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Education Made Simple: What is School Choice? | Heritage Foundation
Heritage’s new education video tells the story of two towns: Choiceville and Districtville. Choiceville has a variety of supermarkets, each specializing in something different. Supermarkets compete to attract customers, increasing quality for everyone.

But it’s a different story in Districtville. In this town, residents pay their monthly grocery bill into a common fund, which is then distributed to individual grocery stores. Consumers are assigned to a store by district, and may shop only at that store.

Does this sound absurd? The education system in America works much like Districtville.
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august 2011 by johnniebyrd
Culture of cheating breeding in schools across U.S. | Washington Times
hose sneaky students in the back of the classroom aren’t the only cheaters. Teachers and school leaders are getting in on the scams by boosting test scores not through better instruction, but by erasing wrong answers, replacing them with the right ones and hoodwinking parents in the process.
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july 2011 by johnniebyrd
Federal Higher Education Policy and the Profitable Nonprofits | Cato Institute
Undergraduate education is a highly profitable business for nonprofit colleges and universities. They do not show profits on their books, but instead take their profits in the form of spending on some combination of research, graduate education, low-demand majors, low faculty teaching loads, excess compensation, and featherbedding. The industry's high profits come at the expense of students and taxpayer.
june 2011 by johnniebyrd
School Districts Grapple With Budget Cuts | Sunshine State News

Tallahassee - Sunshine State News - "Completely virtual 7th period classes. Teacher furloughs. Layoffs of hundreds of school employees. Four-day school weeks. Fewer school buses.

Those are just a few of the options schools districts across the state are mulling to close budget gaps that range from $6 million to $144 million. The budget holes are blamed in part on falling property tax revenue, the disappearance of federal stimulus dollars and proposed reductions in state funding for schools of nearly 7 percent per student."
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april 2011 by johnniebyrd
Florida Education Reforms Succeed, Spread to Other States | Heritage
State leaders seem to know a good reform strategy when they see it, and many across the country are beginning to embrace the Florida reform model.
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april 2011 by johnniebyrd
Saving Money Through School Choice | Heritage
Where to begin? The D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program (DCOSP) has been a resounding success. Congressionally mandated evaluations of the scholarship program by the U.S. Department of Education revealed that DCOSP children are making gains in academic achievement, particularly reading achievement. Notably, students who received a voucher and used it to attend private school had a 91 percent graduation rate. Graduation rates in D.C. Public Schools stand at just around 55 percent. Clearly, the program works.
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march 2011 by johnniebyrd
Guns on campus gets first approval in Texas House | Washington Examiner
FLORIDA LEGISLATURE DOES NOT GET IT. TEXAS DOESOn her first day of class, 51-year-old Marie Kilian was talking with other students at Sam Houston State University about what to do if a gunman walked in and started shooting.
Run. Tackle him. Throw textbooks. But all of those ideas seemed likely to get her killed.
"I am better able to protect myself in a Walmart than a college classroom," Kilian said Wednesday, testifying in support of legislation that would allow concealed handgun license holders to carry their weapons in college classrooms and buildings across Texas.
As a license holder, Kilian said she would have another alternative: shoot back.
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march 2011 by johnniebyrd
Food Fight! Battle Begins Over Who Controls School Lunch Programs | Sunshine State News
School lunch just got political.
Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam told the state Board of Education on Tuesday that he wants to to move the federal child nutrition programs from the Department of Education to the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.
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march 2011 by johnniebyrd
Senate Sends Teacher Merit Pay Bill to House | Sunshine State News
Teachers in Florida could be paid based on their performance if a bill passed by the state Senate Thursday makes it through the House. Senators voted 27-12 in favor of SB 736, sponsored by Sen. Stephen Wise, R-Jacksonville, which would also phase out teacher tenure by offering one-year contracts to all teachers hired after July 1.
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march 2011 by johnniebyrd
Wisconsin: An Education in Special Interest Power | Heritage Foundation
Teachers unions exercise considerable power across the nation. The Florida Legislature has yet to stand up to teachers' union.
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february 2011 by johnniebyrd
Education Waste: We Have Only Ourselves to Blame | Cato Institute: Commentary
There's a curious line in the summary of President Barack Obama's proposed fiscal 2012 Department of Education budget. "Now more than ever," it reads, "we cannot waste taxpayer dollars on programs that do not work." It's curious because no federal education programs appear to work, yet the Obama administration is proposing to increase Education Department spending from $64 billion to $77 billion. It's a bankrupting contradiction, but don't get angry at Obama: We only have ourselves to blame.
Educational outcomes prove that federal education involvement has practically been the definition of profligate spending.
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february 2011 by johnniebyrd
Teacher Tenure Targeted by G.O.P. Governors - NYTimes
Governors in Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Nevada and New Jersey have called for the elimination or dismantling of tenure. As state legislatures convene this winter, anti-tenure bills are being written in those states and others. Their chances of passing have risen because of crushing state budget deficits that have put teachers’ unions on the defensive.
“It’s practically impossible to remove an underperforming teacher under the system we have now,” said Gov. Brian Sandoval of Nevada, lamenting that his state has the lowest high school graduation rate in the nation.
Eliminating tenure, Mr. Sandoval said, would allow school districts to dismiss teachers based on competence, not seniority, in the event of layoffs.
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february 2011 by johnniebyrd
PB Post has a problem with bill allowing guns on college campuses
The Left just doesn't get it; venues where concealed weapons are allowed are safer. Statistics prove it.
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january 2011 by johnniebyrd
Zero-tolerance bans on weapons in school lack common sense - Sun-Sentinel
What lacks common sense is the prohibition of folks with concealed weapon permits from being within 1000 feet of a school.
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january 2011 by johnniebyrd
Lawmaker Kelli Stargel (R-Lakeland) Wants to Grade Parents - My Fox Tampa Bay
Vouchers will obviate the necessity of more layers of red tape. The union-dominated, bureaucratic system cannot deliver education efficiently.
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january 2011 by johnniebyrd
America Without Government Schools - New American
Whoever this guy is, he's dead right about getting the government out of the education business.
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december 2010 by johnniebyrd
Tallahassee Democrat - The teachers unions are bracing for Reform
This is just a tempest in the teapot of government run education. Vouchers would be a whole new 'cup of tea.'
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december 2010 by johnniebyrd
Heritage: 'Superman' Exposes Myth of the Common School
Parents don't choose  books, what's for lunch, when school starts, who their children's teachers are, etc. One day we will wake up from the bad dream of government schools and have the next renaissance in education when parents do in ways no school board could ever imagine.
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december 2010 by johnniebyrd
Times: Yet another good plan for improving government schools
The only way to improve government funded education is to get government out of the delivery business. That will be a Renaissance in education. 
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december 2010 by johnniebyrd
Herald Tribune: School reform at top of Scott's list
I cannot wait for this. Throwing money at education has not and never will work. Empowering families to obtain education through vouchers is the only way that will assure a transformation of the educational system.
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december 2010 by johnniebyrd
Sun Sentinel: Rick Scott promises to carry on Jeb Bush's education reforms
It's about time to make another push for choice in Florida's union dominated government schools. Once parents are given the money to spend as they please, there will be a renaissance in education in Florida.
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november 2010 by johnniebyrd

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