The use of pencil-and-paper one-time pads is limited because of the practical and logistical issues and the low message volume it can process. One-time pads were widely used by foreign service communicators until the 1980s, often in combination with code books. Such a code book contained all kinds of words or entire phrases, which were represented by a three or four figure code. For special names or expressions, not listed in the codebook, there were codes included that represent one letter that allowed the spelling of words. There was a book to encode, sorted by alphabet and/or category, and a book to decode, sorted by numbers. These book were valid for a long period of time and were not only to encode the message - which would be a poor encryption method by itself - but especially to reduce its length for transmission over commercial cable or telex.

Once the message was converted into numbers, the communicator enciphered these numbers with the one-time pad. Usually there was a set of two different pads, one for incoming and one for outgoing messages. Although a one-time pad normally has only two copies of a key, one for sender and one for receiver, some systems used more than two copies to address multiple receivers. The pads were like note blocks with random numbers on each small page, but with the edges sealed. One could only read the next pad by tearing off the previous pad. Each pad was used only once and destroyed immediately. This system enabled absolute secure communication. A good description of the use of one-time pads by the Canadian Foreign Service can be found on Jerry Proc's website.

Intelligence agencies use one-time pads to communicate with their agents in the field, where security has absolute priority. With one-time pad, they don't have to carry compromising crypto systems or computer programs with them. They can carry a large number of one-time pad keys in very small booklets, on microfilm or even printed on clothing. These are easy to hide and to destroy. One way to send one-time pad encrypted messages to agents in the field is via numbers stations. To do so, the message text is converted into digits prior to encryption.
The woman who nearly stopped the war
It concerns a young woman who was a witness to something so outrageous, something so contrary to the principles of diplomacy and international law, that in revealing it she believed war could be averted. That woman was Katharine Gun, a 29-year-old Mandarin translator at the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) in Cheltenham.
nsa  gchq 
Charlie Kaufman's New Script for 'Frank or Francis' is Amazing, but Can It Possibly be Made as Is? - ComingSoon.net
Kaufman, screenwriter of such films as Adaptation, Being John Malkovich and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, notes in the opening of the script that “everything in this movie is slightly off.” Slightly is a good way of putting it because as I was discussing the script over email I wrote: “It reads like satire, but it’s almost non-fiction.” Kaufman has essentially nailed every dirty little aspect of Hollywood, satirized it down to its core and spit it out in a 152-page script that hues so close to reality I can’t imagine it will ever be made, at least not in its current form.
hollywood  development-hell 
2 days ago
NSA/CSS Threat Operations Center - The IT Law Wiki - Wikia
The NSA/CSS Threat Operations Center (NTOC) is the primary NSA/CSS partner for Department of Homeland Security response to cyber incidents. The NTOC establishes real-time network awareness and threat characterization capabilities to forecast, alert, and attribute malicious activity and enable the coordination of Computer Network Operations.
2 days ago
Single-camera setup - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
1960s saw increased technical standards in situation comedies which came to have larger casts and utilized a greater number of different locations in episodes. Several comedy series of the era also presented feature film techniques. To this end many comedies of this period, including Leave It to Beaver, Mister Ed, The Andy Griffith Show, My Three Sons, The Addams Family, The Munsters, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, Gilligan's Island, Get Smart, Hogan's Heroes, Family Affair, and The Brady Bunch, used the single-camera technique. Apart from giving a feature film style, this was more suited to the visual effects frequently used in these shows such as magical appearances and disappearances, and lookalike doubles where the regular actors played a dual role. These were created using editing and optical printing techniques, and would not have been possible had the shows been shot using a multi-camera setup.
film  tv  sets 
3 days ago
Equity in Publishing: What Should Editors Be Doing? | PEN American Center
" I was recently asked by a magazine to do some curation for them. When they approached me, and they talked to me about what they wanted, and how diversity was a concern for them, they said, “We have the sense you are in rooms, in conversations that we’re not in.” That quote, that said a lot to me.

That’s because diversity as an editor begins with your friends, your teachers, and your books. What rooms are you in? What conversations? Who are the people in your social media feeds? When you go home, is your family all white? When you go to a party, are your friends all white? When you look down your bookshelf, are all your books by white authors? Those are some tests. What people call diversity has always been, to me, my life. And so if your tastes are not diverse, your life may also not be. And if you find a result you don’t like in all of this, then you work on it.

