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Gov. Perry's Right About Social Security | Walter E. Williams
During the recent GOP presidential debate, Texas Gov. Rick Perry said that Social Security is a "monstrous lie" and a "Ponzi scheme." More and more people are coming to see that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme, but is it a lie, as well? Let's look at it.
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september 2011 by johnniebyrd
Politics vs. Economics | Thomas Sowell
They say "all politics is local." But economic decisions impact the whole economy and reverberate internationally. That is why politicians' meddling with the economy creates so many disasters.
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september 2011 by johnniebyrd
How to cut the budget, for real | Washington Examiner
As Lane Kirkland, former president of the AFL-CIO, famously declared: "Any jackass can draw up a balanced budget on paper." Indeed, as the recently announced "Super Committee" begins to look for ways to save $1.5 trillion over the coming decade, it might want to go beyond what theoretically looks good on paper and consider looking at what one Cabinet department actually did to bring its budget under control.
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september 2011 by johnniebyrd
As the Economy Falls Into Recession, Economists Are Optimistic - ETF Guide
A just released survey indicates economists don't think the U.S. will fall into a recession in the next 12 months. Mainstream economists had the same opinion in December 2007 just as the U.S. began the worst recession in almost 80 years.
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august 2011 by johnniebyrd
Capitalism in crisis, a warning from history | Mail Online
Other systems have been tried, and they have collapsed in bloodstained ruins. Only capitalism — the free exchange of goods, skills, services and ideas — has proved itself true to the instincts of human nature.
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august 2011 by johnniebyrd
Afghanistan’s biggest need: a flourishing economy | Washington Post
American and NATO troops will soon be moving out of Afghanistan, and people are asking whether the Afghan army will be able to provide security. An equally important question is: Will the Afghan economy be able to provide for the country?
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july 2011 by johnniebyrd
Editorial: A Laffer Curve For Liberals |
Stimulus: Remember the left's contempt for the Laffer Curve — which posited that certain tax cuts will pay for themselves by accelerating economic growth? Well, now they're pushing their own version of voodoo economics.
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july 2011 by johnniebyrd
John Stossel | The Money Hole
America is falling deeper into debt. We're long past the point where drastic action is needed. We're near Greek levels of debt. What's going to happen?

Maybe riots -- like we've seen in Greece?
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june 2011 by johnniebyrd
The Weekend Interview with Michele Bachmann: 'On the Beach, I Bring von Mises' -
This is a must read article for any free-market conservative - you need to get to know Michele Bachmann better.
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june 2011 by johnniebyrd
John Stossel | The Cancer of Regulation
Politicians care about poor people. I know because they always say that. But then why do they make it so hard for the poor to escape poverty?
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june 2011 by johnniebyrd
America heading towards the economic abyss | Telegraph
The United States needs more economic freedom, less government regulation and spending, and lower taxes if it is to create jobs, wealth and prosperity, a message that seems to have been lost on the Obama presidency as it drives the United States towards the financial abyss.
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june 2011 by johnniebyrd
Economic news is bad for Obama’s reelection bid | The Washington Post
Any notion that President Obama’s reelection campaign was gaining momentum was shaken this week by a string of worrisome economic reports showing weakness in the job market and new lows for housing prices.
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june 2011 by johnniebyrd
US Economy: 150 Economists Back US Republicans in Debt Fight | CNBC
More than 150 economists back U.S. House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner's call to match any increase in the debt limit with spending cuts of equal size,
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june 2011 by johnniebyrd
Do We Deserve Our Fate? | Walter E. Williams
The language Congress uses to describe their spending is corrupt beyond redemption. Think about the term entitlement. If one American is entitled to something he didn't earn, where in the world does Congress get the money? It's not Santa or the Tooth Fairy. The only way Congress can give one American a dollar is to first take it from another American.
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june 2011 by johnniebyrd
Florida's Battered Home Market Hits Another Low | Sunshine State News
The prospects for Florida's economic recovery took a new hit Tuesday, with a widely followed housing index reporting yet another price drop.
