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article on fake designer items —chanel, lv etc— from 1989
authenticity  fashion 
2 days ago
'A welcome rebuke to dead white men': The Smithsonian's African American museum finally arrives | Art and design | The Guardian
With the forbidding air of defensive arrow-slit windows, these cuts frame views to the White House and the Washington Monument, to the Thomas Jefferson and Martin Luther King memorials a kilometre away, binding DC’s ceremonial landscape to the African American story – and suggesting the museum is here to keep a watchful eye out.
architecture  history  dc 
3 days ago
The Internet Really Has Changed Everything. Here’s the Proof.
“What are your favorite apps?” I ask, with instant regret. Already I fear the routine insipidness of my question. I am trying to avoid the bad vibes of the thirsty focus group moderator who seeks insights into “teen tech habits,” even if that’s exactly why I am here.
5 days ago
VR Will Make Life Better—Or Just Be an Opiate for the Masses | WIRED
Robert Nozick explored this very question more than 30 years ago in an influential thought experiment. “Suppose,” he wrote in 1974, “there were an experience machine that would give you any experience you desired. Super-duper neurophysicists could stimulate your brain so that you would think and feel you were writing a great novel, or making a friend, or reading an interesting book. All the time you would be floating in a tank, with electrodes attached to your brain. Would you plug in?”
vr  philosophy  virtual-worlds  oculus 
5 days ago
Palmer Luckey did not start with nothing
Luckey has enough money to ignore the real world and live in a carefully curated reality where he gets to write his own narrative. And he got that way because his own pristine, yacht-club life was so dissatisfying that he became obsessed with creating virtual realities
5 days ago
Man dashes into house to save laptop, 2 books he was writing as big fire burns in New Orleans' Broadmoor neighborhood | Crime/Police | theadvocate.com
Gideon Hodge, 35, describes himself as a playwright, novelist and actor. When his fiancé told him that their apartment was on fire, he left his Mid-City workplace and rushed to the scene.

Hodge then rushed into the structure – past firefighters yelling at him to stop, past the smoke flying everywhere – to grab the laptop he knew was underneath a table inside. He had two completed novels on the computer that he wasn’t willing to sacrifice, he said.
14 days ago
Typecast as a terrorist | Riz Ahmed | The Long Read | World news | The Guardian
Apart from a Chinese family and a South American pilot battling the indignity with his spotless uniform, the holding pen was filled with 20 slight variations of my own face, all staring at me – kind of like a Bollywood remake of Being John Malkovich. It was a reminder: you are a type, whose face says things before your mouth opens; you are a signifier before you are a person; you are back at stage one.

The holding pen also had that familiar audition room fear. Everyone is nervous, but the prospect of solidarity is undercut by competition. In this situation, you’re all fighting to graduate out of a reductive purgatory and into some recognition of your unique personhood. In one way or another you are all saying: “I’m not like the rest of them.”
borders  actors  film  stereotypes 
14 days ago
Lionel Shriver's full speech: 'I hope the concept of cultural appropriation is a passing fad' | Opinion | The Guardian
But what does this have to do with writing fiction? The moral of the sombrero scandals is clear: you’re not supposed to try on other people’s hats. Yet that’s what we’re paid to do, isn’t it? Step into other people’s shoes, and try on their hats.
dumb  empathy 
15 days ago
The Architect Who Became a Diamond - The New Yorker
Both the family and Magid were familiar with a widely circulated story—that the archive had been bought by a Swiss businessman as an engagement gift, in lieu of a ring, for his wife, Federica Zanco. Magid explained that her intention was to use the engagement ring with Barragán’s compressed remains to “propose” to Zanco, in the hope that she would, in exchange, agree to open the archive, perhaps even to return it to Mexico. The family members took a vote and agreed unanimously...A prank is: you throw something in and watch what happens. This is a commitment.” Still, people often ask Magid why anyone ever agrees to collaborate with her. She has said that she thinks it is “due to some combination of vanity, pride, and loneliness.”