Racism in America is a part of structural white supremacy. We’re all trained to put white people first and to act like that’s just normal, whatever color we are. So I don’t consider it “brown nepotism” to go over a list I’ve made when I’m jurying a prize or reading applications for an MFA class or selecting a series of writers—I consider it checking my prejudices—checking myself for signs that I’ve bought in an idea that I don’t want working in my head. I’ve written about training myself to deal with male privilege. I did much the same with racism. I still do it. We live in a racist culture and you have to stay woke, as the expression goes. You can’t just imagine dealing with racism is a one-time purge of the system—checking yourself for racism should be a regular thing."
publishing  racism  alexander-chee 
5 days ago
For Woman Dead in French Police Raid, Unlikely Path to Terror - The New York Times
And when Hayat Boumeddiene, the girlfriend of Amedy Coulibaly, an accomplice of the Charlie Hebdo attackers, managed to escape to Syria, the Islamic State’s in-house magazine Dabiq praised her in a lengthy interview.

Ms. Aitboulahcen was a fan. On Aug. 3, she posted a new profile picture on her Facebook page featuring Ms. Boumeddienne with a crossbow.
facebook  isis  wtf  sheros 
8 days ago
From Paris to Boston, Terrorists Were Already Known to Authorities
Known to authorities? At least three of the men involved in planning and carrying out the French attacks were known to European authorities. Ismaël Omar Mostefaï, who helped carry out the massacre at the Bataclan concert venue, had been flagged as a radicalization risk in 2010. French police reportedly ignored two warnings about Mostefaï before he carried out the attacks. Some of his friends claimed to have tried to alert French police about his radical views, but said they were told the authorities could do nothing.
surveillance  paris  terrorism  too-much-hay 
9 days ago
An FBI Informant Seduced Eric McDavid Into a Bomb Plot. Then the Government Lied About It.
For the FBI, Anna was a great find — an informant young enough to look the part of the environmental and animal-rights activists she would be infiltrating. As in Muslim communities after 9/11, the FBI created undercover stings that provided the means and opportunity for left-wing activists to cross the line into violent action. While far fewer in number than the stings against Muslims, the stings on left-wing activists have been just as egregious. For example, an FBI informant led five members of the Occupy movement — at least one of whom had been treated for mental health issues — in a plot to bomb a bridge in Ohio. The FBI came up with the plot and financed it. An undercover informant provided the purported bomb.
9 days ago
Interview with Katie Galloway and Kelly Duane de la Vega, Directors of “Eric & ‘Anna’”
Did the government take a 17, 18-year-old girl, and specifically order her to manipulate a 27-year-old through a promise of a sexual relationship in order to make a counterterrorism case? Because that’s the kind of stuff you’d expect on a sleazy Cinemax show. But in reality we hear, “We can’t provide an explanation for how this happened, all we know was this was in the FBI file the whole time.” And I think that’s incredible. The sad thing is I’m not confident we’ll ever get the answers to why that happened.
fbi  surveillance  informants 
9 days ago
Betting Big on Literary Newcomers - WSJ
assistant manager of Common Good Books in St. Paul, Minn., said sales of “City on Fire” were “a fine, solid start” for a first-time novelist in hardcover, but were likely disappointing for Knopf. “For one like this where they made a big push, it can’t be great news,” he said.
9 days ago
Mailing list for networked cultures, politics, and tactics
According to an article going around from El Diario, a subsidiary of
Tenneco went to Google to formally request erasing protest signs and
graffiti at the Monroe (Spark-plugs) plant in Gijón, Spain. The
article says that the subsidiary claimed there was personal information
in the signs, but from the looks of it, seems more like parodies of the
streetview  erasure 
9 days ago
Mali: Why Islamists Are Destroying Timbuktu's Holy Shrines | TIME.com
It was a singular, defining act of barbarism, beamed out live for the world to see. In March 2001, Taliban fighters and grandees clustered around the famed giant statues of the Buddha in Afghanistan’s Bamiyan province, laid explosives at their feet and blew them up. The extremists’ shadowy leader, Mullah Mohammed Omar, lauded the destruction of the two towering 6th century monuments: “Muslims should be proud of smashing idols. It has given praise to God that we have destroyed them.”

