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"Cosplay of the Day: Palestinians dressed as Na’vi protest Israel’s separation barrier near the West Bank village of Bil’in."
wow. just wow.
culture  war  palestine  avatar  movie  cosplay 
february 2010 by johnsnavely
Bridge02 0016 [vid] on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
I wish I could extract the first 2 seconds of this. Because it's very beautiful. After that... not so much.
art  architecture  movie 
october 2009 by johnsnavely
YouTube - The Happiness of the Katakuris "Beginning Scenes"
Takashi Miike is the best
"Looking for a feel-good cheesy musical full of claymation combined with live action and some singing and dancing zombies? Look no further than "The Happiness of the Katakuris" by horror director Takashi Miike. His decidedly nontraditional musical tells the story of the Katakuri clan, innkeepers who live on the depopulated slopes of Mount Fuji and who band together with tuneful Von Trapp-like determination when their guests keep turning up dead. Upon discovery of the first body, reaction shots of each family member are given the full music-video treatment... replete with dry ice and blue light!

Takashi Miike's flims are often very provocative, based on extreme violence and sexual taboos and often contain ambiguous and/or truly bizarre endings. This particular film, in contrast, is a light and breezy comedy/horror/musical/romance/thriller with something for everyone."
horror  movie  stopmotion  claymation  animation  cute  awesome 
july 2009 by johnsnavely
“The younger architects who are attempting to rekindle a sense of architecture as a social tool are not necessarily operating on a different wavelength from the post-modernists; indeed, they often share their best values: a commitment to the city as a totality, and to the idea that buildings have a responsibility to fit in with their surroundings.

The troubling schism today comes from those younger architects who reject it all - to whom the self-indulgent richness of what we might call Reagan-era post-modernism and the socially responsible architecture that tries, feebly but earnestly, to be an alternative, are all just different versions of the same thing. To these architects it is all sentimental, romantic claptrap, this business of following the classical tradition, making new use of the forms of the past, and fitting buildings into the existing urban context. They yearn to break away more fully, to make a new world distant from what, to them, has become stultified and dull.
pomo  architecture  movie  timburton  via:bryan 
july 2009 by johnsnavely
YouTube - Mike Tyson In The Hangover
ok. Mike Tyson is making this movie a must see.
humor  miketyson  music  movie 
may 2009 by johnsnavely (video/quicktime Object)
stop motion beats motion graphics. go lo fi!
animation  movie  video  motion 
august 2008 by johnsnavely
YouTube - Max Payne Official Movie Trailer
You should tell Marky Mark to leap on top of a grenade. And then hit "Save"
july 2008 by johnsnavely
Danny Yount
some really beautiful motion work here
motiongraphics  movie 
may 2008 by johnsnavely
Iron Man main title : Prologue Films
iron man credits. technical drawings, with a 70's vibe
design  motion  movie 
may 2008 by johnsnavely
lolitron :: (*´Д`)ハァハァ
wow. I hope this is good. Cause I'm going to see it.
humor  japan  movie  slasher  via:apo 
december 2007 by johnsnavely

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