Why Raya Is the Soho House of Dating Apps - Vogue
people named Wolf, people whose bios say things like “racing driver living between Monaco and Tokyo,” and, like, a million dudes who claim to be successful fashion photographers, but in reality have less Instagram followers than some dogs I know.

The problem, of course, is that whenever something is defined as being elite or exclusive, it tends to attract status-conscious douchebags.
tinder  online-dating 
19 hours ago
The awkward, early Internet friendships of Myspace Tom, George Takei and others - The Washington Post
Tom Anderson, co-founder of Myspace and photographer:

My first friend was Brad McQuaid, the creator of the original “EverQuest.” We met on a bulletin board system sometime in the early ’80s, before the Internet was a thing. In addition to our nerd activities, we actually formed a rock band together as teenagers.
3 days ago
The Taxpayer Advocate Service Can Help Resolve Your IRS Issues
The TAS is an independent organization within the IRS that has an office in every state, and they may be able to help if you’ve tried to resolve a problem using regular IRS channels but haven’t gotten anywhere.
4 days ago
When Every Company Is a Tech Company, Does the Label Matter? - The New York Times
Technology permeates every sector of the economy, even those not formally classified as high-tech. Whether companies like Amazon and Johnson & Johnson should carry tech labels is beside the point. Tech has already taken over.
tech  business 
18 days ago
The Problem With Slow Motion - The New York Times
Mr. Lewis appealed the decision, arguing that the slow-motion video was prejudicial. Specifically, he claimed that watching the video in slow motion artificially stretched the relevant time period and created a “false impression of premeditation.” Did it?
perspective  pov  film  intentions 
18 days ago
A New Public Art Installation, UnderLA, Projects Images of 1,400 Feet of the Soil Under Los Angeles to Show the Effects of Climate Change on Groundwater Supply - CityLab
A new art installation, UnderLA, adds another dimension to the reach of the drought. At two sites along the concrete banks of the L.A. River—the First Street Bridge and the river’s origin at the intersection of Arroyo Calabasas and Bell Creek—the artists Peggy Weil and Refik Anadol have projected a slow-moving journey 1,400 feet below the surface of the city. Scrolling through images of soil samples taken at intervals of 10 feet, the projections—commissioned by the City of Los Angeles as part of L.A.’s first public art biennial, Current:LA Water—detail the increasingly stressed and vulnerable aquifer system underpinning the city.
california  art  draught 
21 days ago
WikiLeaks - Hillary Clinton Email Archive
> This links to the front page of the Washington Post. Is there a > particular article that you are looking for?
25 days ago
Zen And The Art Of Uber Driving | Co.Exist | ideas + impact
I think of Uber as a modern-day version of the Works Progress Administration during the Depression. Thanks to Uber, I am not poor. I am just . . . nobody.
labor  gig-economy  uber 
26 days ago
Facebook 2026
for every 10 people that get on the internet, about one person gets lifted out of poverty, and almost one new job gets created. If you’re talking about 4 billion people who are not on the internet, spreading internet connectivity is clearly one of the biggest things we can do to improve the quality of life for so many people around the world.”