Similar language and zeal was on air Monday when news emerged of an Islamist faction in Mali desecrating a number of tombs in the ancient city of Timbuktu, which in recent months fell under control of a separatist insurgency.
mali  terrorism  antiquity 
9 days ago
Abderrahmane Sissako on the Jihadists in ‘Timbuktu’ - The New York Times
One of the more memorable scenes in “Timbuktu” involves boys playing soccer without a ball in the hope of escaping the iron justice of the jihadists. The idea arose from bans imposed by the Timbuktu jihadists on activities from soccer to singing. “This is forbidding something you can’t forbid,” he said. “If you forbid someone to sing, he’s going to sing in his head; he will sign lullabies in the ear of his child. You cannot stop him from doing that.”

Mr. Sissako said he decided to film the game without a ball “to show resistance.”
film  islam 
9 days ago
Timbuktu's director: why I dared to show hostage-taking jihadis in a new light | Film | The Guardian
Timbuktu had been planned as a documentary, but he realised it would be impossible when most of the gunmen were still at large. “You can’t make a documentary where people aren’t free to speak. And the risk is that you make a film for the jihadists – because they’re the ones who are going to do the talking.” When we meet, recent reports say they have returned to Mali in force. He half smiles. “They never left.”

As is now customary, when the couple in Aguelhok were killed, a video was posted online. Sissako is all too aware the modern jihadi is an eager film-maker. In one scene in Timbuktu, a young recruit is coached through an appearance on camera by his commander, who is as finicky as any auteur. You can see Timbuktu as Sissako’s retort to the propaganda: he offers humanism and grace in answer to the savagery. When sport is banned and footballs are confiscated, a match goes ahead anyway, beautiful and gymnastic – it’s just that the ball is imaginary....

To Sissako, himself a Muslim, the other hostage in Timbuktu is Islam. He says he doesn’t recognise his own faith in Ansar Dine. Their violence “makes Islam into something imaginary”.
film  mali  islam 
9 days ago
Hillel Schwartz's "Torque: The New Kinaesthetic of the Twentieth Century."
Hillel Schwartz's "Torque: The New Kinaesthetic of the Twentieth Century."

"One of favorite pieces on co-evolution and timing in terms of culture's "readiness" for a form of expression ... 1/2" — christopher edwards
10 days ago
A Virtual Reality Revolution, Coming to a Headset Near You - The New York Times
Now, as he preps more ambitious mini-films, Mr. Romanek said he’s grappling with how to allow the viewer to feel that he or she is affecting the story in some way (often called “agency” in VR circles) while retaining some semblance of directorial control.

“When the viewer can look anywhere at any time, composition and montage goes out the window,” Mr. Romanek said. “Do you want Steven Spielberg or Alfred Hitchcock modulating your viewing experience, or your Uncle Morty?”

But a director’s willing and enthusiastic ceding of control may come to define the medium.

“I don’t think the question is: How do we make ‘The Godfather’ or ‘Jaws’ in VR?,” Mr. Romanek said. “I think it’s something else.”
10 days ago
Google will let companies target ads using your email address | The Verge
Google will soon let advertisers tap into one of the most lucrative types of ad targeting: email addresses. The search giant is rolling out a new tool called Customer Match, which lets advertisers use a list of email addresses to target specific users across Google services. To be targeted through this technique, you only need to be logged into your Google account and have given your email address to a retailer, perhaps by buying something from their website or giving it out to sign up for a loyalty program. Google says the individual email addresses are anonymized through Customer Match. That means companies won't be able to create personalized profiles of individuals, but they will still be compiling lists with general customer habits like YouTube viewing and Google search histories to target ads with.
privacy  tracking 
10 days ago
To Avoid Jet Lag This Summer, Travel Like a Scientist - WSJ
For several days before the trip, Dr. Burgess advanced her bedtime by one hour each night, and got up an hour earlier each morning. She took a low dose of melatonin in the early afternoon to help her reset her body clock. And she sought out bright light in the very early morning, avoiding wearing sunglasses to maximize her exposure, to wake up her body clock.
12 days ago
Merchants of Doubt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
keeping the controversy alive" by spreading doubt and confusion after a scientific consensus had been reached, was the basic strategy of those opposing action.
debate  environment  rhetoric 
16 days ago
The War on Campus Sexual Assault Goes Digital - The New York Times
Students at participating colleges can use its site, called Callisto, to record details of an assault anonymously. The site saves and time-stamps those records. That allows students to decide later whether they want to formally file reports with their schools — identifying themselves by their school-issued email addresses — or download their information and take it directly to the police.
rape  privacy  anonymity  thebook 
16 days ago
The Act of Creation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Act of Creation is a 1964 book by Arthur Koestler. It is a study of the processes of discovery, invention, imagination and creativity in humour, science, and the arts. It lays out Koestler's attempt to develop an elaborate general theory of human creativity.
18 days ago
Help Center
No, we don't record your conversations. If you choose to turn on this feature, we'll only use your microphone to identify the things you're listening to or watching based on the music and TV matches we're able to identify. If this feature is turned on, it's only active when you're writing a status update.
facebook  recording 
19 days ago
Aziz Ansari on Acting, Race and Hollywood - The New York Times
When we were looking for an Asian actor for “Master of None,” my fellow creator, Alan Yang, asked me: “How many times have you seen an Asian guy kiss someone in TV or film?” After a long hard think, we came up with two (Steven Yeun on “The Walking Dead” and Daniel Dae Kim on “Lost”). It made me realize how important it was not to give up on our search.

