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Movement Mechanics in “The Legend of Zelda” « Troy Gilbert
There is something very good here.... trying to figure out the application.
programming  games  design  videogames  nintendo  interaction  ui  via:skitch 
december 2009 by johnsnavely
New - Pastie
even the clipboad is now on the web
web2.0  clipboard  programming  snippet  code 
november 2009 by johnsnavely
FluidHtml / Home
FluidHtml is a text-based markup language (like HTML) that lets you dynamically generate Flash content. This is an extraordinarily powerful idea. It means that anyone can build highly animated websites, ads, media players and 3D animations quickly and easily
flash  html  programming  webdesign  language  development  via:chl 
september 2009 by johnsnavely
Kitchen Timer by Emma Caselton » Yanko Design
needed this yesterday when assembling ikea furniture. this could easily be digital.
cooking  food  design  programming  via:bryan 
august 2009 by johnsnavely
ChemDoodle Web Components
javascript, yo, javascript.
"ChemDoodle Web Components are pure javascript objects derived from ChemDoodle to solve common chemistry related tasks on the web. These components are powerful, fully customizable, easy to implement, and are free under the open source GPL license. The examples below show some basic uses of these components."
javascript  via:chl  programming  science  chemistry  opensource 
august 2009 by johnsnavely
Mario AI Competition 2009
This competition is about learning, or otherwise developing, the best controller (agent) for a version of Super Mario Bros.

The controller's job is to win as many levels (of increasing difficulty) as possible. Each time step (24 per second in simualated time) the controller has to decide what action to take (left, right, jump etc) in response to the environment around Mario.

We are basing the competition on a heavily modified version of the Infinite Mario Bros game by Markus Persson. That game is an all-Java tribute to the Nintendo's seminal Super Mario Bros game, with the added benefit of endless random level generation. We believe that playing this game well is a challenge worthy of the best players, the best programmers and the best learning algorithms alike.
awesome  mario  videogames  programming  competition  Nintendo  via:arthegall 
august 2009 by johnsnavely
YouTube - Code Canvas
it's not quite right, but not sure why
microsoft  programming  code  canvas  panandzoom 
july 2009 by johnsnavely
Takeo Igarashi
Teddy is a sketch-based 3D modeling software.
You can make interesting 3D models just by drawing freeform strokes.
programming  java  animation  3d 
july 2009 by johnsnavely
Chrome Experiments - Detail - 3D JavaScript with Sandy-HX
Sandy-HX is a 3D engine that was ported from ActionScript to Haxe, giving it the ability to create 3D JavaScript applications (rendered through the canvas element). Chrome is the only browser that can render JavaScript Sandy-HX applications at an acceptable speed.
actionscript  javascript  3d  programming  chrome 
july 2009 by johnsnavely
Tinker it now!
Physical computing, interaction design, hacking electronics and a good dose of solder
arduino  electronics  DIY  programming  interaction  technology  via:edith 
july 2009 by johnsnavely
flixel is a completely free collection of Actionscript 3 files that helps organize, automate, and optimize Flash games; an object-oriented framework that lets anyone create original and complex games with thousands of objects on screen in just a few hours, without using any of the Flash libraries.
via:toxi  actionscript  programming  engine  development  flash 
june 2009 by johnsnavely
Ron Fedkiw
My research is focused on the design of new computational algorithms for a variety of applications including computational fluid dynamics and solid mechanics, computer graphics, computer vision and computational biomechanics.
physics  3d  simulation  animation  programming  via:toxi 
june 2009 by johnsnavely
MonaTweeta II on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Ok, this is mega awesome.
"Preliminary result of a little competition with the goal to write an image encoder/decoder that allows to send an image in a tweet. The image on the left is what I currently manage to send in 140 characters via twitter.

This is the tweet for the image:

I am using chinese characters here since in UTF-8 encoding they allow me to send 210 bytes of data in 140 chars. In theory I could use the whole character code range from 0x0000-0xffff, but there are several control chars among them which probably could not be sent properly. With some tweaking and testing it would be possible to use at least 1 or 2 more bits which would allow to sneak 17 or 35 more bytes into a tweet, but the whole encoding would be way more nasty and the tweets would contain chars that have no font representation."
twitter  image  compression  flickr  programming  via:skitch 
may 2009 by johnsnavely
Degrafa : Declarative Graphics Framework
Degrafa is

* a declarative graphics framework
* open source
* licensed under MIT.
actionscript  flash  flex  programming  visualization 
may 2009 by johnsnavely
MSAFluid for processing |
This is a library for solving real-time fluid dynamics simulations based on Navier-Stokes equations and Jos Stam's paper on Real-Time Fluid Dynamics for Games. While I wrote the library primarily for processing it has no dependency on processing libraries and the source can be used with any Java application.