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may 2011 by johnniebyrd
Republicans firmly against raising debt ceiling without major cuts | LA Times
Two top Republicans said Sunday they opposed raising the nation's debt ceiling without major moves to slash the federal deficit, a stance that suggests the GOP may be heading toward a high-stakes showdown with Democrats as the deadline for congressional action nears.
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may 2011 by johnniebyrd
Forget the spin. Taxpayers still on the hook for auto bailouts | Examiner
No issue better illustrates the deception, cronyism, disregard for the rule of law, and bad economic decisions of this White House than the auto bailouts.
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may 2011 by johnniebyrd
IMF Chief Case Proves There’s Shocking Wealth in Being A Socialist | HUMAN EVENTS
Apparently there’s some good money to be made with a career as a professional Socialist.
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may 2011 by johnniebyrd
Global Debt Exploding, but G8 Leaders Fiddle with the Internet | Heritage Foundation
With Europe facing a massive fiscal mess and the United States buried under $14.3 trillion in debt, one might think that the leaders of the world’s eight major economies would get down to business to talk government overspending.
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may 2011 by johnniebyrd
Understanding Liberals - Walter E. Williams - Townhall Conservative
The liberal vision of government is easily understood and makes perfect sense if one acknowledges their misunderstanding and implied assumptions about the sources of income.
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may 2011 by johnniebyrd
Koch gift too costly for Florida State - St. Petersburg Times
The liberal St. Pete Times leads off this editorial with exactly what I would expect from the Left's fear of an injection of free-market economics into far Left-controlled academia: "Florida State University's economics department needs to reconsider its relationship with billionaire Charles G. Koch, who pledged $1.5 million to the school as long as professors hired with the money hew to Koch's Libertarian philosophy. The arrangement reeks of pandering and undermines academic freedom, the cornerstone of American higher education."
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may 2011 by johnniebyrd
Let's Blame Speculators | Walter E. Williams
As today's price gets higher, people consume less, but more importantly, people do the intelligent thing without bureaucratic edicts. The vital role of the futures trader, or speculator, is to allocate goods over different time periods.
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may 2011 by johnniebyrd
Fed Up with the Fed? | Thomas Sowell
Like most of the mistakes being made in Washington today, this dogmatic faith in government spending is something that has been tried before-- and failed before.
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may 2011 by johnniebyrd
American Thinker | Reconciling Rand with the Gospel
The motion picture Atlas Shrugged - Part 1 was released in theaters last week, and coupled with the positively prophetic mapping of the plot of Atlas Shrugged to current events, Ayn Rand and her Objectivist Philosophy are front-burner topics. I know that many Christians read Rand and want to stand up and cheer, but at the same time are racked with guilt because of her atheism and decidedly anti-church professions. Can Rand be reconciled to the Gospel? Can Christians read and learn from Rand's writings?
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april 2011 by johnniebyrd
Eat the Rich | Walter E. Williams -
I've often said that I wish there were some humane way to get rid of the rich. If you asked why, I'd answer that getting rid of the rich would save us from distraction by leftist hustlers promoting the politics of envy.
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april 2011 by johnniebyrd
Students Who Get It! | John Stossel
I went to Princeton in 1969, where they taught me that government could solve the world's problems. Put the smartest people in a room, give them enough taxpayer money, and they will fix most everything. During those years, I heard nothing about an alternative.
How things have changed!
I recently spent time with several hundred college-aged people at a Students for Liberty conference in Washington, D.C. Here were hundreds of students who actually understand that government creates many of the problems, and freedom -- personal and economic liberty -- makes things better.
I appeared at the conference along with David Boaz of the Cato Institute. Here are some highlights.
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march 2011 by johnniebyrd
John Stossel | Corporate Welfare
In America today, the biggest recipients of handouts are not poor people. They're corporations.