But I wouldn’t be in the position to do any of this, and neither would Alan, unless some straight white guy, in this case Mike Schur, had given us jobs on “Parks and Recreation.”
19 days ago
Against Students – The New Inquiry
One of my concerns in Willful Subjects was with the politics of dismissal. I was interested in how various points of view can be dismissed by being swept away or swept up by the charge of willfulness. So: What protesters are protesting about can be ignored when protesters are assumed to be suffering from too much will;
activism  academia  education 
20 days ago
How the First Amendment applies to Jennifer Lawrence - Columbia Journalism Review
he compares this perceived shift to the effect of a famous legal essay, “The Right to Privacy,” published by Louis D. Brandeis and Samuel Warren in 1890. Warren and Brandeis argued that courts should recognize a “right to be let alone” that would prevent the disclosure of personal information, even if truthful and interesting to readers. The essay sparked the creation of a new tort, invasion of privacy, which has occasionally given rise to judgments against media for publishing misleading or embarrassing information about ordinary people.
20 days ago
L.A. Freelancers Are Getting Hosed by the City's "Tax Discovery Program" | L.A. Weekly
Although little-known to people who work at home sewing, writing, designing, illustrating, party planning or tutoring, their perfectly legal pursuits are deemed "unlicensed" by L.A. officials, and they must register with City Hall. Then, these tens of thousands of residents are notified to pay an obscure annual city "business tax."
taxes  la 
27 days ago
''I learned two things from improvising that turned out to be invaluable in directing,'' Nichols says. ''One was to be confident with an audience. Being in front of an audience every night for three or four hours, you learned to think, 'I can take care of you guys.' '' (Part of the routine was to take requests from the audience for a subject, around which to improvise.)

''But most of all,'' Nichols says, ''you learned to damn well pick something that would happen in the scene - an Event. Elaine used to say, 'When in doubt, seduce .' So that if we had to do a scene about a laundromat, for instance, one of us would try to seduce the other. That's one possibility.

''Another was to have a fight, because, as we all know, conflict leads to a scene. As long as something is happening , you can continue to improvise - otherwise it's just chitchat.''

With that lesson ingrained, Nichols learned to approach each scene of a play with the question: What's happening? ''All this,'' he says, ''became extremely useful in plays and movies, in terms of expressing the unstated .''
storytelling  drama  theater 
28 days ago
He cites, as an example, the Event in ''The Graduate'' that leads to the scene in which Dustin Hoffman, as Ben, finally capitulates to Anne Bancroft, as Mrs. Robinson. This capitulation scene (Ben finally slipping on the banana peel) is very calculatedly preceded by the farcical business in which Ben's parents make him try out their gift of an underwater diving suit.

''It's such an Event,'' Nichols says, ''that not only does he have to try the equipment on , which isolates him from everybody completely - he can't hear, he can barely move - but then he has to get in the water . You see it all from his point of view.

''And the parents continually push him under , and smile , and keep pushing him under. And then he just sits at the bottom of the pool, not knowing what to do.

