Big data activism: hack the algorithm! - zararah.net Zara Rahman
"Hello everyone. I'm very excited to announce that today is the day that I am marrying my best friend. I am so excited to start our life together. Also we are having a baby."
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Hi I'm Charles a Google Trusted Photographer taking StreetView inside. : IAmA
Hi I'm Charles a Google Trusted Photographer taking StreetView inside.
submitted 2 years ago by streetvisit
I'm Charles Mansfield-Osborne a Google Trusted Photographer working with Google to take Street View inside Buildings. I try and do more than just take Street View inside Businesses recently I took Street View down a water slide and even into a Dalek. I am listed on the Google Trusted Photographers website. My website is www.streetvisit.com and you can find me on twitter @streetvisit or on facebook
Hundreds of people who want to hire hackers just got outed | Fusion
“I need to get information off an iPhone6, mainly texts (current and deleted if possible and the call log),” she wrote. “Or get into their email account … Thanks so much!”

When Terri made the request on Hacker’s List, which had been written about in the New York Times the month before as a way to “get some espionage done,” she probably didn’t realize that the request would later be publicly associated with her name and phone number and address.
Adult dating site hack exposes sexual secrets - May. 22, 2015
The breach was carried out by a hacker who goes by the moniker ROR[RG]. In an online hacker forum, he said he blackmailed Adult FriendFinder, telling the site he would expose the data online unless the company paid him $100,000.
data  revenge-porn  extortion 
Millions of Facebook users have no idea they’re using the internet - Quartz
“It seemed that in their minds, the Internet did not exist; only Facebook,”
5 days ago
Mass. Pirate Party on Twitter: "Exhibit by @XVALA is called No Delete - Leaked nude photos of Lawrence, Upton headed to an art gallery http://t.co/7IkSukqWHL #feargoogle"
Exhibit by @XVALA is called No Delete - Leaked nude photos of Lawrence, Upton headed to an art gallery ªªhttp://ow.ly/B6eZt ºº #feargoogle
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11:55 AM - 5 Sep 2014