Zuckerberg added that direct investment in education and health is critical. “But I think one thing that a lot of people miss is that if you’re living in a town that doesn’t have a good school, then the internet actually is your best bet for getting a good education,” he said. “And if you’re living in a place that doesn’t have a good doctor, then the internet is your best bet for being able to look up what a condition might be.”
facebook  zuckerberg 
28 days ago
American Horror Story - MTV
Take the deaths of Tamir Rice and John Crawford III, both captured by security cameras. This means that the camera angle is fixed, like a picture frame, and the video is choppy and blurry, the quality constrained by the fact that the camera is always running. We watch Crawford and Rice as a still life, for a few minutes, their motions carefree and unaware. The police enter the frame suddenly, and the deaths are almost as abrupt. In Rice’s case, only a few seconds elapse between the appearance of the police and the crumpling of his body. In Crawford’s, we do not even see the instrument of his death until after he is dead. In both cases, they die silently. There are no microphones in the security cameras.
film  perspective  pov 
6 weeks ago
Second Life's creators try for a third — in virtual reality
Altberg hopes Sansar will become the platform for social VR creators, just as YouTube became the go-to streaming solution for uploaded video. "There will be games, there will be special applications, there will be vertical all kinds of things," he said.
second-life  vr 
7 weeks ago
How to Beat Insomnia With Your Diet: The Food-Sleep Connection - Vogue
happens more easily when you’re digesting in the lying-down position. Beyond that, “look for foods high in tryptophan,” she says, referring to the amino acid that helps stimulate the production of serotonin and sleep-promoting melatonin. The amino acid is found in chia seeds, walnuts, and most animal proteins—ever wonder why that annual Thanksgiving meal makes you drowsy? For best results, according to Katz, combine it with a whole-grain carbohydrate. “Sushi with brown rice is a great choice,” she says. Bonus points if you add magnesium-rich avocado, which can promote muscle relaxation.
food  health  sleep 
7 weeks ago
The Survivors :: Peter Frase
all the article really demonstrated was that the media’s portrayal of Sanders as a genial hippie grandpa was at odds with his real nature as a political survivor, someone who was always interested in merging principle with power.
leadership  sanders  left  politics 
7 weeks ago
Why boarding schools produce bad leaders | Education | The Guardian
Crucially, they must not look unhappy, childish or foolish – in any way vulnerable – or they will be bullied by their peers. So they dissociate from all these qualities, project them out on to others, and develop duplicitous personalities that are on the run, which is why ex-boarders make the best spies.
education  uk  leadership  bullying 
7 weeks ago
Facebook’s VR goal is true “social presence”
Oculus is already experimenting with headsets that use cameras to capture a user's lip movements:
8 weeks ago
Poème électronique - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
. Varèse composed the piece with the intention of creating a liberation between sounds and as a result uses noises not usually considered "musical" throughout the piece.
art-tech  sound  music 
8 weeks ago
Cannes Lions Innovation Film: The Mill BLACKBIRD - YouTube
t fully adjustable car rig that creates photoreal CG cars
8 weeks ago
Using Parrots To Pull The Curtain Back On Facebook's M - BuzzFeed News
M might be able to do a lot of things, but it doesn’t exactly have a flock of parrots sitting around, waiting to roll out on-demand. When M ventures in the outside world — which is a large part of its promise, it has to bump up against humans. And when it does, it drops the pretense of AI altogether and becomes just another cog in the gig economy.

“M contacted us, that’s her name, she made it seem like she was your personal assistant,”
automation  mechanical-turk  bots 
8 weeks ago
Here's What Facebook's Latest Algorithm Change Means For Publishers - Fortune
A previous algorithm change Facebook made in 2014 looked at the number of times users clicked on a headline and then came right back to their feed without reading, and essentially down-ranked those kinds of stories.
facebook  clickbait  edgerank 
8 weeks ago
Why Does Facebook Keep Suggesting You Friend Your Tinder Matches? | Motherboard
“It is likely that these social network companies are buying data from one another, which means that Facebook can acquire some information on user activity from other platforms,” he said.“If that’s the case, it would be very easy to cross match.”

“It could also be a coincidence,” he added. “But I don't believe very much in coincidences.”
tinder  facebook  edgerank 
8 weeks ago
Facebook is using phone location to suggest new friends | Fusion
Last week, I met a man who suspected Facebook had tracked his location to figure out who he was meeting with. He was a dad who had recently attended a gathering for suicidal teens. The next morning, he told me, he opened Facebook to find that one of the anonymous parents at the gathering popped up as a “person you may know.”...Imagine going to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, and then getting “Friend” suggestions the next day for members of the group along with their full names and profile information. Or getting hit on at the bar by a guy that gives you the creeps, giving him the cold shoulder and no information about yourself, but later getting a ‘Friend Request’ from him. Or visiting an abortion clinic and discovering that one of the abortion protestors outside was offered up your identity by Facebook.
facebook  edgerank 
8 weeks ago
TV Look Like a Soap Opera? Turn Off Motion Interpellation
This is known within the TV-nerd community as the “soap opera effect.” It’s a common problem in which fancy new TVs make everything played on them look cheap, fake, and plasticky. It’s also one of the very few good names for anything in the tech community. It is fixable — and to be honest it’s pretty easy to fix, so if you just want to fix it you can scroll right to the bottom of this page. But if you want to know more about why it happens (so that you can explain it to your family next Thanksgiving), read on.
film  tv  streaming 
8 weeks ago
Some Came Running: The Current CInema, And Plenty Of It
"Well, did you find it morally objectionable?" And the screenwriter, somewhat sheepishly, said, yeah, he did. Well, the executive concluded, and we concurred, if you find something morally objectionable there's no point in acting like you're too cool to admit it. Which point has always stuck with me. I don't require my art to be morally upstanding, and the aesthetic advantages of partaking in certain aspects of amorality are not lost on me. By the same token, dimwitted exploitation bullshit is dimwitted exploitation bullshit and risks liabilities both strictly aesthetic and, yep, moral. If noticing that makes me Bosley Crowther, c'est la vie. 
film  criticism 
8 weeks ago
Bernie - Your Personal Matchmaker A.I.
Bernie is your personal matchmaker assistant. Be free to meet the people you personally find attractive, through your favorite online dating sites. Bernie uses the latest advancements in machine learning and natural language processing to learn your "type" of partner, and ensures the interest is mutual.
tinder  face-detection  dating  machine-learning  ai 
8 weeks ago
Automating Tinder with Eigenfaces
What do girls think of the bot? I've gone on at least 10 dates with the help of the bot and I've shown my partners the bot in its entirety. One date literally didn't believe me and thought I was pulling her leg. Another person thought it was really cool and wanted the full tour. All were in agreement that it is not creepy, though some felt it was borderline. Kind of nice considering it's not something you'd come across everyday.
tinder  automation  face-detection 
8 weeks ago
Inside Facebook's Compassion Department - The Atlantic
“Hey John” worked more often than a simple “Hey,” and phrases like signifying humility or vulnerability, like “please” or “this bothers me,” took the edge off the confrontation. Today, one of these prepopulated message reads, “Hey John, this is a bad photo of me and I don't want people to see it. Would you please take it down?”
facebook  automation  communication  authenticity  empathy 
8 weeks ago
Why Movies Are More Shallow than Literature | New Republic
There was a quality in Citizen Kane which could stick in the mind, the character had a depth and structure, and a personality other than that of a hero or a villain. Because the movie concerned itself with the living of a life rather than with a life only. But this was the exception. Hollywood projects events and throws the character into the event and the quality of living is never captured.
film  criticism  storytelling 
8 weeks ago
Teachers insulted students in private Slack chats. After a hack, they resigned in disgrace. - The Washington Post
The apparent target of that message was Hudson Deighan, a 16-year-old who told the Providence Journal that when she spotted her name in the leaked chat logs, she began to cry
education  bullies  privacy  slack 
8 weeks ago
People Want Autonomous Cars to Protect the Greater Good, But Only After Them | Motherboard
An autonomous vehicle is carrying its passenger straight towards a group of pedestrians. It can either hit and kill the pedestrians, or swerve into a wall and kill its own passenger. What should it do?

