Amy Pascal Called Angelina Jolie As Soon As Emails Leaked: Details - Us Weekly
"Everybody understood because we all live in this weird thing together called Hollywood. If we all actually were nice, it wouldn't work."
privacy  sony-hack 
2 days ago
Sony Pictures: Inside the Hack of the Century, Part 3 - Fortune
Norse officials say they now believe North Koreans pulled off the attack with “some assistance” from former Sony employees.
2 days ago
Sony Pictures: Inside the Hack of the Century, Part 2 - Fortune
On Sept. 25, Pascal, back in L.A. and sitting in temple on the Jewish New Year holiday, emailed Rogen an emotional personal plea to make the scene “a little less gory.” “No one has backed you more than I have,” she wrote. “And this isn’t some flunky it’s the chairman of the entire sony corporation who I am dealing with. You must know there are very few relationships and film makers I would let myself be in this situation for.”

Rogen relented, agreeing to reduce Kim’s “flaming hair by 50%,” cut “three out of four of the face embers,” and alter “the color of the head chunks to try to make them less gross.”
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2 days ago
Bob Mould's Beautiful, Ruinous Life In Punk : NPR
Little bits here and there, and then my first partner and I got together in April of '83 and we were together for six years. So, yeah, I was 22 when I had my first long-term relationship — and I guess by then, in Minneapolis, my sexuality was an open secret. But without the Internet, it's not getting posted on somebody else's social-media page right away, so it takes a little more time for the information to get around the country.
lgbt  closet  punk 
4 days ago
John McAfee: The Ashley Madison hack is the death knell of secrets
First and foremost, the group claiming responsibility for the hack – The Impact Team – does not exist. There is only one person involved in this hack. I cannot tell you how I know, but the simple published data should help point to this fact. The group's name has never appeared in any prior hack. The name has not surfaced at any time, neither in the deep web nor the dark web, nor anywhere else
ashley-madison  morality 
7 days ago
Mouse can't double-click open folders | Apple Support Communities
"Apparently, I had the mouse double-click speed set at maximum, and that causes the mouse to not be able to click open a file or document. Problem was solved be slowing down the double-click speed a few notches."
mac  fixed 
12 days ago
bio — milkred
Rachel Law is a conceptual artist, game designer, web programmer and creative technologist currently living in Brooklyn, New York.

Her practice is centered around social mythologies and how technology facilitates the creation of new communities. Her work spans across a wide range of mediums ranging from interactive installations to film photography and book-art.
artist  data  machine-learning  tracking 
12 days ago
About Constant - Constant
Constant is a non-profit association, an interdisciplinary arts-lab based and active in Brussels since 1997.

Constant works in-between media and art and is interested in the culture and ethics of the World Wide Web. The artistic practice of Constant is inspired by the way that technological infrastructures, data-exchange and software determine our daily life. Free software, copyright alternatives and (cyber)feminism are important threads running through the activities of Constant.
art  belgium  feminism 
12 days ago
The heads are rolling today | MetaFilter
If you use Reddit, you are now funding some of the worst hate groups on the internet.
13 days ago
Reddit: can anyone clean up the mess behind 'the front page of the internet'? | Technology | The Guardian
Most of the time, the Reddit you hear about is a fun site, full of people sharing and creating memes, gifs and communities. Almost every viral trend will have passed through Reddit on its way to going mainstream, assuming it didn’t originate on the site in the first place.

But every now and again, the dark side of the site shows its face. Most recently, that happened with “The Fappening”.
15 days ago
If you're not paying for the product, you are the product. I have to admit,…
Google is the most moral company in which I have ever worked.  But guarding our users' privacy doesn't just make moral sense, it makes business sense.  If we purposefully violated our users' privacy, we wouldn't have a business at all before very long.
google  thebook 
15 days ago
Native American activist to sue Facebook over site's 'real name' policy | Technology | The Guardian
“They have made it very clear that they don’t want to share how enforcement works because they think people will game the system,” said Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) activist Nadia Kayyali, who has discussed the policy with Facebook in private meetings.