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Reply to @masspirates @XVALA 
Who's in these photos?
Aarón Martel ‏@aaronmartel Sep 5
.@masspirates WTF are you doing giving @XVALA publicity for violation of consent & privacy? It's not commentary, it's sexism & exploitation.
privacy  art  consent 
10 days ago
Secret move keeps bin Laden records in the shadows | wkyc.com
WASHINGTON -- Records about the Navy SEAL raid on Osama bin Laden's hideout were ordered purged from Pentagon computers and sent to the CIA - a place where they could be more easily shielded from ever being made public.
13 days ago
Seymour M. Hersh · The Killing of Osama bin Laden · LRB 21 May 2015
Gates also objected to the idea, pushed by Brennan and Leon Panetta, that US intelligence had learned of bin Laden’s whereabouts from information acquired by waterboarding and other forms of torture. ‘All of this is going on as the Seals are flying home from their mission. The agency guys know the whole story,’ the retired official said. ‘It was a group of annuitants who did it.’ (Annuitants are retired CIA officers who remain active on contract.) ‘They had been called in by some of the mission planners in the agency to help with the cover story. So the old-timers come in and say why not admit that we got some of the information about bin Laden from enhanced interrogation?’ At the time, there was still talk in Washington about the possible prosecution of CIA agents who had conducted torture
torture  pakistan  obl 
13 days ago
Flash crashes. Glitches in the trading system - we make money not art
RYBN have been investigating the world of finance since 2006. Four years ago, they even launched their own trading bot on the financial markets. The autonomous program executes, buys and sells orders online, and its activity is mapped into real-time visualizations such as charts, soundscapes, and timelines. Its Twitter account even provides details about ongoing orders. Its performance will end when the bot reaches bankruptcy.
rybn  art  markets  digital-art 
14 days ago
Chicago City Council Passes Landmark Torture Reparations Ordinance | Amnesty International USA
The reparations package marks the first time that survivors of racially motivated police torture have been given the reparations they are entitled to under international law. It also illuminates a path forward for survivors of police abuse who cannot seek redress in a court of law.
police  prisons  racism 
17 days ago
To our friends | The Anarchist Library— The Invisible Committe
. We believe that our “personal” data belong to us, like our car or our shoes, and that we’re only exercising our “individual freedom” by deciding to let Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon or the police have access to them, without realizing that this has immediate effects on those who refuse to, and who will be treated from then on as suspects, as potential deviants.
google  data 
18 days ago
France passes new surveillance law in wake of Charlie Hebdo attack | World news | The Guardian
The French prime minister, Manuel Valls, defended the bill as “necessary and proportionate”, saying that to compare it to the mass surveillance Patriot Act introduced in the United States after the 9/11 attacks was a lie.
surveillance  france 
18 days ago
Sea Lion Pup Wanders Streets of San Francisco, Fear of "New Normal" For Warming Ocean | NBC Bay Area
Johnson and his colleagues are concerned that if warmer waters along the coast persist, the sea lion “crisis” will continue. He urged the world’s leaders to address the three primary stressors to our ocean environment: overfishing, pollution and global warming.
“We know everything is connected —a change in the winds is leading to thousands of sea lions stranding on the beach,” Johnson said. “It’s all the more reason we should be paying close attention to the fate the sea lions, a top predator in the ocean.”
climate-change  animals  california 
20 days ago
Avoiding the Sting: U.S. Organization Proposes Different Approach to "Radicalization" - The Intercept
e FBI now maintains a network of 15,000 confidential informants throughout the country, 
fbi  spies  informants  counterterrorism 
22 days ago
Courts docs show how Google slices users into “millions of buckets” — Medium
Gmail can sort users not just into a few thousand demographic and interest categories, but into literally millions of distinct “buckets”. A “bucket” is just a cluster of users, however small, who share some feature in common that might interest advertisers.
google  algorithms  algos  data 
22 days ago
Carrie Wells on Twitter: "On Freddie Gray's family's street, someone set out a radio, where tape of Mosby announcing charges plays on a loop"
On Freddie Gray's family's street, someone set out a radio, where tape of Mosby announcing charges plays on a loop
media  audio  blacklivesmatter 
22 days ago
The Disruption Machine - The New Yorker
The word “innovate”—to make new—used to have chiefly negative connotations: it signified excessive novelty, without purpose or end. Edmund Burke called the French Revolution a “revolt of innovation”; Federalists declared themselves to be “enemies to innovation.” George Washington, on his deathbed, was said to have uttered these words: “Beware of innovation in politics.” Noah Webster warned in his dictionary, in 1828, “It is often dangerous to innovate on the customs of a nation.”..The redemption of innovation began in 1939, when the economist Joseph Schumpeter, in his landmark study of business cycles, used the word to mean bringing new products to market,
innovation  disruption  tech  words  progress 
22 days ago
#FreddieGray CNN is a Pro-Cop Propaganda Machine! #LA2BMore
After watching CNN tonight & seeing how blatantly they are attempting to exonerate the police involved in Freddy Gray's murder (interview w/ mystery family member & suggesting Freddy may have injured Himself) while all week they have condemned the Youth Who Stood Up it has become clear CNN & all other corporate media outlets Must also be held accountable for their role in the psychological warfare vs Us
propoganda  cnn  blacklivesmatter 
23 days ago
RadioShack's Bankruptcy Could Give Your Customer Data to the Highest Bidder - Bloomberg Business
The phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and shopping habits of more than 100 million customers are part of RadioShack's bankruptcy auction
data  markets 
23 days ago
The dangers of letting algorithms enforce policy.
The algorithms that dominate policymaking — particularly in public services such as law enforcement, welfare, and child protection — act less like data sifters and more like gatekeepers, mediating access to public resources, assessing risks, and sorting groups of people into “deserving” and “undeserving” and “suspicious” and “not suspicious” categories.
algorithms  welfare  racism 
23 days ago
Author puts his ex to the pen - Books - Entertainment - smh.com.au
Summers, a theatre director who was with Carey for nearly 20 years, argues that he has exploited his position as a famous and highly regarded novelist to settle scores from their marriage, and to carry on a smear campaign that, Summers alleges, has poisoned their circle of friends in Manhattan against her.

"I think it's like he fictionalised me, and the fact that he feels free to do so is a kind of intimidation. It's emotional terrorism," she says. "Say if he really believed I was this hideous person, and he couldn't resist the idea of using what he had learned about some hideous person
fiction  relationships  ethics 
23 days ago
Duty-Free Art | e-flux
To build a museum, a nation is not necessary. But if nations are a way to organize time and space, so is the museum. And as times and spaces change, so do museum spaces.
art  institutions  statecraft  geopolitics  museums 
24 days ago
Google Public Policy Blog: Congress Has Only A Few Weeks Left to Modernize Surveillance Laws
"I REALLY find it sketchy that Google talks about "modernizing" surveillance law.

That's what all said abt PRISM."-emptywheel
24 days ago
Special Report: A little house of secrets on the Great Plains | Reuters
A Reuters investigation has found the house at 2710 Thomes Avenue serves as a little Cayman Island on the Great Plains. It is the headquarters for Wyoming Corporate Services, a business-incorporation specialist that establishes firms which can be used as "shell" companies, paper entities able to hide assets.

