago
I told Harvard I was an undocumented immigrant. They gave me a full scholarship. - The Washington Post
Why, I asked my parents, had my Social Security number been rejected? They told me they had given me my little brother’s number. It was a simple explanation, taking no more than 10 seconds in Spanish:

“Son, we overstayed our visa when you were three. You don’t have a social security number.”

I hadn’t known until then I was undocumented.
undocumented  immigration 
7 days ago
Kara Walker Exhibition at Metropolitan – Inspired by Hurricane Katrina - Explores Theme of "After the Deluge" through Works by Artists through the Ages | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Taking her cue from J. M. W. Turner's Slave Ship (Slavers Throwing Overboard the Dead and Dying, Typhoon Coming On,1840) and Winslow Homer's sensitive depictions of Black life in 19th-century America, Walker's aim is to address both "the transformative effect and psychological meaning of the sea" and the role assigned to Black figures represented in art. The narrative created through the combination of these disparate images gives rise to a foreboding sense of doom.
race  art  sea  new-orleans 
7 days ago
"God View:" Uber Investigates Its Top New York Executive For Privacy Violations
Early this November, one of the reporters of this story, Johana Bhuiyan, arrived to Uber’s New York headquarters in Long Island City for an interview with Josh Mohrer, the general manager of Uber New York. Stepping out of her vehicle — an Uber car — she found Mohrer waiting for her. “There you are,” he said, holding his iPhone and gesturing at it. “I was tracking you.”
Mohrer never asked for permission to track her.
Two months earlier, to make a point about questions Bhuiyan had asked about ride-share competitor Lyft, Mohrer had emailed her logs of some of her Uber trips. He had not asked for permission to access her data.
uber  privacy  stalking 
8 days ago
Black Censors, White Art | THIS DAY
But there is a wider point to be made too. Are we to lament Bailey being censored? The kind of critic who seeks to make this sort of claim is one who understands very little about racism, and yet those who defend Exhibit B as a piece of anti-racist artistic provocation have rallied to cry that art has been censored and freedom of speech has been curtailed. Of course this ignores that censorship is not simply a case of pressing the mute button on something you don’t like – it is a relation of power, much like racism itself. In the art industry it has everything to do with who gets to make the systematic decisions about who is exhibited where and nothing to do with black protesters boycotting an event.
8 days ago
OKCupid Unveils New Options for Gender, Sexuality | Advocate.com
OKCupid is also reportedly aware that its environment can be uncomfortable or unsafe for trans users. As Samantha Allen noted in an August op-ed at The Advocate, the site warns users in its privacy controls to not attempt to delete trans people from the service by reporting their profiles.
8 days ago
Banks need arts graduates to put humanity back into business | The Times
A leading investment bank is seeking to hire a new generation of arts graduates as it blames “linear thinking” mathematicians and economists for elements of the financial crisis.
art  jobs  banks 
8 days ago
Racism and the Barbican's 'Exhibit B' - NYTimes.com
Still, the piece reduces the actors’ role to that of a stress ball delivered to white audiences to work through whatever emotional anguish might come from facing up to the brutality on which the prosperity of Europe and its diaspora was built.
race  art 
9 days ago
New Statesman | Barbican art show displaying black people as exhibits in “human zoo” cancelled after protests
“If that’s really the case then why is there no focus on the white people who initially curated these human zoos, zoos that existed even up until the 1950s?” Anaxagorou demanded. “Why is there no glaring spotlight placed on the bigoted Europeans who subordinated Africans in this horrendous way?”
race  art 
9 days ago
Brett Bailey, The Barbican and Black Britons » AFRICA IS A COUNTRY
they were met by 200 protesters who had blockaded the entrance. The Barbican condemned objectors for preventing artists’ and performers’ “freedom of expression”, but eventually decided that the installation, which was slated to have a five-day run, should be shut down...The Barbican’s refusal to engage with protestors is itself a form of censure. It is one of the many forms that racial violence can take.
9 days ago
'Blimp in a Box' Deployed in Search for Cop-Killer Suspect Eric Frein - NBC News.com
#failed manhunt —deployed infrared, drones etc couldnt find him