''And from this, directly, comes his decision to call Mrs. Robinson; it's to free himself from his suffocating parents. While you are underwater with him , in the diving suit, you hear Mrs. Robinson say 'Hello?' on the phone. And in the next shot Ben is in a phone booth speaking to her, asking if she'd like to meet him at the hotel, and she says she'll be there in 15 minutes. It's cause and effect.'' Nichols does not try to restrain his delighted chuckle.
directing  drama  film  storytelling 
28 days ago
Analyzing the invisible process by which Kazan created this sense of immediacy, Nichols realized it consisted of ''getting the actor to physically express what the author, in his dialogue, gives only clues to.''
theater  comedy  elaine-may 
28 days ago
Humor Came Her
Like George W.S. Trow and Harold Brodkey, Geng was one of the writers Shawn hired during the sixties and seventies whose work was extravagantly intelligent but not always intelligible -- "extreme writers," as his successor, Robert Gottlieb, so aptly called them, who would require time and faith to develop a constituency. S
5 weeks ago
A Conversation with Dustin Hoffman : NPR
I've bumped into people like--certainly, Simon and Garfunkel and Sting and Bruce Springsteen and people in the music business have a fondness for that film, because they know middle-aged guys who have been struggling to become one of them since they were 18, 19 years old, still struggling, still at it. You know, second rate talent. There's an underlying message to that movie, you know, that I think made it worth doing, and I would do it again in a second--that Elaine May had, and that--'cause if you remember, the beginning of the movie, they're singing "That's Amore," and at the end of the movie they're singing it again in Morocco, like, in a Holiday Inn.

LORI: Uh-huh.

Mr. HOFFMAN: And I think what she was talking about in that film is that: `Isn't it better to be second-rate and love what you're doing...'

LORI: Yeah.

Mr. HOFFMAN: …’than be first-rate and have no passion for it?' And that--you know, as we were talking about before, we said comedy's a serious business and that was underneath the comedy, I think.
advice  film  elaine-may 
5 weeks ago
Reconsidering Box Office Bombs Years After the Fact - The New York Times
films maudits — a useful French term for movies that are accursed, slandered and otherwise disreputable — can be taken as cautionary tales with conflicting morals. They illustrate either the consequences of creative hubris or the cruelty of a media herd eager to punish originality and aspiration.
5 weeks ago
'Ishtar': Seven Myths Regarding The Legendary Flop - The Moviefone Blog
Where Beatty and May differed most strongly was in the endless editing process. Their contracts guaranteed a measure of final cut authority to May, Beatty, and Hoffman -- which meant, really, that none of them had final cut. Each of them was working on his or her own cut of the movie at the same time. In the end, Hollywood superlawyer Bert Fields, who represented all three of them, wound up overseeing the editing.
producting  elaine-may 
5 weeks ago
Ishtar (film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Warren Beatty felt indebted to Elaine May who, in addition to co-writing his 1978 hit Heaven Can Wait, had done a major uncredited rewrite on the script of his Academy Award winning Reds and helped immensely with its post-production. He began looking for a project that she could write and direct. She had never, he believed, had a sufficiently protective producer, and by starring in and producing her next film he could give her the chance to make the film he believed her to be creatively and commercially capable of making.[4]
production  hollywood 
5 weeks ago
History News Network | We’ve Just Learned the Origins of Illegal Surveillance in the United States Go Back to the 1930s
Half a century before either Edward Snowden or Chelsea Manning was born, American military codebreakers and U.S. telecommunications companies collaborated on a secret electronic surveillance program that, as newly declassified documents reveal, they knew to be illegal. The program, approved at the highest levels of the U.S. government, targeted messages sent by foreign embassies in Washington, DC, in the years leading up to World War II, and was dramatically expanded after the war.
surveillance  history 
5 weeks ago
The tell-all memoir I decided not to tell - Salon.com
“[I] wonder whether this writer’s gifts might not be put to better use than in this kind of confessional — as the personal risks, and ethical ones (her own privacy and that of others, especially [her ex-husband]) are not insignificant, while the upside in terms of audience potential is iffy. These kinds of books can sometimes hit a cultural nerve and get a lot of attention. But they can also cost the author a great deal.”
6 weeks ago
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