Wyoming Corporate Services will help clients create a company, and more: set up a bank account for it; add a lawyer as a corporate director to invoke attorney-client privilege; even appoint stand-in directors and officers as high as CEO. Among its offerings is a variety of shell known as a "shelf" company, which comes with years of regulatory filings behind it, lending a greater feeling of solidity.
24 days ago
How to steal a billion in taxes | MSNBC
Wyoming in particular has become a locus for corporate secrecy. In 2011, Reuters reported that a single house in Cheyenne, Wyoming served as the registered address for more than 2,000 companies.
tax-havens  taxes 
24 days ago
IIRS | e-flux
A habit of mind that values no single dominant platform but the interplay between them is more powerful still. Interplay offers no labels or objects to identify, but rather special skills for reading the practicalities of shaping dispositions with active forms. There is no way of knowing what to do but only how to do it. In addition to 3DPD, maybe there is a need for a variant of IRL (“in real life”)—something like IIRS or “information in real space.”
irl  architecture  techno-utopianism 
24 days ago
Ukraine Separatists Rewrite History of 1930s Famine - NYTimes.com
Traditionally, Ukrainian historians have characterized the famine as a genocide, the direct result of Stalin’s forced collectivization and the Soviet government’s requisitioning of grain for export abroad, leaving Ukraine short — and its borders sealed shut. Since Ukraine gained independence, that is what its students have been taught.

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A Population Uprooted by Ukraine’s War Struggles to Get ByAPRIL 23, 2015
Putin Bolsters His Forces Near Ukraine, U.S. SaysAPRIL 22, 2015
graphic Russia’s Endgame in UkraineMARCH 9, 2015
But that is not what students in southeastern Ukraine are learning this year. Instead, under orders from the newly installed separatist governments, they are getting the sanitized Russian version, in which the famine was an unavoidable tragedy that befell the entire Soviet Union.
history  ukraine 
24 days ago
Timothy Snyder ─ Ukraine: Democracy at the Edge - YouTube
"by not believing in it you can destroy it" treating truth like conspiracy...propoganda as "applied postmodernism"
"the point is to sideline the event itself"
ukraine  russia  geopolitics  propoganda  conspiracy 
24 days ago
ISIS' Role Model: Pol Pot's 'Genocidal' Khmer Rouge | The National Interest Blog
As a 2006 paper by Taylor Owen and Ben Kiernan noted, “despite many differences, a critical similarity links the war in Iraq with the Cambodian conflict: an increasing reliance on air power to battle a heterogeneous volatile insurgency.” Just as in the case of Cambodia, that heterogeneity in Syria and Iraq has given way to a calcified homogenous and territorially-bound group.
camdobia  isis  war 
25 days ago
What the U.S. Bombing of Cambodia Tells Us About Obama's Drone Campaign - The Atlantic
William Shawcross, in 1979's Sideshow: Kissenger. Nixon and the Destruction of Cambodia , was the first to advance the theory that the meteoric rise of the Khmer Rouge was not in spite of the U.S. bombing campaign but because of it.
cambodia  radicalism  genocide  history  war 
25 days ago
Islamic State video threatens to target White House and US troops | World news | The Guardian
"The video is slickly done and they have spent some time on it, but it's not something that would require access to a big post-production house. I'd say it's more likely been done by a guy with a laptop. It looks like there might be someone on team Isis who used to work at a TV network or knows his way around visual effects software, a compositor like Nuke or Adobe After Effects.
isis  design 
25 days ago
The CIA Hosted A Secret TED Talk On Transparency
Along with Andy Suzuki & The Method, this year’s main event featured appearances from Elizabeth Loftus, a psychology professor from the University of Washington; Amy Edmondson, a leadership professor at Harvard University; James West, a Johns Hopkins University research professor; and Amber Case, a tech entrepreneur. The event also featured a speaker from within the agency.
ted  futch  cia 
26 days ago
"Infiltrating Institutional Powers": An Interview with Adam Broomberg | Creative Time Reports
Adam Broomberg: A good example is the work we did in Afghanistan, The Day Nobody Died, during which we were embedded with the British Army. Here, of course, it was somewhat more complicated, because we were pretending to be journalists, and if we had said we were artists, we would not have been given permission to be there. The state feels more in control of journalists than of artists, who are not really answering to anybody.
art  activism 
26 days ago
Peter Pomerantsev · Diary: Iammmmyookkraaanian · LRB 19 February 2015
‘Revolution’ stopped being the name you gave to a transformative historical moment and became the name a political technology gave itself in order to gain importance.
politics  revolution 
26 days ago
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