Pennsylvania police have deployed a $180,000 "blimp in a box" to search dense woods for suspected cop-killed Eric Frein.
air  drones  blimp  surveillance 
9 days ago
Ubering While Black — Matter — Medium
“The premium car service removes the racism factor when you need a ride,” she wrote. Peterson, who lives in D.C., said that since her original post, she has taken “hundreds of rides” with Uber. “The Uber experience is just so much easier for African-Americans,” she told me recently. “There’s no fighting or conversation. When I need a car, it comes. It takes me to my destination. It’s amazing that I have to pay a premium for that experience, but it’s worth it.”...Luca co-published a paper on digital discrimination that surveyed thousands of listings on Airbnb. The study compared black and non-black hosts who had similar apartments, photos, and ratings, and found that the non-black hosts tended to earn 12 percent more
race  uber  sharing-economy  airbnb 
9 days ago
The Cone of Spotify - The Awl
Uber’s newest feature, Soundtracking, allows passengers with a Spotify Premium subscription to commandeer a car’s sound system in order to play their favorite songs; they can queue up their music in the Uber app before the car even arrives. The shift is small but potent: The passenger now not only controls the location and vector of the car, but its ambient environment, with entirely optional regard for the other human behind the wheel.
uber  sharing-economy  digital-labor 
9 days ago
Lower Education: How A Disgraced College Chain Trapped Its Students In Poverty
At that interview, Jones said, the employer asked her why she had wasted her money on an Everest education instead of a different, cheaper school. She didn’t get the job.
education  poverty 
9 days ago
Exposed: Voyeurism, Surveillance and the Camera Since 1870 | Art Practical
Shizuka Yokomizo’s Stranger series (1998–2000) and one from Philip-Lorca diCorcia’s Heads series. With the Stranger series, Yokomizo sent letters to strangers asking for their participation in a project that entailed allowing the photographer to lurk outside the subjects’ home to photograph them. While the subjects’ participation may suggest a degree of exhibitionism, it also suggests an eroded sense of privacy and surrender to the surveillance or voyeurism that proliferates in contemporary society. DiCorcia’s street photography series raised issues of privacy in the public domain when an unknowingly photographed subject sued the artist. While much of the exhibition is dedicated to modern black-and-white photography, the curators conclude the exhibition with works that question our willingness or inability to surrender our privacy.
9 days ago
San Francisco Magazine | Modern Luxury | The Smartest Bro in the Room
The suggestion is that San Francisco didn’t just birth Uber—it also birthed the antiregulatory philosophy that would come to dominate the company’s worldview. The city’s bureaucracy, in this reading, turned Kalanick from a largely apolitical observer who had happily shelled out for President Barack Obama’s first inauguration into a regulatory renegade who until only recently had as his Twitter avatar a detail from a cover of the libertarian bible The Fountainhead.
uber  sharing-economy 
10 days ago
Privacy Concerns for ClassDojo and Other Tracking Apps for Schoolchildren - NYTimes.com
Sam Chaudhary, the co-founder of ClassDojo, said his company recently updated its privacy policy to say that it does not “sell, lease or share your (or children’s) personal information to any third party” for advertising or marketing.

“We have committed in the terms of service to never selling the data,” Mr. Chaudhary said. “It’s the user’s own data.”
data  privacy  education 
10 days ago
BBC News - Neil Harbisson: The man who hears colour
Neil Harbisson is an artist who was born completely colour blind. His life changed when he decided to have an antenna surgically implanted into his skull that enabled him to "hear" colour.
Now he identifies each colour with a particular musical note - even the ones we can't see.
color  synesthesia 
10 days ago
The man who can hear Wi-Fi wherever he walks - health - 12 November 2014 - New Scientist
Frank Swain has been going deaf since his 20s. Now he has hacked his hearing so he can listen in to the data that surrounds us

