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jobs on flash. apple adobe fight!
jobs  apple  iphone  adobe  flash 
may 2010 by johnsnavely
The Flash Blog » The unofficial Nexus One Flash demos
flash on nexus one. I've said this before... the real iPhone killer will be the first great mobile browser. all the content here is free... no apps.
mobile  flash  google  nexus 
february 2010 by johnsnavely
HTML5 and the future of Adobe Flash
The old anti-Microsoft alliance of Google, Adobe, and Apple is splintering. This was only a loose alliance to begin with (”the enemy of my enemy is my friend”). But now there are multi-way tensions and collision courses (Apple vs Google in mobile space, Apple vs Adobe in browser/plugin, and of course Microsoft vs each one of these).
flash  apple  ipad  adobe  google  microsoft 
february 2010 by johnsnavely
Installation guide for Flash Indexhibit frontend - aron / philipp development blog
flash front end for index exhibit. I need to redo my portfolio. It's this or cargocollective so far.
flash  indexhibit  portfolio  actionscript 
october 2009 by johnsnavely
FluidHtml / Home
FluidHtml is a text-based markup language (like HTML) that lets you dynamically generate Flash content. This is an extraordinarily powerful idea. It means that anyone can build highly animated websites, ads, media players and 3D animations quickly and easily
flash  html  programming  webdesign  language  development  via:chl 
september 2009 by johnsnavely
flixel is a completely free collection of Actionscript 3 files that helps organize, automate, and optimize Flash games; an object-oriented framework that lets anyone create original and complex games with thousands of objects on screen in just a few hours, without using any of the Flash libraries.
via:toxi  actionscript  programming  engine  development  flash 
june 2009 by johnsnavely
Flashterm is an ANSI capable telnet terminal for the web written for the Adobe Flash Player plugin developed by Peter Nitsch. The client is based off the AS3ANSI open source library, and is completely FREE for download.

Flashterm is currently in OPEN BETA. Use it at your own risk. If you'd like to report bugs or help in the project, please subscribe to the mailing list by emailing with the subject SUBSCRIBE FLASHTERM or visiting the support forum at the diskshop BBS.
via:cory  flash  actionscript  internet  history 
june 2009 by johnsnavely
Degrafa : Declarative Graphics Framework
Degrafa is

* a declarative graphics framework
* open source
* licensed under MIT.
actionscript  flash  flex  programming  visualization 
may 2009 by johnsnavely
Smoke effects using Alchemy Particle System - peter
I've been experimenting with adding effects to Particle Systems API, which I ported using Alchemy, and came up with some interesting smoke visuals. The effect was achieved by applying blur and displacement map filters on the AS side, which leaves a lot to be desired in regards to performance, but my goal was to showcase the potential of the particle emitter. I plan on moving those operations to C++, perhaps using David Lenaerts Alchemy displacement map technique, once I figure out how I want to architect the effects layer for release (yes, I am planning on releasing the source).
flash  actionscript  smoke  via:mrdoob 
april 2009 by johnsnavely
simple and unapologetic. love it.
interactive  motion  flash  ink 
april 2009 by johnsnavely
Alchemy Smoke Simulation - Der Schmale - David Lenaerts's Blog
hmmm I had an art idea for smoke stuff, but didn't want to learn it in 3dsmax, maybe this will work
art  programming  actionscript  flash  via:mrdoob  smoke 
march 2009 by johnsnavely
Using papervision3D with the jiglib physics engine on BLITZ Labs, the BLITZ Agency Blog
When a few examples of the ported jiglib physics engine were released, I wanted to see what this engine was capable of. Here are a few of those experiments.
games  physics  actionscript  programming  flash  papervision  3d 
february 2009 by johnsnavely
iglibFlash is a open source Actionscript 3D Physics Engine. It’s ported by muzerly from the c++ open source physics engine jiglib and uses a part of jiglibX. The SVN source of JiglibFlash can be found here.
physics  opensource  actionscript  flash  papervision3d 
january 2009 by johnsnavely
Mr.doob's blog | DuplicateMovieClip with AS3 (not Senocular's way)
I've been trying to use Senocular's duplicateDisplayObject() for a while and I've experienced a lot of crashes of specific versions of Flash player and also unsuccessful results when used within an AIR application. After playing around quite a bit with all this, the best way I've found is to avoid duplicating the instance but duplicate the element on the domain/library instead.
actionscript  flash  tips 
january 2009 by johnsnavely
Play Auditorium
fun little game. starts out simple, get more complex
visualization  videogames  physics  sound  play  puzzle  flash 
december 2008 by johnsnavely
Fnk (alpha)
visual programming in flash. vvvv in actionscript
visual  programming  actionscript  flash 
november 2008 by johnsnavely
shotChart_02.swf (application/x-shockwave-flash Object)
I can try and rip the data for you... if you haven't already done so.
november 2008 by johnsnavely
Flash 10 3D vs. “The Old Fashioned Way” | BIT-101 Blog
I've found that a lot of stuff that I do with Flash 10 3D just doesn't look as good as the stuff that I code by hand.
flash  actionscript  3d 
november 2008 by johnsnavely
Lexus RX 350
rollover interface. contextual menus
flash  ui  interface  webdesign 
july 2008 by johnsnavely
César Isern || Clock screensaver.
i am going to steal this clock design.
clock  time  flash 
july 2008 by johnsnavely
yugop makes a nice site about bras
actionscript  flash  clothing  webdesign 
july 2008 by johnsnavely
flash drive and split ruler
product  design  ruler  flash  interior  fabrication 
july 2008 by johnsnavely
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