The (hopefully obvious) moral choice would be for the car to sacrifice its own passenger to save the greater number of people; it’s for the greater good. A new study published in Science found that most respondents approve of such a “utilitarian” autonomous vehicle, at least in theory. The thing is, when their own life is in the balance, those same people would rather buy an autonomous vehicle that saves the passenger.
morality  cars  automation 
8 weeks ago
I have found a new way to watch TV, and it changes everything - The Washington Post
According to Audible, the audiobook company, the typical book recording is performed at 155 wpm. A 1990 study found that radio broadcasts run at 160 wpm on average, while everyday conversations, which use shorter words, occur at about 210 wpm.
storytelling  time 
8 weeks ago
WeWork Quietly Opens Hotel Rooms In New York City | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
WeWork, which is valued by its investors at $16 billion, estimated that it would house 34,000 people in 69 locations by the end of 2018. WeWork’s New York City WeLive location has 20 stories dedicated to small apartments whose residents also have access to large common spaces.
wework  sharing-economy 
9 weeks ago
The ups and downs of starting a virtual reality ‘cult’ | Fusion
Now this part sounds disturbing: from a first-person perspective, being held down and forcibly caressed would feel a lot like a virtual sexual assault. When I contacted Wolf by email though, he said the experience was less invasive than it sounds.
vr  virtual-worlds  second-life 
9 weeks ago
This column will change your life: empathy | Life and style | The Guardian
The problem is that empathy – the attempt to feel or think how someone else is feeling or thinking – isn't a reliable way of doing good. For one thing, we find it easier to empathise with better-looking people, and with those of the same race, so the more we rely on empathy as a guide to action, the more we're vulnerable to such biases. We also get entangled in the "identifiable victim effect": empathy makes us care more about, say, the single missing child than the thousands who might be harmed by a government policy, never mind the as-yet-unborn victims of future global warming
9 weeks ago
Do We Need “Trigger Warnings” for Depictions of Drug Use? | TheInfluence
But while there has been much discussion about “trigger warnings” for pictures and other media that could upset trauma survivors, far less coverage has been given to the abundance of potential media triggers that may harm people with addiction, who often, of course, have also experienced a great deal of trauma. Far too frequently, these images appear alongside the very stories people with addiction are most likely to want to read.
trigger-warnings  addiction 
9 weeks ago
How Wimbledon will use IBM's Watson to serve up data - BBC News
Cameras linked to IBM's Watson "machine-learning" platform may be monitoring your facial expressions and trying to work out what emotions you are displaying.
If Watson learns quickly enough over the fortnight, it will apparently be able to work out which player you are supporting just by reading your face.
The All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) and its tech partner IBM are remaining tight-lipped on the details of the new technology - not least because it needs legal approval and raises privacy concerns.
affective-computing  face-detection  watson  privacy  tennis 
9 weeks ago
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