I AM walking through my north London neighbourhood on an unseasonably warm day in late autumn. I can hear birds tweeting in the trees, traffic prowling the back roads, children playing in gardens and Wi-Fi leaching from their homes. Against the familiar sounds of suburban life, it is somehow incongruous and appropriate at the same time.
13 days ago
The Truth About Anonymous’s Activism | The Nation
The accomplishments Coleman catalogs read like the suspiciously bloated extracurricular-activities section of a college applicant’s résumé: Anonymous “helped catapult Occupy onto the national stage,” came to “symbolize the general plight of Tunisians,” “ignited a desperately needed national conversation about rape culture in the U.S. and Canada,” and “made people pay attention to the sordid state of Internet security.” Anonymous is the Swiss Army knife of protest, adaptable to any occasion. But Coleman backs these claims with extremely thin evidence, and a cursory examination of Anonymous’s operations shows that the group’s impact has often been superficial and mixed at best...Coleman argues again and again that we should take Anonymous seriously as a political actor. Yet over and over, she emphasizes its technological means rather than its political ends....why should we take an action seriously as a political statement simply because it uses the Internet? Currently one of the most potent examples of “weapons of the geek” is the #GamerGate movement, a vociferous faction of video-game nerds waging an anti-feminist witch hunt against female video-game developers and critics, wrapped in a cynical call for “transparency” within the video-game industry. It was organized in a decentralized manner, often in IRC chat rooms, and loudly claims a cherished geek value. Should we celebrate #GamerGate as a political uprising?
13 days ago
Poitras Omits Corporate Spies and State Capture
So everyone and their brother in Silicon Valley is pushing the idea of cyber-security. But even the
Director of the FBI intuits that assurances of cyber protection are “part of a marketing strategy.” P
13 days ago
Why the NSA thing isn’t keeping me up at night — Medium
Marco Rogers
As a person of color, I have never had a reason to trust our government. I have never felt included in the laws those founders made up. I have never in my life felt safe from the institutions that make up our government. And so it’s difficult for me to feel some creeping dread that these things are being slowly taken away from me.
...When you look at our recent history through the lens of minorities, we are not on a slippery downward slope, but a tentatively hopeful upward climb. For POCs, consider that our government has been convinced to stop enslaving us, allowed us to vote, stopped looking the other way as we were brutalized by our fellow citizens
race  nsa 
15 days ago
Meet Shingy, AOL’s “Digital Prophet”
"I am able to find something to like in every brand once I hear their story.”
16 days ago
Anonymous App Canary Is All About Inter-Office Gossip | Re/code
We may soon have the answer — or at least whatever gossip employees have to share. Canary, a new anonymous messaging app launched on Monday, enables users to chat in specific threads dedicated to their companies, Canary founder Geoff Pitfield told Re/code. Canary asks users to sign up with a valid employee email address — e.g. @recode.net or @facebook.com — which then allows them to converse and post alongside others using the same email domain.
gossip  apps 
16 days ago
Wikibollocks: The Shirky Rules
stories and analogies should be a starting point for thought, and not its terminus. They should be the spark that prompts more analytical, more rigorous investigation and introspection, testing out your idea to see where it fits reality and where it fails. In this essay, and in some of his others (see below) anecdotes are all there is, and that’s just not good enough.
17 days ago
The FBI knows you had an abortion | Privacy SOS
Jonathan Mayer and Patrick Mutchler of the Stanford Security Lab set out to obtain their own datasets to "rigorously prove" people like her wrong. To do so, they needed data. So they created an app called MetaPhone, to "measure how much of your Facebook information can be inferred from your phone records.” Their findings are fascinating, and confirm what security and privacy experts have always said: if you have someone's metadata, you can learn a lot about them....They were also able to determine whether or not participants were in romantic relationships, and if so, with whom.
privacy  facebook  relationship 
17 days ago
Haterz Gonna Hate? | The Nation
I can say this because I am not suffering reputational damage from S, even when he cc’s other people on his e-mails, because I am in a position of power and because his pathology is so evident. Even were S to post his rants on blogs or other searchable media, they probably would not get to the first page on a Google search of my name, because I have other forms of Internet presence.
abuse  harassment  trolls 
18 days ago
Berlin’s digital exiles: where tech activists go to escape the NSA | World news | The Guardian
Seven words? “Identification was one. Framework was another. Marxist-Leninist was another, but you know he’s a sociologist… ” It was enough for them to be placed under surveillance for a year. And then, at dawn, one day in 2007, armed police burst into their Berlin home and arrested him on suspicion of carrying out terrorist attacks.

But what was the evidence, I say? And Roth tells me. “It was his metadata. It was who he called. It was the fact that he was a political activist. That he used encryption techniques – this was seen as highly suspicious. That sometimes he would go out and not take his cellphone with him… ”
surveillance  activism  berlin 
18 days ago
Trans Media History: The Love Boat – en|Gender
Mackenzie Phillips played a trans woman in 1982 on Season 5, Episode 15 of The Love Boat.

And guess what? It doesn’t suck. It’s quite sympathetic, actually.
18 days ago
Pregnant, and No Civil Rights - NYTimes.com
Based on the belief that he had an obligation to give a fetus a chance for life, a judge in Washington, D.C., ordered a critically ill 27-year-old woman who was 26 weeks pregnant to undergo a cesarean section, which he understood might kill her. Neither the woman nor her baby survived.

In Iowa, a pregnant woman who fell down a flight of stairs was reported to the police after seeking help at a hospital. She was arrested for “attempted fetal homicide.”
carceral  reproductive-rights 
18 days ago
Gamergate’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week | Zen Of Design
Well, last night he just got drunk and decided to let the world know that OTHER people being harassed wasn’t hurting anyone, but HIM being harassed was costing the world his brilliant medical research.  And yes, the hidden implication is that Zoe Quinn is now, technically, killing people because… um… because he can’t escape the tar pit that he created?  What?
18 days ago
Jian Ghomeshi: How he got away with it - Macleans.ca
He came in with that flowing hair and people who supported him.” Ghomeshi spoke for those beyond the then-conservative student-council orbit: He wanted to bring more women, minorities and queer students, and their concerns, into student government. “It was like he was their saviour,” says Merrick. “He played right into that. He had this persona and supported all the right things; he took control of the narrative.”
19 days ago
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