Uncovering Security Flaws in Digital Education Products for Schoolchildren - The New York Times
Although President Obama endorsed the industry pledge in a speech last month, it does not require ed tech vendors to comply with specific basic security measures — like encrypting students’ names, screen names or other personal details. Nor does it prohibit companies from using weak security, like storing users’ passwords in plain text, practices that could easily permit hackers to hijack teacher or student accounts, potentially linking students’ names to private details about their academic performance.

These kinds of security weaknesses are commonplace on consumer sites.
security  education 
My name is only real enough to work at Facebook, not to use on the site — Medium
On my very first day in orientation, a VP of the company told us the story of Facebook. It is a story of how authenticity triumphed — how people using their names instead of handles encouraged them to add people they were genuinely friends with and to talk about their daily lives. He told us how when you joined Myspace you’d be told you were now friends with the founder, even though this was not true.
trans  gender  facebook  lurk 
Wounded Women | Boston Review
Getting your period is one kind of wound,” Jamison writes, which is when I shouted, “Oh go fuck yourself, lady!” into my empty apartment. What is the value, or the validity, of figuring menstruation, of having a female body, as a kind of trauma? She treats it as our original sin. We are born into pain simply by being born into female bodies, and no amount of penance will ever rescue us from our cursed state.
5 days ago
‘The Condition of Black Life Is One of Mourning’ - Claudia Rankine
This loss of control and authority might explain why after Brown’s death, McSpadden was supposedly in the precarious position of accosting vendors selling T-shirts that demanded justice for Michael Brown that used her son’s name. Not only were the procedures around her son’s corpse out of her hands; his name had been commoditized and assimilated into our modes of capitalism.
racism  ferguson 
6 days ago
Interests, Positions, Needs, and Values | Beyond Intractability
all disputes have negotiable interests.[3] But when people define their dispute in terms of positions, they often appear to be highly intractable, since one side wants something that the other completely opposes. Therefore, rather than describing a dispute in terms of parties' positions about what they want, it is often helpful to redefine the situation in terms of the reasons that underlie these positions. By focusing on underlying interests rather than overt positions, apparently resolution-resistant conflicts often become solvable. This is because, in many cases, interests are compatible, even when positions are not. Focusing on interests enables the parties to identify win-win solutions to problems that might not have been evident when the issues were described in terms of positions.
cooperation  mediation  conflict 
6 days ago
It Pays to Be Nice - The Atlantic
“If someone did something that hurt me, and I get pissed, and I screw them over, that destroys that relationship over a mistake,” Rand said. And losing allies, especially in a cooperative environment, can be costly. In his studies, “the strategy that earns the most money is giving someone a pass and letting the person take advantage of you two or three times.”
cooperation  worklife 
6 days ago
Just something interesting: Paris Hilton might be a hardcore radio enthusiast : amateurradio
Paris Hilton. My car broke down on an autobahn in Germany. Managed to coast to sort of layby thing with a burger van and toilets in it. I was in a bad state because I can't speak any German, my phone had no credit and I didn't have my breakdown details with me so I had no idea what to do. I unsuccessfully asked the guy in the burger van for help and he apparently didn't speak English so rather pathetically I started to cry. Then this big old American guy appeared and offered me a cup of tea in his motor home (it wasn't proper tea but that's besides the point). In the van was another guy and friggin Paris Hilton! I kid ye not. She was sweet and made me a sandwich and gave me a hug then proceeded to talk to me for 30mins about some old radio bits she'd bought in some show in Freidrichshafen. I didn't understand most of it. She said that when she wasn't working she liked to drive about Europe going to radio and air shows as if she put a hat on nobody ever recognised her.
reddit  radio  wtf  interesting 
9 days ago
Walker (film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The film is intentionally full of anachronisms such as helicopters, Zippo lighters, automatic rifles and a car passing a horse carriage. It was filmed in Nicaragua during the Contra War.
film  time  anachronism 
11 days ago
The Psychology of an Ethnic Fraud: Behind Rachel Dolezal’s Invented Persecution - The Daily Beast
At first, the initial suspicions raised by a Swiss journalist only produced a pro-Wilkomirski backlash among literati, but, even in that pre-social media moment, the questions only multiplied. Wilkomirski’s story grew more terrible with each telling: when asked why he didn’t have a camp tattoo, for example, he responded that he didn’t have one because he had been subjected to horrific Nazi medical experiments.
fake  ripley 
15 days ago
Diversity Is Not Enough: Race, Power, Publishing
Ultimately, editors and agents hold exactly the same amount of responsibility that writers do in making literature more diverse. The difference is, editors and agents have inordinately more power and access in the industry than writers do. As Arthur A. Levine’s executive editor, Cheryl Klein said: “It’s important to have advocates at every stage, from editing to marketing, from librarians to authors, so it’s an industry-wide effort.” Klein co-founded the Children’s Book Council Diversity Committee, a group of editors “dedicated to increasing the diversity of voices and experiences contributing to children’s and young adult literature.” And that’s what I’m talking about.
15 days ago
Paul Ford: What is Code? | Bloomberg
A programming language is a system for encoding, naming, and organizing algorithms for reuse and application. It’s an algorithm management system. This is why, despite the hype, it’s silly to say Facebook has an algorithm. An algorithm can be translated into a function, and that function can be called (run) when software is executed. There are algorithms that relate to image processing and for storing data efficiently and for rapidly running through the elements of a list. Most algorithms come for free, already built into a programming language, or are available, organized into libraries, for download from the Internet in a moment. You can do a ton of programming without actually thinking about algorithms—you can save something into a database or print a Web page by cutting and pasting code. But if you want the computer to, say, identify whether it’s reading Spanish or Italian, you’ll need to write a language-matching function. So in that sense, algorithms can be pure, mathematical entities as well as practical expressions of ideas on which you can place your grubby hands.
18 days ago
Why the latest Patriot Act reform won’t be enough to rein in the NSA - Vox
"You have to keep in mind that most NSA collection on Americans was not under the Patriot Act. It was under other legal authorities. And none of that surveillance is affected by this new law," he says. "When you think about all the collection that the NSA has been doing on Americans, a small percentage — 5 or 10 percent, maybe less — was under the Patriot Act."

