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Historicizing the Self-Evident: An Interview with Lorraine Daston - Los Angeles Review of Books
Interview with Daston, mainly about her work on the idea of probability and attempts to automate or mechanize judgment, which are precursors to algorithmic decision-making systems today.
science  history  history_of_ideas  probability  math  automation  algorithms  technology  objectivity  reason  rationality 
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Review: The Fallacy of Human Freedom | The National Interest
Review of John Gray's "The Silence of Animals," which argues that the idea of inevitable human progress toward a better way of life, guided by reason, is a myth that came to replace religious faith during (basically) the enlightenment. Gray argues that there are certain facts about human nature— not least our tendency to be, precisely, IRrational, that this view ignores, leading those who support it to be consistently wrong about future events.
philosophy  politics  reason  rationality  progress 
june 2013 by johnmfrench

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