Kayyali said this was ironic because people are using the existing system to target groups.
facebook  real-names 
16 days ago
yishan comments on Content Policy update. AMA Thursday, July 16th, 1pm pst.
The free speech policy was something I formalized because it seemed like the wiser course at the time. It's worth stating that in that era, we were talking about whether it was ok for people to post creepy pictures of women taken legally in public. That's shitty, but it's a far cry from the extremes of hate that some parts of the site host today. It seemed that allowing creepers to post (anonymized) pictures of women taken in public, in a relatively small subreddit that never showed up on the front page, was a small price to pay for making it clear that we were a place welcoming of all opinions and discourse.
reddit  free-speech 
16 days ago
A Literary Glass Ceiling? Why Magazines Aren't Reviewing More Female Writers. | The New Republic
It was downhill from there, with three publishers scoring around 30 percent—Norton, Little Brown, and Harper—and the rest 25 percent and below, including the elite literary houses Knopf (23 percent) and FSG (21 percent).
16 days ago
Tom Weldon: 'Some say publishing is in trouble. They are completely wrong' | Books | The Guardian
"In the last four years, Penguin and Random House have had the best years in their financial history," he says. "Book publishers have managed the digital transition better than any other media or entertainment industry. I don't understand the cultural cringe around books.
16 days ago
Fix reddit with bitcoin. — Medium
The only problem is that reddit’s servers are hosted by a central organization. Because humans have interests, and no two humans’ interests align perfectly, it is often the case that the interests of reddit, Inc. come into conflict with reddit, the users. Sometimes this means too much advertising, but more generally it’s that reddit, Inc. focuses a little more on converting content into money so they can pay their bills and give a return to their investors, and a little less on building better tools and giving a better experience for the users of reddit. And the users don’t get paid for their labor.
16 days ago
The Death of Reddit | Chuq Von Rospach • Writing & Commentary
I don’t have a Reddit account because, ultimately, I could not support Reddit because of the groups they allow into that basement. How you feel about it is a decision you have to make, but in my mind, to the degree you help Reddit thrive by being a user, mod or contributor, you’re contributing to the success of that basement floor of rooms you’d never want to visit as well. I won’t enable that behavior, even indirectly. I am not judging your decision — but I am encouraging you to think and judge yourself.
16 days ago
Is Reddit's New CEO Really Committed To Combatting Harassment - BuzzFeed News
“Instead of promoting free expression of ideas, we are seeing our open policies stifling free expression; people avoid participating for fear of their personal and family safety.” In the post, Reddit’s admins suggest that “one of our basic rules is ‘Keep everyone safe,’” which is why the site implemented a series of protocols “to prohibit attacks and harassment of individuals through Reddit with the goal of preventing them.”
16 days ago
How ‘Privilege’ Became a Provocation - The New York Times
‘‘Privilege saturates’’ — and privilege stains. Which might explain why this word pricks and ‘‘opportunity’’ and ‘‘advantage’’ don’t. ‘‘I can choose to not act racist, but I can’t choose to not be privileged,’’ a friend once told me with alarm.
race  language  privilege 
16 days ago
'Halt and Catch Fire' Episode 7: Joe goes hard after Mutiny
Donna is horrified at what happened, and has witnessed one of the earliest examples of the internet’s power to bring hurt and evil into others’ lives thanks to its anonymity.
17 days ago
Most Default Avatars are Men: Why that matters - ShinyShiny
Default avatars have been brilliantly catalogued in a site called Murketing which tracks the default anonymity pictures on a whole range of sites from Tumblr to BikeSpace.net
users  rob-walker 
22 days ago
Sarah Jeong on Twitter: "Ellen Pao's mistake was believing that reddit's commitment to free speech was an actual ideological commitment, not a cost-saving measure."
Ellen Pao's mistake was believing that reddit's commitment to free speech was an actual ideological commitment, not a cost-saving measure.
24 days ago
Is It Time to Give Up on Computers in Schools?
You’ll often hear the Internet hailed as one of the greatest inventions of mankind – something that connects us all and that has, thanks to the World Wide Web, enabled the publishing and sharing of ideas at an unprecedented pace and scale.
What “the network” introduced in educational technology was also a more centralized control of computers
29 days ago
Uncovering Security Flaws in Digital Education Products for Schoolchildren - The New York Times
Although President Obama endorsed the industry pledge in a speech last month, it does not require ed tech vendors to comply with specific basic security measures — like encrypting students’ names, screen names or other personal details. Nor does it prohibit companies from using weak security, like storing users’ passwords in plain text, practices that could easily permit hackers to hijack teacher or student accounts, potentially linking students’ names to private details about their academic performance.

These kinds of security weaknesses are commonplace on consumer sites.
security  education 
4 weeks ago
My name is only real enough to work at Facebook, not to use on the site — Medium
On my very first day in orientation, a VP of the company told us the story of Facebook. It is a story of how authenticity triumphed — how people using their names instead of handles encouraged them to add people they were genuinely friends with and to talk about their daily lives. He told us how when you joined Myspace you’d be told you were now friends with the founder, even though this was not true.
trans  gender  facebook  lurk 
4 weeks ago
Wounded Women | Boston Review
Getting your period is one kind of wound,” Jamison writes, which is when I shouted, “Oh go fuck yourself, lady!” into my empty apartment. What is the value, or the validity, of figuring menstruation, of having a female body, as a kind of trauma? She treats it as our original sin. We are born into pain simply by being born into female bodies, and no amount of penance will ever rescue us from our cursed state.
5 weeks ago
‘The Condition of Black Life Is One of Mourning’ - Claudia Rankine
This loss of control and authority might explain why after Brown’s death, McSpadden was supposedly in the precarious position of accosting vendors selling T-shirts that demanded justice for Michael Brown that used her son’s name. Not only were the procedures around her son’s corpse out of her hands; his name had been commoditized and assimilated into our modes of capitalism.
racism  ferguson 
5 weeks ago
Interests, Positions, Needs, and Values | Beyond Intractability
all disputes have negotiable interests.[3] But when people define their dispute in terms of positions, they often appear to be highly intractable, since one side wants something that the other completely opposes. Therefore, rather than describing a dispute in terms of parties' positions about what they want, it is often helpful to redefine the situation in terms of the reasons that underlie these positions. By focusing on underlying interests rather than overt positions, apparently resolution-resistant conflicts often become solvable. This is because, in many cases, interests are compatible, even when positions are not. Focusing on interests enables the parties to identify win-win solutions to problems that might not have been evident when the issues were described in terms of positions.
cooperation  mediation  conflict 
5 weeks ago
It Pays to Be Nice - The Atlantic
“If someone did something that hurt me, and I get pissed, and I screw them over, that destroys that relationship over a mistake,” Rand said. And losing allies, especially in a cooperative environment, can be costly. In his studies, “the strategy that earns the most money is giving someone a pass and letting the person take advantage of you two or three times.”
cooperation  worklife 
5 weeks ago
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