(projects that work bc magid is charismatic enough to convince people to say yes...)
art  jewelry  jill-magid  archives  architecture 
16 days ago
Sue Thomas (author) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Her most recent book is Technobiophilia: nature and cyberspace.[2] The non-fiction travelogue of cyberspace Hello World: travels in virtuality was published in 2004
thebook  toread  cyberpunk 
17 days ago
The Secret Culprit in the Theranos Mess | Vanity Fair
And then there’s the fact that many of these tech outlets rely so heavily on tech conferences. “If you look at most tech publications, they have major conferences as their revenue,” Jason Calacanis, the blogger and founder of Weblogs, told me. “If you hit too hard, you lose keynotes, ticket buyers, and support in the tech space.
conferences  tech  media 
21 days ago
Exclusive: How Elizabeth Holmes’s House of Cards Came Tumbling Down | Vanity Fair
Carreyrou was simply emboldened. “It’s O.K. if you’ve got a smartphone app or a social network, and you go live with it before it’s ready; people aren’t going to die,” he told me. “But with medicine, it’s different.”
tech  start-ups  silicon-valley  business 
21 days ago
Symbol of Underground Railroad lives on in Brockton - The Boston Globe
Bennett, the hotel keeper, was a leader in the fight for freedom who took risks, according to Wilson and Beals. He was passionate about human rights and put up slaves making their way to Canada in a variety of hidden locations, including the South Congregational Church in Brockton Center, one of seven local stops on the safe-house system that then ran out past Randolph, to New Hampshire, and on north
24 days ago
Mike Birbiglia’s 6 Tips for Making It Small in Hollywood. Or Anywhere. - The New York Times
I once heard an interview where Ron Howard said that he tests the rough cuts of his movies with a ton of audiences. He doesn’t do it to be told what the movie’s vision should be, but to understand whether his vision is coming across. If not, he makes changes.
practice  writing 
29 days ago
The Genius in the Cornfield | Book Review | Chicago Reader
The really perceptive thinkers about technology have been especially useful in pointing out, in the last several years, how tools are not something external to us or forced upon us, not something that makes us conform intellectually to certain forms of use. Rather, our technologies are prosthetic extensions of ourselves; they represent the congealed collection of our hopes and fears and dreams about the way we would like to extend ourselves into the world.
writing  quotes  technology 
4 weeks ago
interview with Richard Powers
At 28, I liked to read for the transcendent moment, for the total immersion in the oceanic, an experience beyond our ability to decipher or control. At 42, I am still working out the relation between pleasure and responsibility, meaning and coercion, self-knowledge and rationalization, co-optation and genuine empathy. Every new book seems to interrogate the previous one's loopholes. I don't mean to say that I no longer find novels beautiful with the same frequency as I did when I was younger (although I guess I do now have more of the inevitable tradesman's sense of when something has been a little jerry-rigged). But the absolute, universalizing kind of beauty that I was after when I read a book in 1985 has opened out, grown more mottled, become its own turbulent ecology. I can still weep for Little Nell. But the tears are driven by a wider sense of human agenda--tainted, touched-up, qualified and always magnificently insufficient.
reading  books 
4 weeks ago
Paris Review - The Art of Fiction No. 175, Richard Powers
the sort of paradoxical relationship that the fiction writer takes toward the world. You remove yourself from the world in order to have control over the ways of depicting it. And the crisis of representation is exactly that. Are you killing the thing by freezing it in the representation? I’m reminded of a line in Proust: “The hermit is the person to whom the judgment of a society matters the most.” And therefore he removes himself from the domain of the social in order to protect himself from that judgment.
4 weeks ago
Read It Later: A Procrastinator’s Memoir - The New York Times
This sort of long-term, focused work instills a sense of purpose, connects us to future generations and trains a skill she calls “unitasking,” as opposed to multitasking. But committing to a demanding personal project is also very difficult because we are perfectionists and fear failure, and it is much easier just to sit around and look at baby owl videos on the internet.
4 weeks ago
Why Raya Is the Soho House of Dating Apps - Vogue
people named Wolf, people whose bios say things like “racing driver living between Monaco and Tokyo,” and, like, a million dudes who claim to be successful fashion photographers, but in reality have less Instagram followers than some dogs I know.

The problem, of course, is that whenever something is defined as being elite or exclusive, it tends to attract status-conscious douchebags.
tinder  online-dating 
5 weeks ago
The awkward, early Internet friendships of Myspace Tom, George Takei and others - The Washington Post
Tom Anderson, co-founder of Myspace and photographer:

My first friend was Brad McQuaid, the creator of the original “EverQuest.” We met on a bulletin board system sometime in the early ’80s, before the Internet was a thing. In addition to our nerd activities, we actually formed a rock band together as teenagers.
5 weeks ago
The Taxpayer Advocate Service Can Help Resolve Your IRS Issues
The TAS is an independent organization within the IRS that has an office in every state, and they may be able to help if you’ve tried to resolve a problem using regular IRS channels but haven’t gotten anywhere.
5 weeks ago
When Every Company Is a Tech Company, Does the Label Matter? - The New York Times
Technology permeates every sector of the economy, even those not formally classified as high-tech. Whether companies like Amazon and Johnson & Johnson should carry tech labels is beside the point. Tech has already taken over.
tech  business 
7 weeks ago
The Problem With Slow Motion - The New York Times
Mr. Lewis appealed the decision, arguing that the slow-motion video was prejudicial. Specifically, he claimed that watching the video in slow motion artificially stretched the relevant time period and created a “false impression of premeditation.” Did it?
perspective  pov  film  intentions 
7 weeks ago
A New Public Art Installation, UnderLA, Projects Images of 1,400 Feet of the Soil Under Los Angeles to Show the Effects of Climate Change on Groundwater Supply - CityLab
A new art installation, UnderLA, adds another dimension to the reach of the drought. At two sites along the concrete banks of the L.A. River—the First Street Bridge and the river’s origin at the intersection of Arroyo Calabasas and Bell Creek—the artists Peggy Weil and Refik Anadol have projected a slow-moving journey 1,400 feet below the surface of the city. Scrolling through images of soil samples taken at intervals of 10 feet, the projections—commissioned by the City of Los Angeles as part of L.A.’s first public art biennial, Current:LA Water—detail the increasingly stressed and vulnerable aquifer system underpinning the city.
california  art  draught 
8 weeks ago
WikiLeaks - Hillary Clinton Email Archive
> This links to the front page of the Washington Post. Is there a > particular article that you are looking for?
8 weeks ago
Zen And The Art Of Uber Driving | Co.Exist | ideas + impact
I think of Uber as a modern-day version of the Works Progress Administration during the Depression. Thanks to Uber, I am not poor. I am just . . . nobody.
labor  gig-economy  uber 
8 weeks ago
Facebook 2026
for every 10 people that get on the internet, about one person gets lifted out of poverty, and almost one new job gets created. If you’re talking about 4 billion people who are not on the internet, spreading internet connectivity is clearly one of the biggest things we can do to improve the quality of life for so many people around the world.”

Zuckerberg added that direct investment in education and health is critical. “But I think one thing that a lot of people miss is that if you’re living in a town that doesn’t have a good school, then the internet actually is your best bet for getting a good education,” he said. “And if you’re living in a place that doesn’t have a good doctor, then the internet is your best bet for being able to look up what a condition might be.”
facebook  zuckerberg 
9 weeks ago
American Horror Story - MTV
Take the deaths of Tamir Rice and John Crawford III, both captured by security cameras. This means that the camera angle is fixed, like a picture frame, and the video is choppy and blurry, the quality constrained by the fact that the camera is always running. We watch Crawford and Rice as a still life, for a few minutes, their motions carefree and unaware. The police enter the frame suddenly, and the deaths are almost as abrupt. In Rice’s case, only a few seconds elapse between the appearance of the police and the crumpling of his body. In Crawford’s, we do not even see the instrument of his death until after he is dead. In both cases, they die silently. There are no microphones in the security cameras.
film  perspective  pov 
11 weeks ago
Second Life's creators try for a third — in virtual reality
Altberg hopes Sansar will become the platform for social VR creators, just as YouTube became the go-to streaming solution for uploaded video. "There will be games, there will be special applications, there will be vertical all kinds of things," he said.
second-life  vr 
12 weeks ago
How to Beat Insomnia With Your Diet: The Food-Sleep Connection - Vogue
happens more easily when you’re digesting in the lying-down position. Beyond that, “look for foods high in tryptophan,” she says, referring to the amino acid that helps stimulate the production of serotonin and sleep-promoting melatonin. The amino acid is found in chia seeds, walnuts, and most animal proteins—ever wonder why that annual Thanksgiving meal makes you drowsy? For best results, according to Katz, combine it with a whole-grain carbohydrate. “Sushi with brown rice is a great choice,” she says. Bonus points if you add magnesium-rich avocado, which can promote muscle relaxation.
food  health  sleep 
12 weeks ago
The Survivors :: Peter Frase
all the article really demonstrated was that the media’s portrayal of Sanders as a genial hippie grandpa was at odds with his real nature as a political survivor, someone who was always interested in merging principle with power.
leadership  sanders  left  politics 
july 2016
Why boarding schools produce bad leaders | Education | The Guardian
Crucially, they must not look unhappy, childish or foolish – in any way vulnerable – or they will be bullied by their peers. So they dissociate from all these qualities, project them out on to others, and develop duplicitous personalities that are on the run, which is why ex-boarders make the best spies.
education  uk  leadership  bullying 
july 2016
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