Tye points to two other sources of authority for government spying. One is the 2008 FISA Amendments Act, which is the legal basis for a controversial NSA program called PRISM that collects private data from major internet companies like Google and Facebook. The other is Executive Order 12333, a Reagan-era directive that has become the basis for a lot of NSA spying.
20 days ago
The Chameleon - The New Yorker
At police headquarters, he admitted that he was Frédéric Bourdin, and that in the past decade and a half he had invented scores of identities, in more than fifteen countries and five languages. His aliases included Benjamin Kent, Jimmy Morins, Alex Dole, Sladjan Raskovic, Arnaud Orions, Giovanni Petrullo, and Michelangelo Martini. News reports claimed that he had even impersonated a tiger tamer and a priest, but, in truth, he had nearly always played a similar character: an abused or abandoned child. He was unusually adept at transforming his appearance—his facial hair, his weight, his walk, his mannerisms. “I can become whatever I want,” ...“I think I would be a very good actor, like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone. But I don’t want to play somebody. I want to
identity  con-artists  deception 
21 days ago
USC Roski Fiasco Points to Wider Problems—artnet News
To study art is to learn to think critically, actually critically, not the way the Iovine and Young Academy uses the word. It's not about the sophomoric buzzword “disruption," it's about the actual disrupting of one's own social conditioning through the development of visual literacy and a profound, sometimes very upsetting, understanding of the political, social, and cultural paradoxes present in culture.
21 days ago
How Companies Turn Your Facebook Activity Into a Credit Score | The Nation
Scores can become “self-fulfilling prophecies, creating the financial distress they claim merely to indicate,” as legal scholars Danielle Citron and Frank Pasquale have observed. The worse your score, the more you’re charged—and the more you’re charged, the harder it is to make monthly payments, which means the worse you’re ranked the next time around.
data  debt  poverty 
21 days ago
A moment that changed me – the man who forgot we’d had sex | Philippa Perry | Comment is free | The Guardian
The thing that usually changes a person is another person. And when you allow yourself to be changed by another person, it’s because that person is flexible enough to be changed by you too.
22 days ago
None of them made it into the Jobs movie.
"There are these incredible photographs from the launch of the Macintosh in the 80's, and the Rolling Stone pictures that were published. The historic record shows this group of 10 people in a pyramid--actually 11, seven men and four women. Every photograph you see with the Mac team has Joanna Hoffman, who was the product manager, a great teammate of Steve Jobs, and Susan Kare who did all the graphics and user interface on the artist side. None of them made it into the Jobs movie. They're not even cast. And every man in the photographs is in the movie with a speaking role. It's debilitating to our young women to have their history almost erased." Tonight on PBS, Megan Smith, chief technology officer of the United States.
apple  sexism  computers  erasure 
22 days ago
From 1971: Sexual Art-Politics | ARTnews
Most of the 50-per-cent-plus female art students now in the schools, if they end up making a living by teaching—and many of them do—find their jobs at the high school level or below.
26 days ago
The real story of how the Internet became so vulnerable | The Washington Post
The Internet’s founders saw its promise
but didn’t foresee users attacking one another
toread  thebook 
27 days ago
In Europe, Fake Jobs Can Have Real Benefits - NYTimes.com
The concept of virtual companies, also known as practice firms, traces its roots to Germany after World War II, when large numbers of people needed to reorient their skills. Intended to supplement vocational training, the centers emerged in earnest across Europe in the 1950s and spread rapidly in the last two decades. Today about 5,000 practice firms operate on the Continent, supported by government funds, with at least 2,500 elsewhere in the world, including the United States.

