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Budget Crisis Rhetoric - Thomas Sowell
American families have had to 'reset' their budgets due to the Great Recession, so why can't state and local government? Sowell aptly points out, "Legally, bankruptcy wipes out commitments made to public sector unions, whose extravagant pay and pension contracts are bleeding municipal and state governments dry."
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january 2011 by johnniebyrd
A Republican Showdown? - Thomas Sowell
Clinton won the standoff against Newt over the budget. Are times different?
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january 2011 by johnniebyrd
John Stossel - DC Spending: Our Dismal Debt Picture
Republicans will have to learn that there is no budget line labeled "waste, fraud, abuse." If they are serious about cutting government, they will ax entire programs, departments and missions.
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january 2011 by johnniebyrd
Rhetoric Rides Again - Thomas Sowell
A good conservative reads Thomas Sowell everyday.
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december 2010 by johnniebyrd
Walter E. Williams: How To Control Congress
Walter is dead-on: we need a constitutional amendment to cap spending at some reasonable level. Every year some brave Florida state legislator suggest it, but it never seems to get a vote. Maybe this year's the time.
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november 2010 by johnniebyrd

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