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Cuban-Americans and Ronald Reagan | FrontPage Magazine
The Castro brothers and Che Guevara converted a nation with a higher per capita income than half the nations of Europe, the lowest inflation rate in the Western hemisphere, a larger middle class than Switzerland, a huge influx of immigrants and the 13th lowest infant-mortality in the world, into one that repels Haitians.

Having lived it, to Americans of Cuban heritage Communism means—not free healthcare, not universal education, not overzealous social workers and community organizers—but pure Evil.
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august 2011 by johnniebyrd
IMF Chief Case Proves There’s Shocking Wealth in Being A Socialist | HUMAN EVENTS
Apparently there’s some good money to be made with a career as a professional Socialist.
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may 2011 by johnniebyrd
Uncontrolled Spending Is the Real Threat | The Heritage Foundation
All across Western Europe—the land of platinum-plated social benefits, the 35-hour work week, tony retirement plans and government-funded health care—countries are coming to the realization that they can no longer afford these luxuries amid skyrocketing deficits. Yet here in the United States, as we face a $14.3 trillion deficit, some are calling for increasing our government’s ability to borrow even more money without any concern for spending reform. Congress can’t allow that to happen, lest we become the Europe of the West.
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april 2011 by johnniebyrd
EU to ban cars from cities - Telegraph
NEVER IN AMERICA! JUST WAIT: "Cars will be banned from London and all other cities across Europe under a draconian EU masterplan to cut CO2 emissions by 60 per cent over the next 40 years."
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march 2011 by johnniebyrd
Upending Our Caste System | National Review Online
Learn more about the context of the Wisconsin debate before it comes to your hometown.
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february 2011 by johnniebyrd
Progressivism Has Been “Outed”
Many Americans, perhaps for the first time in their lives, are beginning to recognize the contemptible nature of progressivism.
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february 2011 by johnniebyrd
Dependence Day - The Erosion of Personal Liberty - Mark Steyn - The New Criterion
Steyn: "The United States is facing nothing so amiable and genteel as Continental-style “decline,” but something more like sliding off a cliff."
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january 2011 by johnniebyrd
Changing America - Walter E. Williams - Townhall Conservative
Walter gets it right again: "Fighting government intrusion into our lives is becoming increasingly difficult [because] ... educators at the primary, secondary and university levels have been successful in teaching our youngsters to despise the values of ...  our nation."
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december 2010 by johnniebyrd Happy Starvation Day - John Stossel
All good conservatives should study John Stossel's pithy arguments for free markets and capitalism. This is required reading.
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november 2010 by johnniebyrd
American Thinker: My First Thankful Thanksgiving
This is the point of my political blog this week: a converted liberal gives thanks for be able to pull back from the brink of mindless socialism.
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november 2010 by johnniebyrd

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