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february 2018 by johnloy
Node's fs library is very low level and because of that often painful to use. fs-jetpack wants to fix that by giving you completely rethought, much more convenient API to work with file system.

Check out EXAMPLES to see few snippets what it can do.
node  javascript  cli 
february 2018 by johnloy
Better libuv/Node.js/io.js error handling & reporting. Available in npm as errno.
error-handling  node  cli 
january 2018 by johnloy
This is a small command-line program for OS X that moves files or folders to the trash.
mac  cli  unix  productivity 
january 2018 by johnloy
taskr - task automation tool
Taskr is a highly performant task automation tool, much like Gulp or Grunt, but written with concurrency in mind. With Taskr, everything is a coroutine, which allows for cascading and composable tasks; but unlike Gulp, it's not limited to the stream metaphor.

Taskr is extremely extensible, so anything can be a task. Our core system will accept whatever you throw at it, resulting in a modular system of reusable plugins and tasks, connected by a declarative taskfile.js that's easy to read.
npm  node  cli  builds 
january 2018 by johnloy
A better node-open. Opens stuff like websites, files, executables. Cross-platform.
node  cli  shell-scripting 
december 2017 by johnloy
What are some lesser known but useful Unix commands? What does the command do and why is it useful? - Quora
What are some lesser known but useful Unix commands? What does the command do and why is it useful?
unix  linux  cli  shell-scripting 
september 2017 by johnloy
Remote is a simple CLI tool that enables you to work in local files while consuming an API from a remote server. An easy reverse proxy in Node, if you will.
node  cli  file-sharing 
august 2017 by johnloy
nconf - read configs for node apps
Hierarchical node.js configuration with files, environment variables, command-line arguments, and atomic object merging.
cli  shell-scripting  node 
august 2017 by johnloy
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