C++ version for openFrameworks can be found here.
processing  programming  fluid 
may 2009 by johnsnavely
hatful of hollow - Visualising Sorting Algorithms
I dislike animated sorting algorithm visualisations - there's too much of an air of hocus-pocus about them. Something impressive and complicated happens on screen, but more often than not the audience is left mystified. I think their creators must also know that they have precious little explanatory value, because the better ones are sexed up with play-by-play doodles, added, one feels, as an apologetic afterthought by some particularly dorky sportscaster. Nevertheless I've been unable to find a single attempt to visualise a sorting algorithm statically (if you know of any, please drop me a line).
visualization  code  programming  algorithm  via:toxi  sort 
april 2009 by johnsnavely
Functional Javascript
Functional is a library for functional programming in JavaScript. It defines the standard higher-order functions such as map, reduce (aka foldl), and select (aka filter). It also defines functions such as curry, rcurry, and partial for partial function application; and compose, guard, and until for function-level programming. And all these functions accept strings, such as 'x -> x+1', 'x+1', or '+1' as synonyms for the more verbose function(x) {return x+1}.
functional  programming  javascript  development  code  reference  api  via:skitch 
april 2009 by johnsnavely
Amazon Elastic MapReduce
Amazon Elastic MapReduce is a web service that enables businesses, researchers, data analysts, and developers to easily and cost-effectively process vast amounts of data. It utilizes a hosted Hadoop framework running on the web-scale infrastructure of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).
cloud  database  programming  data  resource  development 
april 2009 by johnsnavely
Alchemy Smoke Simulation - Der Schmale - David Lenaerts's Blog
hmmm I had an art idea for smoke stuff, but didn't want to learn it in 3dsmax, maybe this will work
art  programming  actionscript  flash  via:mrdoob  smoke 
march 2009 by johnsnavely
Using papervision3D with the jiglib physics engine on BLITZ Labs, the BLITZ Agency Blog
When a few examples of the ported jiglib physics engine were released, I wanted to see what this engine was capable of. Here are a few of those experiments.
games  physics  actionscript  programming  flash  papervision  3d 
february 2009 by johnsnavely - Home
a Mechanical Turk task disguised as a game. brilliant.
games  programming  productivity  research  crowdsourcing 
february 2009 by johnsnavely
Processing library for feature detection and tracking « codeanticode
The KLT (Kanade-Lucas-Tomasi) is an algorithm for computer vision that tracks points in a sequence of images (a video for example). Points are selected by being at the corner pixels of the image (pixels where edges intersect). Depending on how an image in the sequence distorts into the next, the algorithm computes an optical flow that allows to track the detected points in time, until the disappear from the image and are replaced by new ones
vision  processing  programming  java  via:velluminousrex 
january 2009 by johnsnavely
app2you: Customize. It's up to you.
app2you's JustSketch™ interface allows you to easily create your own applications in minutes without installing any software, doing any programming, designing any databases or maintaining any servers.

You just visit and sketch the pages of your application in simple, non-technical terms from the comfort of your web browser. Your application will be hosted at, your data will be secured and backed up and all you have to do is invite the users.
web2.0  tools  webdesign  opensource  programming  software 
january 2009 by johnsnavely
How we use IRC at | Richard Jones, Esq.
really interesting. another reason email needs to die, already.
tools  via:skitch  programming  productivity  work  hack  irc 
january 2009 by johnsnavely
PostSpectacular: start
"Design & development of personal data visualization tool, January 2009"
Looking forward to this.
architecture  motion  processing  programming  digital  uk  studio  via:toxi 
january 2009 by johnsnavely
Andy Jacobs » Cocoa touch for actionscript developers (basics)
someone is going to build an actionscript to objective C compiler. I can smell it.
touch  programming  iphone  actionscript 
december 2008 by johnsnavely
bitlash online
Bitlash is an open source interpreted language shell for the Arduino serial port. It runs on the Arduino and interprets commands that you type in a terminal window or send programmatically
programming  tool  prototyping  arduino 
december 2008 by johnsnavely
From ActionScript to iPhone | BIT-101 Blog
A couple of weeks ago I was looking at the vast list of unfinished projects and random ideas i’ve accumulated over the last year or so and decided I needed to choose one and finish it. That’s when I decided to concentrate on my next game, Gravity Pods 2. As soon as I started on that, I had the epiphany that it would make a great game for the iPhone.

So, while I’ve been cranking on the Flash version of the game, I started to look into learning Objective C 2.0 and iPhone development. The transition is not an easy one. ActionScript, JavaScript, Java, C, C#, C++, PHP, etc. are all pretty similar in terms of basic syntax. Even Python is not that foreign.
programming  iphone  actionscript 
december 2008 by johnsnavely
Universal Feed Parser
Parse RSS and Atom feeds in Python. 3000 unit tests. Open source.
via:arthegall  tools  web2.0  programming  rss  python  feed  rdf  xml 
december 2008 by johnsnavely
Pie In The Sky « Not The User’s Fault
The reason why pie menus are good has to do with Fitts’ Law, one of the most reliable theories in all of HCI, which has been empirically verified time and time again. Sadly, a lot of people who do UI design, even professionals, don’t know about this simple and useful formula. (Formula shown as an image...woot)
webdesign  usability  programming  pie  menu 
december 2008 by johnsnavely
Digital Pictures Interactive » Blog Archive » Papervision - Augmented Reality
Using a webcam and flash, we’ve taken our Papervision character from the desktop to the desk. A new and exciting way to interact with your flash content. The possibilities are wide open.
papervision  3d  programming  actionscript 
november 2008 by johnsnavely
mlabwrap v1.0
A high-level python to Matlab(tm) bridge. Let's Matlab look like a normal python library.
python  matlab  programming 
november 2008 by johnsnavely
Software Studies: Software Takes Command (a new book by Lev Manovich)
In his introduction to 2006 Rotterdam workshop
Fuller writes that “software can be seen as an object
of study and an area of practice for art and design
theory and the humanities, for cultural studies and
science and technology studies and for an emerging
reflexive strand of computer science.” Given that a
new academic discipline can be defined either
through a unique object of study, a new research
method, or a combination of the two, how shall we
think of software studies?
toread  programming  media  software  via:der_mo 
november 2008 by johnsnavely
Fnk (alpha)
visual programming in flash. vvvv in actionscript
visual  programming  actionscript  flash 
november 2008 by johnsnavely
IDMI research projects -
opensource lib to turn a phone into a "controller"
opensource  reference  programming  mobile  iphone 
october 2008 by johnsnavely
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