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march 2011 by johnniebyrd
Economic Lunacy | Walter E. Williams |
THIS ARTICLE DESCRIBES THE CLASSICAL ECONOMIC ANALYSIS ERROR KNOWN AS THE 'BROKEN WINDOW FALLACY' OF GOVERNMENT SPENDING. The unseen results of taking money from citizens and spending it on make-work jobs violates this economic law. The analysis of a government works project ususally ignores the lost jobs in the private sector resulting from the shift in spending from individuals to the government. This economic reality is most ignored at the local level by local politicians who are ignorant of it or simply don't care. For example, most 'penny for roads' type local projects ignore the private jobs lost, not to mention the freedom of taxpayers to keep their dollars and spend them as they see fit.
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march 2011 by johnniebyrd
Downsizing the Federal Government | CATO
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march 2011 by johnniebyrd
This Week in Government Failure | Cato
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march 2011 by johnniebyrd
The 'Redevelopment' Hoax - Thomas Sowell
Why are so many people who are opposed to development nevertheless in favor of "redevelopment"?
The short answer is that development involves decisions made in the market by large numbers of people in the general population, in their own personal interests, while redevelopment involves taking decisions out of the hands of the population at large and putting the power to make those decisions in the hands of elites.
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march 2011 by johnniebyrd
American Thinker: Doomsday and Why America Should Not Default
A MUST READ. One comment: "Congress has mounted the back of a tiger and they can't figure out a safe way to get off."
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march 2011 by johnniebyrd
American Thinker: Confiscate Americans' Wealth to Pay Government Workers?
The age old premise and threadbare exhortation of class warfare has long found fertile ground among the lower classes but now they are being mouthed in support of one of the most advantaged groups in America today: public sector workers and their unions.
Even the most jaded of true-believers on the Left knows that confiscating the wealth and taxing what they consider to be unjust income would be self-defeating.  What could be done one time can never be repeated and there would be no one to create jobs or a higher standard of living for the overall citizenry, particularly those on the left side of the ruling class.  A cursory study of the experiences in the Soviet Union, Mao's Red China and Cuba among others reveals that government control of the means of production and wealth creation is a massive failure.
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march 2011 by johnniebyrd
Incorrigible Keynesians | Cato Institute: Commentary
Imagine that you have a serious drinking problem, which has caused your job performance to decline. If your doctor said to you, "Don't stop drinking now, because going sober may cause you discomfort and may not immediately improve your job performance" — while failing to tell you that if you keep drinking, you will become totally dysfunctional and may die — what would you think of your doctor?
The U.S. government has a serious overspending problem. If the spending and the resulting deficits are not soon stopped, the U.S. economy will become dysfunctional, and our prosperity and freedoms will disappear. Despite the overwhelming evidence that the government is headed for a debt crisis, there are still a few economists who are saying: "Spend more." Last week, one of the "spend more" crowd, Mark Zandi of Moody's, made the absurd claim that the attempt by the Republicans to cut the budget by approximately $60 billion (or less than 2 percent of total federal spending) would result in 700,00
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march 2011 by johnniebyrd
Can Our Nation Be Saved? - Walter E. Williams
Williams: "In his speech to Virginia's ratifying convention, James Madison said, "Liberty lies in the hearts of men and women; when it dies there, no constitution, no law, no court can save it; no constitution, no law, no court can even do much to help it."" This is profound, and it's where we are.
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january 2011 by johnniebyrd
Pat Buchanan: How the Chinese Must See Us
But as America sinks economically and retreats strategically, while China grows at 10 percent and bristles with confidence, we appear to be a nation of whiners. They are eating our lunch, and we sound like losers in a locker room.
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january 2011 by johnniebyrd
US Falls in Economic Freedom Rankings Worldwide - John Stossel
Freedom in the market place is gained through eliminating government restrictions, regulations and subsidies, as well as cutting taxes and reducing the temptation to file frivolous lawsuits. It's that simple.
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january 2011 by johnniebyrd

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