... Some of the faux companies even hold strikes — a common occurrence in France. Axisco, a virtual payment processing center in Val d’Oise, recently staged a fake protest, with slogans and painted banners, to teach workers’ rights and to train human resources staff members to calm tensions.
fake  business  france 
4 weeks ago
What can’t you say? Stephen Fry, Slavoj Žižek, Elif Shafak and more say the unsayable
Geeta Dayal

I worked as a staff writer for a well-known publication (rhymes with “tired”) where I was constantly monitored based on how many hits my articles generated. While I tapped away madly, writing articles as fast as I could on one screen, another showed a red line that jumped up and down, terrify­ingly and unpredictably, showing how many people on the internet were reading my articles in real time. If something I wrote got above 200,000 page views, I received a small bonus, like a dog that had just won a treat. It felt like a journalism sweatshop – and, indeed, someone told me that our building had once housed an actual sweatshop, with underpaid immigrant labourers humming away on sewing machines, cranking out cheap clothes at breakneck speed. Now the sewing machines were Macs, but the concept was essentially the same.

One day, while finishing an article on robots, I was escorted to a cold office and told by a stern man who looked like an ­accountant that my articles, while “critically acclaim­ed”, were not getting enough hits. He pointed to a spreadsheet that showed I was near the bottom of the list in terms of page views. My articles were too long and well researched; I should have written more about cat videos, or live-blogged Apple product announcements. I left that day and never went back.
4 weeks ago
The Fort Pointer on Twitter: ".@jasonrichardson It's just math. Supermarkets require 3k-5k residents in walking dist, or lg parking lots. Housing shortfall was #1 factor."
.@jasonrichardson It's just math. Supermarkets require 3k-5k residents in walking dist, or lg parking lots. Housing shortfall was #1 factor.
4 weeks ago
I Fooled Millions Into Thinking Chocolate Helps Weight Loss. Here's How.
I got a call in December last year from a German television reporter named Peter Onneken. He and his collaborator Diana Löbl were working on a documentary film about the junk-science diet industry. They wanted me to help demonstrate just how easy it is to turn bad science into the big headlines behind diet fads. And Onneken wanted to do it gonzo style: Reveal the corruption of the diet research-media complex by taking part.
4 weeks ago
How to turn a liberal hipster into a capitalist tyrant in one evening | Comment is free | The Guardian
In Zoe Svendsen’s play World Factory at the Young Vic, the audience becomes the cast. Sixteen teams sit around factory desks playing out a carefully constructed game that requires you to run a clothing factory in China. How to deal with a troublemaker? How to dupe the buyers from ethical retail brands? What to do about the ever-present problem of clients that do not pay? Because the choices are binary they are rarely palatable. But what shocked me – and has surprised the theatre – is the capacity of perfectly decent, liberal hipsters on London’s south bank to become ruthless capitalists when seated at the boardroom table.
5 weeks ago
Google: Account Recovery Security Questions Not Very Secure
. A survey of Internet users that Google conducted showed that about 37 percent admitted to providing fake answers to security questions apparently in a bid to make them harder to guess, the two researchers wrote in their blog post announcing the results of their analysis.

Ironically, this behavior only has the effect of making such answers easier to guess because people on aggregate tend to make their answers harder in a predictable way, the researchers said
security  faking 
5 weeks ago
Big data activism: hack the algorithm! - zararah.net Zara Rahman
"Hello everyone. I'm very excited to announce that today is the day that I am marrying my best friend. I am so excited to start our life together. Also we are having a baby."
algorithms  facebook  edgerank 
5 weeks ago
Hi I'm Charles a Google Trusted Photographer taking StreetView inside. : IAmA
Hi I'm Charles a Google Trusted Photographer taking StreetView inside.
submitted 2 years ago by streetvisit
I'm Charles Mansfield-Osborne a Google Trusted Photographer working with Google to take Street View inside Buildings. I try and do more than just take Street View inside Businesses recently I took Street View down a water slide and even into a Dalek. I am listed on the Google Trusted Photographers website. My website is www.streetvisit.com and you can find me on twitter @streetvisit or on facebook
5 weeks ago
Hundreds of people who want to hire hackers just got outed | Fusion
“I need to get information off an iPhone6, mainly texts (current and deleted if possible and the call log),” she wrote. “Or get into their email account … Thanks so much!”

When Terri made the request on Hacker’s List, which had been written about in the New York Times the month before as a way to “get some espionage done,” she probably didn’t realize that the request would later be publicly associated with her name and phone number and address.
5 weeks ago
Adult dating site hack exposes sexual secrets - May. 22, 2015
The breach was carried out by a hacker who goes by the moniker ROR[RG]. In an online hacker forum, he said he blackmailed Adult FriendFinder, telling the site he would expose the data online unless the company paid him $100,000.
data  revenge-porn  extortion 
5 weeks ago
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